• SAP SQL connector 6.4

    Having a little issue with the connector.  It's throwing this error message.  Does anyone have any ideas why? Thanks   RfcInvalidStateException:cannot unregister the given destination configuration
    Thom Mumaw
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  • SAP Connector BAPI: Output table: which one to use/when cleared?

    Hi Gurus, When we run BAPI, I suppose SAP writes records to all the output tables. Each output table has slightly different combination of return value. So develolpers have to select one. Question arises:   How...
    Atsushi Saijo
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  • SAP Connector BAPI: Return multiple tables from one statement.

    Hello Community, I try to create a SAP BAPI Connection and read from one function multiple tables at the same time. In QlikView Help I found: "Some Functions return more than one table, but QlikView can only handle ...
    Viktor Kreschenski
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  • Problem happen SAP connectgion

    Hi All,   I have a problem after QV server ver up and SAP connector ver up. QlikViewServer_x64Setup.exe(2017/11/07) QlikSAP_x64Setup.exe(2017/11/22) both file download from QV support site. However. all QVD ...
    Kei Inoue
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  • Qlik & SAP S/4 HANA

    Anyone using Qlikview or Qlik Sense on customer with SAP S/4 HANA ? if yes have you successfully connected to the database and do the data extraction only using an ODBC connection to HANA ?
    Pablo Labbe
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  • After SAP Connection ver up

    Hi all I had been completed ver up SAP Connector 6.5.10 and QV server 12.10.   our QVW connect SAP normally.   I had been transported to SAP system. E66K900092 Package /QTQVC/QTDEV release 6.5.0 for basis...
    Kei Inoue
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  • Qlik Connector 6.6 for use with SAP NetWeaver

    HI, The Qlik Connector 6.6 for use with SAP NetWeaver is now available on the Qlik download site. It includes a new SAP BAPI connector for Qlik Sense as well as several improvements and bug fixes. One improvement ...
    Hakan Ronningberg
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  • SAP Extractor  Connector hangs

    Dear every experts,   For some reason we had to downgrade the SAP connector from V6.3.2, to V5.7, after that everything else worked well, except the Extractor connector, We can build Extractor connection succes...
    David Zhang
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  • SAP SQL Connector for HANA

    Hi Experts,   I am working on an SAP ERP environnent with the SAP SQL Connector for Netweaver (SAP connector with SQL connection).   What would be the impact of going from SAP ERP to SAP Hana data base ? &...
    thomas le gall
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  • QV SAP Connector Extractor: Creating extractor datasources

    Hi all,   We have successfully created the connection between QlikView and one SAP ERP (BASIS), but are struggling with activating the datasource extractors for the tables we want to extract to QV. We have 4 ta...
    Constantin Leeb
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  • SAP connector not working

    Greetings,     My sap sql connector not loading the table , please check attached image yesterday was working fine , but today not working at all             Thanks
    Zainab Turaiki
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  • QVD use ETL t

    hi good days,   i'm starting a project that data is  using SAP connector to retrieve the data. After connector get the data will save as QVD file format.   I have to do some ETL processing with that ...
    Kuokuei Peng
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  • [ASK] Load from SAP DSO

    Dear QlikView,   I've tried to load from sap dso with qlikview sap connector. I've succeded connect, table also detected by qlikview. But when i try to load, there's no movement of processing. THe status is o...
    Rendi Yanuar
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  • Qlik Sense SAP Connector - Where Exists

    Dear All,   I have some trouble with loading only relevant data with the SAP Connector; is it possible to work with a "where exists" statement? Could anyone provide me with an example of it?   E.g. I'm loa...
    Philipp Sauren
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  • Year function on SAP SQL query

    Hi Qlikers,   We want to recover some informations using SAP SQL Connector. There´s a datetime field on SAP environment to perfom a query on the specific interval. The question is: Is there a way to perfo...
    Ricardo Gerhard
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  • SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Managament) --> QlikView

    Hello all,   Any idea/ experience about how to extract data from SRM to QlikView?   We will try via SAP Connector but not sure if it will work.   BR   Serhan
    serhan celebi
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  • Removing synthetic key in SAP data model

    Hi Guru's,   A nice interesting one for you all   I need to remove this synthetic key for obvious reasons, the key is currently made up of a concatenated key of Sales Order & Item. And also DIVISION. ...
  • SAP Field interpretation as in Version 5.x

    Dear all   I have updated a QlikView SAP connector from version 5.X to version 6.4   We now have huge problems because lots of fields are interpreted as text instead of num. Also leading Zeroes are elimina...
    David Schillinger
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  • Extracting from SAP Table KNA1

    Hi,   We recently upgraded from SAP Connector 5.4 to the latest 6.5. Main change was the treatment of fields that accept both numeric and string entries. We changed the connection string parameter MixedMode to...
    Marvin Tejada
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  • Material cost calculation SAP

      Hello everybody   I would like the saved material cost estimates from SAP Structured by cost type for each material number and validity.   Does anyone know where the stored in SAP?   &nb...
    Martin Poelzl
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