• how to loae the txt file in qlikview

    Hi , I am new to Qlikview.Can you please tell me how to load the below attached text file into the qlikview.
    Zarina Shaik
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  • Not able to execute QMSEDX on QV server

    I am not able to trigger tasks via EDX in QMC. Please let me know, what i am missing or is there anything wrong in the  steps that i followed.   I have downloaded QMSEDX_CommandLine_v1 from Using EDX in Qli...
  • Not working - Ignoring the field value in Set analysis

    Hi Experts,   I have tried to ignoring the fields in the set modifiers, but not able to ignore the field values in the set analysis in textbox. Please find the below textbox expression   =MinString({<...
    Qlik View
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  • previous and actual selected year values

    In my attached file, i've a chart (Points) where I show values corresponding to the previous year to the selected one. I also need to show (on the same chart) the selected year values for Comm and value fields. I ap...
    Eva maria
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  • Load Data from Excel Binary File - ODBC

    Hi   Am trying to load data from an Excel Binary File .xlsb   I used the following code   ODBC CONNECT32 TO [Excel Files;DBQ=C:\temp\Filename.xlsb];   SQL Select *   FROM [C:\temp\Filena...
    Jan Heinrichsdorff
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  • Calculate the difference between 2 dimensions

    hi all   I have the following data  set it contains 1000 occupations and 13000 skills , i want to create a visualization where I user pick occupation twice, one is their starting occupation and the other th...
    ian de oliveira
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  • How to show the legend with values in pie chart

    Hello Experts,   I want to show the legend with values in pie chart. Below i am attaching images       For this out put i used  Dimension: Skillname Expression1:=Sum({<[Closed date] = ...
    Sudhakar Battula
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  • There is table which i had placed compare field1 and field2 ?

    If fields are normal (Row1)  -->  Output should be Normal If fields are increasing and decreasing (Row4 and Row2)  -->  Output should be not Increasing If fields are increasing (Row3) ...
    srikanth b
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  • Qlikview Map is not working in Chrome

    Hi All,   Please let me know any settings can be done on qmc or some where else,since maps is not working in internet explorer but same is working on Chrome
    sunil kumar
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  • NPrinting generate connection cacha stuck

    Hello. I did chance my NPrinting server. Before we Qlikview and NPrintin in same sever. Now those are in two seperte servers. Also now I have problem that after I start generate connection to Qlikview server NPrintin...
    Timo Komppa
    created by Timo Komppa
  • Last seven days Average value calculation on script.

    Hi, In attached data I have day wise GCV value. But against lot of dates it is blank. Now i want last seven days average GCV value against the blank date.   GCV value for Date 12/04/2018 :-  (4299 + 4...
    Lalit Kumar
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  • change position

    Hi All, Bala Bhaskar i want to display the one dimension as last column means after the measure   i have 3 requirments  in straight table is working as expected   so i want that to be reflected s...
    sony sing
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  • how show value in separated line in line chart

    Dears I have below container that include 3 line charts that they show revenue, subscription and charged MSISDNS pew Categories based on date_key.   the question is that I want show in first look the total re...
    Nazanin Salehpour
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  • Same query on Oracle timestamp field giving wrong result in Qlik Sense - Please help

    Hi, I have a materialized view in Oracle and I am using below SQL for my incremental load logic: [Data]: SELECT count(*) FROM "EDI_E2E_USER"."ABC_E2E_TRACKING_RECORD" where QLIK_ADD_DATE_TIME > '17-Aug-18 09:4...
    sandip Ghosh
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  • Date Dimension

    I'm having issues with my date dimension in Qlik View showing up too many times   Original Data Set   Date      Minutes 1/1/18         ...
    Kayla Ramsey
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  • Expand a dimension in Qlikview chart

    Hi,   Any guru knows how to expand Year dimension into Month in a bar chart? I want to everytime I click on a year in the dimension, it will expand to 12 months numbers. Basically it's the consolidation of Char...
    hien ngotran
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  • Remove columns with 0 as value in Dimension/measures not supress values etc

    Hi,   I have a requirement to group a measure into 2 I got single dimension as YearMonth 2 measures, one is for Amount A and another is for Amount B From Jan to June there are values for Amount A From July t...
    Shahbaz Khan Mohammed
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  • Sorting Expression when Conditional?

    Hi,   I am running into an issue with a straight table I've created. I am unable to sort the data in my expression column from least to greatest/greatest to least.   Normally, I've never run into this iss...
    Data Guru
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  • How to Download Qlikview Server

    Hi All. Please Can anyone tell me How to download and Install QlikView Server software. Thanks. Vinod
    Vinod J
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  • qlikview chatbot

    please provide some doccument about the integration of microsoft chatbot to qlikview or qliksense in access point
    manoj kua mr
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