• Multiple data calculate distinctly under specific condition

    Hi everyone, I want to extract a value from my database and calculate it distinctly, below just an example: I want to calculate the first time success rate from below table: The condition: no matter finally the bat...
    Kwan Siu
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  • Multi-box question

    I have a multi-box using the field name "Event".  There are 20 values that can be displayed when you click the drop down arrow on the multibox.  I don't want to show all 20 values, I only want to show the va...
    Daniel Rohm
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  • multi box help

    I have a field, "Patient_Type" that I want to put into my multi box.  The values inside this field are 1, 2, 3.  When a user clicks the drop down of "Patient Type" in the multi box, I want it to display "ER"...
    Daniel Rohm
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  • Set Analysis aggregate with date range

    Hi community,   I have a set analysis which works fine until I have got one company group selected. If I select more company groups or clear the filter it doesn't show any figures. Just a bit explanation for the...
    Keith Hardy
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  • QlikView Date Range Picker

    Hi,   I've followed this guide here: Selecting Arbitrary Date Ranges however when it came to selecting a date, nothing happened. What have I done wrong?   Thanks for any help.
    Ahmed Mohamed
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  • Set Analysis \ addmonths

    hi all   trying to calculate previous three months from user selection i.e if the user selected 201804 the expression should retrieve calculation for : 201804,201803,201802   tried it with : SUM({<YY...
    ilan baruch
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  • Calculated fields with different tables

    Hey people,   I have the follow situation, i want to make a calculated field with different tables. I have one table named BD Chat, with this field named "Chat Date" and another table named Reservations with a f...
    Igor Castelo
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  • Unbold a partial sum

    hi, creating a pivot table, with 4 dimensions, one of which is horizontal. Making a partial sum for all dimensions.   The default is that the partial sum will be bold. Is there a way to avoid that. Please don'...
    Simon Brulotte
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  • Alt not working for multiple expression

    Hi   I am trying to display past 3 weeks of data , created expressions for each week and using Alt to diplay 1 bar for closed and 1 bar for Created for past 3 weeks.   But for some reason only Max week is ...
    steve jones
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  • Selection on one Dimension should not effect the values of another Dimension and Wise versa.

    Hello All,   When i select a value from  Dimension1,the  other Dimension values are getting faded out... i mean from the below table             1.0_Fiscal Year,2.0_Fis...
    naveen kumar
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  • convert multiple excel files into one qvd

    I have multiple excel files that have exact same data structure. the file names follow up the following patter, sales201501.xls sales201502.xls sales201503.xls etc. where the 01, 02, 03 are week number. A new ...
    surfman joe
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  • How Do I Get the Number of Months Between Two Dates?

    Hi all, I am still lost in number of months between dates expression. Being New to QV & Scripting but is been like thrown into the deep end. this question was raised by @Jonathan Shaltz earlier     D...
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  • Color coding in line chart

    Hi, I have a scenario where i am showing week on week Sales in line chart. I want to change the color of line chart symbol as per the below thing: if current week sales amount is less than prev week sales amount then ...
    Nupur Sabnawis
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  • Fractile on list of values

    I create a sorted list of values:   =Concat( [WL-WA], ',',[WL-WA])   which results in: and I want the Fractile 0.05 and 0.95 calculated from this list.   Combining Fractile around the concat is n...
    Michiel van de Goor
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  • Set Analysis - numeric date range doesn't work

    Hi Guys,   I am trying to get the total sales figures for certain accounts where their status "expiry date" is lower than the currently selected month. The vCurrentMonthSelection variable is a short date format ...
    Keith Hardy
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  • Pivot table accumulate

    Why is there no cumulation at date 11-09-2017 I added 10000 because I want all the dates and not the last...
    Tanja Varwijk
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  • Pivot table accumulate

    Why is there no cumulation at date 11-09-2017 I added 10000 because I want all the dates and not the last...
    Tanja Varwijk
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  • Extracting exact numbers from text field

    Hi!   So I have a text field called qualifications.   Example: BA/BS degree in Computer Science or a related software engineering field, or equivalent practical experience. 10 years of experience in a tec...
    k v
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  • Sum based on "white" values

    Dear QV Masters,   I try to solved such problem - how to sum the data based on "white" values in a field. I enclosed the qvw for best understanding my problem. QVW includes information such: - Client list - E...
    Maciej Bylicki
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  • App is not opening in access point but it is showing while successfully login

    i have an app which is shown after login in access point as  attached but when we do click on app then its automatically redirect to login page again .i have tried a lot to fix it but did't get final stage.  ...
    ALI SA
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