• how to calculate average between two dates?

    Hi,   I have two dates column..need to find average days between these two column..   Data as below:      CreateDate             ...
    Sanjida Sarafat
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  • How to get latest month from the data set

    I have the data like in the month column   Jan Feb March April May......   Now I want latest month dynamically. My Output should be Month= "May"   Thank you Sujeeth
    sujeeth arikeri
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  • Create chart using script?

    How can we create the chart (Bar chart,line chart etc.) using script? in the Qlikview?
    Sayalee Sangle
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  • incremental key

    hi any help please?     i want to add incremental "ID" 1 2 3 4 ...       thanks
    asma ghilen
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  • Subtotals within Calculated Dimensions

    I'm new to qlik and was working with a calculated dimension.  I've got a portion of it pasted below.  I'm basically using the dimension to create subcategories to group certain account numbers into certain c...
    Brian Plass
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  • Error : Field Names must be unique within table

    Hi, I am having the same problem but a bit differently. I wrote the following queries first to create the script: Qualify*; Unqualify booking_id, campaign_id, booking_line_id, booking_line_grou...
    Syed Abdullah
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  • Sorting week days

    I have created a listbox with the weekdays. However they are lined in the wrong order. How can I correct this? I tried the sort by expresion option but couldn't succeed to sort them in the correct order. Thanks
    Azat Saskal
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  • Months in alphabetical order instead of calendar order

    Hello,   My months are being pulled in alphabetical order which is then causing me errors when I try and user "MaxString(Month)" and so on. I tried a few things but it's not working in the script end. I have a c...
    Elizabeth Viso
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  • Install Qlikview Server

    Hello,   I have to install the newst version of qlikview for a client.   do you have any pdf or ppt that can help me step by step or solve any doubts i may have?   thanks
    Mark Black
    created by Mark Black
  • Remove Numbers With No Data

    I'm sure this is a quick fix, but I've made a chart with some data tying out to part numbers; QOH1, Min1, Max1, Sales1.   I want to remove the part numbers (%FEL) that have no data in the columns listed above. I...
    Natalie Oliveto
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  • How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS on QVWS

    Hi,   We are running a Qlikview Server 12.10.20300.0 using QVWS as the web server. We recently followed steps to implement an SSL cert and have done so successfully. The only trouble we are having now is that an...
    Pierre de Villiers
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  • Can a sheet in a Qlikview document be emailed.

    Our management wants to open an email that shows a snapshot of a specific sheet in a qlikview document.  Is it possible to use a bookmark to set this up and email?  They would also like to click on the snaps...
    Jim Gibson
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  • Week calculation

    Hi Community,   Week numbers are often  used in calendar, we can create simple way WEEK(DATE) i.e 52/53 weeks. I'm facing issue with Week level data, my users wants to show like below Week 1 Week 2 Wee...
    Raju Kannuri
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  • Logic Help

    HI ,   I need logic help on one thing..   I have data as below   Table1 BID LID 1     23 1     24 2     25 2     2...
    Ansh shetty
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  • Get Previous Values

    Hi Everyone,   I have the sample data below and i would like to get the Previous Value Column, For each Quarter, get the value of the previous one, either in the script or in the chart   Thank's in Advance
    Zineb Jalal
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  • exclude matching data

    Hello...have been lurking for quite a while and getting many answers. What a great community!  Thank you all for all your efforts.   Today I have a problem I cannot find a solution for. Seems simple enough t...
    Chuck McCool
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  • Today on a straight table

    hello,   ¿it is possible to get from an inline script get on a  straight table today date? i attach an example. thank you
    Mark Black
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  • Segregating nulls among registers

    Hello everyone, I'm new to Qlickview and I'm trying to automate an excel spreadsheet via qlick, rather than a macro.   I am creating ifs to assign a value to the Customer field, depending on the conditions. For...
    Mariana Anjos
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  • Hide Row names from view?

    Hi   I was hoping someone could help me to hide names in a row without losing the data   For example I only want to show "Martin" but not lose the rank or result   example table: Name  &nb...
    Martin Johnson
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  • Update week Inventory for missing Week

    Hi Team,   I have day wise inventory where some partners are not reporting regularly.. I want to pick latest reported week opening inventory as of Monday and name them as  Week1, Week2, Week3 so on for a Qu...
    Sylvester Melvin
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