• Jira Custom Fields

    Dear all,   I have successfully connected to Jira via the Jira (Beta) datasource in the Data Load Editor and my data is coming through to QlikSense all good.   I am struggling to add custom Jira fields to ...
    Steven van der Walt
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  • Qlik Sense Cloud, the Map "chart" is missing a lot of city info

    Hi. I've stumbled into issues with adding a Map to my App, as it seems a lot of cities are missing from the tool. Nordic area (Europe) is the one I work with. Depending on country I would say at least 20% of city na...
    Roger Olander
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  • Edit read-only data connections?

    I'm new to Qlik Sense Cloud, and I've created an app which uses a web file as it's data source. This file's URL needs to contain a date range to access the file, and so I would need to change it every day to include y...
    Agustin Viveros
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  • Loading dynamic JSON structure in Qlik Sense

    Hi community, I am loading data from REST connection with Qlik Sense and one of the API function returns a JSON structure that is like the one below: {     "result": {     ...
    Elaine Dunwoody
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  • DropBox access on Qlik Sense Cloud

    Hello, I have established dropbox connector for my business cloud and everything worked fine. But since yesterday when I try to access files on dropbox from select data I am getting the following error: Any ideas...
    Denis LOMAKIN
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  • Connect to API with changing access token (2 step authentication)

    Hi,   I'm trying to connect to an API with a 2 step authentication. The scenario looks like this: I make a http request with an API key and as a response I receive JSON with token. Token is valid only for one ...
    Piotr Amarowicz
    created by Piotr Amarowicz
  • How do you schedule or refresh data on a Published App

    I have QlikSense Business; and a handful of apps.  For the most part, they live unpublished, as I update the data daily.  However, I want to be able to set up a daily refresh.   I saw a feature that on...
    Joey Lake
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  • Can an app be shared with the anonymous public using Qlik Sense Cloud?

    I'm working with a non-profit to put some public-domain FBI data out onto the Internet in an easily digestible form that is interactive.   I tried creating a Qlik Sense chart and it does work like here:   ...
    Kevin Pinto
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  • Using data load editor in QlikSense Cloud

    I am new to QlikSense cloud, I have been working on QlikSense cloud Basic, I want to create a named connection in load editor as I have done in Qliksense desktop, but I find the "Create New Connection" button disabled...
    ankita malhotra
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  • Sense Cloud / Cannot edit expression in KPI

    As of today (was there any update in Qlik Sense Cloud) I cannot edit my KPI chart expression.   I have quite complicated expression like:   sum ( {$ <f_date={">=$(=Date(YearStart(Today()),'YYYY-MM-DD...
    Matej Kurent
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  • How to do default multiple selection in qliksense?

    Hello Community,   I am new to Qlik and I am using Qliksense. I have added Summary button(which is basically a sheet navigation and action extension) to my dashboard. My dashboard is regarding sales and data is ...
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  • My work is not being saved

    I am using a free version of QlikSense Cloud, and I have an extremely frustrating problem. Last night I loaded some new data sources and built a couple sheets. I looked through my app and everything seemed saved...Unt...
    Joseph Wibowo
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  • No Qlik Cloud Custom Object avaialable yet

    Hi there,   I am trying to figure it out when and what extensions are/will be avaalable in Qlik Cloud. The releases made in Sep and Nov last year were very promising on this matter, based on the idea of certifi...
    Cotiso Hanganu
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  • extensions in qlik cloud

    I created a qlik sense app on my qlik desktop. I used a date picker range extension for this app. After I uploaded the app to my qlik cloud, the date range picker is not showing. Any help?
    Rolanda Azeem
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  • Change the background color of an object - Sense Cloud Version

    I would like to know if I can change the background color of an object (graphic). I want to change the background of the graph and not a color of a measure or expression, this I know how to do. I know in the Qlik Se...
    Richard Bahr
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  • Cannot create new app on QS Cloud?

    Hi all, i just created a new QS Cloud account. I wanted to create a proof of concept dashboard for the client but I'm unable to create an app right now. When I do create a new app it says"Your cloud app cannot be crea...
    Jason Zhu
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  • Unexpected Behavior in Chart Using Year and Month as Dimensions

    I have read a few articles about rolling aggregations and based on what I read I could model the use case I wish to address, as shown in the attached application. I am using these measures:   Rolling Trimester =...
    Carlos Pereira
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  • Using QlikSense Cloud as Demonstrator on 10 Ipads

    Hello all,   I have a short licensing question. I usually work with QlikView where I have a licence for my consultancy. Now there will be an event where I want to show the capabilities of using a Dashboard (si...
    Thorsten Alxneit
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  • How the alternate state works in Qliksense without the extension.

    How the alternate state works in Qliksense without the extension. I want to do a comparative analysis. Is there any way to build this feature in the Qliksense cloud like the way it's in QlikView.   @ Qliksense te...
    Ranajit Sircar
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  • Create a legend in QlikSense - Cloud

    Hello,   So I am using the QlikSense Cloud version of QlikView and I was wondering if it is possible to create a legend to show colors on a graph that I generated.  I have attached an image of the code that...
    Daniel Garner
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