• Data File Name automatically added to Field Names

    I created an app in Qlik Sense Cloud Plus to analyze our sales data. The data is contained in Excel worksheets and there is 1 worksheet for each week. Each worksheet has the exact same field names (because it is the s...
    Marcie Berson
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  • Set Analysis

    Could someone help please , I have got so far with this but need to take it further.   The set analysis below aggregates a percentage for each subject when selected.   What I want to do is combine subjects...
    Chris Ellis
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  • Manage members for invite but invite button show disable And I can’t increase group member

    how to invite setting when I setting Manage members for invite Follower but invite button show disable And I can’t increase group member What should I do.  advice please
    Teerayuth Jeeraasawapong
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  • Schedule data refresh disappeared

    Hi guys,   I have been testing Qlik Sense Cloud Business and I came across a situation. I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but until yesterday I could Publish an app and 'schedule data refresh' as shown...
    last modified by CAIO CAMINOSKI
  • EXTENSIONS in QS Cloud?

    Is it a technical impossibility to have EXTENSIONS in QS Cloud? If not, please add that configuration and functionality. As we all know, the use of extensions literally extends the functionality and value of QS. (Tha...
    Oguchi Nkwocha
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  • Files greater than 30Mb are not updating Qlik Cloud Business

    Hi,   When we upload a new version of a data file with size greater than 30Mb, the QSCB close the upload window automatically, before we click on the Finish Button.   Then we see two version of data file, ...
    Leandro Meirelles
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  • Exporting a story does not export filters

    I just created a story in qlik sense and while i was playing it, all the filters were visible. After i exported the same into a PPT format, none of the filters get exported. This makes the ppt slides to look incomple...
    Vishal Goyal
    created by Vishal Goyal
  • secured S3 through API

    Hi,   I saw couple of time people are suggesting to access AWS S3 through WEB File. As soon as there is no such option in Cloud Business subscription, one can easily access unprotected S3 files using REST API (...
    Bohemia Internal
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  • Cannot read BIFF file

    Hi, I am trying to read xls file. But when it is reading via QlikCloud, it fails. Error : Cannot read BIFF file.   indb: Crosstable (Month, Value, 6) LOAD * FROM [lib://shilyaev/Pritok2017.xls] (biff, emb...
    Alexandr Shilyaev
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  • Help with fault function.

    Hi, I'm new to qliksense and I'm trying to create an attendance dashboard, but I find myself in the problem of creating a function that allows me to identify the number of absences and the date, when no records are fo...
    Kevin Bernardo Alvarez
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  • Host a PDF document from Qlik Sense Clound App?

    Does Qlik Sense Cloud support uploading content (e.g. PDF files) that can be displayed via an App Sheet link?   Background: Our current app includes a link to an informational PDF document which is hosted separa...
    Lawrence Kelley
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  • Bug report - data connection + 1 day work wasted

    Dear Qlik Staff,   this morning I’m experiencing the following: All the connections of my APP are not working. So it cannot reconnect to the files in the workspace… how can be that possible? The w...
    Guido Lucarelli
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  • Why does the sheet workspace not appear?

    When I open a new or existing sheet, the workspace (the bit with the grid) doesn't appear. And when I click 'Done' and try to view the page, the content is similarly chopped out. See the attached pic for what I mean. ...
    Sean Cummins
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  • How can I import my data PostgreSQL

    Hi,   I am testing Qlik Sense Cloud and I have a database PostgreSQL.   Is it possible to import my data like with Qlik Sense?   Thank you for your answers.   Sébastien
    Sébastien Pomi
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  • Qlik Online

    On qlik cloud when you open an app it opens in another tab in your internetbrowser. But is it possible that it opens in the same tab and that you keep a little pop up so you can immediatly go back to the page with all...
    Tijs Toulouse
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  • Data connectors available for QSense Cloud - Plus/Business subscriptions

    Hi all, I play a bit with QSense Cloud - Basic/free subscription service and it offers only : --- REST connector --- Salesforce connector as connectors usable over the Web.   Is someone aware if for upper su...
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  • Qlik Sense Cloud: Streams on Free vs Plus Accounts

    I can see that the Cloud Plus account gives you one stream, is this the same as the personal stream available in the free account or do you get your personal stream plus one other? Thanks.
    Stephanie McGonagle
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  • Change of credentials

    Hi,   is there any way how to change the name of the shared stream in case I am using Cloud+ subscription? If it is not the case then how to change the name/surname for the existing client?   Warm regards...
    Bohemia Internal
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  • Test Period Qlik Sense Cloud Business - Adding User

    Hi all,   I am currently using my 14-days trial of the Qlik Sense Cloud Business. However when I made my order, I only selected 1 'seat'. I have been watching some videos of Michael Tarallomto (Qlik Sense Cloud ...
    last modified by CAIO CAMINOSKI
  • Cloud Storage on Qlik/ Any other platform

    Hi, I wish to use Qlik Cloud sense, for some high end analytics, but am unable to figure out which tool must I use for Data Storage over the cloud. Can someone please guide me on which database system would be the e...
    Saransh Bhargava
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