• Migrate the qlikview QMC tasks using powershell scripts

    Hello,   Any idea on how to migrate the tasks to different environment/servers. Right now I can use 1. RMS - Can't use it to migrate from/to major versions (Qlikview 11 to Qlikview 12) 2. QVPR - we don't want ...
    chandra sarva
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  • Survey: Help us shape the next Power Tools release!

    Hi all,   We're gathering feedback on what we need to do with the Power Tools for QlikView suite. We know that the QlikView 12 support is lagging behind, but we will try and address that soon. But we need to u...
    Stefan Bäckstrand
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  • QV QMC: Server->"Max Concurrent Reloads" vs. Distribution->"Max number of simultaneous QlikView engines for distribution"

    Hello!   I am searching for the difference between these settings on the QlikView Management Console:   - System -> Setup -> Distribution Services -> Advanced -> Max number of simultaneous Qlik...
    Rafael Capote
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  • C# QMS API Copy a task. Trigger problems

    Hello, I am trying to copy an existing task onto another source document. This works very well but there is one thing which should not be there.   Everything copies fine and the new task looks great. But if I l...
    Gero Kindling
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  • Section Access Problems without Re-Publishing

    A QlikView Server reloads a QVW and then distributes it via a QlikView Publisher to an Active Directory Group.   During the distribution, as I see it, the QVW is stored into a folder, other than the one it is ...
    Sandro Krumbein
    created by Sandro Krumbein
  • Disabling queueing of tasks when server is overloaded

    Hey,   We're currently upgrading to QV12 and we're having a few issues with queued tasks.   When the server the QDS is on gets overloaded (specified in the LoadBalancer_date log), the QMS starts adding ta...
    Charles McHugh
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  • Does Possible Session Timeout apply to Usage ?

    Hi,   We have a Qlikview Server with all kind of licences.   We are mostly using Session licences but we have Usage licences to be sure everybody will be able to connect.   The problem is that our Us...
    Frédéric Villemin
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  • QVW loaded into memory - what log file/event?

    I'm troubleshooting QVS performance issues and want to know what QVWs are loaded on the specific QVS node at the time of my problem. I'm not finding them in my current logs and assume I need to adjust my logging to ca...
    Trevor Roth
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  • Error while loading data from oracle

    Hi All,   I have qlikview applications schedule in QMC which gets the data from oracle database 11g. Recently i installed the oracle client 12 drivers on the same machine where i have oracle 11g is installed. Al...
    Viresh Kolagimath
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  • Problem with sheet create from user

    Hi, i have problem with Qlik Access point, with an user it create an Sheet "Foglio 3" like you see in the picture... now how can i delete it? becouse it was an error, and always i connect to access point i see that ne...
    Daniele Caprelli
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  • How to block all items in qlik from web access point

    Hi, i see i can block "move, remove, add" from every item in qlik, but how can i do that kind of thing in all my qlick items? i want when a user connect from web qlik access point, can't change nothing in the layout,...
    Daniele Caprelli
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  • Impact of Windows OS upgrade on Qlikview 11 installation

    1.We have to upgrade the current OS (Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise) to Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Service pack-1. 2. On the current OS ,Qlikview 11 is being deployed. 3. What are the impacts and  nec...
    sanjeeb sinha
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  • Who has accessed/visited my qlikview website?

    Hi,   There are many topics on how to collect data for authorization to applications via different logfiles (session,event and performence), However im interesting in getting information on "who has accessed/vi...
    Sahal Omer Hassan
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  • Use Publisher to distribute on a Server which has a reload service ?

    Hello,   The question in one sentence is not very clear but I'm sure you will understand.   We have a big standalone Qlikview Server S1. We are using the normal Distribution task without Publisher and we...
    Frédéric Villemin
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  • How to find older versions of Qlikview, not supported on public server.

    My company runs Qlikview 9.00.7646.9 SR6 64-bit Edition (x64) (we still use Windows 7 x64). Now my computer broke down and I need to reinstall, but I have lost my installation disc.   Can anyone please help me ...
    Thomas Beutler
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  • Unbalanced QVS Clustering with IIS?

    Hi there, we have a cluster with different CPUs specs. And because of this we want to activate Unbalanced Cluster. In the documentation (Unbalanced QVS Clustering ‒ QlikView) you configure the webserver config (ste...
    Christian Zimmermann
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  • QMC Expand / Collapse Stopped Working

    Hi Community, In the QMC Status tab for tasks there is functionality on the folders and tasks to 'expand' or 'collapse' all folders / tasks. After upgrading to QV 12 that functionality no longer works. When we right-...
    Derry Davis
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  • Which file contain the reload schedule?

    Hi, can you please tell me if it is possible to copy a relaod schedule from one QV server with no Publisher installed to another when the same QV version is used? We moved our QV server from one VMware server to anot...
    Nenad Vukovic
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  • How to Copy Reload tasks from one environment to other environment

    Hello Community,   We have two environments on our production one for Sales customers and other for internal Quality customers. These two environments are independent and each have their own servers.   Bu...
    Srikanth P
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  • Unrunnable tasks with "Cluster is down" problem in QlikView QMC

    Hi everyone, Just today in the morning our server appeared with most of the tasks with the parameter "Cluster is down" in the "Started/Scheduled" column (image 1). Characteristics: * If we click the "Edit this task...