• how to automated the upload data into Qlik Sense Cloud Basic

    Hi, is there any way to upload automatically the data in the free version? Currently we: 1) go to the App; 2) go to data load editor; 3) go to attachedfiles; 4) select file from the local file system (overwrite the c...
  • On Demand App error Qliksense

    Hi all, while opening any app on the qliksense server i'm getting a popup on demand app error, and also because of this error i'm not able to make any new chart. can anyone please help me fix this issue
    Vikas NA
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  • Start is difficult

    How to start? It seems more dificullt than I expected.... Create an app after import data.. but QlikSense Cloud is blocked directly after...
    Mohamed El Hamrouni
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  • ISO codes for US States

    Hello everyone, I am trying to create a map chart and color the US states accordingly to another field. I am struggling with the correct name/code definition of each state. I have the following fields defined: &nb...
    Andrea Vasco
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  • Questions with prefilters - Billing application

    Good Morning,   I need a help, I need to create a condition when opening an application in QlikSense, the scenario is this: I have an application that when mixed mixes the values in Dolar, Euro and Real, my ide...
    Rud Castro
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  • Problem with formula in Qlikcloud

    Hello,   I'm new in Qlikcommunity and I have a problem with a formula. It's work in Qlik Sense Desktop but when I upload to QlikCloud the Data appears in 0. What could be the problem? if someone can help me plea...
    oliver collins
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  • Sum Hrs in a period and divide by N. of Active resources

    Thanks to whoever migh have tested already something and is willing to share!   My data is like in table (A) here: NAME SN AI AFROM IFROM AAAAAAAAA S A 01/01/2018 BBBBBBBBB S A 01/07/2018 CCCCCCCC N A 01/04/20...
    Maurizio Masini
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  • Export as an image and export to PDF not available to stream viewers

    Hello team,   As a Qlik Sense Cloud Business user with Editor rights I can export charts as an image, to PDF, and to Excel file:     However, stream viewers can only select the last option. Why is t...
    Ivan Bozov
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  • Exporting a story does not export filters

    I just created a story in qlik sense and while i was playing it, all the filters were visible. After i exported the same into a PPT format, none of the filters get exported. This makes the ppt slides to look incomple...
    Vishal Goyal
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  • Trouble counting Yearly Records (YTD, previous YTD)

    This will likely be so simple. I've been staring at it and feel I've simply gone blind so wanted to ask for help.   I'm trying to create KPI's in a Qlik Sense Cloud app for the following:   Total Records (...
    Wes Browning
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  • Report system problems

    Dear QlikCloud team,   is there anyway to report system problems, such as the ones we are suffering today:   Custom themes not working (standard theme is instead) Pie charts are not working (are blank)
    Jose Vilchez
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  • Qlik sense cloud custom themes do not show in my app

    Hi all, I have entered an app that was earlier programmed with my custom themes on blue ...  and it worked for some months. Qlik sense cloud does not take it now (I did not make any changes) and uses the standard...
    Jose Vilchez
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  • No Pie charts

    There is a lot of problems with QlikSense Cloud opperation. I always have to reload and reconect to my applications last several days. Also there was no pie charts are visible in applications.   Can somebody ad...
    Serge Konuhov
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  • Theme doesn't work

    From two or three days ago, themes that I was using in qlik cloud (Bussines) stop working. I can't select any theme (included qlik themes) or instal any new. Some files attached. Anyone has the same problem? thanks
    Solvere Solvere
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  • What's the best way to put our data into useful graphics?

    We are collecting usage data of seats and meeting rooms in offices of different companies. This data is aggregated and saved into a csv file as below. We have the usage of each Space (Meeting Room/ Desk) in Minutes / ...
    Stefan Landolt
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  • Qlik Cloud for Business - how to STORE qvd ?

    Hi mto,   Currently I am working on projects based on Qlik Sense solution. It supposed to be deployed on Qlik Cloud for Business. I was sure it must support incremental load. I found it was not implemented on...
    Yevhenii Stepanenko
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  • New Story on Qliksense Hub

    New to Qlik Sense Cloud free version. Working on convincing business to use Qlik Sense in the future. Building a prototype. I was looking to create a story and import into PPT or similar presentation format. Cannot fi...
    Viktoria Friedman
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  • Qlik Cloud does not save, the front end does not update after load, automatic refresh does not work

    Am I the only one experiencing this? Qlik Cloud does not update the front-end after data is loaded, it it does not save the script when you click save, the automatic scheduled data refresh states that data has been ...
    Negovista Negovista
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  • Edit data within Data Manager

    Can someone please help with the syntax?   I have the list of names in the database as "Cornik, Michael". I need to convert it into "Cornik, M." Is it possible to create a new column and using an expression with...
    Viktoria Friedman
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  • Read a qvd stored in google drive from QSCB

    Hi all.   Recently i had noticed that Cloud Business cant store qvd files in the space, and if I can read a qvd file stored in google drive or dropbox or similar my problem were solved.   Is that possibl...
    Sebastian Pereira
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