DataMarketQlik.jpgFor Qlik Community blog followers, let me introduce you to DataMarket. For DataMarket blog followers, let me introduce one of the most innovative companies in the data and analytics space: Qlik.


For those of you coming here from the DataMarket blog that don't know Qlik, they are the Business Intelligence vendor that pioneered the field of data discovery - a nimble, interactive and visual way to work with data that really disrupted the entire BI industry a few years back. With their recent launch of their next generation product – Qlik Sense – the BI process has been made even simpler with self-service discovery and visualizations that are so easy to use, anyone in an organization can build a visually compelling story using their data.


We are not disclosing a lot about our joint plans at this time, but I'll still say that we see some very interesting opportunities in bringing together Qlik's superb analytics products, with DataMarket's unique abilities to pull in, maintain and normalize data from a vast range of 3rd party sources - all in an effort to fulfill the Qlik vision of simplifying decisions for everyone, everywhere.


Also – while headquartered in the US – Qlik is originally out of Sweden with most of their R&D efforts still there. Qlik has some unmistakably Scandinavian characteristics, and after getting to know the company over the last few months I can say that the cultural fit has felt completely natural.


So, for us DataMarketeers, a new and exciting chapter begins. We will no longer be posting to the DataMarket blog and social sites and you won't hear a lot from us in the next couple of months, but when we come back we'll have a new home on the Qlik blog.


In the meantime we encourage you to learn more about Qlik and follow on social channels so you’ll get all the news from us in the future:

John Sands

Roll up! Roll up!

Posted by John Sands Oct 27, 2014

Have you noticed how fads and trends appear so often in the industry we work in? It almost harks back to the days of Victorian London where traveling salesman would stand on a soap box and talk about the latest and greatest invention or potion that could make you rich or cure all ills. The people in that time would often be duped in to believing that this potion would restore their virility or grow back their hair. More often than not the salesman would have run off to the next village by the time they found out the truth, leaving them with an unused comb and an unhappy partner.




In the case of BI they talk about “algorithms” and “slowly changing dimensions” or they throw 100’s of acronyms at you with a knowing smile. I wouldn’t like to count how many times I have been caught in the head lights of a consultant trying to prove how clever they are and how happy I should be to pay their $2000 a day fee. We blindly stumble through a smog of conflicting stories, emerging technologies and data the size of an African Elephant.

But we have a weapon in the war against technology without substance we can do that one thing the balding villager couldn’t do, we can turn round and say “prove it”.  There is nothing like having the product go through its hoops before making that all important decision. At Qlik we call it a SIB (yes I know another acronym) which is short for Seeing Is Believing and generally in the business it’s called a POC or Proof of Concept. So why is it so important? Well who knows your business the best? You do, and no amounts of canned demos are going to show you what you want. That’s like buying a house after just seeing someone else's house on a video it just doesn’t make good sense.


But this is a pretty common approach when purchasing any BI solution so why do we still have that very low figure of 26% adoption for BI tools? Obviously part of the answer is the right tool for the job. But also is it the right tool for your job? The only way you can prove that is by making sure you understand what that job is. Too many projects get lost in the strangulation of “scope creep” and all because both the client and the provider do not have a locked down defined project. If all you do is define success metrics then you are going in the right direction but the real clue is in the phrase “User Adoption” it will only work if your user base has a feeling of ownership and not dictatorship. Thanks for taking the time and reading my blog, now I am off to try my new anti-gravity shoes I got off the internet.



With all the talk about cloud analytics last week, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the subject.


I don’t care where you keep your data.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t care, you should care, I just don’t care because I’m interested in analysis.  At Qlik that is all we are interested in – enabling people and companies to find insights in their data regardless of where that data happens to be.


QlikView and Qlik Sense both use the well-known and proven associate indexing engine that excels at combining data from multiple sources, regardless of where the data resides.  All it needs is connectivity to the data and the data can be combined with any other data.  Attempting to move all data to a single system, whether the system is cloud based or an on premise data warehouse, is completely futile. No matter how quickly you move your data there will always be new types of data and new sources required.  That is not to say consolidation of data has no value, just that there will always be ‘additional data’ to be included.  So house your data where it makes sense for you not where the analysis platform requires.

