• Duplicate Data

    Good Morning,   I have a small challenge here, i am fetching data from an Oracle Database into Qlikview but then i discovered that the data i am getting is twice what i have in my Oracle Database.   Please...
    Omotayo Olokede
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  • Qlikview REST connector NextURL-pagination XML

      Hi everbody,   we try to load data from MS Sharepoint via REST Connector 1.2.0 into a QlikView application (11.20 SR12). Pagination on Server side is set to 100 and Sharepoint uses NextURL-Pagination....
    MAnuela Engl
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  • Custom SQL in Qliksense

    Hi ,   I have connected to the hive and enabled i.e i have chosen the tables which i want to use. And i am trying to write an custom sql in load data editor but its throwing error like table not found.   ...
    Preamkumar R
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  • Qlikview Server Access logs

    Hi,   I have QlikView jobs and external code tries to access the status of the QlikView jobs and publishes result. Is QlikView server records any logs for the external access.?     Thanks, chandu
    chandu shekar
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  • Export qlikview objects within an existing PPT

    I would like to create a VBScript to export the differents objects I have into an existing PPT.   I found this previously but doesn't match what I need exactly: Prepare PPT from different QVW objects with Macro...
    Raul Mammamia
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  • Loading data from front end

    I want to create a button. When user will click the button, the dialogue box should popup where user will select the file that he want and that file will be loaded and shown in the dashboard. Is it possible in Qlikview?
    Nupur sabnawis
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  • Updating the dashboard in DEV without reloading in local

    Hi, I have created a dashboard using qlikview and deployed in DEV. As an input, i need to provide an excel sheet which is placed in a specific location, the problem is it is not able to pick the excel sheet withou...
    Mahendra Epuru
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  • Qlikview 11 .NET API - List documents accessible to a given user

    Hi all   I'm fairly new to Qlikview, but I have been given a problem to solve.  We use multiple BI platforms in our organisation, including Qlikview, and we have a .NET web application which provides a sing...
    Craig Wild
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  • Is there Any way to connect Tableau to QlikView Server?

    Hi Buddies, I am in a situation where a hardware/software package utilizes QlikView as part of its overall system; however, the data analytics team uses Tableau. Is there any way to connect a QlikView server to Table...
    natasha A
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  • Qlikview on SSAS Cube

    Hi   Does anyone have knowledge in implementing Qlikview reporting on top of SSAS Cubes?   Does this give any advantage over having the Qlikview reporting directly on Datawarehouse. Any pointers much appr...
    Saanvi Sharma
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  • On-Premise QlikView Server Connection to Cloud Database

    Hello, Is it possible to use Oracle Provider for OLEDB (OraOLEDB) data connector when QlikView Server is hosted on-premise and the source data is located on a Oracle Cloud database (Oracle 12)? Can you share your e...
    Sokol Petushi
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  • QlikView Management Service API: RemoteGetServices not workking

    Hello Experts,   I'll start with a quick background. We're upgrading our Qlikview server from 11.2 to 12.10,  and I was planning on using the QVMSAPI to programmatically move tasks and CALs  from our ...
    richard lewis
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  • Importing a file from an Email

    Hi,   I am looking for a solution to integrate a csv/ xls file I recieve every morning via Email, is there any creative solution for this challenge?   Thank you!
    Nir Katz
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  • QlikView and Winshuttle

    Hi,   I prefer to do analysis in QlikView but what I need to do is the result of the analysis needs to be loaded into Winshuttle form and then posted to SAP any ideas on how to load QlikView results to Winshuttl...
    Vicki Leahy
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  • QvdNoOfRecords in Qlikview 12 - Cannot open file

    Hello,   We just migrated to QV 12.1 SR8 from Qv11.2 and found that QvdNoOfRecords function doesn't work any more as it use to. I know there was a change in how directory reference work for this function, but t...
    Cristian Dorbesi
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  • Qlikview connect with Site catalyst

    I need to connect site catalyst with Qlikview. Please help with the connector.
    Nupur sabnawis
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  • how to decrease the dashboard space ?

    hi experts,   how to decrease the dash board space in qvw file,   could you explain any one   thanks s reddy
    S Satti
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  • R in QlikView

    Hi All,   I would like to know the use of R in QlikView. Can you please tell me the scenario/examples where we can use R in QlikView.   In addition to this I would like to know some examples where some thi...
    sagar kharpude
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  • Replace a String in Custom Connect To Statement in qlikview

    I am using a REST Connector in Qlikview and i need to pass a variable to the CUSTOM CONNECT TO Statement when connecting to a Web Service.       CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QVRestConnector.exe;url...
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  • 'Cannot parse data in selected response type'-error when trying to connect to Google Analytics using the REST Connector in QlikView

    I have tried to connect QlikView to Google Analytics using the REST Connector several times but can't get the data from GA. I initially used the Google Analytics Reporting API v4, but I have also tried this with the o...
    Runa Reno
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