• Set specific row  / field value in a table

    Hello I am trying to set a specific row / field value in my table.   The problem is the specific value has a ' in the field name.   The following will work, no problem: =if(Match(Risktype,'Liability - Pro...
    kristen swann
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  • setup is not installing

    hello ,   i have been trying to install qlikView on my personl laptop after the files get extracted its installation is getting complete after extraction some windows installer message came . and its ends. kindl...
    Mohit Sharma
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  • Edit Some data according to some criterio from the script

    Hello all,   I am trying to edit some numbers in very large tables and it is doable in chart expressions but it makes it very very slow for the user.   So I looked it up and thought of editing data in the ...
    Sha Sha
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  • Combo Chart (line/bar)

    Hello Community. I have a line chart that shows the years planned sales data. I would like to add a bar chart, but only one bar showing the total planned for the current month. So given this is July, my chart would s...
    Zoe Mwendabai
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  • How to use a selected value out of Query result in another Query

    Hi, I am very new to the Qlikview tool. Need help in achieving a report that comes based on selection of few other values that are also comes out of simple queries. 1. Need to list out all the products (not many). W...
    Chuck Pala
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  • Chart

    Hi guys, Please how do I make this look like this:
    peter David
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  • Applymap and Aggregate functions

    Is it possible to do group by in the mapping load?   Example: UnitPriceMap: Mapping LOAD Plant & Material & Month([Posting Date]) & Year([Posting Date])& [Document currency] as UnitPriceKey, ...
    Jan Hariharan
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  • what is  concatenate ?

    Hi qlik team,          i am new in qlik view so you can explain the concatenate concept              Thanking you team,
    sivakumar k
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  • Need Macro Help

    Hello,   Please find my attached Qvw. You see two charts which is Sales and Revenue charts. There is a button which will export those two charts to PowerPoint.   I am looking for option before exporting to...
    pinky P
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  • I do not like sheet defaults

    Why does OnActivateSheet just not work?   I have 1 action currently and it is Select in Field   Field: =Year SearchString: =Year(Today())   Can anyone tell me where I went wrong please
    Carter Tomlenovich
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  • what is apply map?

    Hi,   i am new to qlikview so can you please explain about applymap?     Thanks
    sivakumar k
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  • Need users accessing a tab on a dashboard

    Hi there! I need to provide auditing details for a tab on a dashboard. Is there a way to provide that detail? Thanks!
    Ruchit Sharma
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  • mmm-yyy to year

    My excel have a date format mmm-yyy but in qlikview i want to make a list box of year n month. is it possible?
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  • Help Using Rank Function

    Hi,   Can someone help me using Rank function, i have this example but the output is not what i expected :   =aggr(if(rank( Sum({< DataType = {'Outsort'} , YearMonth = {$(=Max(YearMonth))} , ItemT...
    Eduardo Mendes
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  • Pagination Restful Api

    Hi everyone i have an question about the pagination in the restful connector!   I can't pagination and i dont know why source: Paginated Responses - Eventbrite Developer Center   data structure ...
    Fabian Wannemüller
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  • passing variable to sql when variable values >1000

    Hi All,   i have specific requirement to connect to multiple database where my first database gives me actual data and from this data i need to take a columns values and pass it on to my second database and check...
    narayanasai g
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  • Internal inconsistency, general exception in UV event loop

    We have bee facing the subject error since quite some time now in our QlikView servers. The issue happens randomly on QlikView server and the "QlikView server" service gets restarted automatically. On checking the eve...
    Kashyap Dhar
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  • geting trouble with general exception in UV event loop message

    Hi,   My QlikView service stopped with 'general exception in UV event loop' message. What does that mean?   thanks   Regards
    Marc GONNET
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  • QlikView: How to lock dimension value at one place to filter records in all charts on the sheet?

    I am loading data from Oracle, and displaying in multiple charts on two QlikView sheets.  My need is to visualize data in one sheet (for one set of users) with one value of dimension A, and visualize charts on an...
    Sanjay Vaidya
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  • Note on Traffic light while hovering

    IHi   when we hover the traffic lights chart, can we dynamically display a note. Like if the traffic light is red, when we place the cursor on the red light the reason for red light needs to be displayed. Is ...
    narayanasai g
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