• How to handle connection Errors in Qlik

    Hi folks, as obvious with its title, we'll discuss in this article a simple method to handle some errors in Qlik. To explain today's aim in better words , we sometimes, due to some performance issues, have throwns ...
    omar bensalem
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  • Creating Mini Chart in Qlik Sense tables

    Hi all,   Mini Charts have always been a good feature in QlikView and It's really 'frustrating' that this has not been added (yet) in Qlik Sense. With hopes that the Qlik Team will think about such improvements...
    omar bensalem
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  • How to create custom map from Excel file

    Hello All, It could be going all around to do so, But I will try to keep in smooth   The first thing you need is a Longitude and Latitude Data of points you want to Draw on the map.   if you want to Draw ...
    Jahanzeb Hashmi
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  • September 2017 - Mobile Offline iOS App

      Please see the FAQ attached to this post.   NOTE: To increase resolution or size of the video, select the YouTube logo at the bottom right of the player. You will be brought directly to YouTube where you c...
    Michael Tarallo
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  • Geographic 'Drill Down' (Areas and Points) for US MAP

    Hi Everyone,   Yesterday I tried to help on a Thread related to Drill down on maps using multiple geo-dimensions   => Need help in creating maps in Qliksense   and I found a lot of questions on ho...
    youssef belloum
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  • COFFEE_and_STRAVA.qvf

    A simple analysis of my coffee spending habits (New Year's resolution - spend less on coffee). and cycling habits.   Do I spend more on coffee when I cycling more in a month?   This app was creating using...
    Mark O'Donovan
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  • Dashboard

    Sales Dashboard
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  • Makes Sense to go round in circles

      I’ve seen a lot of questions recently from people with backgrounds in Qlik View identifying some features that they use a lot in View but are currently not supported in QlikSense.  In this document...
    Andy Weir
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  • All Qlik Sense Books at 5$ Today ! (Save 40$ per book)

    Hi Community,   Today is a very good day to start to learn.   All Qlikview / Qliksense books, (including 2017 versions) are at 5 $ only !   Do not miss this opportunity.   All Books and eBooks ...
    youssef belloum
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  • Search for occurances - Generic Script for Qlik by Omar BEN SALEM.

    Hi all,   The last few days I was facing a harsh problematic. In fact, I was trying to join 2 tables while there was no possible direct link.   To explain in better worlds: Table 1 had a composite Key1 (...
    omar bensalem
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  • Qlik + Attunity + Cloudera = Actionable, large-scale SAP Insights

    SAP is hard to interact with at the database level, and translating the logic of your business from tables, near impossible. Old ERP architecture constructs and shorthand German abbreviations combine for a notoriously...
    Michael Tarallo
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  • Simple NPrinting log summary Qlik Sense App

    Trawling through log files can be very time consuming. Attached is s simple Qlik Sense App that connects to the NPrinting log files. YOU WILL HAVE TO CHANGE THE CONNECTION BEFORE UPDATING
    Darrell Tobin
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  • Transfer Data from Qlik Sense to WEB SERVICE using Qlik REST Connector

    Hi community,   I assume we all, once in a while, faced this question : "Is it possible to send a table from QlikSense to our WebService/database?" So, without further due, the answer is : YES ! I'll now shar...
    omar bensalem
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  • Acessing S3 files on Sense Cloud

    If you need to retrieve information stored into your S3 bucket please follow these steps. I´m still trying to recover protected files, this tutorial is about public files.   1 - Create your bucket and upl...
    Clever Anjos
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  • Set fixed value in a prompt

    Hi Everyone, I have a field (Month) with different value (Aug,Dec,...) and I'd like to set a prompt in a fixed value (for example Aug), so I can show the result in a pivot for this Month (Aug).   How I can do i...
    Livio Sebastiano Colombo
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  • Cross Table with Multiple Attributes Simple Version

    Hi Here is a Cross Table with Multiple Attributes in a Simple Form.
    Ram Marthi
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  • like a triggers in Qlik View but in Qlik Sense

    Hi Folks,   i have an idea or for some situations the solution as well: In Qlik Sense we dont have any triggers, i mean, if you move from one tab into another tab, you want sometime to have a pre-selected value...
    beck bakytbek
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  • Qlik GeoAnalytics - Creating a Drill-down Area Map

    This brief video shows you how to create a very simple Area map using Qlik GeoAnalytics for Qlik Sense.         Geo Analytics Documentation: Documentation « bi.idevio.com Introducing Qlik ...
    Michael Tarallo
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  • CV Omar Ben Salem made by Qlik Sense (Last update : 22/11/2017)

    Hi Folks, I just updated my CV made by Qlik Sense and wanted to share it with the rest of you. Hope you'll like it :   First is the summary page containing main informations about me such as name, email and pro...
    omar bensalem
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  • Inbraken.qvf

    This data set contains all the burglaries in Breda in the past years.
    A.M. van Keep
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