• Create a Cycle Group in Qlik Sense (without extensions)

    One of the features that I miss from QlikView when working with Qlik Sense is the Cycle Group.  Allowing the user to pick a dimension and have that update in all charts where it was used is incredibly useful. &nb...
    Steve Dark
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  • Cycle dimensions using a variable button or dropdown

    Cycle dimensions that change multiple objects with one selection have been a powerful tool in Qlik visualisations and dashboards. Whilst this has not quite made it into the product there is a very simple workaround th...
    Richard Byard
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  • Field selections AND-mode for Market Basket Analysis

    Qlik Sense is an awesome tool when it comes to Data Discovery. However, in some situations there is no straightforward solution and one must perform a little magic with associative data model. One such situation is c...
    Radovan Oresky
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  • Esri AcrGIS integration with Qlik GeoAnalytics

    Esri AcrGIS Online integration with Qlik GeoAnalytics Esri AcrGIS Online integration with Qlik GeoAnalytics Introduction Implement App Login in ArcGIS Setup Qlik to get a security token Build a quer...
    Nabeel Asif
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  • Automatic backup of Qlik Sense Apps

    Due to some instability with the product a few times, where an app was in a irreversible state and no code/data code be returned - I created a small backup solution in PowerShell.   As always with software, back...
    Erik Gustafsson
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  • QlikNprinting_Upgradation_Steps

    Dear QlikMembers,   This is the document which help you to upgrade the QlikNprinting[Qliksense]   The attached documents is for  QlikNp 17.3.2 Sep2017  to Nov2017   upgradation steps. &nb...
    Chanty 4u
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  • Word Cloud for Sense

    This extension has beed decommissioned Please use GitHub - ralfbecher/br.com.clever.wordcloud: Qlik Sense Word Cloud extension by rbecher     The stable version of a Word Cloud Qlik Sense Extension, now wit...
    Clever Anjos
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  • Custom area selection and bookmarking on a GeoAnalytics Map

    I received a request to allow a user to create their own polygon selections on a map (and there may be multiple polygons in a single selection) and be able to save this as a bookmark to be able to retrieve this later....
    Richard Byard
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  • Extract data points from unstructured text with the RegEx Text Analytics Web Connector

    One of the less known features of the Sentiment & Text Analytics Connector is the RegEx option to extract identifiable data based on patterns in unstructured data fields. RegEx - Regular Expressions - is common ac...
    Richard Byard
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  • Qlik Sense Log Archiver / Eraser

    This is a PowerShell script which will move (or delete) older logs from the Qlik Sense default logging directories. This is useful as a tool to cleanup old logs if there are no requirements to keep them.   The v...
    Levi Turner
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  • Qlik Sense Log Monitor - Sept 2017

    Here's a tool for chronologically viewing Qlik Sense logs and problem identification. Special thanks to czo   Don't forget to install the extension that comes in the .zip file. Adjust your variables and create y...
    Michael Terenzi
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  • Date Manipulation in Qlik Sense

    Date processing can often be hard to follow and leads to frustration. The perceived complexity is often driven from difficult to understand combinations of date functions in the autocalendar or MasterCalendar generati...
    Steve Street
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  • More Qlik Sense Themes (updated with 3.2)

    I uploaded a new version "highvis32.zip" compatible for Sense 3.2 Although Qlik Sense themes are not officially documented yet, they can be changed. A theme consists of one or two .css files and a .json file. O...
    Christof Schwarz
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  • Calculating trend lines, values and formulas on charts and tables in Qlik Sense

    I spent a little time working through the formulas required to mimic the trend lines that are available in QlikView and currently not available in Qlik Sense without knowing how to write reasonably complex expressions...
    Richard Byard
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  • Qlik Sense services stop start batch files v2.1.1 onwards (including June 2017)

    I have attached a very simple set of batch files that I regularly use to manage Qlik Sense Server instances (v2.1.1 through to v3.1 to date), I typically place these files on the desktop of the Qlik Sense Server box. ...
    Richard Byard
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  • Reload process trigger on external event (e.g. completion of DW load)

    The simple attached applications (and sample code) will allow you to setup your Qlik reload processing (in QlikView Server, Publisher or Qlik Sense) to kick off directly on completion of a process on a source system (...
    Richard Byard
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  • Conditional Performance Indicators in Tables using HTML Unicode Chr() Values

    Inserting KPI indicators into tables is actually quite simple if you understand the HTML Unicode UTF-8 characters that are available for you to use and display with simple if conditions. These characters behave like a...
    Richard Byard
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  • Drop down menu and Sub drop down using Basic single page mashup template

    final result   1) create Basic single page mashup 2) edit .HTML file and add the following line after </li> more drop down menu: <li class="dropdown qcmd"> <a class="dropdown-toggle" data-tog...
    Shneior Dicastro
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  • Country Administrative Boundary KML shape / area files from open source GIS data.

    I wrote an earlier document on creating custom KML polygon files for specific use cases where the file you would like is not publically available, or at least not easy to find. To follow on from this I have outlined a...
    Richard Byard
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  • OLAP MDX Queries inside of Qlik Sense?

    Have to give you the standard disclaimer that I think it's crazy to bring in pre-aggregated data ... however, I understand their are political forces that are driving you to ask that question.   In this short v...
    Dalton Ruer
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