• Average Sales by Days

    Good Morning Guys,   I am having issue with a report on Qlikview, i want to be able to run an average sales report by day. This means that if i made a sales of 100000 in a month that the invoice days is 28, i wa...
    Omotayo Olokede
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  • QVC_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: SqlState:01000, ErrorCode:10054

    Hi All,   I am facing the issue while reading data from database(SQL) (by using QlikView 12.10 version which is recently updated)   Error : QVC_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: SqlState:01000, ErrorCode:10054. &nb...
    jeevayswaran a
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  • "unhide" hidden script

    Hi,   I have a .qvw with several tabs which are password-protected (hidden script). Now I want to "unhide" the script (I know the password). Is this somehow possible or do I have to copy&paste all hidden ta...
    Nihal Cakir
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  • Container issue Qlikview 12.2 SR5 version

    Hi All,   I have implemented on container object in Qlikview 12.2 SR5 version and seen same object in Web view mode or in access point, the lay out of the object should be changed when compare to Desktop mode. &...
    Subbu Jasti
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  • QlikView document was created by another QlikView Personal Edition user

    I downloaded the Governance Dashboard 2.0.5 and placed it on my access point qlik server but when I launch it I get the window about how the qvw was created by another user so I abort it and cannot launch this qvw.&nb...
    Kris Markee
    created by Kris Markee
  • Error while running QlikView 11 x64 setup

    Hi,   As I have an installation which is missing the distribution service, I wanted to modify the existing installation and add the distribution service. After selecting the missing component, the setup wizard s...
    Daniel Ehnert
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  • QlikView Publisher Tasks Do Not Trigger As Expected

    Hi,   We're having a weird issue where tasks in publisher just don't execute. It's only dependent on a single task. Once that task completes, it just doesn't do anything. Running the task manually works. This se...
    Scott Holcomb
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  • Custom login page can skip Windows authentication popup in every browser but Firefox

    Platform I installed QlikView 11 web application on IIS 6.1. Goal I need to authenticate users as Windows domain users, but I want to avoid them to insert username and password in the browser popup. I also need QV web...
    Mirco Andreon
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  • On Demand Qlikview not respond to current selections.

    Hi all,   I have a problem with de On-demand and hope anyone could help me. When making a selection in app with the access point and clicking on the on-demand button, it does not respect the filters and the ...
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  • AppCrash on Windows Server 2012

      Hi All,   I am getting  error messages when a batch task is performed by a system scheduler. The task was running fine until today. The task opens a document with a variable as a parameter. The con...
    Dafnis X
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  • EDX failing to trigger tasks in QV 12

    After a recent upgrade to QV12 ,we are observing that most of EDX tasks are failing with one or other error . Anyone please help providing the upgraded EDX version link to know more details
    venkat attili
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  • Monat (ausgeschrieben) im Report anzeigen

    Hallo Zusammen,   ich erstelle gerade einen Report für eine Applikation und möchte dort als Überschrift den ausgewählten Monat darstellen. Die Monate sind bei mir aber immer nur mit 3 Buchst...
    Mer ry
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  • contar linhas na macro

    Comunidade!   Estou precisando de uma ajuda. Tenho uma macro que exporta 3 tabelas dinâmicas para planilha do Excel. Hoje a macro esta configurada para colar as tabelas dinâmicas a partir de uma c&#...
  • No connection with Qlik NPrinting Server when On-Demand is clicked in the Access Point Qlikview

    Hi good afternoon I need some help to know why I can't connect the ondemnad (access point) to nprinting? Note: Qlikview and nprinting are in different servers. Thank you I hope someone can help me .   See att...
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  • Qlikview Access Point - Proxy Error - Error reading from remote server

    Hi Team,   We are facing an issue with the Qlikview 12 Access Point. Below is the screen print of the error message.   The server has stopped working unexpectedly. I have checked the Qlikview services, ...
    Nikhil Gandhi
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  • Dollar expression with Agg function

    Hi all could you please help me with the expression my expected result in 22 for that dimension. if( count(aggr(if((num(count( {<TopBox={'1'},FiscalYear={'2018'}>}SRID)/count( {<FiscalYear={'2018'}>}SRID...
    lohit ala
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  • PDF reports make words reversed

    Hi all, I have a problem with PDF report s in qlikview. The issue is reversing my words while showing in pdf format( as you can see in attached file) Could anybody help me out of this?
    M S
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  • Daten zischendurch aktualisieren oder ergänzen

    Hallo Zusammen,   ich bin mir nicht sicher ob dass möglich ist, aber vielleicht hat ja doch jemand eine Idee. Und zwar werden meine Applikationen immer früh Morgens aktualisiert, also das Script ausgef...
    Mer ry
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  • Want to choose a single value

    Hello Guys, I am facing a  problem. Actually I had this product 111 and I want to use the price value of latest start date but the problem is that there are two similar columns and I want to use only one that is...
    Shubham Ghuwara
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  • Preload Issue on Qlikview Server and IIS

    Hello,   I have a server with QV Server 11.20 and IIS on Windows 2012 R2. I have checked "Preload" option for my documents in the performance tab.   But the time loading is very long. It takes about 20 ...
    Jean-Baptiste DUQUESNE
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