How custom application training can help increase user adoption of unused software within your organization


It’s an all too frequent tale.  You invest in great software to drive progress and innovation within your business.  But fast forward to a few months later, and you’re faced with lack of user adoption within your organization.  The product is up and running.  You may have even invested in training for your technical users, to make sure they got the knowledge they needed to keep their system up and running and to build out their analytic applications.  But what about the employees who were to be the actual users of these applications? They have been forgotten....


It’s not human nature for most people to simply change course and adopt a new way of doing things. They need to see what is in it for them, and how it will make their jobs easier or more effective.  So, how do you make sure that the users of the applications embrace change?  The best way is to provide the user with application specific training.  This type of training does not focus on the product, but how to use the application that is powered by the product. That’s because these users do not need to learn features and functions in a generic way. They need to learn exactly what they need to do with the application when it becomes part of their standard toolbox.


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