With all the talk about cloud analytics last week, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the subject.


I don’t care where you keep your data.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t care, you should care, I just don’t care because I’m interested in analysis.  At Qlik that is all we are interested in – enabling people and companies to find insights in their data regardless of where that data happens to be.


QlikView and Qlik Sense both use the well-known and proven associate indexing engine that excels at combining data from multiple sources, regardless of where the data resides.  All it needs is connectivity to the data and the data can be combined with any other data.  Attempting to move all data to a single system, whether the system is cloud based or an on premise data warehouse, is completely futile. No matter how quickly you move your data there will always be new types of data and new sources required.  That is not to say consolidation of data has no value, just that there will always be ‘additional data’ to be included.  So house your data where it makes sense for you not where the analysis platform requires.

QlikView Product Unlock Data

I don’t really care where you locate your infrastructure either.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t care, you should care, I just don’t care because I’m interested in analysis.  Perhaps you want your entire deployment in the cloud or perhaps on premise is right for you.  Maybe a deployment that seamlessly combines on premise with cloud is the right balance.  The Qlik Deployment Console can manage all these deployment scenarios and allow you to change the scenario as your needs change.  You can manage multiple nodes across multiple geographies all controlled from one place.  If your server capacity needs change then servers can be added or removed on the fly, without incurring licensing costs.  If you’d rather use a managed service to share your insights then Qlik Cloud may right for you.


So far I wrote about a few things I don’t care about so I will conclude with what I do care about.  I care about flexibility.  The only thing I know for sure about the future is that it will be different from today.  I expect there will be more data from a great variety for sources and the line between cloud and on premise will blur.  At Qlik we will continue to invest in offerings, including cloud offerings, while continuing to strive to provide flexibility that can adapt to changing needs and realities - we’re interested enabling insight.


Josh Good

Director of Product Marketing

P.S. I also don’t care what device you use…but I’ll save that part for another post