• Qlikview Model Exercise.zip

    Good day   I have been given a task from my colleague to create a Qlikview Model, I come from a database administration space and therefore I am still trying to get my way around star schemas and Qlikview. Can y...
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  • Extension. Prevent multiple response from GetQvObject method

    Hello, Everyone!   This material will show how to avoid strange issue of qva.GetQvObject method. The issue is response from this method's callback is repeated multiple times. Honestly I don't know why it's hap...
    Sarah Miller
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  • Catch the Clear Button Hit

    Do the followin' if you want to catch User's hit on Clear button. Also can be usefull with many trigger actions.   Steps: 1. Create a variable vClearButtonHit;   2. Set this expression for it: =if($(vCl...
    Sergey Shuklin
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  • Qlik Training Session - Joins, Keeps, Apply Map.qvw

    This QlikView Document will help you to understand QlikView Joins, Keeps, Concatenate and Applymap functions with examples and scripts. This is a Nice QlikView Training application to perform a QlikView Training by us...
    Sarah Miller
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  • Visual tricks with Charts. Drop Graph

    Hello, Everyone!   Today we gonna create this little fella: Looks pretty cool and unusual. Let's get started!   For instance we have such input data: Step 1. Convert months text values to numbers and...
    Sergey Shuklin
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  • How to create a vertical chart in a Straight Table

    Hi, Everyone!   Today I'm gonna tell you one of the QV mysteries - creating a vertical chart with less/more bars in a straight table. So, if you are interesting with something like this: Please, make an effo...
    Sergey Shuklin
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  • Visual tricks with Charts

    Hi, everyone!   Today I want to share with you with some tricks which you may use to improve your projects/dashboards from visual side. The main idea of this post is using a function RangeSum() to achieve a dif...
    Sergey Shuklin
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  • Direct Discovery in Qlikview

    Direct Discovery in QLIKVIEW 11.2 The biggest limitation of QLIKVIEW in data point of view, is that all the data should be stored in RAM. As big data introduction data is too huge, so QLIKVIEW introduce a hybrid appr...
    Sarah Miller
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  • Segmentation of values with irregular ranges

    I was thinking about how to segment the employees of the company according to their age and I found the "Class" function. It is very interesting and very comfortable when the intervals are regular, 5 in 5 or 10 in 10,...
    Víctor Barbera
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  • Last transactional date in last month.....

    Hello there, Is there a way to reference the value in the last row highlighted in yellow another object preferably a text box. The requirement is to display the last deposit amount in the last month of the current y...
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  • Qlikview Introduction & Architecture

    Introduction to Qlikview and Architecture Digram.   Vikas
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  • Qlik Sense Certifications are here!

    Qlik Sense Certifications are here!    Karen Origlio Mar 30, 2015 10:06 PM      Today we released TWO certification exams for Qlik Sense:   Qlik Sense System Administrator Qlik...
    Karen Origlio
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  • HideChartProperties.qvw

    Hi,   I did an application where I show some actions that you could need in his Qlik applications. This application contains automation by macros writing in VB Script that allow changes in Chart such as font siz...
    Sarah Miller
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  • Maps - Using APIGoogle with slider of distance.qvw

    Hi,     I did an application where I show you about use of the APIGoogle Maps. I did a slider where you choice a distance for to find his regions and his costomers. Very easy, but for me was very helpful. I...
    Sarah Miller
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  • How to make Qlikview a real time system Update DB and Qlikview Online

      Qlikview is E-TL offline (Transform, Load) tool like every standard BI tool, but with a lot flexible features that can make the using as you wish.     First, let’s talk about limitation. &...
    Shneior Dicastro
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  • Chart line format

    Simple example of how to change the format in a Line chart based on the value. In the example attached the format changes when it crosses 0.
    Peter Hargreaves
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  • Maximize And Restore Chart Using Macro

    Hi All,   Here I attached a small sample app to explain Maximize and Restore of Charts using Macro.   Regards,   Faisal
    Faisal Abdulla
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  • Renaming the Document Information category in QlikView Publisher

    When running Server Publisher classes I often get the question if it is possible to edit a task or document category name or even remove  a category name once this has been created. As far as I know this is not...
    Nils Morris
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  • sampl.txt

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  • multiple/single select -> show/hide reportdata

    Hello,   I need help with changing report/column in a report depending on selections made. In attached example I have listed two reports based on the same dataset. When the user selects only one MSN then the to...
    Sarah Miller
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