• QlikView Management Service Won't Start

    Hi.   Just did a round of Windows Updates, and I think they broke this.  But I am not positive.  QMS won't start.  Event log has this:   Faulting application name: QVManagementService.exe, v...
    Rick Simmons
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  • Tool to Trace Qlikview QMC activities

    hi,   Is there any tool available to trace Qlikview QMC activities?   Thanks, Manish Madan
    Manish Madan
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  • Run Macros on server side

    Hi i have the following macro that generates a report in pdf and send it by mail   Sub GenerarPDF 'Aplico la Macro ActiveDocument.RecallDocBookmark "Spain" 'Creo el PDF Set PDFCreator = CreateObject("PDFCrea...
    Ignacio Cifuentes
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  • Can I delete .shared files when a document is not published ?

    Hello,   I have Qlikview Server 11.2 with many documents and in the logs there a remany informations like that :   2017-09-19 11:40:52 2017-09-19 14:47:37 4 700 Information SE_LOG: MetaService - GetData: C...
    Frédéric Villemin
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  • Is there a schedule or calendar for upcoming updates?

    I wanted to see if there is a calendar or schedule that shows the upcoming updates/upgrades that are being released in QlikView, QlikSense, and Nprinting? For some reason, no one here at my organization is on the emai...
    Ryan Saunders
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  • Auto start failure jobs in QMC

    Hi, I have a publisher and have lot of jobs running on daily basis. Every day due to various reason the job gets failed in between and I had to manually restart the same. Is there a way to handle this,like some sett...
    Paras Dalsania
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  • Qlikview 12.10 Latency on NTFS security with IIS

    Hello,   we are experiencing a strange behavioron Qlikview 12.10, on windows 2012 server x64, with NFTS security and IIS as web server on a separate server.   First case: A folder is secured on AD groups ...
    Nicolas Stefaniuk
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  • http://localhost:4780/qmc/default.htm not responding

    Hi All,   I have made some changes in the details of mail server through the management console itself. But on clicking on "Apply" button http://localhost:4780/qmc/default.htm link keeps on loading and at the en...
    Ankita Baderiya
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  • problem when stopping QV DSC v12.10

    when trying to stop QV DSC Service , we receive error message 1061. We user QV 12.10 SR8 An idea ?
    Olivier ROBIN
    created by Olivier ROBIN
  • Unrunnable tasks with "Cluster is down" problem in QlikView QMC

    Hi everyone, Just today in the morning our server appeared with most of the tasks with the parameter "Cluster is down" in the "Started/Scheduled" column (image 1). Characteristics: * If we click the "Edit this task...
  • Probel with Reload document with Management Console

    Hi i have a problem to reload automaitcally my document with Server Management Console. If i reload data in QV normally: it work ok. If i reload data in Management Console click in the Run button: it work ok but.. ...
    Daniele Caprelli
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  • Mount folder vanishes

    Hi all I observed that the Mount folder on QMC vanishes occasionally and all document disappears from access point. My mount folders are shared paths & QV is running on win 2008 R2 server Any thoughts?
    jay pk
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  • Reload from Web

    Hello ,   My Application is divided in 3 parts: Script.qvw ( Extraction Data) Builder.qvw ( Modelizazion Data) Template.qvw ( Front end)     My customer wants , frow Access Point Web, click on one bu...
    Steeven Rampani
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  • Qlikview EDX issue

    Hello everybody,   I have a Qlikview Server 11 SR 12 running on a Windows Server 2008 R2. I use the Qlikview EDX for a huge number of Qlikview refreshs. EDX refreshs are launched thanks to a scheduling tools exe...
    Pierre Philouze
    created by Pierre Philouze
  • Problems opening a QlikView-app

    Hi,   there is a QlikView_app that I Need to open - my colleagues here can open it all right, but I cannot. I do have a Named_User_CAL, I do have RW permissions on the Directory - I have already saved a small t...
    Friedrich Hofmann
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  • EDX question

    Hi,   I'm back with the EDX issue I have.   I can't find the QMSEDX.exe file. Is it a std part of an installation or do I have down load the file.   /M
    Michel Ivor
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  • AccessPoint Export to CSV with commas

    Hi everyone,   We've recently upgraded our QlikView Server from 11.2 to 12.1 SR7. (Fresh install)   It seems as though the AccessPoint's exporting functionality might have gone a bit backwards, we've notic...
    Duncan Andrew
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  • Export button cannon export from AccessPoint

    Hi, I'm trying to create a button to export selected data to an .qvo file. It works as usal when i run locally from my desktop QV but when open the app. from AccessPoint get the error msg "Cannot open file C:\Program ...
    Michel Ivor
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  • Opening Document on Server by URL: How to pass a parameter?

    I'm working with QVS 9 running the default Qlikview web services.(Not IIS) I would like to open a QVW using a url but I want to pass a parameter from the URL to a variable in the document. Later I will use the value ...
    Chris Cammers
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  • Qlikview Management Service with Powershell

    Hello!   We are trying to use the QMS to make some of the mundane tasks of updating an installation easier to administer. Things like: changing the order in which applications load etc.   As we are not a ....
    Sandro Krumbein
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