• How to get a min value

    Hello All,   I Need a a help in writing down a expression ,Below is my Output table   Dimensions :Material Code,Plant Code,Vendor Code,Inco Terms ,Price   Expressions :   Adjusted Price: &nbs...
    naveen kumar
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  • period compare

    hi all, i'm trying to compare between two periods in the same strait table, user selection based on a floating field (numeric date field with alias) . expression based on a variable that holds user selection vYear...
    ilan baruch
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  • Help on Date Range for Set Analysis

    Hello Qlikview Community I am trying to calculate the count of orders for a specific order type (ZPM3) within a specific date range.   =Count({<Order.Type={'ZPM3'},Calendar.Date={">=2015-01-01<=RCAOrde...
    Jason Eisele
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  • Help on Cross Table

    Hi everyone, I've been doing this task for a week but I still can't get the outcome. I am doing a QlikView which would show the Total Average Cost per Area.   Here is my load script:   T1: LOAD [Account C...
    Kat Santos
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  • Selection from a chart does not work as expected

    Hi,   I've created a table which consists of items which i flagged as Total or Item. I grouped them with a Category code. The two charts are supposed to be linked. So if i select a bar which represents Total&n...
    Dafnis X
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  • Where Statement in the Load Script

    Hello Together,   I try to get an conditional Statement in a Load Script, with them I will take only the Data where have the same Date how the Datefild, but it don't work.   I tried with the following Code...
    Mer ry
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  • join between 2 Queries with like condition

    Hello everyone,     I try to join between SQL query and inline when the join I want to execute will be provided that the inline data will be like the number in SQL. For example:     sql: type co...
    amir ohev shalom
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  • Mapping load for fields (not field entries)

    Hi,   can someone may help me? I want to use a field load when one entry is applicable. I googled alot and tried to find in this forum but I didnt find a solution yet. Depending on the type different fields sho...
    Christian Wylezol
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  • Change imagem - Two conditions - Textbox

    Hello,   Does Anybody knows how to change imagem with two conditions in text object?   I tried 2 ways, but they don't work.   =if([project] = 'Security Operations' and  [Fase 1] = 'On time', 'qm...
    Aline Rocha
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  • Help make the expression

    Dear, Experts   Help formulate an expression for the MagicExpression column.   The values should be equal to the sum of the values of the field S where D1 is greater than max(D2), for each P. I tried th...
    Михаил Сирик
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  • How to add characters to GetFieldSelections string

    Hi All,   I'd like to use GetFieldSelections to get a list of values selected in a field. However, given the values are in the following format, it's challenging to separate out values when more than one name is...
    Kristina Stephenson
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  • command line options list?

    where i'll find all the command line options, like "qv -r" to reload?   i've been tried "qv /?" but this command its not recognized to list all the option.   what I need is save the qvw file without any da...
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  • Expression using the Max Value of another Column

    Like Excel can take the largest value of a column range and use it to calculate a metric, I am looking to do this in Qlikview. I have been messing around with some ColumnNum & Max functions, but I can't seem to ge...
    Jeremy Schmitt
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  • Nested if statement

    Hi,   I am trying to make and if statement in a chart expression with the following issues: sum( If(DATAAREAID_Trans='rme',COSTAMOUNTPOSTED) If(DATAAREAID_Trans='sdx',COSTAMOUNTPOSTED*(EXCHRATE/100) where EX...
    Nicolai Vilstrup
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  • Calculate time gap

    Hello everyone     I have the following data:      user First attampt First Succsses Delta (Min) A 15/04/2018 09:13:18 15/04/2018 10:10:39 57 B 15/04/2018 09:10:26 15/04/2018 09:23:21 ...
    amir ohev shalom
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  • counting # of managers with 1 or 2 direct reports

    I need to create an expression where I count the # of managers with 2 or less direct reports. Is this right ?   =if( AGGR(sum(ROLL_UP_COUNT),MGR_NAME) <= 2, Count(Distinct MGR_NAME) ) As a follow-up to...
    gerry castellino
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  • Any functions?

    Hi,      Is there is a function in qlik like NVL2 in oracle?   Regards, keerthika
    Keerthika B
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  • how to cal Nprinting task automatically with out scheluding?

    HI All,   I few  qvw applications and when ever manually updated/reloaded the qvw hen npriting task need to run automatically.   how we can do this with out using QMC and Windows schedulers. is it p...
    NIKHIL s
    created by NIKHIL s
  • Understanding Join, Keep and Concatenate

    We have implemented the QlikView Join, Keep and Concatenate in QvScriptor, a new revolutionary tool, able to generate QlikView script from visual schema.   We have written this small doc for the help file and w...
    Denard John
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  • Problem with Pivot chart, dimensions not carrying horizontally

    I have a pivot chart with 2 dimensions, Country and Year.   When I go to drag the Year dimension across / above the expression.   It hangs and does nothing, as like the blue arrow shown in the image.  
    gerry castellino
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