• set analysis filling

    Hi everyone, Today, im stuck whithin my qlikview report :/ im trying to fill one specific cell from an other one with set analysis,   Here an exemple :   Letter     price  ...
    benjamin lenglet
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  • Reload problem. Where Clause causing field to go null

    I am loading the inventory history transaction table from IFS (PL/SQL) using the following script:   select      transaction_code,      date_created,    ...
    Mark Pitt
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  • Grouping values for MultiBox

    Hello Team, I have a data list which shows a some values based on month.   Now my requirement is to create a MultiBox grouped by month names only     Example of my data: 2018_01_xxxx 2018_01_yyyy ...
    Sayantan Dutta
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  • Null values in Pivot TABLE

    Hi all,   I am getting these null values in pivot table.Interestingly there are no null values in the fields for which pivot table is giving null values,Please help. Screenshot attached       &nb...
    Manu Sharma
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  • Best 3 Average

    Hi,   I'm struggling to get a 'best 3 average' formula to calculate and display for all values.  I was able to get the total average displaying for all but not the best 3 average.  Image shows example ...
    Beth Tear
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  • Standard Deviation

    Dear Sir/Madam   Can someone help to advise how to compute column 3 (X-Mean), column 4 (X-Mean)^2 and standard deviation ?.   The answer is as follows:     ...
    Tracy Crown
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  • Qlikview export to excel issue

    Hi Everyone,   I was trying to export data to excel using a macro, I have enabled Allow system access and System access in macro script module and also I have checked Give system Access to module script for IE p...
    johnpet 999
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  • By default App data to be shown based on max process month

    Hi,   My requirement is to show the app data (KPI, chart, table) by default based on the max process month, but data should be refreshed based on user selection as well.   Process date Actual cost 30-Dec-2...
    Mohamed Hassan
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  • problem with Left Join

    Good afternoon, help solve the problem with Left Join   Source tables:   Set NullInterpret = ''; //attempt to replace null() in a cell test_1: LOAD * INLINE [     F1, F2, F3, F4  &...
  • Need to convert Number into Date while loading from database(Sql Select in Qlikview)

    Hi,   I am working on implementing a incremental load and I am stuck at a point where I need your help.   Date Format:1508818865   To convert this into proper date format, I am using below script at ...
    Prasant Tata
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  • scenario

    Hi friends,       Product_id                        Date      amo...
    Siva krishna
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  • unable to read .xlsx file

    Hi All, I am having some .xlsx files feeding into qlikview. When I reload my dashboard it is unable to read the excel file. I need to open & save the excel file & then qlikview is able to read it.   I...
    nitya ramani
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  • Week format in graph

    I have a graph that is displaying data current date minus a year. I have the graph set up in week intervals. Right now the first weeks of 2018 are displaying in the beinging of the graph not the end like i would like....
    Kyle Alpaugh
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  • How to extract date when sales value reach exactly 100k?

    Hello Experts, I am creating a chart with the columns id ,name ,sales,100K break date.I want to show id and names whose sells more than or equal to 100k and also the aook break date in which it exactly touch 100k mil...
    Anindya Manna
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  • Set analysis with variable in bar chart

    I have two variables set up: vMonthHrs = Interval((Max([SchedDate])-Min([SchedDate])+1) //this gives the number of hours in each month vDownTime = Interval(Sum({<QState={'Off'}>}QTime))   I then have...
    Christine Huband
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  • How to get rank properly when multiple dimension have same metric value ?

    Hi All ,   How to get rank properly when multiple dimension have same metric value ?     Item Sale Rank A 20 1 B 10 2 C 8 3 D 5 4-5 E 5 4-5 F 2 6-7 G 2 6-7 H 1 8-9 I 1 8-9   Expected   ...
    shekar shekhar
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  • Straight Table Background Color

    Hi,   Can we give background color for the straight/Pivot Table while we create the themes.   Rgds, Santhosh
    santhosh kumar
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  • where to put parenthesis

    Can anyone help me with where to put the parenthesis in this expression. Can't for the life of me figure out where I'm going wrong.   =SUM(IF(Year(DocumentDate) = YEAR(Today())-1 and month(DocumentDate) < mon...
    Robert Marr
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  • Clear currently selections when i open a Qlikview doc

    When i'm working in one Qlikview document and save the doc with currently selections, ¿What can i do to clear automatically the currently selections field when i open a document,?   Regards. Vinny.
    Vicent Garcia Monserrat
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  • 'Ctrl' click by actions in Text boxes on same field

    Hello guys,   I've a question, which probably will be solved easily but for some reason im not getting it right.   I've one field with different values. Now I would like to work with mulitple text boxes wh...
    Guy Hombleu
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