• Perform correction in expression

    Hi all,   I am new to Qlikview and I need to perform a correction in a expression calculation.   I need to insert the condittion in the yellow box in the expression to perform the correct calculations &nbs...
    Daniel Rolao
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  • If statement, based on count function, that is groupped by variabel in a TEXT box

    Hey all,   I have this small problem. I have exepression in tabel; now i want to transform the total-result into a text-box.   If i put the following exepression into a tabel, where Uddannelse_type_by is t...
    Agner Schibler
    created by Agner Schibler
  • Using Set Analysis to link two unlinked tables

    Hi,   I'm trying to figure out a way using Set Analysis to link two tables without the need to duplicate data.   Here is a simplified version of what I'm trying to do:   The two tables in blue are...
    Felix Venthakone
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  • unexpected behaviour aggr function

    Dear community   I am having some issues with an aggr function. For some reason the expression will assign all time to 1 specific department-employee, while it should be spread over different departments.  ...
    Thomas Reynaert
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  • How to generate report by grouping Sale status

    For example, Item A, B,C ,D, E can be sold for 80% of total sale, then I put it in grade A Item F, G 15% --> grade B Item H 5% --> grade C
    Denchok Awikunprasert
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  • getting the quarters right

    I am getting accumulated values when I use a chart for the quarters, I use this expression which works in all other charts perefectly. So when the Dimension is Quarters I get accumulated cost values.   if(Quart...
    Sha Sha
    created by Sha Sha
  • Count aggregation of rows

    Hello everyone,   I have the following straight table with Bucket and Category as dimensions. The users are also expected to have a third dimension, country, in the form of a list box to slice the data. Not seen...
    Igor Markovic
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  • Sumif method on Qlik

    Hi guys, just started to learn Qlik expression, and any help on what I am looking for, would be grateful appreciated.   I have 3 columns,      - Column A contains Years [2016, 2017, 2018] &...
    Sabir Guiri
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  • Choose the biggest of value between two, or more, variables, to base a calculation on

    Hi all,   I got abit of a problem, I got dataset like the one below. ID Value1 Value2 Value3 A 8 6 2 B 7 8 . C 5 5 0 D 12 . 1 E . 4 4 F . . . I also have a silder (single value) with the range between 2...
    Agner Schibler
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  • Jouer avec des logos

    Bonjour, j'aimerais pouvoir jouer avec des logos dans Qlikview. Après quelques recherches infructueuses je m'en remet à vous.   Le principe est assez simple. j'ai plusieurs filiales dont les d...
    Benjamin KASSI
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  • Set analysis with 2 nested expressions

          Hello everyone,   I wish to sum the accounts whose amount is negative knowing that the balance of the account is calculated according to the formula TOTAL below.   TOTAL = sum (...
    sophie durricague
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  • Rangesum set analysis

    Hi community,   I am loading the following with Qlik Sense: LOAD SAMPLED,     NODE,     PHYSICALINTERFACE,      NODE&'/'&PHYSICALINTERFACE as Resourc...
    Nikos Tsachalis
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  • Assistance with writing an expression

    Hi All, I have an existing formula that works in excel that I am trying to port over to Qlik Sense.   The formula is this: =SUM(TOTAL_AP/TOTAL_EP)-SUM(ZRC_TGT_Fc/TOTAL_EP)-1   Effectively this formula is d...
    David Robinson
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  • Please Help about sum matrix

    Dear All Please Help about sum matrix in Pic_1 I want to make in red arrow in pic_1 sum in yellow highlight Thank Pic_1
    chanon wittayanupong
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  • Help me please

    Dear All I want to sum number that max aging (Table: MAX DAY ,Column: TOTAL ) in attach file. I will try in formula : " =sum({< AGEING = { $(=max(AGEING,ITEM)  )}>} TOTAL) " but It sum only max at all ...
    chanon wittayanupong
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  • Expression works in Textbox but not if saved

    Hi,   I am currently trying to make a date field. I have a field YYYYMM and I jsut want to add '-01' to the end so that I get a date format like 2010-01-01. I did it with Date(YYYYMM & '-01') and it works...
    Jennifer Schneidmüller
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  • Text between certain occurrences of spaces

    Hi community,   Is it possible to extract text between e.g. 3rd and 6th occurrence of space?   For instance how could I extract 'XMC 3 H' from the following:   'Micro Unit RTN XMC 3 H X094357'
    Nikos Tsachalis
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  • Load Script dynamic Table (increasing month by month)

    Hello,   I hope someone can help me. I have a csv-file, which I want to load. This month the columns needed are from column A to AQ. Next month it will increase by one column so that we need from A to AR, the ...
    Christian Wylezol
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  • Difference with previous value

    Hi, is it possible to calcolate at runtime the difference between values in a chart. For example, i have the next table data.     PROGRESSIVE,TYPE,DEVICE,ENERGY 1,1,a,1 1,2,b,2 1,3,c,3 1,4,d,4 2,1,a,...
    Luca V
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  • Help Re-write aggr expression - easier application

    Hi, Need help re-write this to an easier expression;   ((sum(aggr( sum(kWh) * sum(aggr(sum(Price), DateJoin,Pricearea,CustomerKey)) , DateJoin, Year,Month, Pricearea,portifolio,CustomerKey))    ...
    Marius Larsen
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