• Actuals, Forecast and Difference in pivot table

    Hello all!   Currently I have a horizontal straight table like this: I need to create a table which is similar to the above, but it should have actuals, forecast and difference for each of the metric. Someth...
    Manas BN
    created by Manas BN
  • Script for Count of Records using Multiple if between dates

    I'm Beginner and need some help in writing a script for count of Records using Multiple if Between dates   This is what i came up with Load TextCount(If([Current Status] = 'Filled', [Requisition Filled Date] >...
    koutilya gande
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  • Using a calculated expression as a dimension

    Hello, I'm working on a beast of a report.  Basically it takes a list of orders and then it assigns a reason based off the attributes that are pulled from all over the place.  I put everything in a Straight...
    Naomi Burton
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  • Full Screen

    Hi guys,   Has anyone figured out how to display Qlikview dashboards on access point full screen?  I tried following the advice given below and there is still no luck.  I am fairly new to the system so...
    alen arutyunyan
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  • Last Quarter same day and Last year same day

    Hi ,   I need to calculate sales for current quarter vs last quarter . Problem is it has to be calculated for the same day as today for last quarter.   For example :  if today is 9-19-2018 Q3 then it ...
    Pankaj Kaundal
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  • Can we set triggers for text objects.

    Hi, Could any one tell me how to set triggers for text object within the current sheet.   Regards Gopal.
    Gopal A
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  • date to return a number

    I have dates  where i need to return the number of the day ie 17/09/18 to return 1 18/09/18 to return 2 19/09/18 to return 3 20/09/18 to return 4 21/09/18 to return 5 22/09/18 to return 6 23/09/18 to retu...
    Mike Dube
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  • Cross Table

    Hi there, I made a cross table.   The Name of last column is 'Kennzahl' and the values of last column is 'Messwert'.   That is all right in preview. The column 'wtp14.nadelposition' is disappear. But i...
    Yihao Zhang
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  • Getting a new release - how to validate?

    Hello We're being updated to the latest release of Qlik. I was wondering what other business Qlik users do to validate that everything is working as it was prior to the update in release version? Thanks
    Ro Bo
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  • Problems with the Last Transaction Date

    Hello everyone,     I have a problem that is taking me several days and I'm not sure why it does not work.     On the one hand I have a set analysis (which works perfectly) and returns the co...
    Juan Carlos Sanchez
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  • When I add an expression to my chart the filters on the dimension columns quit working.

    I have a Fact and Dimension table joined on a shared column (row_ID ) when I add dimensions to my chart and select from my listbox filters the dataset is filtered. When I add an expression (to sum/aggregate) from the ...
    Trent Graham
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  • TOP 10 Sales Item in filter Pane

    Hi Can Anybody help,how to create a Filter in Qlik Sense with TOP 10 Sales item. I have ItemName,Value as the fields. Thanks Shiju
    Shiju John
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  • Cross Tables Duplicates Removal

    HI all, i made a cross table in Which i have combine 6 column into one field which is my AGeing column.. now my Ageing values Frequency is increased.. how can i remove Duplicates from them.     regards Abhay
    abhay singh
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  • Problem With Expression

    Hi Experts,   I have created one text object with this expression:   =Sum(Aggr(Sum(DISTINCT {<HIERARCHY_SELECT=,Recruiter = {'Irfan Memon', 'Rajiv Ranjan', 'Aditi Saxena', 'Sneha Singh'}, JobClassid = {...
    Sudhakar Battula
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  • Monte Carlo VaR calculation and aggregation in Pivot Table

    I am trying to calculate and aggregate MC VaR of some Portfolio with some Positions in Qlikview. On Reload I load Monte Carlo Series Data and it contains n Positions x nRuns Values.   The MC consist of two compo...
    Plamen Alexiev
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  • I need to create two buttons for "Morning" and "Night" shifts

    Hello All,   I am a new Qlikview user so I guess my issue might seem easy to you but I need your help with a report I have where I need to create 2 selection buttons one for the morning shift and the other for t...
    Samar Abdel Meguid
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  • Date field not connecting to master calendar

    Hi , I have a master calendar in my model that is working fine for the whole model. I have added a new table that has date field in it. The problem is that this field is not connecting to the master calendar, more ove...
    Victoria Khalifer
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  • How can we get a snapshot Data From Dynamic QVD

    Hi,   I have one QVD which is Running on Daily basis, but from that QVD i want to take Results on every month 6th and publish it in my report.     when taking results on every month 6th it should crea...
    HariKiran Dunnala
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  • Expression Total using If and Else condition

    Hi All,   I have been tasked to amend the Qlikview pivot table where I need to put an If and Else condition on the expression where it says if Name = 'ABC' than do calculation this way else the other way. The ex...
    Yashodhan Sarpotdar
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  • Create new field using if statement

    Hi guys,   I have a field which has string values. I want to create a field flag if any of the values contain the word 'enter'.   [Location]   London, singapore enter china enter enter Japan Ind...
    Aaron Dhobi
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