• Aggr only work in specific dimension

    Dear Expert,   Here is my problem.   I have an application where multiple dimension table are present such as. Product, Organisation, Customer, and fact table.   Requirement is to create a measure, ...
    Amalesh Mondal
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  • Qliksense Cloud export on shared app

    Hi,   I have researched enough and cant seem to find any answer on why Qliksense Cloud (Free , Cloud Plus or Cloud Business)  does not let users to export ( as CSV or PDF) on any of the shared apps   ...
    Jogesh Pugazhendhi
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  • Using Qlik Sense cloud on Ipad

    Hi   I'm trying to access the free version of Qlik Sense cloud via an Ipad. When I press "Log in" then nothing happens. I've tried both Safari & Chrome but I cannot access the Hub. Is it not possible to acc...
    Henrik Thomasen
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  • QlikSense Cloud

    Could someone advise me please, can more that 1 workspace be created using QlikSense Cloud Business ?   Many Thanks   Chris
    Christopher Ellis
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  • Facebook FanPage Conector

    Dear Friends, I used the conector from cloud business, but I don't know how to get the number of reproductions of videos published, scope organic or paid and other information that help me to decision making:   ...
    Diego Burbano
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  • Qlik Sense - How to count no of tickets that have passed resolution target

    Hi,   I want to count the no of tickets that have broken SLA but I seem to be missing something as I can't seem to break it down to the following and all have the same count of tickets.   SLA Expired - Cou...
    Marvin Gonzales
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  • Quick Insights in QlikSense

    Dear Experts,   Within MS Power BI, there is a functionality available named "Quick Insights". This directly works against a data set and using MS AI engine, generates these insights. Is there something similar...
    Vishal Goyal
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  • Data Labels in Stacked column Chart

    Dear Experts,   I have created a stacked column chart which shows sales figures for 3 different years for each country. I want to show data lables for each year in the column chart, but Qliksense only allows me...
    Vishal Goyal
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  • Can't add members to Qlik Sense Cloud

    I subscribed for the free Qlik Sense Cloud Business edition. But after a short while I understood that I cannot add members to my cloud, as the free 14-days trial only allows for 1 user.   So I went in to subsc...
    Nicolai Lund
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  • Can not invite users QS Business Cloud

    I signed up for the 14 day trial to check out the functionality.   I created a stream and published an app.   I want to invite a couple of users but the Invite Users is greyed out and not working.   ...
    Mark Ritter
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  • Implementing Data reduction in Qlik Sense

    I am new on qlik sense and I am trying to implement data reduction with qlik sense, but I have some questions about how to implement and test it:   I load my csv file that look like this:    &nbs...
    Daniel Melo
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  • Change the background color of an object - Sense Cloud Version

    I would like to know if I can change the background color of an object (graphic). I want to change the background of the graph and not a color of a measure or expression, this I know how to do. I know in the Qlik Se...
    Richard Bahr
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  • Dev Hub in Cloud Business ?

    Hi,   is there a Dev Hub in Cloud Business like in the Desktop Version? If not is it still possible to build widgets/extensions/mashups... or Import them?   Thanks in Advance
    Fabian Grundke
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  • Possible to connect to PostgreSQL in Cloud Business?

    Hi there,   i am a little confused about the connectors that are available to Qlik Sense Cloud Business. Am i able, beside MS SQL Server, to connect to a remote Database such as postgreSQL? Via ODBC? Does the da...
    Fabian Grundke
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  • Folder connection in cloud business

    Hi all , i am using qliksense cloud business at data connection pane folder connection option is not showing pls can any one explain me.
    vikram dumala
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  • Update your Qlike Sense Cloud Business workgroup data files with REST and Dropbox - Proof of Concept

    NOTE: I am aware that the Web File Connector can be used to do something like this much easier BUT Web File is not available in Qlik Sense Cloud. You can also use a Dropbox URL to access a file without the Dropbox RES...
    Michael Tarallo
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  • Connection loss

    HI all , while  i am working on qliksense cloud business , i am facing this problem frequently, can any one explain me why actually coming this .
    vikram dumala
    created by vikram dumala
  • Unlimited sharing QC Business

    Hi all,   We've just ordered QC Business but we might have missed some information. Looking at the current functionalities it looks like there is no unlimited sharing with a QC Business account and you can only...
    Tim Wolbrink
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  • copy qliksense apps

    Hi am new to qliksense, how to copy app from everyone stream to mywork in a hub
    D Bhanuchander
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  • Bug on data connexion loading

    Hi everyone,   I have a bug I cannot fix. While I'm in the script section, the data connexion table on the right side whitout ending.   I cannot see libraries and I cannot create a new connexion.   ...
    Bastien Ferrier
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