• How to Combine Multiple Files into one Excel workbook with different worksheer

    Hi,   I have written Macro code to export few report (Main, Enabler and Wholesale). I would like to retain and add another code to extract all the report into one with multiple sheet. Any idea, guys? My code is...
    Haikal Azri Bin Abu Bakar
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  • Aggr(RangeSum(Above( function not working

    Hello Everyone.   Need help in writing the expression for Bar chart.   The req is  for date 07/09/2018 for the BU need to Minus the Above value and so on. Expected Output  -07/09/2018 for BU(IBG...
    shreya nadkarni
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  • To exclude the public holidays based on a holiday table loaded to create variable calculation

    Hi,   I am trying to exclude public holidays and weekends in the bolded calculation below. Can anyone help please?   LOAD [Holiday Date]   FROM   LOAD   [Issue ID], [Notification Date],...
  • Load Script Case

    Dear Scripting Master,   Is it possible if I have a data like this: What load script should I use to produce output like this? Thank you for any of your solution.
    Denny Setiawan
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  • need help

    Hi all,i have service field caled 0 and 1 i need to write in script like if 0means Internal else External , as a new field . How?
    sahaja qlik
    created by sahaja qlik
  • Show most recent plotted value

    Hi,   For red line, i am able to show the last plotted value, but for blue line, the same expression used but the value didn't show up.   Red Line: if(Month = 'Oct', sum ({<FY ={'FY2018'} >}Job)/Sum...
    Wendy Tham
    created by Wendy Tham
  • While/For loop in qlikview to repeat rows

    Hello Team, I am trying to repeat Rows in qlikview based on the below screenshot. Each row should be repeated based on the difference between From and To Date as shown in expected output screenshot. I have also atta...
    Sathish B
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  • Two lads

    Hello all,   I have a question here- I have done on some charts in dashboard (bar,stacked bar,bubble)like that with different tabs like tab 1 tab 2 tab 3 but in the same sheet. Whatever I created in the tab 1 is ...
    Pujtha Doodala
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  • Getting 2 columns of data into a new column depending on a status

    Hi,   I am trying to get data from 2 columns and put the data into a new column depending on the criteria/status from another column:   Example: Column 1 - Status     Column 2 - Bud...
    Ben Eldridge
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  • Using 2 columns of data to create another column depending on criteria

    Hi all,   New to Qlik and stuck on some coding for something I would like to create:   I have 2 columns of numbers I would like to use for a new column depending on the status in another column:   St...
    Ben Eldridge
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  • Checking if the register is in Previous Bar

    Hello all !   I have an application that load only Codes having a flag called Policy = 'Y'. The problem is: along the time, these Codes enter and leaves the Policy, so if they leave ( Policy = 'N'), they are no...
    Paulo Roberto
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  • Loading excel table into script causes Qlikview to hang

    Hi. I am very new to Qlikview, so I hope this is not something silly that I'm doing wrong. Installed Qlikview yesterday and going through some training videos. At first, I could add an Excel file in the script editor...
    Rob Frankel
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  • Two loads

    Hello all,   I have a question here- I have done on some charts in dashboard (bar,stackked bar,bubble)like that with different tabs like tab1 tab2 tab3 but in the same sheet. Whatever I created in the tab1 is re...
    Pujtha Doodala
    created by Pujtha Doodala
  • Bringing 2 columns of numbers into a new column depending on criteria

    Hi all,   Fairly new to Qlik but loving the challenge.   I am slightly stuck on coding for something I am trying to create to go into a new column I would like to add in my table box.   There are 2 c...
    Ben Eldridge
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  • How to do filter after filtering in the expression?

    Hello,   I have a table with Region, Report_Parameters as the dimension and the expression is given below;   if ( Report_Param = 'Gross Profit in % of Sales', ((Sum({< Report_Param = {'Gross Profit'...
    Bhavesh Pediredla
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  • Cell copy and paste in Ajax

    I found this article in the Qlik community Extension to copy cell values in Ajax that states that the copy cell value feature was added in the 12.20 release.  Can anyone confirm this is true?  I have not bee...
    Jim Gibson
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  • Add 'if' conditions to set analysis

    Not good at Set Analytics AT ALL   I found a formula and adapted it for my needs and it is working, partly....   I have a set of data and I want to count every record in that table that is:   ...
    Erika Leal
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  • Make a table where the stock accumulate month by month

    Hello, I apologize for my english, i hope you understand. I have the next problem: I want to do a table where the stock showing the accumulate quantity month by month, I have the quantity wich is ussed in each mon...
    Elena Dominguez
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  • Split en sum duration

    Hi all,   I have a text file that as follows: cardnumber, building/floor, time in, time out, duration. example: c001, Crown/firstfloor, 31/07/18 11:59:58 PM, 01/08/18 12:01:57 AM, 00:01:59   Qlik is new f...
    GJ Kleijer
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  • Average of Dimension

    Hello QlikCommunity,   I'm having a problem with a spreadsheet and until now I haven't found a suitable solution in any forums. Maybe you can help me.   To the situation: I have a file that I want to ev...
    Markus Uschner
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