• FielValueCount - What is it?

    Hi Guys,   We have a contractor and in the master calendar he uses field value count. I have tried to look at the documentation but i couldn't make sense of it.   I guess i just wanted to ask how it work...
    Alexander James Tomlins
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  • Expression not working in pivot table

    Hi,   I am using below mentioned expression as a row in pivot table-   if(GetSelectedCount(H4)=0,restricted_customers, if(GetFieldSelections(H4)='Customer Name',if(compare_customers='y',[Customer Name]), i...
    siddharth soam
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  • Missing values AND aggregations

    Hi all,   workng with rolling sums I ran into an issue. Say I want to have the volume of sales 1 year backwards, month by month. I used:   RangeSum( After(     total  Sum( {< [P...
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  • Creating List in Qlik Sense

    Hi ,   I want to create a list under overview in Qlik Sense.As attached we should have all values when I click on overview .Please find attached screen shots. IF extension required ,please let me know which exte...
    Sushanta Acharya
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  • ODAG on Qlik Sense Desktop

    Hello,   Is it possible to activate ODAG technology on the Qlik Sense Desktop ? If yes, how ?     Regards,   Fabrice
    Fabrice Callegari
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  • Pivot Table Distribution Computation

    Hi Guys i have a challenge in computing the distribution in pivot table   im trying to compute the distribution rate from header to detailed but i always got wrong answer...   the GRAND TOTAL NET SALES(RE...
    Reynaldson Aceberos
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  • why this wildmatch is not working in file name comparision ?

    below is my code: let filepath = 'lib://faultData/*.xlsx';   For Each file in FileList(filepath) Trace $(file);   if WildMatch(chr(39)&$(file)&chr(39), '*Incidents*')>0 then // i want to load ...
    abhishek singh
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  • Is it possible set style grouped and stacked in one bar chart or comob chart

    Hi All,   We want to create one chart (bar or comob) in qliksense,as requirement, if we do the different filters, the chart need to display different style (Grouped and Stacked). Is it possible? if yes, can you ...
    haifeng zhao
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  • border textbox?

    Hi all,   Can anyone tell me how to put a simple border around my text box? Now my texts are floating on the page..   Kind Regards
    Niki de Leeuw
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  • Geo map in qliksense

    Hi, I have to create geo map in qliksense, i have qliksense desktop version, so need guidance from the basic to extra level of creation geo map like all the requirements for creation geo map, what are all the extensi...
    Deepak Singh
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  • Problem while accessing Hub on IPhone

    Hello All, I am stuck in an issue in QLiksense. I am trying to access my hub on IPhone but it is giving me an error stated: "Connection to Qliksense engine failed for unspecific reason. Refresh browser or contact sy...
    Nidhi Batra
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  • Set Analysis Returning Incorrect Values

    Hi everyone,   I am very new to the coding, and I have a weird phenomenon affecting my set analysis results. Essentially, I'm looking to only sum field values for only "Sep" dates. It performs its job to fo...
    Eric Tan
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  • Box plot of a grouped dataset

    Hi I have a dataset like this Count Age Category 3 18 A 300 19 A 100 20 A 56 21 A 4 17 B 10 18 B 35 19 B 20 20 B 97 33 C 94 34 C 86 35 C 87 36 C 87 37 C I want to plot the age distribution of each category which se...
    Bob Leong
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  • Return two results from IF

    I have an IF statement as a variable in set analysis. I want it to show both Assigned and Completed items if nothing else in this field is selected but I am unable to figure this out.   This is what I tried: &n...
    Dan Green
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  • Resizing based on screen resolution

    Hi all, We are new in qlik sense. Currently our project is in development phase.  We 've prepared a report that looks perfect on our big screens. However when we tried to open in on laptop our variable input bo...
    Orlina Takieva
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  • Joining Tables

    Dear Friends,   I have two tables.   When I select 'class1' field from Table1, the duration values of a, d  and x should be selected  via 'comp' field from Table2.   When I select 'class2' ...
    Yücel Özer
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  • Load: Create new field based on 2 different files

    Hi Community. I know this is pretty much straight forward but I can't find anywhere with a good example..   I have 2 excels:   Tabla1 Table 2   Table 1: Load Cost From...   Table 2: Load ...
    patrico mesri
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  • Variables within Set Analysis

    I have the below measure in a chart. The vCollEff variable works fine WITHOUT the CE_AgeType expression in it. I am trying to get the second variable, vCEAgeType to work. If I test it as something similar in a Qlikvie...
    Dan Green
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  • Don't show 0 values in line chart (CY sales, LY sales, Goal sales comparison)

    Hi there everyone,   Again here I am with another Qlik related question. This time about line charts. The deal is I'm putting a line chart to compare this year's sales, this year's sales goal and the last year's...
    José Espinoza
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  • Qlik set analysis

    Hi Team,   Scenario: One business date will be always selected For that business date we are adding ITDSales value for Business Date= Last Year Last date + YTDSales value for current business date I have p...
    Prashant Sancheti
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