• Can Qliksense visualize a warehouse heatmap

    Hi all,   Previously, I did the warehouse heat map on Excel. The steps are follow: 1. Draw the warehouse layout on the spreadsheet and give an value to each cell which represent a warehouse location 2. Analyze...
    Oliver Choi
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  • How to load Max(Date) and Max(Date)-1 Qvds

    Hi Experts,   Can any one please help me on below requirement.   In C:/Qliksharefolder/4.QVDs path I have number of qvds with date like below.   kensitivities_Detail_20180520.qvd Kensitivities_Detail_20...
    Mahitha M
    created by Mahitha M
  • Set Analisys: Customers who not bought in the last 07/14/21/28 days

    Hey all, I have been breaking my head to make this set analysis and hope you guys can help me. As it is already stretching more than I imagined I come here to get some help of the professionals.   Basically what...
    Pedro Henrique Lyra
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  • Color Expression.

    Hi All, in this Pivot table i want to get color condition, that if average rate of present month is lower than average rate of previous month then the value for present month's average rate should highlight in red co...
    Agrim Sharma
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  • [1}

    Sum(UNITS)/count({1}total distinct(WEEK))   This does not return the correct answer. Essentually I have 33 weeks of the fiscal year so far and for this sales representative she has only written busines in abot 20...
    Kenneth Holden
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  • Floor Condition

    Dear all,   Floor function is not working for date fetched from csv files. I using floor function to exclude HH:MM:SS.   Date(Floor(receipt_date),'DD/MM/YYYY') as CollectionDate,     Thanks &...
    Joshua Solomon
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  • Count Match

    Hi,   I am having an issue with my count for matches values. As you can see below the count seems to be including an additional column (highlighted in yellow):   The expression I am using is for this piv...
    Raman Singh
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  • How to make an app invincible for some user in same stream in qlik sense

    How to make an app invincible for some user in same stream in qlik sense? I want few user to restrict access to an app in same stream ?
    Nupur Gupta
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  • Qlik Sense connection lost constantly

    Hi I am connecting to Qlik Sense with the admin user in the Qlik sense server and I get constantly the following connection lost message, doing very hard to navigate with this user inside the reports.     ...
    Lan Liz
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  • QMC changes log

    is there a log location where i can see what changes are done in the QMC settings for Qlik Sense?   Thanks in advanced
    Amien Amien
    created by Amien Amien
  • How to make 'Work' streams invincible for the users in QlikSense ?

    How to make 'Work' streams invincible for the users in QlikSense ? or apps developed in my work area invincible to users ????
    Nupur Gupta
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  • Colour Issue On bar Graph

    I have requirement as Forecast Vs Actual by Timeline.   For Timeline i have created Drill Down which contains Year,Quarter,Month,Week and my bar graph have two measures one is for Actual and other for Forecast. ...
    Villyee Anderson
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  • Applying Flags

    Hi, I got a sample table listed below which got some dummy sales data.   Assume I want to filter the data where the the "Country" should be 'NZ'. Please refer my code as well;   Temp: LOAD   ...
    Andy Manuja
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  • Storing a table as a QVD file

    Hi, I have loaded data into Qlik Sense using an excel file. The temporary name of the table is "Products" Please refer the attached script. Products: LOAD     Prod_ID,     Prod_Name...
    Andy Manuja
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  • using nested-if´s without excluding values

    HI   I not sure how to research my way to an answer to this question, as I do not know where to start   I am using Nested if´s (I think that it is what it is called) to make certain categories to be...
    Daniel Sørensen
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  • 3 Count questions for financial purposes

    Dear all,   I need the answer for the following three questions:   First Question: How many Seller ID's do have AR? Answer: 12 Expression: Second Question How many Seller ID's  with an AR suspended? A...
    Ugur Arslan
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  • How to give alternative background for table rows in qlik sense

    How to give alternative background for table rows in qlik sense
    subeeshar ar
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  • How to display values of different data types from one column in pivot table in qliksense?

    I am loading data from an xls. It has one column known as 'Final'. This column has percent as well as integer,$ value and text values. For example, it has values as follows:     Final 225.56 3456 94.25% ...
    radha k
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  • Getting Null Values to be included IN the expression

    Null values are causing me problems in expressions.     Totals     $10 NSSR     $85 Various categories     $5 Null (blank values)     $10...
    Greg Zajic
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  • [GOAL]

    ((sum(UNITS)+((Sum(UNITS)/count(total distinct(WEEK)))*('52'-(count(distinct(WEEK))))))/([Unit Goal]))-1   What do the [ ] mean around [Unit Goal]?   whatever it is is throwing off my percentage calculatio...
    Kenneth Holden
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