"Thanks to Qlik Education Services, we’ve achieved a rapid ROI. We’ve trained around 25 designers and three developers using the software to better analyze our data sources. What used to take two days to produce now takes two hours. We’re highly committed to QlikView and see it as a vital business tool. Qlik Education Services has helped us transform our working culture with customized designer training". – Paul Holtom, Principal Analyst, IT Department, Statoil

Statoil is a Norwegian integrated energy company with operations in 41 countries and territories.  The group markets the gas portion belonging to the Norwegian state and is responsible for 75 percent of Norway’s gas exports.

Read more about their challenges and how they overcame them utilizing Qlik Education Services!


Customer Challenges

  • Reduce the 25% of analyst time spent on populating reports
  • Empower energy analyst team with new BI software to gain new insights into existing data sources
  • Ensure a level playing field of knowledge about the new BI software for all analysts
  • Bring all global analyst teams to the same level of competence

Customer Solution

  • Engaged with Qlik Education Services to ensure rapid adoption of QlikView software and fast ROI with new applications
  • Gained business discovery skills through high-quality onsite training, extended in-house to global offices


Customer Benefits using Qlik Education Services

  • Improved ad hoc analysis of data sources—from two days to two hours with high quality results
  • Engendered a step-change improvement in the way strategic analysis was planned and delivered
  • Supported Statoil’s  vision for cost effective Information and Communications Technology (ICT)