• secured S3 through API

    Hi,   I saw couple of time people are suggesting to access AWS S3 through WEB File. As soon as there is no such option in Cloud Business subscription, one can easily access unprotected S3 files using REST API (...
    Bohemia Internal
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  • Issue linking tables

    Good morning,   I work with QlikSense Cloud, and I have issues linking two tables.   My company has 2 brands A and B, with products in a Market splited in 2 Segments X & Y. I linked a table Products (wit...
    Pierre Chazel
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  • QlikSense Cloud Plus discontinued?

    Hello,   Can someone officially confirm whether QlikSense Cloud Plus has been discontinued as a product? Cannot find it in the pricing options.   And if yes - what is the alternative product (with limit...
    Paul Markowicz
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  • Builtin Data Source not working

    Hi,   In all my apps, the builtin data source with my username is not working. I click on it to choose a file and i get an "invalid path" error message. Am i doing something wrong, or is it some sorte of issue w...
    Carlos Daniel
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  • app not sharing

    Hi , my cloud business app size is 144 mb as  a admin i can see sheets with recent data , but as a user i cant see sheets with updated data may i know why.   Thanks , Vikram
    vikram dumala
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  • Using Cloud Sense can I have a backup of my apps?

    I am afraid I will mistakenly delete some data, or design of current apps Any way we can get backup in Qlik sense cloud?
    Ameen Mahfouz
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  • Qlik Sense Cloud Business Not Allowing File Size Import Larger Than 25MB

    Hello,   Qlik Sense Cloud Business is not allowing me to import a file larger than 25 MB (file is 32 MB). I though Business would allow file upload of up to 150 MB? Any help or guidance   Thank you,
    Josh Adams
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  • Read a qvd stored in google drive from QSCB

    Hi all.   Recently i had noticed that Cloud Business cant store qvd files in the space, and if I can read a qvd file stored in google drive or dropbox or similar my problem were solved.   Is that possibl...
    Sebastian Pereira
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  • Count based on multiple criteria

    After searching and thinking I found the correct recipe I've had to call no joy and ask for assistance.  I'm sure it's quite simple but I humbly ask for help.    Basically - I want to count the # of ...
    Wes Browning
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  • Qlik Sense on Amazon AWS VPC

    Hi Guys,   we're facing an issue on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. The installation in on a Windows 2012 Server with firewall turned off. In front of we've configured (traffic is open on port 443, 4244, 80 e 4248...
    Roberto Zilli
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  • Sense Cloud Plus and Business in the same subscription

    Hi,   I currently have a Cloud Plus subscription and I am planning on subscribing the Business Cloud.   Now my question is will I lose my personal unlimited stream when I do so?   I know that the 3 B...
    Andre Doria
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  • How to apply a license to a Qlik Sense Cloud user?

    Good morning.   We have the license sent to us by email. But I created the user, but this is like a 14 day trial. How do I link the license with the user?   Thanks in advance.   Regards.
    Xavier Lesan
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  • WEB file connector brakes when dashboard is duplicated

    Hi,   I have set up an app/dashboard which loads data from a WEB file. Since ~month ago when I duplicate an app the WEB file connector disappears.   Question: how to keep the WEB file connector persistent...
    Bohemia Group
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  • Qliksense Cloud export on shared app

    Hi,   I have researched enough and cant seem to find any answer on why Qliksense Cloud (Free , Cloud Plus or Cloud Business)  does not let users to export ( as CSV or PDF) on any of the shared apps   ...
    Jogesh Pugazhendhi
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  • Data structure to use in QlikSense Cloud

    Hello everyone,   I'm opening this discussion to see if anyone is already serving customers with Qlik Sense Cloud Business.   I would like a suggestion of how I could do to create a default database reposi...
  • Qlik cloud sql server connector - error 08S01][Qlik] connection broken

    Hi,   I have a windows server with sqlserver in AWS. I have added the IP address ranges from this article to the whitelist   Microsoft SQL Server ‒ Qlik Connectors   I also followed this and added th...
    Birkir Björnsson
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  • Qlik Sense Cloud Architecture ? How is it different from Qlik Sense Architecture.

    Hi,   I would like to know the Qlik Sense Cloud Architecture and how is it different from Qlik Sense Architecture.   Is there any documentation for the same.   Regards,   Sandeep J
    Sandeep Joglekar
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  • Qlik Sense Trial Period - not working

    Hi.   I've applied for the free 30 day trial and i am receiving those benefits. What should I do....I've thought that maybe it didn't work last night and today i did another trial - now I have 2 Thanks!! Looki...
    Ionut Tatu
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  • Exporting data from a visualization: disabled in the stream?

    Hi,   In Qlik Sense I have published a dashboard into a stream. However, the client is not able to export data behind charts into Excel anymore (how to do: Exporting data from a visualization ‒ Qlik Sense) &nbs...
    Bohemia Group
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  • Dimension as a function of filter

    Hi,   apologies if this question was raised/answered elsewhere. Did not find it by googling.   Setup: 1) Filter (acting as a drop down) with possible options: SEL1 - Month - Week - Dat   2) 2x c...
    Bohemia Group
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