• Display data based on the calendar dates

    Hi, We have different dates used in the dashboard, but the requirement is to display data based on the calendar dates. we are displaying 3 months, 6 months and YTD data and I'm facing issues while making selections....
    Roshitha Bellam
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  • expression in INLINE used in expression

    Expressions: Load * Inline [ Expression_Id, Expression              1, sum(Value)             ...
    Amien Amien
    created by Amien Amien
  • Dynamic loading of text file

    Dear QLikview Experts,   Recently I had came into a big headache with the following situation whereby my machine system had been modified by adding in extra data to the text file (The extra data is 'Retest'). In...
    Zhang QianNing
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  • Split Full Name into Sub-Names

    Dear all   Kindly help to advise how to split full name into sub-names and assign code (or number) to all sub-names.   Full Name Name1 Name2 Code1 Code2 Johny Tan Kim Seng Johny Tan...
    Tracy Crown
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  • Dates in set analysis

    Hi All,   I have requirement where in I have to get the count of  a dimesion w.r.t to one date based on the selection of a different date dimension   Please find the sample data     Customer...
    Anupama Jagan
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  • How to use between case in Conditional formatting

    Hi All,   I want to mark background color with yellow color if percentage falls between 40% to 60%.   Please help me that how can i do the same. Below is the screenshot.  
    Bhuprakash Sharma
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  • calculate  DIF between tow rows

    Hi,   I have this table:   the last row is the difference between the third and first rows.   what do I put in the expression in order to show difference?>     thanks, Anat
    Anat Levin
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  • How to keep all the column Value in charts

    Hi all   Below is my tableA   lang, year,  amt tamil, 2013,3409 english,2013,8953 tamil,2014,4852   in chart if i select year 2014 i am getting only lang 'tamil' but i want both with the amt...
    sampath srividhya
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  • bar chart expression calculation

    Hi,   I need to create the following:     the red and blue are actually orders in Atlanta/Chicago which are belong to the current year only and having specific status.   how can I calculate or...
    Anat Levin
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  • Column Header Horizontal in Qlik sense

    Is it possible to do like this in qlik sense table chart or pivot chart. Is their any extension??
    Shahzad Ahsan
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  • Highest value of variables

    hello community,   i Need help Form an analysis:   i have a Few variables: v_1 = 3.9 v_2 = 4.2 v_3 = 1.9 v_4 = 7.0 ...   i want to geht the highest value from the variables. (7.0)   how ca...
    Alin Pascut
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  • Previous related error

    I am having weekly product sales.   While using below condition, i am not getting correct results sometimes. when a new product is added or removed in new week, then it's quantity is getting added to previous w...
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  • How to fix the pivot table area size

    Dear All,   I am stuck at one place as i have added Total text box in bottom of the pivot table.   When I filter the data then pivot area change according the selection but I want it not to change.  ...
    Bhuprakash Sharma
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  • Map ID not found and reload failer in server...

    Complete Strange and Magical   we have a separate extractor to extract the all the dimension tables, when i reload in my local dev server reload was successful without any issues.   But reload failed in T...
    vishal goud
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  • Comparing 2 text fields in Concatenated table

    Hello!   I'd  like  to create a new column that compares 2 text fields in a concatenated table that varies by week (Previous and Current week),  I need to determine if ShipStatus has changes or no...
    Caroline Acosta
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  • Heat map in Qlikview

    Hi, I did a floor plan heat map dashboard using Excel something like below which the shapes contain conditional formatting. Is there any possible way to create it in Qlikview or link it into Qlikview?
    Irene Ooi
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  • Average over latest three Months

    Hi Experts (Expect Dear Sunny to look in to this in particular)!   Kindly note that to arrive at profits, I have considered values over four Months of different variables. If I am to take in to account averages o...
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  • What is meant by partial reload? What is its use? Please explain!

    Hi All,   What is meant by partial reload? What is its use? Please explain!   Thanks, Attitude
    At titude
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  • Input Box Expressions

    Hello Qlik Community, I'm new to Qlikview and I am struggling with a task I must do. I load some variables from my sql server; Region, Site and Tank. Each Tank has a region and a site and I want to create an input li...
    Ioannis Vergos
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  • if else evaluation method in Qlikview

    Hello,   I would like to understand how Qlikview evaluates the "if else" conditional statement used in chart expressions.   For example: if(1=1, 'TRUE', if(2=2,'TRUE','FALSE'))   In this example, I know...
    Dev Ram
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