According to reports, the two most important factors in realizing the value of software are user adoption and organizational change management. According to a McKinsey study, ROI of software rollouts was 35% when there was little or no organizational change management included. However, the ROI was 143% when excellent organizational change management was included in the initiative. For successful software user adoption, users must be motivated as well as have any hurdles that stand in their way removed. Below are some common hurdles that I have encountered when it comes to software adoption:


  • Users either do not have access to the data they need or the data as it exists is not in the right format for them
  • Users do not prioritize time to get familiar with the software
  • Users do not see how the software will benefit them
  • Users try to use the software and they get stuck and do not know where to go for help
  • Leadership does not communicate the context and the why behind the software adoption


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