• QMC System options are not loading

      hi Community,   Since yesterday, I was not able to see options under systems. Do I need to check any further on it to get options.     -Priya
    Priya R
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  • Qlikview Desktop License

    Hi All,   Would like to know about Qlikview Desktop Licensing information. Is this seperate from Web License? Can anyone explain as I am completely new .   Thanks
    Santoshi Atmakuru
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  • hour split

    Hi Experts,   I have the Hour field which has values from 00 to 23.   I need to split this hour into two shifts.   Shift1 : 06 to 20 Shift2 : 19 to 13 (this 13 is next day)   I tried with the ...
    Pr Rajendran
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  • Tell me below requirement?

    Hi, I have to provide input box to the user. If user enter any date in the input box and automatically select in month in month list box or chart.   Ex: user enter 10/06/2017 in input box it automatically se...
    Gattamaneni chaitanya
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  • When it will go for join and Keep?

    Hi, I know about basic difference between join and keep. But in some interviews ask witch scenario go for join and witch scenario go for keep.   Thanks Chaitanya
    Gattamaneni chaitanya
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  • 6 months rolling set analysis expression not working with aggr function

    Hi,   avg(aggr(((Sum(a/b))*c),[emp ID],Month_Year))   This was my expression initially in the chart, then i got a requirement of 6 months rolling for that chart, i used the below set analysis expression, w...
    kishore pandurangan
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  • string into number (LOAD)

    Hi,   I am currently searching for a simple way to convert a string into a number.   E.g.: I have the string "€ 5000". As it is not possible to calculate with this I would like to just load the number...
    Robert Gansel
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  • changing scale on a bar chart?

    hello:   If i want to plot raw memory, which is measured in megabytes against % of used memory, which is measured from 0-100%, how do i either scale down the memory measurement or scale up the % used memory meas...
    becki kain
    created by becki kain
  • How to take a Date header and insert in a column

    Created on 18/08/17 at 08:35 by mike   Hi, I have be trying for too long unsuccessfully and finally need to call for some assistance please:   Many of the report I pull into QV start with the above stateme...
    Mike Bennett
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  • Charts showing null

    Hello all,   I have been facing this issue where I have to display an Inventory Value against a particular Brand but the bar chart does not plot anything. (No data to display).   My Dimension column contai...
    Siddhesh Mane
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  • Difference by month

    I have a data set that give me the open amount on my AR by month:   Month Value 1 654 2 654 3 658 4 625 5 987 6 874   I would like to present this as the difference from last month:   Month Value 2 0 3...
    Matthew Bryant
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  • How to divide a row with sum of specific rows of same column?

    Below is the data, i want to create the calculation column in a straight table/barchart who's formula is given in the Fornlula tab, in my actual data it's a Bar chart and it's in an alternate state and expression for ...
    Abhijeet Arora
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  • Using Set Analysis with Text

    Hi All, I am trying to use below expression with set but somehow it is not working. here i am trying to sum Headcount field value and i need to get the value for last month.   =sum({$<P_Month={"=Date(AddMon...
    sagar vij
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  • How to compare if the 2 dates are the same?

    Hi,   I am trying to get a total count of 2 columns of dates to find out if they are the same.   Date Account Created vs Date of Booking (those dates that are the same)     How do I go about ge...
    Esther Chan
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  • Drilldown in a list, help and is this possible?

    Hello, rookie here. I want to make a table in qliksense that shows 4 different variable types and when i select one of them it only shows the columns belonging to that variable so that if i select variable 1 2 3 or 4...
    Linus Marcusson
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  • Change cell color

    hey all ,   how can change a cell color in a pivot table based on Conditions   Example: If (a>b, Red, a<b, Yellow).   hope you can help Thanks
    mario Gergy-sarkis
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  • Issue with Averages

    Hi, I'm having issues with my average calculation using time and volumes   Time                      ...
    Rhys True
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  • Get different dates with different id's

    Good morning dear experts,   It's been a long time I'm posting a new thread on the community, but I'm with a complicated problem and need help from you experts: Gysbert Wassenaar, Sunny Talwar, Stefan Wühl...
    Miguel Braga
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  • Data Handling

    I have 200 GB of dataset and i want to make a visual report and a dashboard of complete dataset using qlikview. personal edition.. just wanted to know whether i can do that or not? and if no, then what are the other w...
    Pankaj Kumar
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  • How to fill data(data stuffing) in file while loading qlikview application?

    Hi,   I have data of log file for month but what I have observed that some of the log files are missing then at the time of reloading its giving an error that file not found.   Want to achieve: Load the ap...
    yogesh jamdhade
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