• database connections

    did any one used other than ODBC and OLEDB driver. is there any driver or not
    manoj kumar
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  • Set Analysis -how to display 2 statuses @hired and @is now

    Hi Experts I need help. Scenario is empl ID 5549 hired in 2016  in dept WAREHOUSE now as of Mar 2017 he is in dept SALES STORE1   Requirement is to show his status/dept at the time of hire and where he is ...
    rashid muhammad
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  • Set expression and Input box not working ? Help

    Hi All ,   I have to calculate sales for particular Item ( which has to be selected by user from Input box ) . But both are not working .     I tried same with sector , it worked for both Input box...
    shekar shekhar
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  • Sum, mode, count question

    Trying to count the number of sizes; however, I do not want to include in the count the sizes that doesn't come in a particular size. The image below shows a dress that comes in numeric sizing; however, the count func...
    Karley Etherington
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  • 2 Excel spreadsheets with different fields into 1 qvd

    I have seen some conversation around this topic but I cannot wrap my head around it.   Excel file 1   Requests: Load Id, Request#, RequestDescription, Detail Status.....etc   Excel File 2   Lo...
    Judy Shoop
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  • TOP5 Customers based on sales

    I want to display Top5 customers based on sales in straight table by using expression. Only Top5 customers (Based on sales) should display, remaining customers should not display. Please drop the solution here only ...
    Mallikarjun p
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  • dump variables and expressions and global number set format?

    Enclosed is a simple project but as you can see, certain expressions (fields/columns) are dependent on other expressions.  Is there a way to dump all variables with their definitions and all expressions, with the...
    becki kain
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  • Concatenate 2 tables with different Calendars

    Hello!  I've been trying to figure out  loading 2 tables joining different Fiscal Calendars  using concatenation....The scripts runs well without error but is not showing the other Fiscal Calendar. ...
    Caroline Acosta
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  • Sum for different months

    Hello everybody! I have this kind of table     Months      Sales January     50 January     60 Fabruary    60 March &...
    Anna Brancati
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  • Derived Field

    I have the following fields and values in my fact table:   MedAidAmt Shortfall 15 2 5 0.50 0 10 0 20   I want to create two fields based on the value of the MedAidAmt at load script level as follows:  ...
    Christopher Chitemerere
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  • Number formatting - millions to billions

    Hi everyone,   I'm a beginner Qlikview user and am still struggling with anything past making simple charts and list boxes.   In this case, I have a 'Market Size' KPI text box, with a formula of =sum(Amoun...
    Andrew Houston-Floyd
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  • fix (hold) the row order, in a pivot table

    I have this load script so that my vehicles are displayed in a set order and this works fine, until someone click on a Segment, then the segment which was clicked on goes to the bottom of the table.  if I remove ...
    becki kain
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  • Help with Set Analysis

    Hi,   I would like to show new customers in a pivot table. A new customer is one who has not purchased anything(Direct/Indirect) from the company in the past. The concept I use is, if the customer does not have ...
    Sangeetha Shanmugham
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  • Dynamic Totaling

    Hello Everyone,   I have a Text Object with the following expression in it: = 'Total AUM' & ' '& Money(Sum(If(epic_issue_type='Epic' and project_name<>'PMO Test' and project_name<>'PMO IM...
    matt parker
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  • Null value showing up using aggr() function

    Hi All,   I have a requirement where in I need to do a YTD calculation. Pasting a snapshot of the dataset below :       CO Number Month Failed Chan...
    Joshua Palani
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  • where clause

    I need to output N where   [alg-stat] is blank and below is my script     Allergens_Data: NoConcatenate load upper([p-code]) as [p-code], //Upper done in products table [p-split1] //Parent product c...
    Mike Dube
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  • Partial Reload vs Incremental Load

    Hi, I would like to the diff b/w partial and incremental load ?   Partial Reload - Loads only the full table along with the ADD or REPLACE prefix and not the records Incremental Load - Loads oly the records and...
    Pradeep S
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  • bad file name

    Hello, trying to build "Sales Variation" same as the demo sample data in Qlik Sense: "Sales Discovery" > "Sales Comparison" this is the expression in the sample data: expression: (sum([YTD Sales Amount])-sum([L...
    uriel tedgi
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  • Straight table column problem

    Hi qliks, We have a straight table which has around 74 columns. It displaying data. But when I added a new column table is not displaying any data. I mean it's blank. After removal of new column table is displayin...
    suresh kumar
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  • correction of expression

    I am new to qlik, pls. help to correct the below expression I want to sum of column amount-Sep 2016 where main column =Account receivable sum( {$<Main={'Account Receivable'}>}amount-Sep 2016)
    Mohammed Ansari
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