• Renewing license lease when using the COM api

    Hi   I'm using the COM api in C# to automate some operations using QlikView Desktop.   The problem is that the QlikView client is using a license lease from a QlikView server to operate, which means that e...
    Elia Dal Santo
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  • OpenID connect

    Hi,   We have setup an OpenID connect service within our organisation.  We want to integrate Qlik in our portal.  Is is possible to configure Qlik to use this OpenID connect to authenticate users?
    Stijn Verrept
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  • Why can't I load QlikView documents in my new PC

    I just got a new computer and I'm trying to move everything from my old computer, including the QlikView documents.   Unfortunately, many of them won't load. As I try to open them, I get this error. Although it i...
    Ignasi Villaseca
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  • Integration Piwik into Qlikview?

    Hi!   I would like to know how could I connect all the data from Piwik into Qlikview. What steps should I follow to get that?   Thanks so much   Adriana
    Ddd Vr
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  • Storytelling in qlikview

    I want to achieve story telling in qlikview. For example, one pie chart on which all filters should be applied and if user clicks on that chart only one chart should get affected. Then user will click on the chart whi...
    Nupur sabnawis
    created by Nupur sabnawis
  • I need to create a line chart where there will be a link (vertical line) between data points of two lines in a single chart

    I need to create a line chart where there will be a link (vertical line) between data points of two lines in a single chart. PFA the sample image. Please let me know the possible way...it an urgent requirement.
    Nupur sabnawis
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  • Connection with hadoop Hive

    Hi, I want to connect qlikview to hadoop hive data. please guide how to connect the same.
    Nupur sabnawis
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  • Qlikview Integration with Okta

    Hi, All,   We are trying to integrate Qlikview with OKta. We set up a WS-Fed template in Okta and created an application there. On Qlikview server side, we set up IIS and made it work as Qlikview web server. Set...
    Bo Li
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  • QlikView 11 and Java Integration via QMS API

    Hello everyone,   I've been trying to utilize the QV web service on Java but I'm getting errors on the WSDL file.   Even in C#.net, I was not able to succeed using the web service by following the samp...
    Arnold Ayaoan
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  • Qlikview Integration with Okta

    Hello All,   Has anyone succeeded with Integrating Qlikview with Okta. I been thru few white pages & came to know that we need to customize a gateway for SSO (Single sign on) or use a 3rd party gateway tool...
    bharadwaj pavuluri
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  • Security in Qlik

    Hi All, How to integrate Qlik security with IAM solutions. thanks
    kishor J
    created by kishor J
  • 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' error while trying to use qlik mashup API.

    Hi All,   I have a qlikview server, and a webserver setup on my local machine with a workbench license.   I am trying to use the qlik mashup API to display some qlik objects on the my other website.  ...
    Khushbu desai
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  • Set Analysis For Rolling periods in a dimension

    Hi All,   I am struck with the below Problem.   Actually, When I select for a value(for suppose 2018Q1) I need to display only 4 trailing periods in the chart for that corresponding "YearQuarter" value. Me...
    Suryakiran Gunda
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  • QlikView integration with Tally ERP9

    Hi All,   Does any one from this forum was able to connect to Tally ERP and develop the Dashboards.   PS: Tally ERP is accounting software.   Your help is very much appreciated !   Thanks, UmaShankar
    umashankar R
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  • Whats the difference between Qlikview 11 SR6 and SR17?

    Hi All,   Can any one tell me the differences between the below versions of Qlikview?   Old version : QV 11 SR6 New Version : QV 11 SR17   We are upgrading the QV to the server and need to know the ...
    Akash Bajaj
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  • Qlikview REST connector NextURL-pagination XML

      Hi everbody,   we try to load data from MS Sharepoint via REST Connector 1.2.0 into a QlikView application (11.20 SR12). Pagination on Server side is set to 100 and Sharepoint uses NextURL-Pagination....
    MAnuela Engl
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  • RequireTutorials on Integration of Qlikview on Microsoft Azure platform

    Hi,   Its urgent requirement.I need tutorials or step by step process to integrate Azure Microsoft qlikview integration. 1.Needed Tutorial (integration of Qlikview to Azure). 2.Process needed from start to end...
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  • Google maps problem

    Hello to everyone,   first of all I want to say, that I read, I think, everything about the google map integration, the functoinallity is clear and I tried so many things to resolve my problem by my own, but i'm...
    Sacha Lehmann
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  • Lotus Notes and Qlikview Connection

    Hi All ,             How to connect Lotus Notes ( IBM Notes 9  ,Social Edition ,Release 9.0.1 ) to the attached version of Qlikview. @ Peter Cammaert@ &n...
    Iftikhar Ali
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  • Loading XBRL data into QlikSense / QlikView

    Dear all,   I was reading in some old threads that QlikView is able to read XBRL data through connectors, however no details were ever given. I was not able to find a solution through googling either...so I am k...
    James Attard
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