• QMSEDX Issue Qlikview 12

    Hi,   following our upgrade to Qlikview 12 and server upgrade there seems to be an issue with the QMSEDX. the jobs are triggering in etc from UC4 fine but while they are completing in the QMC they aren't ending ...
    Ryan Foster
    created by Ryan Foster
  • bypass qlikview authentication while calling from a web page

    Hi all, I have qlikview server and access point but I dont want my users connect to qlikveiw ,I have a web page and I want to list qlikview dashboards there and handle access to qlikview in the website,i would like t...
    M S
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  • Need help in sorting the value in descending order

    Hi All,   Thank you for helping me in some of the question which I posted earlier. I've a new requirement in our project where we need to sort the values from highest to low. Below tables tells you in detail of ...
    Bharath Vikas Shanagonda
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  • Cannot log into the Qlik Access point via google chrome on mac

    Hi,   After upgrading to chrome 58 on mac, users are not able to log into the qlik access point. The login continues to loop through the credentials pop-up window.   We are using the Qlikview 11.2 SR 13 a...
    Sadha Chilukoori
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  • Store QVD's on Azure Blob Storage

    Hi,   Is it possible to store final processed QVDs within Azure Blob Storage and then load them when required into a Dashboard?   Thanks,   Phil
    Phil Rees
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  • Scheduled task is not running in QMC

    Hi,   The scheduled tasks is not running in our qlikview server 12.10(SR4) on time.The schedule task are running on alternate days and we are manually execute it on daily basis. All the services are up and running.
    Silambarasan M
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  • Qlikview 11 to 12 Upgrade Questions

    I’m a Qlikview developer, but have never installed or upgraded it.  My manager has and we’re getting ready to install QV12 over QV11 on Dev, Prod, and Web servers.  We have a few questions and I&...
    Jason Campbell
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  • PING a server based on a variable [IP 1]

    Hi, I try to ping a server from QlikView I have created a Button with "Start" as action, "ping.exe" as Application and [IP 1] as parameter. It doesn't work   If i do the same think with 192.168.10....
    JeanFrancois Van G
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  • There is a TicketData.pgo file that can get corrupted

    Hello, i'm on QlikView 11.2 SR12, sometimes I get a "NO CONNECTION" error, and on server log I found: SE_LOG: SERVER - DMR: Validate and Apply Hex. UsrName() Searching on the community it seems that there is a T...
    Camillo Rospigliosi
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  • QlikView 12 and SQL Server Native client

    Hello,   We are moving from Oracle database to SQL Server database.   I want to know if there is a specific version of SQL Native Client that needs to be installed for QlikView 12? How do I know what vers...
    Vindhya Giri
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  • Error File is not ok. Target file was not saved.

    Hi team, Please find the below mentioned task failure message. Anybody have any idea the reason for the  error.? I have cross verified the source folder and qvw app etc are already in place in the mentioned pat...
    Nishant Venugopal
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  • Move from Physical Server to Azure - Advice

    Hi,  we are looking to move from our current physical server to an Azure VM.   Has anyone had any experience of running qlikview on Azure and any advice?    Our current server has 500gb RAM and ...
    Phil Rees
    created by Phil Rees
  • Need urgent help to resolve the QMC task failure issue.

    Hi Community, We are facing an issue where a reload task on QMC, for a particular document is getting failed. The log for the task on QMC reports below error/s-      Error: Exception in save sourc...
    Tushar Darekar
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  • Alternate State variable calls GetSelectedCount([_ROWS]) does not work

    upgrading from QV11.2 SR7 to QV12.1 SR5 variables that call functions like GetSelectedCount([_ROWS]) do not calculate correctly within Alternate State. I cannot find the correct syntax to define the Alternate State i...
    Jim Wynn
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  • How to add value to an existing field coming from Database

    Hi,   I need your help in one of the requirement. I'm using the below load statement in order to load some data in to the Qlikview.   LOAD  IT_SERVICE_COMPONENT_ID as IT_SERVICE_COMPONENT_ID, ITSLE...
    Bharath Vikas Shanagonda
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  • How To Monitor Individual Dashboard

    I'm new to QlikView and crashing on an assignment right now. I would like to know is there a good tool that can monitor an individual's dashboard to verify that it's online/available? We have about 3,000 dashboards so...
    Adam Chalmers
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  • Continous Reload Stopping.

    Hello guys im having a bit of a problem with Qlikview server. I have a Document that is continously reloading, its an operational dashboard we show on a big LCD screen. The problem is every so often (every 18 to 24 ...
    Gualter Guizado
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  • Set Analysis not working

    Hi All,   Here is my expression       It was working fine until i add the PreviousMonth variable in there.   PreviousMonth= Oct 2017   For some reason when i do $(vPreviousMonth) th...
    nithin miryala
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  • Qlikview Task Failed: Exception=The currently executing operation was aborted.

    Hi Experts,   Qlikview task is failed with the below error and warning. but its reloading manually.   (2017-10-28 23:37:45) Error: Could not close the SourceDocument. Exception=The currently executing oper...
    Muthu Kumar
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  • ODBC Connection - Manual Reload works but QMC schedule keeps running for hours

    Hi, I am using QV11. My document uses an ODBC Connection to Ingres Database. The manual reload of the document works (less than 1 minute for reload). But when I schedule it using QMC, it keeps running for hours and t...
    Arun Raj
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