• Simple Table and Group By

    This is my first attempt at Qlik. I am trying to render a Table in Qlik Sense, where the contents are grouped on multiple columns. Do not want to do grouping during data load but instead use expression while definin...
    Jaydeep Paeikh
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  • .qvf file converted from .qvw file runs very slow

    After I convert a .qvw file into .qvf file, the .qvf file runs very slow upon open from the QS hub. Does anyone experience the same performance problem? The original .qvw file runs pretty descent speed in QlikView ser...
    Mary Chen
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  • Qlik Sense object calculation Time too long respect the same object in QlikView

    Hi community   in our Sense application we are fighting with some performance problems. In specific, the time spent by the calculation engine of sense, is so different respect the engine of QlikView. Using the ...
    Paolo Rena
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  • Manually Selecting Values

    Hi, I am new to Qlik Sense. I am trying to do something that looks simple, yet, I couldn't find the proper way to do it. I would appreciate if someone could give me some cues on how to do the following.   I ha...
    Anne-Marie Salter
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  • qlik sense - Latitude e longitude - GeomakePoint

    Não estou conseguindo usar a função GeomakePoint. Alguém saber como me ajudar.     LOAD       Cep_Novo,     latitude,     longitud...
    agnaldo neves
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  • Section Access

    Hi All,   I am trying to apply section access to two fields (combined as Composite key) but getting error and data loads takes time in hours.     Any pointers how to achieve it ?   Two fields on...
    Jasmeen Kaur
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  • Date filter Issues

    I am trying to insert a filter for "year". My date column currently contains month, date, year, and time stamp. When I select the 'Date/Time Closed.autoCalendar.Year" option, I am able to see both 2017 and 2018. 2...
    yesenia del real
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  • Qlik Sense does not show webpage

    Today, all of the sudden, the Qlik Sense server does not show the webpage. We also have a dataload server, that shows the same problem.   All the services are running. The server has been rebooted. The servic...
    Kenneth Fribert
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  • Ticket Trend - How to Count New, Open and Closed Tickets

    Hi All,   I am new to QLIK Sense and after searching the forums for the best way to report on the trend of New, Open and Closed service desk tickets I have reached the limit of my capabilities and am seeking som...
    Tim Evans
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  • Empty data when loading data Qlik Sense

    Hello everyone, I have a challenge that has me somewhat confused, I try to show in a graph the sum of some data, what happens is that when I load the whole month, from day 12 onwards my data goes to zero, and the fie...
    Mario Centeno
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  • Include a vMeasure into Logic

    Hi,   If I was to add in a vMeasure (vPDL), where would I need to include it within my current logic please?   if(Sum({<Period = {"$(='>=201801<=2018' & Num(Month(Today()), '00'))"}, Lookup={'...
    Thomas Williams
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  • Circular Graphic - Help recreating in Qlik Sense

    Could anyone point me towards the best way to recreate a graphic that would sort of look like this? Basically just a circle with a number displayed in it?  
    Jordan Hertl
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  • Qlik Sense Proxy Log Error

    Hi all,   I found this in our Qlik sense server proxy logs. Any idea why this would show up? We are currently on April 2018 version (installed patch 1 release).   Audit Trace:   658 20180702T230547.1...
    Amuktha Chakilam
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  • Chart dimension selecting KPI even with set analysis

    Hello,   I have a KPI with the following expression:   count({<[Status]={'Active'},Month=>} user_id)   Also a bar chart where: Dimension: Month Measure: count(user_id)   And finally a...
    Artur Mesquita Barbosa
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  • double aggregation in one formula?

    Hello,   I have DATA table: ORDER with corresponding STATUS. Status is DUAL. If the last status per order is not equal "order-delivered", than the ORDER is in progress. The maximum status for this order is cons...
    Глеб Аитов
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  • Qlik Sense Section Access

    Section Application mandatory field for giving section access in Qlik Sense
    Jasmeen Kaur
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  • Remove scroll bar in Line Chart when not needed

    Hi,   Normally, it is very good to have a scroll bar below the line charts, so it's possible to move along the x-axis.   However, in the case shown in the picture, there is nothing to scroll and this secon...
    Juan Moreno
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  • Not getting Add data option

    Just trying to build an app in Sense, but unfortunately i am not getting Add data option in Data load editor, Can some one help why this is happening?
    Shivesh Singh
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  • Rank on Percentile

    Hello All,   I have a function in which I am calculating In Stock % over a certain period of selected days.  It is currently ranked on the past 45 days of sales and only returns if the items fall in the top...
    William Labarca
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  • Tables: Dimensions and Measures

    I'm running into a consistent problem when trying to create table objects that I think is caused by a misunderstanding on my part about how tables use dimensions and measures.   If I have a table that should dis...
    Tyler Tollin
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