• General

    Hi All,   Can any one explain me how this is working i mean the workflow of this statement.   "If(Year2Date(Date, 0, 1, Today()), 1, 0) As YTDFlag,"   I am new to qlikview
    created by ADARSH CHAUBEY
  • Issue

    Hi All,   am trying to create org structure through hierarchy function Table, which is having emp no and reporting manager ID.   can anyone help me out on the same.   PFB for your reference!!!  ...
    satish qlik
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  • Section Access Interview Question

    Hi Experts,   In interview a normally interviewer asked this question regarding section access? How to explain it?   Explain about the section access in Brief with types (Along with examples) and important...
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  • How do I change the width and height of an object with a macro based on a variable.

    Hello everyone,   I added a qlikview document to help explain my question. What I am trying to achieve is on the right part of this Qlikview document and on the left of the qlikview document we find the examples...
    Casper van Pomeren
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  • Above Function

    Hi   please check attached images, why February is missing in above statement?
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  • mouse hover on table objects

    Hi,   Created a straight table with dummy columns as below :   Category Name                 Value    &nb...
    Malaika S
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  • Average Trend Line

    Hi,   I have to add an average trend line in bar. I add the line  in expression tab check average and show equation. Everything looks good however I am unable to change color of the text for average ie 'y=1...
    Malaika S
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  • How to see current time in Qlikview

    How to see current time in Qlikview
    Bhanu Prasad
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  • Utilization Calculation

    Hoping I can get some help on a function I am trying to put together.   I would like to do a calculation for utilization for number of exams per hour as a percentage.     This is what I have so far: cou...
    kurleigh henry
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  • Read data from Qlikview in to sas

    Hi guys!   I have a QVX data file like that The file includes:   -An XML formatted table header, after loading XML table header in SAS SYSTEM, i received some SAS datasets that describe about structure of Q...
    le duong
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  • How to make column data as headers in qlikview

    I am connecting to qlikview via smartsheet, and i wanted column data to be headers, as per attached spreadsheet, i want to use the TG data as column headers   For Eg:   Project Name    ...
    Sneha Wankhede
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  • cross table for two column

    Hi everyone,   My excel looks that this one (I know, it's not the happiest structure)     ITEM_KEY Value0 Date0 Value1 Date1 Value2 Date2 Value3 Date3 Value4 Date4 Value5 Date5 8893 2450 07-Jan-09 ...
    ionut biliuti
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  • If function, but merge to one column in table

    #Hi Fellow QLIK'ers   Below code to find Values that exist in [PO DOC TYPE] the aim is to keep this as a single Column but my below code is creating multiple new columns ... Obviously I can change my data manual...
    Lee Warman
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  • how to keep the value constant

    hi everyone   i'm working on a project  i need to find availability of application and each and every system work in different times so i manage to flag working days ,Saturday and Sunday for the applicatio...
    thabo moeketsi
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  • Group by Purchase order to sum to single line

    Hi Qlik'ers,   Trying to group Purchase orders from the below script and table the sum will add the invoice values to a single line.     PurchasingOrderNumber PurchaseOrderValue Invoiced Value 4...
    Lee Warman
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  • Concatenate Address With Blank Fields

    I am trying to concatenate several address fields from one table into one formatted address. If the field has a NULL value I would like to skip it and go to the next. I have tried + and & nothing seems to work. &n...
    Melvin Scott
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  • Getting Started for Designer

    Hello,   I am taking "Getting Started for Designer Version 10 - Module 3 Using QlikView Desktop", and i can't find anywhere the files for this trainning.   Where can i get them?   Best Regards, S&#...
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  • Last 13 Months Sales

    Hi all,   I need to show last 13 months sales in bar chart when a date is selected, but 1. when the selected date is month end of the selected date like(3/31/2017) i need to show current month and &nbs...
    Kiran Geeth
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  • Table Box and Inputfield - Using the QV Client

    Hello:   Before I have several of my users get the Qlikview desktop client, I'm wondering about the following:   1.)  If I have a Table box with an InputField that's used for inputting comments and I ...
    Perry Newman
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  • Label Question

    So I have a label column (this is WTD sales)   = 'Sales ' & max(total Year) & chr(10) & 'Week ' & max(TOTAL [Week No])   I have a second label (This is WTD Budget)   = 'Budget Sales ...
    joe adams
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