• field is 17 numeric positions with rounding

    Hello everyone, I have problems when formatting a field and when doing the extraction the field is passed in scientific notation, the length of the field is 17 numerical positions, I did what I found in the community...
    marisol acosta
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  • Sum of distinct value with a condition

    Hi all,   I have a question regarding the following table:       Customer Value Days A 100 10 A -100 1 B 150 15 C 50 10 D 80 11 D -60 5 E 50 5 F 200...
    Jorgen Santbergen
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  • Combine 2 stacked bar charts having same dimensions

    Hello all,   i have 2 stacked charts exactly same looking, but the values are different since one is with respect to filter (WSTG) and the other one is excluding the filter (WSTG) - i have done this is expressio...
    Supriya B
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    To All,   I´m new here and in Qlikview world. Thanks in advance !   Based in the column beloow:   RegID Date Phone Traffic 1 1/Jul/2018 21 911111111 2000 2 1/Jul/2018 21 911111111 3000 3 2/Jul/201...
    Andre Rodrigues
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    Hi All,      I need a help here. I have a dataset as shown below. The data is coming from 2 diffrent source SYS1 and SYS2. The Column SOURCE tells where the record is coming from. and now i have to ren...
    manoj nair
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  • User unable to see app on access point

    Hello I have a an app the 'Cost Report' which is on the access and is being used.  The ability to view the app is by the security group 'Cost Centre QlikView. The user has access to this group which can be se...
    Paul ripley
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  • Calculated dimension by conditional aggregation

    Hi there,   I have 3 measures ,Year1 ,Year2 ,Year3   I have 2 dimensions Channel and Agent.   i want to create a calculated dimension combining the Channel Dimension in the logic below   if&nbs...
    shay bitton
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  • Container Space issue

    in the container i have three chart as grid view so the fourth chart space will be blank   now the third chart height has to enlarged to avoid the fourth chart space, how to do this   attached is the scre...
    Manoranjan D
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  • Section Access in qlikview server?

    I need to implement section access in qlikview document for the following requirement   also i need sheet level security for this document and few users able to see data for all the branches (Branch is field in ...
    arvind pednekar
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  • Color coding in Maps

    Hi Everyone,   I have an issue with the color coding in Maps. If the risk is less than the avg value then country should be Green else Red. In my case, I am getting the exact colors for only one risk and I tried...
    Nakul Dev
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  • How to ignore selection when using Rank and Aggr?

    Hi,   I create a chart that rank the Top Operator of every Region and I only want to show the Top Operator ID.  It's done using Rank and Aggr   aggr(if( aggr(rank(sum({$<CLIENT_REGION_NAME= >}A...
    Chia Ho Wen
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  • How to hide required tabs in the dashboard

    Dear Qlik,   Here the requirement is i have 15 sheets in the dashboard. 10 sheets is belongs to one dashboard and 2 sheets belongs one dashboard and remaining one more dashboard. When am clicking on "hide tabro...
    kumar developer
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  • Facebook Graph Api REST Connector Pagination

    Hi,   I try to get data from facebook graph api using the Qlik REST Api Connector in Versionn 1.7. I do not get the pagination work. I tried to use the workaround from the thread Error connecting QlikView to Fac...
    Matthias Wiciok
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  • Qlikview Pivot chart not displaying all data

    We have a Qlikview Pivot Chart containing 6 rows with 16 columns and each columns has 4 other columns under it, each individuals cells are computed using Pick and Set Analysis.   When we try to run the whole ch...
    Kristoffer Alexei Cruz
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  • Limit NTFS rights to READ/WRITE for distributed qvw files.

    Hi we use QV Server with QlikView Management Console. We distribute reports to specific folders for specific users, User Type is "Named Users". We use NTFS authorization (Windows controls file access) in QV Server S...
    Marcel Hug
    created by Marcel Hug
  • potential AGGR solution needed?

    Hi again my problem today is from Telco busines and I must do a calculation that is based on a table that changes depending on selections made.   The case (simplified): I have to calculate the cost for cables ...
    Michael Klix
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  • Failed to open .qvw document after convert it to .qvf

    I am trying to convert a .qvw file to .qvf from Qlik Sense DEV Hub. After dropping the .qvw file and creating the .qvf app, the .qvw file cannot be opened. When I tried to open it, it gave me 'Failed to Open Document'...
    Mary Chen
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  • Document Analyzer V3.0 Update Available

    V3.0 of QV Document Analyzer is now available for download with these changes: Fields used in Search Objects are extracted as Named Dimensions. “List of Fields” are processed, but Wildcarded fieldnames...
    Rob Wunderlich
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  • is it possible to connect to Abinitio server with QV..??

    Hi all,   My question it self may be wrong, but just want to know that, using Qlik is it possible to connect to Abinitio.   am 90 % sure that its not possible or not meant to be connected to ETL tools. &nb...
    dhasharadh goud
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  • Help me please__Why is the answer in the regular table not equal to the Pivot table?

    Help me please Why is the answer in the regular table not equal to the Pivot table?   This my code in Expression Pivot table =aggr(sum(DISTINCT(Fabric_QTY)*(ITEM_CONTAIN)/100),YARN_ITEM,Yarn_week) Excample...
    Penpayom Montreekul
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