• reading excel problem

    Hi guys   I attached a qvd file that has different indexes on it (index name field) I want have a separate chart for each index not all the indexes in one chart   I appreciate if anyone can help
    elham kabir
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  • Is it possible to load the attached excel as- is ?

    Hello Community Experts, I'm not sure if it's possible to load the attached excel as-is, without breaking down the data into separate excels for each year. Currently it has only 2 yrs data but in the future data will...
    Ramya Sai
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  • Date conversion in load

    Hi Experts   I have a date column examples a) 12/3/2015 1:01:22 PM b) 6/8/2016  2:52:33 AM   I want to convert this to date format like a) 12/03/2015 b) 06/08/2016   Date conversion works i...
    Umashankar Ulaganathan
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  • varience

    HI Experts,   I have pivot table sales ,here i want variance like below   loveisfailavinashelitejagankush141087vikasmahajan Monthname,Sales Jan,100 Feb,500 Mar,1000 Apr,2000 May,2500 June,3500  ...
    mahesh kumar
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  • problem with reading from excel format

    Hi guys   I attached one excel file and two picture of example of my excel and the chart i want to extract from excel Please let me know how i should change the excel or how i should write script to extract bel...
    elham kabir
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  • Show Percent on pie Chart from some column

    hi i have a pie chart and i want show percent on it but my value from some column and show wrong percent . all 100% !!! please help me
    mohammad reza
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  • Get different dates with different id's

    Good morning dear experts,   It's been a long time I'm posting a new thread on the community, but I'm with a complicated problem and need help from you experts: Gysbert Wassenaar, Sunny Talwar, Stefan Wühl...
    Miguel Braga
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  • failed to open document ,file not found for single document

    Hi , when i try to access document through single sign on it is saying "failed to open document ,file not found " error,    please help me some one, am sending webticket also@@   stephen-x.redmondl...
    narasimha k
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  • Listbox Selections

    I have a list box with a variable number of items:   ACTUAL BUDGET1 BUDGET2 BUDGET3   I need to keep the filter on "ACTUAL" while allowing for the ability to select any one of the three other budget ite...
    Steven Paulich
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  • What are ABAP and SAP?

    What are SAP and ABAP? I searched and got a bunch of different acronyms that don't quite make sense.   Is SAP a database engine? Is ABAP a programming language? Or are they nothing of that nature? What are the...
    johny basha
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  • hour split

    Hi Experts,   I have the Hour field which has values from 00 to 23.   I need to split this hour into two shifts.   Shift1 : 06 to 20 Shift2 : 19 to 13 (this 13 is next day)   I tried with the ...
    Pr Rajendran
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  • How to get totals and percentage for top 3

    Can someone please assist me to get total and percentage for top 3 records. The file is attached with sample data and the required final output.   Thank you.
    Thirumala Dandamudi
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  • how to get the max and min in a straight table

    ID Days max(days)-min(days)-currentvalue A 5 0 B 7 -2 C 2 3 Hi experts, I have a straight table with ID and Days. ID is the dimension and Days is expression. i want to create the 3rd column as an expression but i do...
    Alex Pan
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  • Qlikview Life Cicle Roadmap

    Hi people, I do technology standardization where I work and one importantant information I need is to know the life cicle of the products. It means how much time a version of a product lives or receives patches and re...
    José Junior
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  • How to compare if the 2 dates are the same?

    Hi,   I am trying to get a total count of 2 columns of dates to find out if they are the same.   Date Account Created vs Date of Booking (those dates that are the same)     How do I go about ge...
    Esther Chan
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  • How to take a Date header and insert in a column

    Created on 18/08/17 at 08:35 by mike   Hi, I have be trying for too long unsuccessfully and finally need to call for some assistance please:   Many of the report I pull into QV start with the above stateme...
    Mike Bennett
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  • Best fit

    Hi I have used the zoom to fit add on and macro, and all works fine if using the Qlikview app, the screen resizes the width, then i just scroll down the page. Internet Explorer works the same. When i use Chrome, it ...
    Chris Simpson
    created by Chris Simpson
  • QMC System options are not loading

      hi Community,   Since yesterday, I was not able to see options under systems. Do I need to check any further on it to get options.     -Priya
    Priya R
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  • Qlikview Desktop License

    Hi All,   Would like to know about Qlikview Desktop Licensing information. Is this seperate from Web License? Can anyone explain as I am completely new .   Thanks
    Santoshi Atmakuru
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  • Tell me below requirement?

    Hi, I have to provide input box to the user. If user enter any date in the input box and automatically select in month in month list box or chart.   Ex: user enter 10/06/2017 in input box it automatically se...
    Gattamaneni chaitanya
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