• Qliksense Cloud export on shared app

    Hi,   I have researched enough and cant seem to find any answer on why Qliksense Cloud (Free , Cloud Plus or Cloud Business)  does not let users to export ( as CSV or PDF) on any of the shared apps   ...
    Jogesh Pugazhendhi
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  • Apply Calculated Fields to Concatenated Data?

    Hello,   I am new to Qlik, I am using the cloud version, and I am trying to understand if my use case is possible.   I am creating visualizations for our services team and until I have the data available ...
    Carrie O'Brien
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  • Creating data connection Web File URL HTTPS non standard port

    Hi,   I'm trying out Sense Cloud but wasn't able to create a connection to a WEB file with HTTPS on a non standard port. For an example on the URL HTTPS://example.com:8084/data.csv I have check if it's the cer...
    Beppe Stålbrand
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  • Viewer/Editor in Qlik Sense Cloud

    Hello everyone,   I have Qlik Sense Cloud Business. If I publish an app in Streams and I give access to a member, he can be in View mode. There is a possibility that this member (in View mode) to do "Export to...
    iulian tanasa
    created by iulian tanasa
  • Qlik Sense Cloud Extension - Reload Button

    Hello,   It is possible to use Extension Reload Button in Qlik Sense Cloud- Business? If not, what is the alternative to be able to reload (update) the data? Besides the alternative to access "Data load editor"...
    iulian tanasa
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  • Pivot Table Totals

    Could some one shed some light on this.   The attached table is a pivot table and shows the totals for each subdivision.   What I am seeing is that the subdivisions are totalling differently.   I hav...
    Christopher Ellis
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  • QlikSense - Scheduled Refresh Time Zone

    Hello everyone,   I'm trying to schedule a refresh on a QlikSense Business Account and I'm confused regarding the time zone of the refresh. We work from 2 different time zones (India & EST (USA)) but we are ...
    Mayur Rambhia
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  • Has anybody had to connect to a ODBC in the Cloud?

    Hi All,  Please tell me, Has anybody had to connect to a ODBC connector for Cloud?
    venkat rajaraman
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  • Qlik Sense Cloud data file download

    Is there any way to download the data file I had uploaded to "my data files" earlier. All I see is an option to remove, and don't see a download button/option.
    Srinivas C
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  • Default Selection When Opening App - qlik sense cloud

    I have a field called "Quarter" in a Qlik Sense Cloud app...   I want this field to be set to a static value when users log in - i.e 20174   I dont care about having to hardcode the value at the moment ......
    Dave Melillo
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  • Multiple header rows and change background color of table header

    Hi All, Just wondering does Qlik sense cloud support the multiple header rows and change the background color of table color?   I have a table which looks like below: The multiple header rows are set to expl...
    Rachel Zhong
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  • Adding data

    Hi I am a new user of  Qlik sense cloud . Trying to add data to app but it keeps showing "Initializing Add Data". What could be the reason?
    Neelam Chaudhary
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  • Convert Google Analytics date

    hi Qlikerss,   I have made an connection with Google Analytics and imported some files. and i have the following field: dim_dateHourMinute as [DataFromQueryURI.dim_dateHourMinute]   as you can see the f...
    Jonnie Yacoub
    created by Jonnie Yacoub
  • Chart on two variables

    I am trying to draw a chart based on two sets of two columns. example below shows the currency and sales per currency (first raw: usd sales = 100, eur sales = 25)   Currency1 Currency2 Sales1 Sales2 USD EUR 100 2...
    ra ta
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  • Date/time field bucket

    Hi Qlikerss,   I have an field called [inserted] and the format of these fields are yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss. Now i am trying to make an bucket of only the time but it is not really working. I have tried the followi...
    Jonnie Yacoub
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  • Qlik Sense Cloud: Timeline chart with date/event markers (vertical reference lines)

    I am wondering if there is a way to create a bar/line chart displaying data as usual but to also add vertical reference lines as date/event markers.  I've attached an example showing vertical bars marking importa...
    Wes Browning
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  • Bookmarks in QikSense Business Stream

    I have got o say this is driving me up the wall.   I have QlikSense Business and can only add bookmarks , export data and stories in the workspace and not in the stream. Unless I am missing something and it need...
    Christopher Ellis
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  • Canonical calendar issue

    Hey Qlik Community,   I have trouble making an canonical calendar. I have read every post i could find on this subject and still could't make one... As you can see below i have used a LEFT JOIN for my table lea...
    Jonnie Yacoub
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  • How QlikSense Cloud Stores the measures using Direct Query?

    Dear colleages,   I would like to know more about the behavior of the "direct query" in QlikSense Cloud:   DIRECT QUERY DIMENSION fieldlist [MEASURE fieldlist] [DETAIL fieldlist] FROM tablelist [WHERE wher...
    sara perez lopez
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  • Inner join?

    Hey Qlikers,   i'm trying to make an inner join on 2 tables. I would like to have an table with the colums: [lead_id], [deal_id], [lead_inserted], [deal_inserted], [lead_priority], [lead_source], [owner_user], ...
    Jonnie Yacoub
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