• Error in accessing the Qlik hub URL in http mode

    Hi ,     I am facing below error when I access the Qlik hub in http mode . However there is no problem to use he hub with https. Kindly advise how to access the qlik in http.  
  • Giving different security permissions for different Apps to different Users in a single Stream how ?

    Hi All,   In a stream i have 5 Applications and  need to give the permissions different apps to different Users in Qlik sense.   And in those some users can see script,data model, data model view, fro...
    Narayana Reddy
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  • how to define the location information in drill-down map

    Hi there, I would like to ask how we can define the location information in drill-down map in qlik sense?  I uploaded two files, one is like a shape file. there are geo information and ID. The other are ID and na...
    peter wang
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  • Are Binary Load recommended on Qlik Sense Enterprise ?

    I have come across few discussions and wanted to check if Binary Load are recommended on QlikSense Enterprise or what is the alternate way to achieve the same.   Qlik Sense substitute for BINARY load
    Sushant Jain
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  • Agrupar datos por mes

    Hola a todos. Tengo un inconveniente con una tabla simple donde quiero agrupar los totales acumulados por mes de otra tabla simple donde muestro el detalle. Para ello estoy utilizando aggr() que (creo) es la mejor opc...
    Walter Hardy
    created by Walter Hardy
  • Need to create Two dimension fields from data set fields

    Hi All,   I need to create two dimension and those dimension should link with my data set. In my data set its 0, or 1 information in each of the fields   Test: CrossTable([Category],[Category values],4) ...
    gowtham Ganapathi
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  • Scatter plot

    Dear, Qlik experts   I’m trying to create a scatter plot, but it does not look right. I think that my problem is related to data registration.   One measure is registered at all dates, in a range fr...
    Helge Jørgensen
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  • why is it not concatenating?

    I am trying to concatenate all my files in a folder like this :   for each Dir in dirlist ('$(vDataFilePath)'&'\*' ) trace $(Dir); for each file in FileList('$(Dir)/*.*') trace 'file is' $(file); &n...
    zhen pan
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  • Split budget in months

    Dear experts,   After reading a lot of tips from this community, there are just a few things which I can't figure out. I'm currently struggling with the following:   Budget: CrossTable (Year, Budget, 2) ...
    Ronan Berendsen
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  • Predictive

    Dear All,   Below is my data sheet.Please help me to calculate the predictive cost for Rate Per Kg for year 2019.        Year Opening Stock Production Total Supply Consumption ...
  • Validate date with variable does not work

    Regards, I have a variable with the date of Today:   v_AñoAnt = Max (Year) -1   v_FecFinAcumAnt AddYears (today (), -1)   the expression validating the variable does not work: Sum ({<A...
    Alex Valverde
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  • Count Days

    Hi Team,   I have 2 Measures,   1. Sum(Actual) 2. Sum(Plan)   I have the records from 1st Jan 2018 till Date   The requirement is , i have to count the no of distinct days where my  sum...
  • Values counted repeatedly in Qlik Sense Pie Chart

    Context: For TABLE 1, I have created a column "RECEIVE_SCHOLARSHIP" , students with TYPE = 'SCHP' or 'SCHS' and STATUS = 'A'., the column will display 'YES'. if( STATUS = 'A' and (N_FA_TYPE = 'SCHP' or N_FA_TYPE = 'S...
    Chia Jia Xiang
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  • get first 2 characters of field and add '20' as year

    Hi All,   I currently have this STRM1 data, where 1220 represents term 2 of year 2012, 1420 represents term 2 of year 2014 and so on. What i want to be able to do is to get the first 2 characters of the field a...
    Chia Jia Xiang
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  • Pivot table show item label in tabular form

    Hi, Is there any property of Pivot chart in Qlik Sense capable to do the same thing as Excel to show item label in tabular form?   I have SKU# and SKU name in the pivot table. I like those two data to be displa...
    Adam Chen
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  • How do I combine multiple dimensions or measures into one bar graph

    I am new to Qlik. This sounds like it sounds fairly trivial but I have looked around and can't seem to find the right answer. I have a spreadsheet data source that I loaded. In my example below I have I have 7 data c...
    David Monahan
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  • How to get the LTM (Last 12 months) rolling calculation

    Hi, I am new to Qlik Sense. I need help regarding PRODUCT calculation in qliksense. My requirement is to get the Cumulative returns for the last 12 months for a particular selected entity.   As per the e...
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  • The table total is not the sum of individual rows

    Hi Qlik Community! I am hoping you could help me with a question... I have been doing a lot of research online, but wasn't able to find the answer to the question  - I use Qlik Sense. I simply created a straig...
    Julia Muravchik
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  • Double-slash field icon @ model viewer

    On my app's model viewer, I get one field showing a strange double-slash icon (kinda reminds me of the comment chars?). What is this? See it in the screenshot below, on the Transaction Date field.
    George Menoutis
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  • Multiple Expressions with Multiple Dimensions

    Working on a project were we a line chart with two lines (forecasted and actual).  When we drill down via some of the filters our actuals line disappears.  Two lines, forecasted and actual, click on filter a...
    Timothy Kalota
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