With rapid success come many challenges. This is true whether in a sporting, professional, or personal endeavor. The Olympic athlete who became  #1  is now the guy everyone wants to beat. A successful executive who has been given greater responsibility needs to learn new skills. How a person faces these challenges will determine whether one stays successful or not.

Over the years QlikView deployments have seen unparalleled success within our customers’ environments. Customers typically start small and Business Discovery proves its value quickly. The result is that our customers quickly adopt more and more QlikView to meet their demanding business analytics needs. With this rapid success can come some challenges, particularly for IT professionals who are tasked with administering a growing QlikView deployment.

Part of QlikTech’s response to these challenges comes in the form of the newly-launched QlikView Governance Dashboard. Released alongside QlikView Expressor 3.8, the QlikView Governance Dashboard is a free QlikView app available on QlikMarket ( The QlikView Governance Dashboard delivers a 360 degree view of any QlikView  environment starting with version 10 SR2. Simply stated, it enables QlikView and IT professionals to discover how QlikView is being used.

Created using QlikView and the recently acquired QlikView Expressor technology, the QlikView Governance Dashboard focuses on helping IT pros understand and manage the QlikView environment. The information learned can help them introduce a more manageable and repeatable process when developing QlikView applications. They can also answer data lineage and impact analysis questions, thereby maximizing data governance and optimizing their QlikView investment.

Some of the capabilities offered by the QlikView Governance Dashboard include:

  • Understanding the source and target data and how it is being used
  • Discovering which applications are the most complex
  • What columns, expressions and sheet objects are used
  • Data lineage
  • Impact analysis
  • QVD (QlikView data file) change analysis
  • QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher statistics

For anyone tasked with administering a QlikView deployment, whether it supports 10 users or 10,000, the QlikView Governance Dashboard can make your job easier and give you greater confidence in understanding all the moving parts associated with your deployment. Download the QlikView Governance Dashboard now from QlikMarket (

And to enable metadata-driven QlikView applications, take a look at QlikView Expressor 3.8 Desktop, a free desktop tool used to provision data for QlikView applications in a much more reusable and consistent manner.




Michael Tarallo
Senior Product Marketing Manager
QlikView Expressor


  • To learn more about the QlikView Governance Dashboard please visit: here
  • For a free copy of the newly released QlikView Expressor 3.8 Desktop please visit: here





Figure 1: Gaining insight with QlikView Governance Dashboard