Consider the following 3 forces that will drive Mobile Business Intelligence:

First, more and more Generation X'ers are being promoted into executive roles. Gen X'ers continue to outpace Boomers regarding adoption of new technology according to Forrester Research, Inc., and "[they] use digital applications as a functional extension of their lives."

Second, mobile internet access will soon overtake-fixed internet access. Moreover, mobile data traffic is predicted to increase by more than 100% per year. See complete analysis from Morgan Stanley's Mary Meeker.

Third, technology is becoming more trendy. I was surprised to hear from an IT professional at a Fortune 1000 company who informed me that their senior executives including their CEO (who had always been very "Old School") have been recently using I-Pads wherever they go. These same people had always preferred to have all information and reports on paper and they were definitely late adopters when it came to technology. But to them, the I-Pad was trendy, other executives looked cool with them, and they wanted one. And now they are requesting BI applications that they can view on their I-Pads and cell phones.