• Web link only for one day

    Dear Qlikview user   I have created my first weblink to an API which allows me to extract data and manipluate in a qvw   I have noticed in the url link the data is only for one day, and wanted to know if i...
    Helen Pippard
    created by Helen Pippard
  • Caption for objects not being displayed in reports

    Is it possible to make the Caption for objects being displayed in reports? I can't find a setting for this, and all the objects I haved in the report do have their captions displayed in the app but not in the report.
    Goran Korsgren
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  • Car DB - displaying new features by year/model

    Hello,   Apologies if this is very basic, I am quite new and just getting to grips with QlikView. I just need a bit of help or direction.   Below is an example of some of the data. What I'm looking to buil...
    Mohammed Ibrahim
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  • Qlikview Transform Rows to Columns

    Hi all,   i have table in qlikview like this: and i need to convert rows in column. In this example i need to transform Year in columns and Values in rows, to get table like this. any idea?
    stack stack
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  • Error in store after update to november 2017 SR7

    Hi all,   We've updated to the november 2017 SR7 release of QlikView and now we are getting an error in the following store command: store ART into qv_art.txt (txt, codepage is 1252, txt, delimiter is '|', no l...
    Ronald van Lingen
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  • is there any way that do we trigger the job from Qlikview Server to Third Party Softwere like SQL job

    Hi All,   is there any way that do we trigger the job from Qlikview Server to Third Party Softwere like SQL job???   Actually i want that  when our Qlik QVD load is finished then Sql job should be tri...
    ALI SA
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  • Master Calendar (Year issue)

    Hi,   I received data in excel format, the Date field ([Bill Date]) is in the format (20170101). I'm creating a master calendar for getting the missing dates. When i use the particular expression in script edit...
    jobson joseph
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  • Data extraction issue - date format

    In database, date is 27-03-14 but when I am extracting the same through QV the date format is getting changed to 03/14/2027.   Note: There are multiple date formats present in the DB and there are multiple date ...
    Salman Qureshi
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  • How do I get totals for my Straight table with minicharts?

    Please see attached for reference.  I would like to see the Central total Minichart for YTD trend, it looks like its only showing 1 point.   Thanks,
    Anthony Grazioso
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    Hello Guys,   I need to set an if condition in the script :   NoConcatenate   CASES: LOAD *, if( Match(PROVIDER_GRP_ID, 'RECL_HV','RECL_MV', 'RECL_LV', 'UDRÉSIDEN', 'URVASRÉSID', 'ESH...
    last modified by WIEM BAKIR
  • For...Next Loop through folder error

    Hi,   I'm using the following script to convert a load of CSV files to QVD   for each file in FileList('$(vFolder)datafile*.csv')         Daily:   LOAD *   FROM...
    Phil Rees
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  • Group by conflicts

    Hi All,   I'm trying to find the value from the field where date field has maximum value which I got easily using Group by function in the script.   And now, for the same max date there are 3 different val...
    Prathip Kumar
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  • String/Number format problem in Qlikview

    Hey all,   I have a problem where Qlikview seems to randomly decide which kind of format to use for my data.   I get my data out of SQL, and the results from athletes have a particular format in which the ...
    Pim Ritmeijer
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  • Exclusion Statement in Expression

    Hi guys   PFA   in my model I am basically looking for Employees that have a Response of 0_* but that DOESNT have ANY data for RESPONSE 1_S.   It doesnt work....the Emp_number (as selected) does hav...
    Lorna Louw
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  • Incorrect dates are getting displayed

    Hi ,   I have scenario where I have data as below,    DATE TestNum Value 20150911 52 -0.09958 20150918 53 -0.01105 20150925 54 -0.14401 20151002 55 0.14401 20151009 56 0.05528 20151016 57 0.07742 201...
    vijeta sharma
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  • Box plot issue

    stalwar1  Hello Friends,   In attached application, I need to show a 5 point summary showing the box plot chart (Min, Max, Box Upper whisker, Box Lower whisker & Median). Box Plot wizard is not able to...
    Hamza Bobre
    created by Hamza Bobre
  • Interval match - start and end date

    Hi Team,   Could any one please let me know how do we find if the different sets of date ranges falls with in two dates. Please find the attached document for more details. In the attached i have got two scenari...
    Lavanya Pasupuleti
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  • QlikView application failed with no error

    Hi,   We are triggering a QlikView application from an enterprise application task. It was reloading successfully till yesterday and would pass the status (whether success/failure) back to the the enterprise ap...
    Manasa Male
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  • show last 6 months data from currently selected month in a chart

    Hi,   I want to show last 6 months data from the currently selected month in a chart.   Unfortunately file size is high because of which I am not able to attache the qlik file.   Please find attached...
    Piyush S
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  • If value = minimum value and value = .. then

    Hi,   I'm looking for a proper expression for the following issue:   I have a list of items (30.000 + rows and counting...) for which I know what kind of packaging it is (column STREEP) and if I want to pu...
    Steven Piers
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