QlikView Product Unlock Data

I don’t really care where you locate your infrastructure either.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t care, you should care, I just don’t care because I’m interested in analysis.  Perhaps you want your entire deployment in the cloud or perhaps on premise is right for you.  Maybe a deployment that seamlessly combines on premise with cloud is the right balance.  The Qlik Deployment Console can manage all these deployment scenarios and allow you to change the scenario as your needs change.  You can manage multiple nodes across multiple geographies all controlled from one place.  If your server capacity needs change then servers can be added or removed on the fly, without incurring licensing costs.  If you’d rather use a managed service to share your insights then Qlik Cloud may right for you.


So far I wrote about a few things I don’t care about so I will conclude with what I do care about.  I care about flexibility.  The only thing I know for sure about the future is that it will be different from today.  I expect there will be more data from a great variety for sources and the line between cloud and on premise will blur.  At Qlik we will continue to invest in offerings, including cloud offerings, while continuing to strive to provide flexibility that can adapt to changing needs and realities - we’re interested enabling insight.


Josh Good

Director of Product Marketing

P.S. I also don’t care what device you use…but I’ll save that part for another post

As you have probably seen from today’s news, QlikView has been ranked first in the customer satisfaction, performance satisfaction, product satisfaction, and considered for purchase categories among large international BI vendors for BARC 14.


We feel the love from our customers as a result of this survey; and taking a look back - it’s been a great year so far. With that in mind we wanted to capture some of the best quotes from 2014 in one place: here is today’s Top Ten List ladies and gentlemen, let’s go.


Top Ten Things Our Customers Have Said About Qlik


Here we go number 10…


René Grieder, Head of Group Controlling at Zehnder Group “With QlikView, we could achieve quick wins and did not have to wait several months or even years to experience success."


Several months Paul…several months! Number 9…


Yadeenthra Nathan SK, Executive Information Officer at Thangamayil Jewellery “Previously, we had no real insight and could only look at data of three to five showrooms at a time and our business was suffering. The complete return on investment in just one year with QlikView is amazing.”


Aaaaamazing. Number 8…


Frank Kozurek, Business Intelligence Manager at National Express “I’ve worked with various BI platforms for ten years, and QlikView is the only one to have exceeded my expectations.”


Ten years…the network said THIS SHOW wouldn’t last ten years! OK, Number 7…


Harald Roshardt, Head of Analysis & Reporting at Helsana “QlikView is not only more cost effective than an SAP or IBM Cognos solution would have been, but it also allows us to obtain insights into our current sales activity and analyze the data in seconds.”


Actually I think that’s what the network likes about us is that we’re cost effective! Nummmmberrrrrr 6…


Matthew James, President and CEO at Purity Life Health Products LP “Purity Life can actually correlate a turnaround in our profits with the use of QlikView.”


That’s a funny word…corrrrrelate, oh well Number 5…


Arkadiusz Kowalczyk, Director of IT at Schneider Electric “The time savings achieved with QlikView gave us the equivalent of four more days each month. I highly recommend QlikView for any large company looking for a reporting tool.”


Corrrrrrrelate…Number 4…


Pedro Martinez Melgoza, Global Pricing Manager at Siemens Building Technologies “When we implemented QlikView, our goal was to make sales transactions more transparent so that we could analyze and derive faster and easier appropriate pricing strategies and decisions.”


The missus tells me ALL of my transactions need to be transparent…OK Number 3…


Jean-Michel Mougeolle, CIO at Mikit “The wealth of analysis and speed of obtaining information effectively facilitates the daily work of our business users and allows everyone to access the information they need at their fingertips.”


[Throws cue card into background scenery, glass shattering noise overheard] Here we go, Number 2…


Joana Oliveira, BI Team Leader at Unicer “In the supply chain we have been able to reduce the time spent tracking performance indicators by close to 80 percent, in purchasing we saved up to 50 percent on our expenditures and in our sales department we have shortened the information acquisition process by 40 percent.”


Savings, Paul, savings….aaaaand the Number 1 Thing Our Customers Have Said About Qlik:


Kevin Rowland, Business Information Manager, at The Warehouse Group “We have been able to gain insights that just weren’t possible previously and when I demonstrated this to the General Manager in charge of operations he stood and said ‘I could kiss you’.”


There it is ladies and gentlemen….


From everyone here at Qlik, we want to thank you customers for ranking us #1! We appreciate you all and look forward to what 2015 will bring!

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