• Please Help about sum matrix

    Dear All Please Help about sum matrix in Pic_1 I want to make in red arrow in pic_1 sum in yellow highlight Thank Pic_1
    chanon wittayanupong
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  • Help me please

    Dear All I want to sum number that max aging (Table: MAX DAY ,Column: TOTAL ) in attach file. I will try in formula : " =sum({< AGEING = { $(=max(AGEING,ITEM)  )}>} TOTAL) " but It sum only max at all ...
    chanon wittayanupong
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  • Expression works in Textbox but not if saved

    Hi,   I am currently trying to make a date field. I have a field YYYYMM and I jsut want to add '-01' to the end so that I get a date format like 2010-01-01. I did it with Date(YYYYMM & '-01') and it works...
    Jennifer Schneidmüller
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  • Text between certain occurrences of spaces

    Hi community,   Is it possible to extract text between e.g. 3rd and 6th occurrence of space?   For instance how could I extract 'XMC 3 H' from the following:   'Micro Unit RTN XMC 3 H X094357'
    Nikos Tsachalis
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  • Load Script dynamic Table (increasing month by month)

    Hello,   I hope someone can help me. I have a csv-file, which I want to load. This month the columns needed are from column A to AQ. Next month it will increase by one column so that we need from A to AR, the ...
    Christian Wylezol
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  • Difference with previous value

    Hi, is it possible to calcolate at runtime the difference between values in a chart. For example, i have the next table data.     PROGRESSIVE,TYPE,DEVICE,ENERGY 1,1,a,1 1,2,b,2 1,3,c,3 1,4,d,4 2,1,a,...
    Luca V
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  • Help Re-write aggr expression - easier application

    Hi, Need help re-write this to an easier expression;   ((sum(aggr( sum(kWh) * sum(aggr(sum(Price), DateJoin,Pricearea,CustomerKey)) , DateJoin, Year,Month, Pricearea,portifolio,CustomerKey))    ...
    Marius Larsen
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  • How do I group 21 fields into one "field"?

    Hello there everybody!   So, I have a tiny problem with my script.   This one:   LOAD [CNAE 2.0 Classe],      if([CNAE 2.0 Classe]<'04000','Agricultura') as "CNAE",  &nb...
    Rodrigo Alves
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  • Remove newline in string

    Hi,   I would like to replace all newline characters by spaces in a string.   I have tried : string.replace(input.my_string,'\r',' ') or string.replace(input.my_string,'\n',' ')   But it doesn't...
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  • Sum 8 bottom values of expression, multidimensional

    Hello all,   I am loading data on monthly basis and I have created a report with dimensions Resource, Date, Time. What I am trying to do is to report per Resource the sum of the 8 worst values of an expression t...
    Nikos Tsachalis
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  • Maximum value of sum per 4

    Hi community, You have helped me with this previous post : https://community.qlik.com/thread/262498?sr=stream   In short., I have created a pivot table with dimensions 'Resource' and 'CollectionTime' (The gran...
    Nikos Tsachalis
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  • Download Expressor Link

    I have trouble finding it. Can someone help? Thank you.
    Retko Okter
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  • Weighted Scores Help

    Good morning folks,   I am trying to create a weighted score based on the attached.   Scores 1 and 3 should make 20% each of the overall, with Score 2 making up 60% of the overall. On the attached I just h...
    Gareth Lloyd
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  • Busy hour, pivot table column calculation

    Hi community,   I am using Qlik Sense and I would like your help with the following:   I have created a pivot table with 2 dimensions and 1 measure. Dimensions are Sampled( time series) and ResourceName( w...
    Nikos Tsachalis
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  • Combining scores expression help

    Morning guys,   I'm after some more expression help if I may please!   In the sample data attached I'm trying to create the following overall scores for a dashboard. The three scores I'm stuck on are as foll...
    Gareth Lloyd
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  • Simple expression help

    Morning guys   Quelle surprise, I'm after a little help please.   I’m trying to find the number of PO’s raised retrospectively. Logically, the way to work this out would be to look where the ord...
    Gareth Lloyd
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  • Expression Help

    Good morning, I require some help if possible please. I have an expression that counts the number of invoices overdue for suppliers - count({<[Days Overdue]={'>0'}>}[$(=CName)])   I am now trying to ...
    Gareth Lloyd
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  • Garbage after expression: 'AS'

    Hi All,   Cannot see what is wrong with this code. I am trying to create a new dimension.   =If([Policy Holder Age] < 60,     '< 60',     If([Policy Holder Age] >...
    Finbar Gillen
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  • Percentages help

    Good morning all,   I am trying to work out the % of "spend" still waiting to be paid.   However, my expression isn't helping and I'm starting to pull my hair out!!   I currently have sum ([Spend Exp...
    Gareth Lloyd
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  • Show top 80% of spend

    Good morning guys I'm after some more help if possible please.   Supplier YTD Spend (£) Supplier C 55082544.02 Supplier N 7080656.50 Supplier P 6481116.09 Supplier L 8312827.59 Supplier D 26443274.72 Supp...
    Gareth Lloyd
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