• Where it save my QVD files?

    Hi i did this in my script for create a QVD file:   Buffer SQL SELECT "DT_DATA",     "N_COLUMN1",     "PUN_COLUMN2" FROM "XXX_TABLE"."V_PROXYTAB";   With "Buffer" i think ...
    Daniele Caprelli
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  • QlikView 12 and SQL Server Native client

    Hello,   We are moving from Oracle database to SQL Server database.   I want to know if there is a specific version of SQL Native Client that needs to be installed for QlikView 12? How do I know what vers...
    Vindhya Giri
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  • Strange behaviour of the Concat function in a chart

    Hi everybody,   I'm trying to use the CONCAT function to process data. I've created and XLS file with this test data.   I've created a table graphic Chart like this.     I have 3 dimensions...
    ivan julia sanchez
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  • loop through column names of a table

    Hello I have a table to which I apply the Hierarchy function the result of the Hierarchy produces columns from 1 till 10 (ISSUE_KEY1,ISSUE_KEY2,....) How can I loop through the columns of the table and check if the...
    Ali Hijazi
    created by Ali Hijazi
  • Issue with Refreshing QlikView data

    HI Team,   We have some problems with refreshing QlikView data from DSX(Demand Planning Software) Database. This job ideally takes 1:20 hrs to complete, but some time it just keeps running and fails or we must k...
    Hariprasad Acharya
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  • Connect to Oracle E Business Suite

    anyone has a way to connect to Oracle E Business Suite. I have never worked with oracle products and trying to find a way..
    Alec Harf
    created by Alec Harf
  • Failed to contact QVS service in QMC

    Hej,   After a motherboard and CPU change on our front end machine, the QVS service is down according to QMC.   #The Qlikview Server services is running. #Its possible to connect to the qvs from the Qlikv...
    Paul Johansson
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  • Sharing a Sheet

    Is it possible for the user to share the sheet that they created on the web client (collaboration object?) with other user? Can't seems to find the option for sharing sheet...
    Khim Hoe Tan
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  • multiple executions of same task with different parameter QMC

    Hi All,   I have questions as per below,     Shall we  make the  multiple executions of same task with different parameter QMC .   I have different countries need to  assign separa...
    kishor J
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  • How to count fields in a column ?

    Hi experts,   How to count fields in a column ?   i 'm using count ([Alpha ]) or text count ([Alpha ]) but the result is different from excel ?   Any solutions please ?   Regards Ali
    Ali Bouderbala
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  • Qlikview document security at AD group level

    I have simplified my question as below.   We have 2 Qlikview Apps. App 1 and App 2.   I have created two AD groups Group 1 and Group 2 in the same domain.   I want only Group 1 to access App 1 and Gr...
    Mayuran Parathalingam
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  • Promoting QlikView Server Refresh Tasks to Production Environment

    We are developing and testing a complex schedule of reload tasks for our many QVW applications and their data. Obviously we are defining all of these tasks using the QlikView Management Console GUI. Our Server/publis...
    Paul Routledge
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  • Add Multiple LDAP directories in Qlikview Server

    I had done a fresh install of Qlikview Server 12.   In User Management, I am unable to find users from other LDAP directories other than default one.   How can I add more LDAP directories or let Qlikview S...
    Mayuran Parathalingam
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  • Avg with missing Data (aggr?)

    Hello experts,   I have a Problem with calculating the right avg values:   The Problem in short is as follows - There is an article, that only consumption for 1 day in a month. let's say 01.01.2017. In th...
    Kevin Nagel
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  • Choosing associated value based on selection?

    Hi, I'm trying to have a variable set to a certain value based on the value inputted into a input box I have a table with two columns, and every value is unique Letter Number A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4 How do i go about havin...
    Randall Devitt
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  • Qlikview administrator groups

    Hello everyone, The Windows user used by Qlik services is part of an AD group (FR \ XXX-XXX-ADM-QLV), which is clearly defined as "Qlikview Administrator" and "Qlikview Management API"  (See below)   1-...
    hoda Foulon
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  • Service Accounts password changes

    Hello ,   I want to know the process of changing the service accounts passwords and validate if everything works fine. Can you please advise on what places to change the passwords and what all areas to validate?...
    Vindhya Giri
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  • Problemas con instalación nueva de QlikView Server 12

    Hola a todos,   Estoy teniendo problemas con dos instalaciones de QlikView Server 12. Se trata de una instalación nueva, nada mas empezar no arrancan los servicios, he reiniciado varias veces, seguido la...
    Erika Cebriá
    created by Erika Cebriá
  • Service Account PWD Change

    Hello, In our server environment, we use Service Account to run all the QlikView Services as well as the Management Console. There will be a pwd change to this Service Account.  Can someone let me know like a l...
    John Stubblefield
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  • Mound folder disappears at times

    Hi all   I observed that the Mount folder on QMC disappears occasionally and all document disappears from access point. My mount folders are shared paths & QV is running on win 2008 R2 server.     A...
    jay pk
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