How Qlik is helping address today’s skill gap in analytics and data visualization.


According to a recent CNN report, over 8 million Americans alone are looking for a job, and many of them do not have the necessary skills to apply for those jobs.  What is being done about it?  Universities are adding in analytics-related majors and minors and companies are trying to pivot faster to create more on-the-job training to address the skills gap.


At Qlik, we recognize the skills gaps and that students preparing for careers in today’s global data-driven environment need to raise the bar to succeed. As a result, over the last several years, Qlik has been providing free software and learning resources to universities through the Academic Program.


To continue to meet a growing demand, Qlik is excited to add a Data Analytics curriculum to the program which covers analytics and visualizations. This curriculum can be used by professors to help ensure that they are instructing with the best course material.  It is not sufficient to just teach people how to create a bar chart, if they don't know how to interpret it, and ask basic analytic questions of it.  Students need to understand ‘why’ and be able to interpret data in an analytic way; this curriculum will help them with that.


In addition, Qlik is also pleased to announce that we are now providing free access to our self-service online learning platform, Qlik Continuous Classroom ( to all program participants. The Qlik Continuous Classroom provides not just training on Qlik’s products, but also best-in-class training on analytic concepts, basic statistics, data visualization techniques and best practices.


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