• How to Add 2 expressions in Straight chart on same row?

    Hi i have a straight table with a column called "Cost". i have added an expression which gives me Sum(cost) in USD. In the same Column i want to add another expression which will display the Sum(cost) in CAD.   ...
    Taher Talib
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  • Calc Networkdays from DD/MM/YYYY  to DD/MM/YYYY

    Hello everyone   I need help with find function to caculting duration from one event to another event wich exclude international weekend    (SUNDAY,SATURDAY) semilar to Ecel function :  ...
    Aviad Levy
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  • Where I get Qlikview real time scenarios ?

    Hi Friends, I want QlikView Real time Scenarios. where I get real-time Scenarios?
    Rohit Kakade
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  • Multiple Excel Sheets

    Hallo All,   I have few Excel Sheets with multiple files with Month_Year as the Sheet Name. How do i load all the sheets once and also save the Sheet Name as Date.     Ex: Data.xlsx has the Following...
  • Need help in changing the color for Line in chart - > expression

    Hi All,   I have a chart with combination of bar and Line . Qlikview shows its default red color for the Line.But I want to change to different color. I followed the instruction but it doesn't seems to be worki...
    Arun n
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  • How to calculate min date of a list but higher than today?

    Hi Community,   I need to create a 'Days left' object. We have a list of deadlines and would like to show the difference between the min date of the list and today. However min date of the list should always be...
    M Richman
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  • How can i fill color of gauge chart based on value of expression?

    Hi,   I want to design a gauge chart where my range will be target value and expression will be my sales value. And gauge chart should be filled with color depends on sales value.   Thanks in advance
    Sanjida Sarafat
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  • Get Previous Values

    Hi Everyone,   I have the sample data below and i would like to get the Previous Value Column, For each Quarter, get the value of the previous one, either in the script or in the chart   Thank's in Advance
    Zineb Jalal
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  • Help in date

    Hi,   I am trying to extract the date from hte below field, All the records has the same date but when i am using the date function ilst box DUPLICATE has to remove and has to menction only single date since all...
    vinod k
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  • =Max(Year) not working

    Hi Experts,   Can any one please help me on below issue. From my date field when i tried to find max(Year) i am getting 2.02k instead of 2018. Please help me on this. Same issue for Month and Monthname as well...
    bhavani b
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  • the measure of one chart depends on the chosen measure of another chart

    Hi,   I'd like to know if it's possible this situation, for example:   - I have to charts : one with columns e other with lines - The columns chart has several alternative measures - The measure of the l...
    Diandra Ribeiro
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  • How to load only 10 or 100 records from any file

    How to load only 10 or 100 records from any file? And how to modify the loading message in execution?
    Sriharsha Pillarisetty
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  • Using aggr in pivot table

    I have a pivot table with sales vs city and product. I want to add a new expressio wich shows sales by country. My hierrachial leves are: country -> city. I add this expression aggr(sum(sales), country)   ...
    Juan Vidal
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  • How to restrict last 6 Months in Bar chart

    Hi Experts,   Can any one please help me on below requirement. I have a date field like below in DD/MM/YYYY format. In the Year 2018 I have the Jan to Dec Months Data. In one bar chart I have to show first 6 ...
    bhavani b
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  • Color part of a chart title

    All,   Is it possible to set a color to a part of a chart title.   I have the following:   ='Stability test ' &  [Test] & ' ' & Conditie   as title, but i would like to color t...
    Patric Wessels
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  • Timestamp field issue

    Hi All,   I have a field which has timestamp value '4/8/2010  2:43:29 PM'. I wanted to get the month & year combination out of all dates. I have tried both the  logics but still not getting the des...
    Gayatri Kumari
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  • Variable not working in a background color set anlysis

    Hello everyone,   I'm trying to display color on a bar chart. to be more specific, my bar chart is sorted by weeks and i'm trying to display color on the latest week (i'm using a master calendar which you can se...
    Yann Lessassy
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  • Bulk Search in Qlikview

    Hi All,   Generally in Qlikviw, we do search using search box object by entering single value. I have requirement where user want to search for list of records like by uploading csv file etc. Any idea, Ho...
    Ashish Bhuyekar
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  • In Document Event Triggers, OnOpen-->Select on Field selection

    Hello, Everyone,   I have a hard time finding a solution to the following challenge:   I have a list box called "Buyers' and has 100 values, and I have another field called "Favorite Buyer"(from different ...
    Jhanaarthanan Gopalan
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  • Load only most current file

    I have a situation where .xls files are auto-populating into a folder daily.   Trying to figure out how to create a LOAD for ONLY the most current file (predicated on converting the trailing epoch time). Don't w...
    jonathan schneider
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