• Disable creating log file for app reload in Qlik Server

    Hello everyone,   At each app reload, Qlik Server creates a log file in C: / ProgramData / Qlik / Sense / Log / Script There is a possibility to stop creating these log files?
    Ionut Biliuti
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  • How to resolve non existing dimension ?

    Hello ,   What is the best way to connect a dimension missing in a table ?   LOAD:   Region Year Month Sales   from Table1   LOAD Channel City Country Order   from Table2 &nb...
    Layla Mar
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  • Load data from variables created in a SUB

    Hi there   I'm trying to do a load of data from a table with 3 fields; date, description and amount.   I need to parse the description  and create 4 new fields from the description field and then load...
    Neil Gabin
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  • Connection path to SQL Server

    Hi guys, i want to use generic load statement but the data is on the server and i made connection to the data but how can i write the connection path   swuehl stalwar1
    yaman alsaadi
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  • Default Load Balancing Rules QlikSense September 2017

    On our Qlik Sense Servers we have 2 Load Balancing Rules and suspect for some reason we have one missing.   Does anyone know the names of the QlikSense September 2017 default Load Balancing Rules?
    Bill Markham
    created by Bill Markham
  • Rename table is not working!!!

    Hi guys, i want to change the name of four tables using this script   For vTableNo = 1 to NoOfTables()-1 let svalue='tab1'; Let vTableName = TableName($(vTableNo)) ; Rename Table vTableNo to svalue; next&nb...
    yaman alsaadi
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  • Mashup with theme.css and theme.json

    Hi,   I'm creating a mashup, using charts from a certain app. For that app I already have a theme (theme.css and theme.json).   Do you know what I have to add to the mashup so that theme is used?   T...
    Juan Moreno
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  • Having multiple measures in single selection

    Hi,   Can somebody help me out to resolve the below issue in Qliksense,   1. I have a table chart with Dimensions as A, B, C and Measures as M1(displays values Ex:$1,234.00), M2(dispalys 10%). 2. I have a...
    Sreekanth Kotturi
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  • Non Generate Logfile

    Hi all.   I have an app that generate a big log. field   There is any option like in qlikview (checkbox) to configure if we need to generate logfile or not.   I need a response for both the Sense Des...
    facundo de la cal
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  • My Work in Qlik Sense visible to everyone in network

    Since Active Directory was uploaded in Qlik Sense everyone in the network can see my work how do I eliminate that?
    Melinda Carrington
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  • Total function Auto () and Sum () returning different values

    Hi There   I am trying to understand Total Function available in the straight table.   I am using these functions for one of the app and when Total Function 'Auto()' is used it shows different value than ...
    Ashish Palkar
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  • Dimension that sould be a Measure

    I have a household income field that is being interpreted by QlikSense as a Dimension rather than a Measure.  Accordingly, I cannot create buckets.   How do I force the field to be a measure?   Thanks!
    Gwendyl Harter
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  • Group Pivot Table values in single column.

    Hi There   I am trying to group Pivot values into single columns , please find attached image for your reference.   Thanks in advance
    Ashish Palkar
    created by Ashish Palkar
  • Set Modifier used with a Variable

    I am new to Qlik and I am having trouble with an expression:   1) Sum({$<Year={2017}>}$(VCountNewPatients))   Where vCountNewPatients = Count({<CPT={'99201','99202','99203','99204','99205'}>}Di...
    Ashley Kuttler
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  • Nested Set Modifiers

    Hello,   I am new to Qlik Sense, building my first datamodel.   I have a table of transactions with fields 'ITEMTYPE' and 'ENCID' and 'Encounter Total Charges'   For the ITEMTYPE = 'F-C' I need the...
    Ashley Kuttler
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  • How to count the number of project created by organization per month?

    Hi, I'm new for Qlik, and struggling how to create a chart to show the number of project created by each organization per month. In my data, there are the following field: organization_name project_name project_...
    Winnie Chan
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  • QlikSense blank screen

    I am quite new to QlikSense. Since last week, my QlikSense desktop screen kept blank when up the application. I tried in different PC, ever sees my document in QS screen. No error message appears.  I reinstall a...
    Yuki Aizawa
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  • Read File Access Data Base

    Hi Expert   I create the ODBC connection to the network unit ( Z: ) locally and it works perfectly, but I make the connection from the server and it does not allow me to make the connection, it shows me the fol...
    Handry Orozco
    created by Handry Orozco
  • What's wrong?

    Hello,   Someone can tell me where is the mistake in this:   I'm trying to get the value of the last month but it seems as my variable doesn't function
    Karen Barberan
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  • MAPS

    I am trying to use the map view but will not recognize cities.   Its Canada so we use postal codes such as T4C1B1 vs a zip code.   I have the 6 digit postal code, and of the course the city but will not wo...
    Kenneth Holden
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