• filter pane discription

    Is there a way to get the filter pane description circled in red to display when the filter pane is used?   See red arrow.   Should they not be the same?   
    Robert Winkel
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  • Problem using IF Statement

    Hi !   For some reason when a cut and paste a "IF" that's works on chart, its doesn't work on my script. I get "Invalid Expression" message and i don't find the error.   Any Help Please   DEFEITO: &n...
    Eduardo DImperio
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  • Failed To Authenticate Against The Selected Server.

    Hi   I have installed Qlik Sense Desktop Version 3.2 SR4. After launching I am have registered with use of below link. QlikID. Now when I am trying to Log In with Qlik Account I am getting error "Failed To Aut...
    Omkar Kakade
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  • Formatting a Count Function

    Hello, I have this function: Count(distinct {$<[DATE MODIFIED.autoCalendar.QuartersAgo]={">=0<=4"}>} [ASSET TITLE]) Which counts the asset titles that have a Date Modified of between 0 and 4 quarters ago...
    Meghann MacDonald
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  • Difference of two dates

    Hi All,   i want date differences. i have date as TranDateNum... i am calculating like  TranDateNum-above(TranDateNum) but i   failed to get the result can please help what is the best express...
    Pavan reddy
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  • Mouse Over in Map

    HI All,   I was trying to set up a way to show information when I hover over a point in my Qlik Sense map.  Here's the code I'm currently using in the expression for the measure.  Any help is greatly a...
    Leigh Anne Poole
    created by Leigh Anne Poole
  • Switching Charts in Qlik Sense

    Hello Community, I’m new to Qlik Sense and there is a requirement for me to convert a QlikView dashboard to Qlik Sense. The QlikView dashboard UI used buttons/trigger actions using variables to switch between c...
    Harini Konka
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  • Set analysis or Calculation Condition

    Hi, I am trying to create a table with the following dimensions:   Week: Current Week and the same week last year Month: Current Month and the same month last year Current Year and Prior Year   Should I ...
    Erica Trotter
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  • How to show cost when there is no lead

    Hi all, Like I mentioned in the title, my manager would like to see cost data regardless of whether we have lead for that day or not. Cost data is outside our database, manually tracked in excel. The way I am joini...
    Yifan Wu
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  • MTD set analysis

    Hi, could you please let me know what I'm doing wrong:   Sum({$<Month(Date)=$(vCurrentMonth)>}[Total Revenue])   vCurrentmonth=Max(Month(Date))   Thanks in advanced!
    Erica Trotter
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  • calculate MTD using set analysis

    Hi everyone, I have an MTD calculation, which is like below.   InMonthToDate(EFFECTIVE_DATE,[Full Date],0)     I want to write the above one in setanalysis.      Can any one help me...
    vivek pv
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  • Month to Date Yesterday

    Hi   I'm trying to use a MonthToDate formula but only include up to yesterday. I thought this would be easy using the formula below, but it includes transactions from today as well. Is there something obviously ...
    Chris Jackson
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  • Run multiple data load scripts

    Is it possible to define multiple scheduled data load tasks with different data load scripts? So that I can run one specific data load script every 5 minutes and the other different data load script every 15 minutes?
    Christoph Albrecht
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  • Size issue with Qlik Sense file

    Hi   I am facing an issue to load the  App in Qlik Sense cloud.My app is 26 MB size,if i remove the data in the file also size is not changing. Please suggest !
    surya j
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  • Working With Dates

    Hi All - New QlikSense user here - moving from Excel.   Im trying to create some script in my app which will only show the latest 3 dates for a specific person who has 30 dates recorded against them.   I h...
    Lee Fraser
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  • You can Enable or Disable Dimensions and individual measures, conditional dimensions would be welcome, is not it?

    In creating Simple Tables or Pivot Tables or other graphic have the conditional option in each of the dimensions and measures included is essential and shows versatility for development, not only in tables but all ob...
    Ricardo Oliva
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  • Changes to the selections tool

    Hi again,   Here is another improvement suggestion from me. The Selection tool is a great tool in Qlik Sense. In Qlikview I always created fieldlists for quick selection or fieldlists inside containers inside o...
    Karl Fredberg
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  • User input from user to script

    Hi all,   I've found many discussions around this theme and maybe I've missed the correct answer to my issue - sorry if I did.   I'm using Qlik Sense DEKTOP version.   In my script I have a variable ...
    Francisco Cohen
    created by Francisco Cohen
  • Hi, is there anybody who could tel me what kind of function I should use in QlikSense to get a result similar to the below expression in Excel?

    Paula van der Velde
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  • Simple Table extension help

    Hi All,   I'm using below simple table extension to show the product picture as column value it's working fine but this extension dosn't have  below feature. if you have update coded can you share it Thanks...
    Devarasu R
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