• direct discovery

    With the recent addition of connectors to some on-site databases  in the business cloud, is "direct discovery" now possible? (I can try, but is is easier to ask )
    Line Poupart
    created by Line Poupart
  • Add data from file not working (Qlik Sense Cloud February 2018)

      All,   I am new in Qlik Sense, I have added some data in My Data files and I have created an app in My Work.   When I click in the next step (Add data from files) the web pages gets blocked until...
    Fernando Ubiria
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  • Qlik Sense Cloud Business Trial data no connections available

    Hello,   I've just started a trial period with Qlik Sense Cloud Business. When I create an app in Qlik Sense desktop that loads data from an API or other online data source, I can't refresh this app in the Qlik ...
    Roland Bouman
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  • Has anybody had to connect to a ODBC in the Cloud?

    Hi All,  Please tell me, Has anybody had to connect to a ODBC connector for Cloud?
    venkat rajaraman
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  • extensions in qlik cloud

    I created a qlik sense app on my qlik desktop. I used a date picker range extension for this app. After I uploaded the app to my qlik cloud, the date range picker is not showing. Any help?
    Rolanda Azeem
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  • MS Access Database in Qlik Sense Cloud

    Hello Community.   Is it possible to connect MS Access database to Qlik Sense Cloud? There is no ODBC connector so I am wondering if this is possible or on the way? Please let me know. Thanks
    Denis Lomakin
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  • Cannot open attached file

    Hi everyone,   When I create an app in the cloud, I attach an excel file, load everything and start making the app. Everything works great, untill I log out and re-open the app a few hours or a day later. When I...
    Bart de Boed
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  • Error when upload from Dropbox

    Hello everyone   I am using Qlik Sense cloud business and created DropBox connection. I stored 78 MB qvd file on the drop box folder but when I try to upload the file into the app I get the following error. As...
    Denis Lomakin
    created by Denis Lomakin
  • sFTP Connection

    Hello Experts! I'm starting to work with Qlik Sense Cloud Business and I have to connect via sFTP to a server (with username and password). With Qlik Sense Desktop and QlikWebConnectors I've been able to do it, but ...
    Victor Torres Jurado
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  • Remove Sense Cloud group workspace?

    I accidentally created a group workspace in Sense Cloud Business, and now I want to remove it. How do I delete a group workspace?     Thanks, Mats
    Mats Severin
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  • Subscription got renewed with incorrect Billing Address.

    Guys,   Today I have finished my free 30-day trial of Business Account in Qlik Sense Cloud. I have used my private credit card and address to start a trial, but changed the payment method and billing information...
    Marcin Jasiak
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  • 3 dates one count?

    Hey Qlikkers, I have the following tables:   [lead] lead_id, lead_inserted, owner_user (PK) [deal] deal_id, deal_inserted, owner_user(PK) [client_contract], client_contract_id, client_contract_inserted, own...
    Jonnie Yacoub
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  • Set Analysis

    I am trying to count the total number of pupils that have less than 92% attendance and I cant get the following to work.   I am not sure if you can do this, any help appreciated.   //This should count the ...
    Christopher Ellis
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  • Qlik Sense Cloud Business x Firebird

    Hi,   Any way or perspective to connect Cloud Business apps with local Firebird DB?   Thank you, Henrique
    Humberto Falcão
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  • Where is this graphic - i'm utterly confused

    Sorry for such a basic question but the location of this graphic is eluding me ? Please can someone put me out of my misery ! Thanks in advance  
    Tim Saddler
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  • how to set column display recent 7days data

    Dear all.   I'm first time to use qlik sense cloud,I need to display a column chart,demission is data,I want to just display 7 days. Can I realize this?How?   Thanks. Jean !
    Jean Zhang
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  • Updating a data source in Qlik Sense Cloud

    I'm trialing your software to see if it meets our business needs. Here is what I have created so far:   1. Under Sense Cloud, I have uploaded an excel sheet 2. Created a new app 3. Loaded the excel sheet as a ...
    Jake Swart
    last modified by Jake Swart
  • Qliksense cloud Initializing Add Data hangs

    Hi All,   I am using internet explorer 11. When trying to perform  "Add data" to an app it hangs. See screen shots below.   Any ideas why this is happening? and how I can resolve?   INTERNET EXP...
    Trevor Cooper
    last modified by Trevor Cooper
  • Adding extensions to Qlik Sense Cloud

    Hi All   I am somewhat new to the qlik world. Long story short i'm trying to put together a little proof of concept for the business, i have done a few things in the Qliksense desktop and am now recreating in ...
    Nguyen Shannon
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  • Feb Update Error

    I am using the QlikSense Desktop version Feb 2018 and have attached an error that I am getting.   The error happened when I edit a table in the master visualizations.   What I do is edit the table and then...