I'm at the 100th annual National Retail Federation (NRF) trade show in New York. I'm helping to staff the QlikView booth, tweeting from the show floor (when the AT&T data network works), and talking with customers, partners, and analysts. I answered the "What makes you different from the 40 other BI vendors here?" question, demo'ed QlikView's associative experience, and-most fun of all-recorded video interviews with QlikView customers and partners about discoveries they have made with QlikView.

This 3 1/2 minute video features commentary from Steve Czetty, VP with Sky IT Group (a QlikView partner) and Dan Grosz, VP of Information Systems at VIP Parts, Tires and Service. Steve shares an example of a discovery one of his retail customers made, using QlikView, that helped them reduce excess web store inventory. Dan talks about how QlikView helped revolutionize merchandising at VIP Parts, Tires and Service.

Enjoy! And stay tuned-we've got more interviews lined up for tomorrow and are aiming to create another video like this one. You can get an alert when it goes live by subscribing to our YouTube channel.