• Can i use a variable in a dimension?

    Can i use a variable in a dimension so i do not have to write each dimension value for different dimensions in a chart?
    fazi khan
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  • avg caluclate

    Hi all,   I want to calculate the avg  age in  years     [gauge chart]   my date field  =  opendate    format [DD-MM-YYYY]   how to calculate t...
    sony sing
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  • Import bookmarks into NP 16 Recipient List

    Is it possible to import a QlikView 11.2  bookmark into NPrinting 16.2  using Import Recipient List task so that the bookmark can be used to determine what data appears for a particular recipient ? Users are...
    Neil Gulliver
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  • Cannot open qvw file

    Hi I am using Qlik View personal edition and have a qve file that has been working fine. Today, while using the file, someone clicked on "add project to source control"... since then i am unable to open this file. &...
    zaahier dollie
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  • Maximum Week When Open Tab

    How do I code so that the maximum week (starting on Mon) is selected when a tab is selected.  I have the following fields: PostDate:  date posted WeekSort: numeric value for the week StartofWorkWeek: ...
    Quan Tran
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  • Presentation of Linear Gauge

    I was able to create a linear guage in the straight table.  However, the chart does not completely fill (see image) the width it is in.  How can I fill the width with the linear guage
    Quan Tran
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  • how to block data?

    Hi any suggestions on how to block this data when total drop 25? chart type is pivot table. I want to show hypen in vol 1,2,3 if the row total is less then 25 as highlighted in example below
    rashid muhammad
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  • Qlikview & Service now connection

    I use this for my connection & it says it connects successfully CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QvRestConnector.exe;url=https://xxx.service-now.com/web/;timeout=30;method=GET;autoDetectResponseType=true;keyGeneration...
    Judy Shoop
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  • Complete Week

    Hi   I have the data as below format , date associated with a week , i need to show data for rolling past 4 weeks , so if i consider today() - 30 then i am showing data for only a part of the week ... how do i ...
    steve jones
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  • I use QuickBooks Advanced Reporting based on Qlik.

    I use QuickBooks Advanced Reporting based on Qlik. In one of my reports a diminsion is coded as follows:   = if(([Transactions.Inventory Table] = 0) and (Transactions.Pending = 0 or IsNull(Transactions.Pendin...
    Dan Nigro
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  • Date/month calculation

    The highlighted months are showing 13-36 month, can someone help me to fix this.
    Karan KN
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  • Remove Others From Bar Chart

    I have a top 10 bar chart that has "Others" as a bar.  I was wondering how I can get rid of the "Others" from the bar chart.  Will this be a set expression? I tried an If as well.   =if(BILLING_PROV_NM...
    Quan Tran
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  • QVConnect "Failed To Start Connector"

    Hi folks. Just installed Qlikview at work and I'm having trouble using QVConnect to attach to my SQL Server based databases. QVConnect appears to reside in an AppData Local folder which must have some sort of permissi...
    Anthony Malone
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  • Creating a Data Model with Canonical Date

    I'm trying to create a new data model for my application that is robust. Currently I have loaded my master table twice, creating all my date time functions off of specific dates, but I cannot use a chart to sums, coun...
    Duke Luke
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  • How to solve the "Failed to start connector QVConnect" problem ?

       Hi there,   I've recently upgraded my QV to 12.20.20400 and I've got this issue now when I try to load data from a database (or connect a new one) : I didn't face that problem before and that's q...
    Jean-Eric Dorelon
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  • Excluding values in separate fields

    Qlik Develops.   I'm having two fields 'Transaction Type' and 'User Name'. now i want to return values of 'User Name' where it's = '1' and on transaction Type is = 'Savings'.   kindly advice.
    khanyisani ciya
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  • How to amend font colour in Block Chart

    Hi,   I have a block chart in my app and despite amending the font colour settings in the properties, black text still looks washed out and grey as if it has a transparency setting on it (which it doesn't, i che...
    Mark Cockerton
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  • Max in IF statement in load

    I am trying to put the below calculation into my load so I can then use this flag in set analysis. Can this not be done? I keep receiving errors. I didn't think I would need a group by since Max is within the IF. &nbs...
    Dan Green
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  • Null values in Pivot TABLE

    Hi all,   I am getting these null values in pivot table.Interestingly there are no null values in the fields for which pivot table is giving null values,Please help. Screenshot attach   App are also attac...
    Manu Sharma
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  • Overlay selection and totals in bar graph

    I want to create a single bar graph with live results overlayed in front of the static results for all data (i.e. ignoring selection).  Basically in a single graph one will be able to see the selected data as a p...
    Niel Gerryts
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