• Theme doesn't work

    From two or three days ago, themes that I was using in qlik cloud (Bussines) stop working. I can't select any theme (included qlik themes) or instal any new. Some files attached. Anyone has the same problem? thanks
    Solvere Solvere
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  • June 18 Release: Beta or Stable version?

    Hello,   All in the subject   Thanks
    Peter van den Broeck
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  • Calculation after three Joined tables and Concatenate to fourth

    Hi Qlik community   I am new to Qlik (and script) and I am busy creating (trying) to create my first Qlik model.   I have managed to left join three tables by using left join which works fine but now I wou...
    Hester Swart
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  • Pie Chart Does'nt Show Data?

    Hi, Can any one help in solving this issue that, the pie chart does not show the data,   please look at below screenshot               After refreshing the qliksense cloud ...
    vikram dumala
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  • unable to connect to D365 via Qlik sense cloud business

    I have recently taken on a Qlik business cloud trial license in order to try and visualize the case stat data etc. I am having an error where by Qlik sense cloud business doesn't seem to like my connection string very...
    Robert Clarkson
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  • Stacked Bar Chart

    I have a a stuff that I want to have this way but I am finding it difficult to achieve. It has eaten off my 36 hours.   I want it to display percentage of total inside  each segment like the one in the pict...
    peter David
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  • GP/Volume/Revenue Sales Performance Dialogue Dashboards

    1)Are we up-trading? How are we comparing to last year’s GP (GP after DtD GPS) and revenue YTD 2)How are we comparing to last year’s volume YTD? 3)Are there any negative GP accounts YTD or last 6 months? ...
    venkat lakshman
    created by venkat lakshman
  • Pipeline Management

    1.How much revenue can we expect to realize from current pipeline? 2.How does our pipeline compare to last year's revenue (under standard assumptions)? Example
    venkat lakshman
    created by venkat lakshman
  • Revenue/ Volume Performance

    1.How are we comparing to last year's GP/revenue YTD? Are we up-trading? 2.How are we comparing to last year's volumes YTD   Can you explain example me with example I can easy to understand?
    venkat lakshman
    created by venkat lakshman
  • qliksense table........................

    I have 2 queries with qlik sense table : (1) how to add the data with next line in same cell .  in qlik view we can use chr (10) or 13 but what is the workaround in qlik sense table.   (2)  how to set...
    virendra chawra
    created by virendra chawra
  • How do i connect to dropbox with excel files

    Hi New to Qlik business. Want to upload Data via xlsx to Dropbox location. However cannot get the Web link / connector to work. I am not a programmer so hoping there is a simple way to get this done !
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  • Create Line Graph from Custom Fields

    Hi team,   I created multiple custom calculated fields and I want to create a line graph for them.     However, the data does not show, unless I include the data used inside the custom calculated fiel...
    Sheroze Pall
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  • Nested If in QLIK SENSE

    Hi team,     I am having trouble creating this custom measure field.   here is my formula that works:         if( Month = '2018/Jan' , TRUE_DEMAND/4)   here is what I want ...
    Sheroze Pall
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  • Dashboard

    Recently, I began working with Qlik cloud.  Realized the loading time is slow, possibly due to size of data that is reloading, since it pulls all sales from beginning of transactions.  Is there any way to ch...
    Ism Qui
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  • Coefficient of dispersion?

    How do I calculate the coefficient of dispersion for a set of appraisal ratios in Qlik sense?
    Mark Brown
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  • variable math - result is always the numerator

    Of the 2 variable expressions below, the first produces a result, where the numerator value is expressed as the result.  The second expression produces an expected result.     $(vOverheadCost) / ...
    rob weiland
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  • My work is not being saved

    I am using a free version of QlikSense Cloud, and I have an extremely frustrating problem. Last night I loaded some new data sources and built a couple sheets. I looked through my app and everything seemed saved...Unt...
    Joseph Wibowo
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  • Recno() & RowNo()

         Can Any One Explain about Recno(), Rowno() , Actullay I need scenarious , where we use it?       Thanks, Vikram
    vikram dumala
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  • Using Cloud Sense can I have a backup of my apps?

    I am afraid I will mistakenly delete some data, or design of current apps Any way we can get backup in Qlik sense cloud?
    Ameen Mahfouz
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  • Pass Edit/Write License to other users

    Hi, I got the admin access of Qlik cloud along with 5 group license. My question is how I can pass other 4 licenses to other users with Read/Write access. Currently I am able to send the invite to members till 5 perso...
    abhisek kumar
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