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Dear Qlik Community Members,


As you may have already heard, Qlik has got a brand new blog! As of January 20th, the Business Discovery Blog will be moving to its new location on Qlik.com. Fear not, though, as Qlik Community will remain intact as a forum more focused on the heavier tech and support issues and discussions. Additionally, the old Business Discovery Blog will remain as an archive.


What will we be blogging about? Well, we can’t rival TMZ quite yet, but we are looking to cover a wide range of topics: business intelligence, data visualization, analytics and storytelling.  We’ve also lined up a number of our own industry experts, who will be covering the impact BI and visualization have on financial services, sales and marketing, healthcare and the supply chain. As many of you take part in our active discussion threads on Qlik Community, we are hoping to foster similar discussions with our product team bloggers, who will also be contributing: so be sure to check out their posts as The Qlik Blog continues to grow.


At this point you’re probably asking: who exactly do you guys have blogging? The short answer is a LOT of people from within Qlik, and you may recognize a few of our kickoff blogger names from their work on the Business Discovery Blog on Qlik Community:

  1. Donald Farmer, Qlik VP Innovation and Design
  2. Murray Grigo-McMahon, Qlik Design Strategist
  3. James Richardson, Qlik Business Analytics Strategist
  4. Patrik Lundblad, Qlik Visualization Advocate
  5. James Fisher, Qlik VP Global Product Marketing
  6. Mike Saliter, Qlik Vice President, Global Industry Solutions
  7. Josh Good, Qlik Director of Product Marketing
  8. John Sands, Qlik Evangelist


Please feel free to have a look around the new blog, but we ask that you DO NOT SHARE CONTENT until the official launch on 1/20! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, or fellow social influence manager, mit


Best Regards,