• Open and reload QlikView from Access

    Hello Qlikviewers,   I tried everything to open and reload a QV application from an Access Database but nothing is working. Could you please advise me about that ?   Thank you
    Yahya LATRECH
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  • Embed Qlikview objects into Powerpoint using IE plugin

    Hi there Community!   I've seen some threads about this problem, but there's not a single one with the exact solution of my problem. The basic problem is that I want to simply copy a qlikview object from my acc...
    Csaba Nagy
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  • How to get "Server Name" from OCX Qlikview

    Hi,   Once axQlikOCX1.OpenDocumentEx(...) is called, how to get the server name in code.   I can able to get file path from axQlikOCX1.ActiveDocument.Name propert but the server name eg. qvp://servername f...
    Ramkumar V
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  • QV OCX after update to Version 11

    Hi,   We have an internal application that has the QV OCX embedded in it to enable users to use a local QVW file to return a selection set that we use to filter records from a database. The users all have QV ins...
    Derek Jackson
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  • Qlikview v.10 and MS Office 2013

    Hi,   Is the qlikview v.10 plugin compatible with Office 2013 and can objects be embedded in excel for example?   Looking forward to you response.
    Andro Gagiano
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  • How to enable the IE plugin option to open my QV document. Kindly help me in this.

    Hi Folks!   I am just not able to open my Qv doc with IE Plugin option. I have IE9 . QV Version Number is 10.00.8 SR4 x64. Please help me asap on this. Very urgent.   Thanks in anticipation:)
    Nadaz N
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  • Embedding QlikView 12 OCX in Office

    Hi,   When I copy/paste a chart into PowerPoint (or any Office application)  I dialog:     "QlikView Plug-in for Internet Explorer cannot load local files, Use full QlilView instead?" When ...
  • OCX OpenDocumentEx accessMode

    Hello,   the OpenDocumentEx Method has an accessMode parameter. Does anybody know the mapping? It's an integer, but I haven't found any description in documentary. Thank you.   Best regards René
    René Engler
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  • QlikOcx Failed to open document

    Hi all   One of my QlikView apps is being periodically affected by the 'Failed to open document, for unknown reasons. 22' error.   Does anyone know how to get to the root cause of this issue.  I have ...
    James Green
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  • What is the data format returned by DbGetTableData?

    I'm using the DbGetTableData method on a StraightTableBox to export data out of QlikView. Is there documentation that describes the format of the byte array returned by the method, or anyone who has experience parsing...
    Alex Shernoff
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  • OCX

    HI ALL:           I  have a problem when using qlik ocx component .           "qvp://localhost/test.qvw"   , is it corre...
    x mg
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  • Can't open a remote file with VBS

    Hello,   With VBS, I use   Set MyApp = CreateObject("QlikTech.QlikView") Set MyDoc = MyApp.OpenDoc ("qvp://mylogin@myserver/SubDir/application.qvw")       How can I automate the opening ...
    Nicolas MARTIN
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  • How to get the user name in VBS?

    Hello,   I'ld like to retrieve the name of the user that uses the application in VBS.   I use the following property:   ActiveDocument.GetApplication.GetProperties.UserName   When I open the a...
    Nicolas MARTIN
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  • Is there an oem kit for OCX 12 that has x64 and x86

    I don't find an OCX EOM Kit with x64 and x86 on the download site for 12.00 SR4
    Daniel Lipkie
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  • ExportEx not working

    Hello,   I am having an issue with Export Ex when I try to export a Graph to .xls This is the code I am using:   set chart_kpi5_1 = .doc.GetSheetObject("CH368") chart_kpi5_1.ExportEx"C:\Folder1\test.xls",...
    Miguel Guillot
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  • OnReloadFailedEventHandler

    HI guys, I want to capture the error message while reloading a Document. Here is my code. m_qv = new AxQlikOCXLib.AxQlikOCX(); m_qv.OnReloadFailed += new AxQlikOCXLib._DQlikOCXEvents_OnReloadFailedEventHandler(m...
    Saurabh Ramya
    created by Saurabh Ramya
  • Qlikview WorkBench integration through VS2010 C#  >> Error "QV" is undefined

    Hi All,   I am trying to integrate Qlikview workbench (version - 11.20.12904.0) in VS2010 C#.   What I have tried - Created new website using "Qlikview workbench" Template in Visual Studio 2010 C# (sele...
    Rahul Dhoble
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  • Reload EDX macro and OCX error

    Hi all,   I would like to run a qlikview task from access point via EDX. So i write this macro   Sub ReloadDWH   dim strCommand     strCommand= ActiveDocument.Variables("vEDX_GMBI").GetCo...
    Giorgia Michieli
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  • Load QVW file using Ocx on asp.net solution

    Our goal is to load data from QVW files and to run different manipulation on the data. We developed a DLL that uses QlikView OCX , to load data from QVW files. In previous solution we used this DLL within a local C# a...
    Elad Betite
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  • Qlikview objects works in Excel and Word, not in Powerpoint

    Hi all!   I've encountered trouble with qlikview objects in PowerPoint, as many others seems to have before me, but I'm not able to find a solution in previous threads.   I have QlikView version 11.20 SR5 ...
    Olav Lenvik
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