• SAP Query whit two tables

    Good day, I can not find why the query does not work I'm testing it in two ways but it does not achieve the extraction, it just says General Script Error any idea that I'm doing wrong, thanks so much    ...
    moises vargas
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  • QDS is overwriting the Allowexecute Command in windows 2008 server

    Hi Folks, Recently we updated our qlikview from 11.2 SR 15 to 12.1 SR 8, on windows 2008 Box. To run the external Commands  like  "Execute" modified the  batch file in Settings .ini changed AllowExecute...
    Sree Anarasi
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  • QV11.2 to QV vNovember17 tasks easy migration

    Hi all,   We have two different qlikview infrastructures, one with version 11.2 and another with version November17 ... In both infrastructures we have the same .qvw sources, there is some simple way to import t...
  • *Search*

    Is there any automation for searching a particular word in all the Qlikview reports(Available report in my folder) script part ??
    soundarya meenakshi
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  • QvOdbcConnectorPackage not running and disabled in QV 12.10

    Good morning   I am not able to use QvOdbcConnectorPackage in QV   Here is what I did so far I installed QvODBCConnectorPackage (v4.0) on my Qlikview server (QV 12.10.20100.0 , Win 2012 R2, 64bits) When...
    Antoine Laviron
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  • fiscal year current month calculation

    Hello,   I need help with set analysis. I have the sample data below and the date are actually in fiscal year format already which is how the data comes in every month. So 1/1/2018 is actually 1/July 2017 ...
    Eric Danqua
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  • Unable to see charts in Ajax Small Device View

    Hi ,   We use ajax for our Access point , but when we try to open it on small device version the charts are not visible.   below is the screenshot for reference.
    Aniket Shetty
    created by Aniket Shetty
  • Error filtering data in simple table

    How are you, I have a problem filtering records in a simple table, when I filter a field I get more records. see images.     Table:   Tabla Aggregate   Filter >80 Values less than 80 ...
    Juan Monasi
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  • Storing into CSV with Comma and Double Quotes

    Hi,   I need to store my results into a CSV file and have the comma separator and double quotes like the example below:   A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M "C","CO","CT","F","A","seed","38","T","F","F","6","6","1...
    Ryan Foster
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  • Easy way to copy server cluster to new hardware?

    We have a working QlikView server cluster (for QlikView Server only)   We have bought new hardware and are looking to move the cluster onto the new hardware, keeping Production disruption to a minimum.   I...
    Kevin Pinto
    created by Kevin Pinto
  • Filter functions

    Hi All,   Can anyone explain me the below expression?   (biff, embedded labels, table is [Sheet1$], filters( Replace(1, top, StrCnd(null)).   and where can I study about the functions (Replace(1, to...
    jeevayswaran a
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  • -Prj XML Files do not generate when we have section access in the script

    Hi All,   We have created -prj files for all the applications , but when we implemented Section access no XML file got created in the -prj folder.   Thanks
    Aniket Shetty
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  • Data reload: QlikView Server crashed, Deskstop Client working

    Hello together,   I have a problem with our QlikView Server. During the reload of one document, the Qlikview server consumed the complete memory of the windows system and chrashed.   This happens if the Ql...
    Henry Rolofs
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  • Continuous Integration with Qlickview Scripts & Dashboards

    Has anyone setup continuous integration with QlikView scripts & Dashboards? Whats kind of process models have work for you in the past with setting up and using Git/Jenkins "Continuous Integration / Continuous Del...
    Preston Padgett
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  • Pick/Select ANY ONE (or a small size) File from a List of Files

    Hi All,   If I have a directory/folder with list of files like - QVW1, QVW2, QVW3...... QVWN.   Using a For Loop, I want to Pick ANY ONE or a Small Sized File name into a variable.   Suggestion p...
    Dicky Mohanty
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  • What is QlikView Extranet Server?

    Please some one explain about Qlikview Extranet server with simple terms?
    Silambarasan M
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  • Calculate last three months sales

    Hi, Need a big help. Assume, I got a data set as mentioned below, My current  Fiscal Year = 1/07/2018 to 30/06/2019      Product_ID Transaction Date Budgeted_Sale Actual_Sales P_100 31-Ju...
    Andy Manuja
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  • unable to logout from qlikview access point why?

    I am accessing my qlikview application from access point. However I am not able to log out from access point once I log in . After clicking on log out, it logs out and logs in again   Please help me ?
    arvind pednekar
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  • Congrats Sunny

    Congratulations Sunny Talwar stalwar1 for reaching 200000 points on community.   You are a real champion and many  thanks for your contribution to the Qlik community.   Thanks, Mohammed Mukram
    Mohammed Mukram Ali
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  • Automated deployment of Qlikview apps

    Hi, We have around 15-20 QV apps and growing more. Currently to migrate between different environments, Dev-QA, QA-UAT, UAT-Prod we copy the qvs, qvw files/folders, create the QMC tasks manually in each environment a...
    Deepa Harry
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