"It is not about what you know, it is about what you can do".


For a person using an analytics application as their tool, they too should not have to worry about how to use the tool.  For example, we do not want a user to worry about how to display bars side-by-side to show a reference line with the average value.  We want them to focus on the important part: the analytical question. In this case it could be "What resources do we need to complete this project on time, and where do we need them?”.  The "How do I do this in Qlik?" becomes "muscle memory"…it is just like tying your shoes. 


People can learn things on their own, but they won’t connect the dots when they don’t know what they don’t know. There are features which may be better for them to use that they are not aware of.  By using education, we teach them all of these and it becomes just like tying their shoe, so they free up their mind and are equipped to handle any question that comes at them.


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