• Calculated dimension

    Hello,   Im dealing with current problem, hopefully someone will have some idea I got input data like this:     Month User Number of sales IX A 12 X A 15 XI A 19 XII A 11 XI B 7 XII B 14 XII C ...
    Jaroslav Stanek
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  • Google Maps - Cluster

    Google Maps Extension with Cluster support.   QlikTech takes no responsibility for any code and QlikTech Support Agreement does not cover issues with this extension. Please review Googles license agreement befo...
    Alexander Karlsson
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  • Error 300 zoomToFit

    hi, i am always getting this error message on the QVServers for all applications. We don't use the Extension and time ago I deleted.it from the Server, however, we still get the error.   Error Message: "Extensi...
    Felipe Carrera
    created by Felipe Carrera
  • GoogleMaps Cluster Extension object works so slowly

    Hello! I'd like to ask a question about the GoogleMaps - Cluster Extension object.   Problem: I've got more than 60 thousand of coordinate points that I need to see through this extension object in a QV app. ...
    Evgeniy Sharahov
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  • Org Chart version 2

    Hi everyone, I recently helped someone who needed my org chart extension to actually work properly and be less confusing to use (the nerve!). So, this was a good excuse to quickly update the old org chart extension ...
    Brian Munz
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  • Help on Sankey chart in Qlikview

    Hi,   I have prepared a sankey chart in Qlikview need your help on Following points:      Be able to trace the path of a selected branch from beginning to end    Be able to profile the...
    sumit kumar
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  • Advanced analytic integration in QV - when?

    Hello, I can not find any actual info about Advanced analytic integration in Qlikview. Does anybody know when or if this should be released? And do you have any experience with Sense and Advanced analytic integratio...
    Jakub Zika
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  • New QlikView Mapping Extensions on QlikMarket

    EDIT: These extensions are no longer maintained on QlikMarket since that is not an appropriate place for free and unsupported extensions.  I've modified the links below to point to the github repositories where I...
    Brian Munz
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  • SvgReader mapping extension now stored on GitHub

    Hi everyone, Several different incarnations of my svgReader extension exist out there on community, hidden on QlikMarket, etc. and it's difficult making updates and pointing people to the most recent version.  A...
    Brian Munz
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  • QlikView JS Extensions not working

    Hi, community! After the upgrade to the November version, the JS extensions did not work anymore. Namely - this.Layout object does not contain TextN objects, it does not even contain half of standard objects, such as...
  • Options only flashing on javascript click event for Select element

    I've written a Qlik extension using javascript. The extension contains a html 'select' element (dropdown box). In Internet Explorer when you click on the dropdown box, the options display.   In Firefox or Chrom...
    Paul Collins
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  • Select alternate state in Sense Mashup

    Trying to create and set selections in an alternate state within a Qlik Sense Mashup. I can select fields in the default state and alternate state. How can you apply the alternate state to specific visualizations in...
    David Forest
    created by David Forest
  • Visualization of Graph Data

    Hi all,   I started to develop an extension for graph visualization based on the Graph Dracula Library, using Raphael: http://www.graphdracula.net   This seems to be an interesting topic. First of all, wha...
    Ralf Becher
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  • Qlik Sense example of using Sort By Expression?

    Hi there   I am attempting to create a listbox extension that will display the values of a dimension sorted by the count of a measure in descending order. I'm using the latest version of Qlik Sense Desktop to de...
    Valerie Petrie
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  • Google Maps - Heatmap

    Google Maps Extension with Heatmap support.   QlikTech takes no responsibility for any code and QlikTech Support Agreement does not cover issues with this extension. Please review Googles license agreement befo...
    Alexander Karlsson
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  • QV 11.2 - Self service save-to-slides with Qlik'nSlides, in Ajax Client

    Hello everybody,   I know QlikView 11.2 is almost at its EOL ... but nevertheless, I took the effort to implement a customization of QlikView which offers self-service save-to-slides functionalities in the Ajax ...
    Bruno Cavestro
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  • qlikview chart to JSON

    Dear team,   i have table box or straight table in my qlikview application. i need to convert this chart data to json file format.   please help me on this. find the attached for the sample.
    sam wisegamzee
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  • Word Cloud Object Extension

    A new app for the US Presidential election is being released on the QlikView Demo Site shortly, and it contains an extension for a word cloud that might be useful.  It's built using this word cloud generation jav...
    Brian Munz
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  • Negative values in svgMap extension

    Hello.     I would like to know that I would have to change the svgMap extension to show me the color in the negative values.     I am currently posting as an expression to show me the absolute v...
  • SVG Map extension

    Hi there,   After I downloaded and installed the SVG Map extension and tried to drop it to my canvas, the SVG map box appeared that 'Please specify an SVG file to load from extension directory.' What does it mea...
    Gloria Zhou
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