• Store in Qlik Sense Cloud Business

    We are having success in automating the Daily data refresh available with the Business Upgrade to Qlik Sense Cloud. We would also like to accumulate some of the daily aggregations by adding them to a table which which...
    Bob Fariss
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  • PivotTable not showing values - export confirms data is there

    Hi all   Issue appears now since a few hours: - Pivot table is simply showing blank fields - when exporting I see there is value there - This is new - since my reload - Background color expression or Text col...
    Omar Pennacchio
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  • QlikSense - Drill Down Dimensions

    Could someone shed some light on the following please;   When adding an expression into a drill down dimension and then adding the dimension to a table the heading displays the expression not the field name. &nb...
  • Qliksense Cloud export on shared app

    Hi,   I have researched enough and cant seem to find any answer on why Qliksense Cloud (Free , Cloud Plus or Cloud Business)  does not let users to export ( as CSV or PDF) on any of the shared apps   ...
    Jogesh Pugazhendhi
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  • Qlik Sense Cloud Business - Question on purchasing

    Hello   I work at a small company looking at possibly implementing Qlik Sense Cloud Business.   I have 2-5 people who will be creating content to be shared with the rest of the business and about 50 people...
    Len Harvey
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  • Loading Tables on Data Manager for viewing Associations Never Ends

    Hello everybody,       I am a user of Qlik Cloud Business, paid version, and i have created some dashboards for clients, last week when i uploaded more data to one of these apps, i noticed that i no l...
    Patrick Alverga
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  • QlikSense Date Format

    Hi,   I am trying to format a date from a CSV file that looks like this 15 October 2015 using function like so that it is recognised as a date ;             Dat...
    Christopher Ellis
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  • Can I invite Free/Plus users on Cloud Business workspaces?

    Hi   I have started my subscription for QlikSense Cloud Business(06/01/2017), but now I am wondering why my "Invite Members" button is disabled. Please see screenshot below for reference.   Can I invite...
    Kevine Abunio
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  • Add a calculated row to a table

    Hello,   Let' say I have a pivotal table as follows in Qlik Cloud:   Product\Day 01 02 03 04 1 2 6 2 2 2 3 9 3 2 3 4 0 3 5 4 5 1 1 4 Calculated Row 168 288 117 143   Where the fomula is the sum of eac...
    Alejandro Martínez Otal
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  • Qliksense Cloud Bisuness gets "maximum 25mb warning".

    Hi,   We would like to request assistance regarding our account on QlikSense Cloud, we have subscribed to "Business" edition. And when creating a an App, we are receiving an "Error you have exceeded 25mb limit"....
    Kevine Abunio
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  • secured S3 through API

    Hi,   I saw couple of time people are suggesting to access AWS S3 through WEB File. As soon as there is no such option in Cloud Business subscription, one can easily access unprotected S3 files using REST API (...
    Bohemia Internal
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  • Can not invite users QS Business Cloud

    I signed up for the 14 day trial to check out the functionality.   I created a stream and published an app.   I want to invite a couple of users but the Invite Users is greyed out and not working.   ...
    Mark Ritter
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  • How to load/add data from MSSQL/Oracle Database in QLIK sense cloud?

    How to load/add data from MSSQL/Oracle Database in QLIK sense cloud?
    Janani Priya Varadaraj
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  • How do I compare pre and post survey results

    Hi, I like to compare the attached before and after survey results. Calculate the average ratings of each question and ignoring the N/A response. Any other suggestions to make this more in depth and meaningful?
    Rachel Chong
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  • Qlik Cloud REST API - scheduling ISSUES

    I have a subscription Qlick Cloud  for Busines. I use a REST api to get data from MySQL data sources. If I run a loading script from application  Load Data - the data is transferred  correctly and its t...
    Igor Balazovic
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  • Is there limitation for loading csv files?

    Good afternoon everyone. I'm starting to work with Qlik Sense and I really enjoyed the tool. However, in both desktop and cloud versions, when trying to load a large csv file, I had problems. In the case of the cloud ...
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  • Data Reload in Cloud

    I think that I know the answer to this question already.   I have created an app that uses a data connection using ODBC on my local server.  Does the current version of the Cloud support refreshing this dat...
    Mark Ritter
    created by Mark Ritter
  • how can I connect my dropbox files in qlik sense cloud trail version ?

    Is there any video tutorials? or any other easy methods to connect .. I'm new to qlik...
    james matt
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  • How can I import my data PostgreSQL

    Hi,   I am testing Qlik Sense Cloud and I have a database PostgreSQL.   Is it possible to import my data like with Qlik Sense?   Thank you for your answers.   Sébastien
    Sébastien Pomi
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  • Auto refresh scheduling in Qlik Sense Cloud

    Dear Experts,   Power BI allows to schedule auto refresh of data so that business will always have access to most recent information. Is a similar functionality available OOB in Qlik Sense Cloud ? Or does it ...
    Vishal Goyal
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