• Unable to get email notification regarding reload task fail.

    I've setup alters email section/mail server on Test and working but same setting didn't work on Prod box. I tried send test e-mail to and working without errors.
    Maulik Parikh
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  • QMC log file format !!!

    Hi All, Generally my logs are used to be logged in below format   Performance_ServerName_YYYY-MM-DD Events_ServerName_YYYY-MM-DD Sessions_ServerName_YYYY-MM-DD   But now it used to create in this format ...
    eromiya simon
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  • Can I remove setting of session timeout?

    Hi   I have received an inquiry. They want to remove setting of session timeout. I told them about  setting of「Maximum Inactive Session Time」and got answer. They say they didn't enter anything in「Maxi...
    晴佳 坂本
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  • Can we send PDF reports in email body

    Hello Experts,   I want to know that whether we can send the pdf reports in the email body. I know that it goes as an attachment. Is there any setting that we can send it in the email body.   Thanks in adv...
    Ferha Jafri
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  • Publisher - how to clear the AP

    Hi,   maybe someone can help me here: I haven't had the Publisher before, so I don't know - we have a test_server where only those people do get access who actually have something to test there. So I would like ...
    Friedrich Hofmann
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  • How the tasks run status is shown as Success when there is app loading failure.

    We have scheduled many tasks which performs different functions like loading apps, repositories etc. From past 2 days, though the tasks run status is marked as Success, but apps are not refreshing/loading. Seems there...
    Shweta Parashar
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  • XSRF prevention check failed

    Hi Everyone, I am having an issue on starting the scheduler in the Qlik Server. I have encountered to this error, find other tutorials on this but still it is a no success. Also , all of task schedulers have freez...
  • AGGR across table qliksense

    Hi   this following expression works fine as a normal KPI.   Sum({$<RankNo = {"=rank(Only({$<OrderWeekFlag = {1}, [DeliveryDate] = {'>=$(=vMinDeliveryWeek)'}> + <OrderWeekFlag = {1}>...
    Joanna Seldon
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  • Test server not behaving as it should at all ...

    Hi,   do I have to do anything particular when I have added a new time-triggered task to a QMC (on a testserver) and typed a new category for it, before this appears? I have hit "apply" several times, I can look...
    Friedrich Hofmann
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  • Qlikview server not running tasks

    Hi!   I have a pretty old Qlikview Server installation and for the last couple of weeks the QMC has been acting very strange.   All my tasks have status = Waiting, Last execution = Never and Started/Schedu...
    Kim Lindell
    created by Kim Lindell
  • QMC Reload Issue

    Hello,   Been a while since I've asked a question here but I've searched and searched and cannot seem to find an answer.   My company has been migrating files to new drive locations and the latest migratio...
    Kevin Prusa
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  • QMC processing please wait

    Good day   Please can someone help me.   I am trying to assign additional CAL's to a document but when I click on the particular document all I get is Processing please wait.   I can assign and manage C...
    Ross Wilson
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  • statusrecheckinterval

    Can someone tell me what the "statusrecheckinterval" exactly is / does? And is this set in minutes or seconds (or...)?   This value is found in the "config.xml" found under "C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\WebServer" a...
    Onno van Knotsenburg
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  • Reduce by field

    We have a table that shows metrics for the top 10 sub-categories.  We have 10 categories.  We want to distribute a report through the Qlikview Management Console that has one table per category.  One op...
    Laura Holland
    created by Laura Holland
  • Remove QlikView dashboard from Access Points

    May I know if by unchecking the 2 boxes to remove the qlikview dashboard from Access Points, will my scheduled tasks run as per normal?
    jas aw
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  • this qlikview document was created by another qlikview personal edition user

    Hi all,   it's very urgent, I need a help on qlickview, my colleague was using his user account to create a reports for two years, now he resigned but could not load the report and message appear. after resignat...
    Khalid Alshammeri
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  • Data Governance Dashboard

    I am trying to utilize the Data Governance dashboard (provided by Qlik) but I don't know what to do with two entries on the configuration page:   Install Directory   Profile Directory   The Install a...
    Steve Zagzebski
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  • Attribute assigned from a Field On Loop and Reduce

    On Loop and Reduce during Publish, is there a way to assign metadata document attribute based on a field value?
    Paul Davis
    created by Paul Davis
  • Task is being reloaded although task has been disabled in QMC

    Hello,   I have noticed a strange behaviour on our QlikView server.   I have a report which is reloaded weekly (every sunday). The data base connection for this report has changed, which is the reason wh...
    Rigobert Song
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  • QlikView supporting tasks

    Hello I'm working on QlikView and I want to run a task not based on schedule but rather depending on the result of a query against a table in the database I want to read a flag from a table if the value is 1 then the...
    Ali Hijazi
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