I joined QlikTech seven years ago last year. No, that is not a typo. You see, at QlikTech we measure our time in dog years. "Move Fast" is one of our key cultural building blocks and we work and innovate at the speed of thought. (See more about our core values here on our website.) I thought I had enough Kool Aid during the good old days of the boom times of the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, when I joined QlikTech, I found myself drinking Kool Aid from many fire hoses at the same time. And, it was green in color.



When I joined QlikTech in July 2011, I quickly realized that I had joined the best BI company in the world that no one had heard of! However, numbers do not lie:  today we are over 1,100 employees, ably supported by an even bigger number of partners. You can go to almost any part of the world and will come across some QlikView connection. At our Qonnections partner summit in Miami in April, we had representatives from all over the world including not-so-well-known countries like Burkina Fasso! We have now over 25,000 customers and over 81,000 members on the QlikCommunity. At any given time, avid QlikCommunity members, spread across the globe, are actively creating content.

After I joined QlikTech, I would proudly tell my friends about our company and our product, QlikView. They would respond by saying, ”QlikWho?” Other times, they would completely mangle the name and pronounce it in various ways, most commonly, “Que Lick.” (Gasp!)

One thing that we are crystal clear about is the importance of the culture that makes QlikTech hum. Every new employee goes to Lund, Sweden where it all started, for a week of QlikAcademy. We are an innovative global company with a Swedish soul.  We do not believe in honoring the select few sales people by sending them to expensive “quota clubs” but in celebrating success as a whole.

As you can guess, teamwork is yet another one of our core cultural values. This year, the whole company packed up and relocated itself for a week in Cancun to collaborate and plan for our continued growth. It comes as a shock to many outsiders to find out that we even have our own professional rock band, “Qlark.” The band, based in Lund, travels to wherever in the world we are having corporate summits or partner events.

I have had the honor to represent QlikTech at a number of prestigious industry events this year such as Gartner, TDWI, and Computer World. One word that describes us at these events is “Qliksanity.” We have such a fun and passionate cadre of customers that many times they have interrupted my demos to wax poetic about how QlikView has changed the face of BI in their companies.

The BI industry is once again the sexiest place to be. At QlikTech we have built and established our own market category, which we call "Business Discovery" and Gartner calls "Data Discovery". However, QlikView is more than a platform for Business Discovery. It is a platform for enterprises to discover business discoverers! Stay tuned – I’ll be writing more about this in future posts.