• Inventory aging buckets

    Dears, I'm working on inventory aging and i have been trying to distribute QTY & cost  based on receiving dates. the problem is :   lets assume that i have 19 pieces of item A as on hand and on the ot...
    khaled ab
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  • YoY Market Share Calculation in qlik sense

    hi all,   I am calculating market share formula using dimension Company & fiscal year   Expression:   (((SUM({$<COMP=,FiscalYear={$(=max(FiscalYear))}>} Y2Sale))/$(vvTotalY2Sale))*100) &n...
    vikas mahajan
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  • Calculate Standard Deviation Price for last not selected dimensions

    Hello,   In my application I have calculated the price deviation as follow and it is working fine, it calculate the deviation taking into account the ITERATION I have selected.   Stdev(aggr(Sum([PRICE])/Su...
    HAJ ALI Haidar
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  • Calculate previous month sales - Qlik Sense

    Hello People   To calculate previous month sales, I wrote the exp as mentioned below but i get null values when certain month in selected in filter pane. Please help me to solve this issue.   =Sum({$<Mo...
    Balaji SJ
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  • Control/handle connection errors

    Hi folks,   The title's question is maybe not that clear, but I'll try to explain what I'm willing to achieve:   Situation: I'm using Qlik REST Connector to retrieve some data.   Problem: The web s...
    omar bensalem
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    Hi Community, I use the left function to extract the first 4 characters of a string. The function works correctly but displays all records (with data and no data). Is there a TOP function in order to display only the...
    fabio Mazzarelli
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  • table: background color

    Hi Community, according to you it is possible to create a table with colored lines alternately (see image) Using the propriety background color expression (if(TotOreLavorate < 1, '#F2F3F4', '#FFFF66') I able to...
    fabio Mazzarelli
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  • Vertical Reference Lines work around needed

    Hello Qlikers,   Do we have option to get Vertical Ref line? Sample attached
    Anil Babu
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  • check box

    Hi Community, it is possible to insert a check box inside a table? Exist an extension?  
    fabio Mazzarelli
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  • QlikSense Server Ram usage by App

    Hi,   Is there a way to see the ram usage of the server by app or user?   I`m aware that there is the Operations Monitor inside Monitoring Apps Flow, but the ram usage is not displayed by App, it's only a ...
    Christian Nogueira
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  • Load All Data into Table Object?

    I have a table object (non-pivot) with about 100 rows. However, when the user scrolls down the table, eventually the table ends and a Load More button appears which the user has to click in order to see the rest of th...
    Tim Kendrick
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  • How can we export current selections along with a table when we export to excel in qliksense

    Hi  stalwar1 bpsziadmohd1vvvvvvizardgwassenaarogster1974robynrshields     I am trying to export a table to excel can we export the table along with the current selections in qliksense. can you please...
    Naveen Yasiki
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  • Qlik Sense 3.1 add data wizard stuck

    Hi All,   I want to ask, is Qlik Sense 3.1 need internet connection to open add data menu? Here's my screenshot when i'm not connected to internet. After connect to internet then data source pop up.  ...
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  • Data upload - Problem

    Dear all,   I'm new in Qlik Sense but I think I already have a problem - maybe a bug problem. When I click in "add data" it starts on "initializing Add Data" and nothing happens. It remains like that.   ...
    Francisca Gusmao
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  • Qlik Sense with 2 left joins

    Hello,    I have three sets of data all with the dimension 'Reference Number',   all the files contain some reference numbers which are the same and some different ones, each with other dimension...
    Paul Barrett
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  • Pass or Fail Based on Total

    Hello,   I am calculating a percentage:   =Num([Actual Load Percentage]/100,'0%')   Which gives me 54%, now based on that I want to add a column showing PASS or FAIL. So if the percentage is over 30...
    Elizabeth Viso
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  • Auto load

    Hello,   I can I autoload the data in the database when i open the app in qlik sense? ByPassing the "data upload" button?   Thanks
    Giorgio Toffanin
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  • User permissions - Sheet duplication

    Hi all,   In Qlik Sense, is it possible to configure the permissions of a certain user so he has not the ability to duplicate sheets? I'd like him to be able to use filters, click around, etc. but not making act...
    Juan Moreno
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  • check the folder

    Hi Folks,   i have a question,   is there any examples, where i can see how to check my folder, i mean: if i create a qvd-file then this qvd-file will be stored in the folder. i want to check whether my fo...
    beck bakytbek
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  • Qlik Sense load script from a text file

    Is it possible for Qlik Sense's load script to be stored in a text file and referenced instead of the code directly entered?   Example: In QlikView, my QVWs' code was all stored in associated text files for eas...
    Aaron Chandler-Worth
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