We started to talk publicly about our vision for “QlikView.next,” the code name for the next generation of the QlikView Business Discovery platform, in the spring (see blog post, "The Vision for 'QlikView.next'”). QlikView.next is the code name for an entire new generation of the QlikView Business Discovery platform, spanning multiple releases. It is not the name of the next release of QlikView.

Now that we are further along in our development, we’re ready to pull back the curtain a bit more and share with you the product scenarios we are focused on within each QlikView.next theme. (See the new QlikView white paper, “The ‘QlikView.next’ Product Scenarios.’”) We’ll be posting about the scenarios in each theme here on the Business Discovery Blog, starting today with “Gorgeous and Genius.”

  Gorgeous and Genius product scenarios.png

Within the Gorgeous and Genius theme we are focused on four product scenarios:

  • Associative, Comparative, Predictive. We are making advanced analytics capabilities directly accessible to business users themselves – not just to specialists – in a visually beautiful way in the very moment when they are engaged in decision making. We will provide a base set of analytic options out of the box along with more native intelligence about data types, and will enable partners and customers to add additional capabilities to QlikView using an expanded notion of extensions.
  • Delightful Development. For people who are designing and building QlikView apps, we are focused on simplicity, reusability, and standards-based development and open APIs (application programming interfaces). We want to optimize developers’ productivity by making it easy for them to reuse components and develop solutions that extend, customize, and integrate QlikView with other software on a variety of platforms. We will provide a web-based development environment and a set of well-documented development tools and APIs.
  • One Client to Rule Them All. QlikView.next will consist of a single client that will work equally well on tablets and laptop/ desktop computers, both online and while disconnected. We are focused on new interaction paradigms that work across devices ranging from desktops to touch-based interfaces and the client will adjust automatically to the capabilities of the user’s device. We are using modern web technology (HTML5 and CSS3) and optimizing for the device.
  • Visually Beautiful. We want all interactions people have with QlikView.next to be natural, easy, and comfortable. Our world-class user experience team is focused on creating a Business Discovery environment that is a calm, comfortable, and fun place to work for all types of users. As users become more comfortable with QlikView we will offer them more options and help them along to an even richer experience. QlikView.next will introduce new metaphors for user interaction and new techniques for creating data visualizations.

To learn more about “QlikView.next,” the code name for the next generation of the QlikView Business Discovery platform, download the white paper, The “QlikView.next” Product Scenarios.