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Qlik Education is pleased to announce a new feature in Qlik Continuous Classroom (QCC): FREE Qualification Exams for Qlik Sense Business Analyst and Qlik Sense Data Architect.

What is a Qualification Exam?

The Qualification Exams enable customers to prove they have a fundamental level of Qlik Sense skills. To earn a qualification, you will develop a Qlik Sense application, then use the app to answer questions in a multiple-choice exam. The content of the Qualification Exams is based on the QCC and instructor-led course materials.

What's the difference between Qualification and Certification?

  • Qualifications are fundamental-level exams – Certifications are expert-level exams
  • Qualifications are optional – Certifications are part of the requirements of the Qlik Partner Program
  • Qualifications are designed for Qlik Sense users – Certifications are designed for experienced Qlik Sense experts
  • Qualifications are FREE (for customers and employees) – Certifications cost $250 USD
  • Qualifications are for Qlik Sense Business Analysts and Data Architects ONLY – Certifications are available for QlikView and Qlik Sense Business Analysts, Data Architects, and System Administrators
  • Qualifications are exams delivered in QCC skills – Certifications are legally-defensible exams delivered in a proctored environment by Pearson VUE


What do you receive once you pass?

After you pass the exam, you will be awarded a printable certificate and digital badge for sharing on social media sites. Plus, bragging rights!


Who can take a Qualification Exam?

QCC subscribers and customers who attend Create Visualizations with Qlik Sense or Data Modeling with Qlik Sense (February 2018 or later) instructor-led courses.


For more information

Visit the Qlik Sense Business Analyst or Qlik Sense Data Architect Learning Plans in Qlik Continuous Classroom

Qlik recently released an updated Qlik Sense Business Analyst Certification Exam, which completes the annual update of these exams. One exam is available for each of these roles:

  • System Administrator
  • Data Architect
  • Business Analyst

All of these exams are 50 questions to complete in 2 hours. To prepare, study the "Exam Domain Areas" and download the new PDF Study Guide from the Qlik Sense Certification web page.

A note about exam releases

The new Qlik Sense Certification Exams are based on the June 2017 Release of Qlik Sense. Our exams lag behind the product release, because they take 6 to 8 months to develop. We will only release new exams once per year, so the next exams are planned to be based on the June 2018 Release of Qlik Sense.

Previous exam versions are retired
All previous versions of the Qlik Sense Certification Exams have been retired, including the translated versions. Candidates who have difficulty because English is a second language may request an accommodation for extra time on the exam by emailing at least 10 days before they want to take their exam. Each individual must make a request for this exception.


Questions? Contact

Pass/fail results are typically sent 8-10 weeks after taking a beta certification exam. I'm sure many out there wonder why!


Here's what happens behind the scenes during this phase of the exam development process:


1. After the beta exam period ends, we gather all the result data and send it to our test development partner, Alpine Testing Solutions.


2. Alpine calculates all kinds of statistics on the result data and identifies which items are performing well and which are not. Poorly performing items can be too easy (>90% get it right), too hard (<10% get it right) or have other warnings which indicate it is not measuring what we expect. Then they recommend which items to "Keep" or "Delete"


3. Qlik then reviews the recommendations and every single comment entered by beta testers, which may indicate something is off or the item is unclear. Final Keep/Delete decisions are made by the Certification Program Manager, which are sent back to Alpine.


4. Using the kept items, Alpine assembles a new form and statistically equates it to the previous form. This is needed to assure congruence between releases of the certification exams.


5. Qlik receives the new form (which is a list of items to go on the operational form), and creates an exam specification to send to Pearson VUE.


6. Pearson VUE uses the exam specification to build the operational form, which then goes through a few QA and review cycles between Qlik and Pearson VUE. We check the exam many times to ensure there are no errors in it!


7. After the operational form is finalized, it is published and the exam is ready for delivery.


8. Then we take the operational form and use it to score the beta results.


And that, my friends, is why it takes so long to get your beta results!


Thanks to those who participated in taking a beta exam, and your continued patience is appreciated.


Karen Origlio

Sr. Certification Program Manager @ Qlik

Dear Qlik Community Members,


If you are planning to take a QlikView or Qlik Sense Certification Exam, there are instructions and guidance for how to prepare on the web pages.


Want to know the topics? Study the "Exam Domain Areas" - these are the topics used to write the exam questions.


These are EXPERT level exams, and hands-on experience in a production environment is usually needed to pass. The primary purpose of the exams is to validate the skills and knowledge of Qlik partners, so they can install, configure, develop, maintain and support Qlik products in an enterprise environment. Please know, using the QCC assessments are a good start to your learning, but these questions DO NOT represent the certification exam. There are FREE Certification Practice questions on the web pages under "Recommended Preparation Resources".


I'd like to remind you that discussing ANY Certification Exam content is a violation of the Qlik Certification Examination Access and Use Agreement, specifically paragraph 5, "Confidential Information and Ownership". If you need a refresher on the agreement accepted before you can register for an exam, here's a link:


The exams are challenging, which gives the certifications value. If members discuss exam content, you are effectively reducing the value of your certification. Please keep ALL exam information confidential, or you risk having your certification revoked.


Thank you,

Karen Origlio

Certification Program Manager

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