• What is the Session column in Audit and Session logs ?

    Hello,   I'm using the Audit and Session logs from Qlikview Server to make usage statistics. I would like to have a link between a session and what has been done during the session.   I have seen that the...
    Frédéric Villemin
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  • CPU cores of Qlikview

    Does any have documentation regarding, how Qlikview decides how many cores should be used for opening dashboard (first load).   If opening dashboard process needs only 20 core, does result come same in all scena...
    Vivek Choudhary
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  • How to Monitor a QlikView Server?

    Hi, I am really new to Qlik View, I just have a request to monitor the service that QlikView Provides.   I have found the following Article https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-6699?_ga=2.159253363.850464468.1518...
    Christian Romano
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  • Remove the ReloadEngine is down message

    Hello,   I have a Qlikview Server installed without Distribution service.   But the error message "ReloadEngine@xxx is down" in QMC appears.   Where can I disable this message ? I don't want to see i...
  • Getting 'Loading Content' in QlikView Access Point

    Hi All,   I would like to seek advice and comments about our issue in QlikView Access Point. Our users are sporadically receiving Loading Content message when they open the Access Point link. Even after some tim...
    Arturo Alcanar
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  • text or numerical using in conditions

    Hi Qlik Community, Would you please advise whether is difference on performance what using in conditions text or numerical? I might be great if updated documentation somewhere is.   This below is just an examp...
    Max Shevchenko
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  • Performance by Objects

    Hi all,   I just wanted to know .   what are all the objects will effect the performance ? can anyone give some glance about it?   like if we use bookmarks ,macros we sue application performance slow...
    sony sing
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  • QVW wouldn't display when it is very big

    Hi, Guys,   We have a QVW which reads data from several QVDs. After reloading data, QVW file size became very big (1.2 GB). When we tried to view it through AccessPoint site, it displays empty page. Total size o...
    Bo Li
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  • Dashboard becomes unusable, and I am forced to restart the server.

    Hi experts, one of our dashboards becomes unusable and crashes. I have to restart the server whenever this happens (once/twice a week). Users can't make selections and it is on a timer
    mariano maquieira
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  • Browser-Based Qlikview Performance Tracking

    Hello All!   What tools are available to track load times of documents, sheets, and objects across different web browsers for server-based documents (end-user experience, not document analyzer data points)? ...
    Matthew Morris
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  • Performance issue in app

    Hi Friends-I have a query on performance related in Qlik app.   I am using windows 2012 R2 server with 16GB RAM. Facing slowness in one of the app.   App size is 1.5 GB , it is always showing me buffer sta...
    Rajendra Ongole
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  • QVS.exe is wreaking havoc and I have no idea why

    Hi everyone,   I have a Qlikview Server running with serveral Reports on it. Since two days the QVS.exe is sporadically using the CPUs so heavily that the accesspoint gets slow and opened reports don't react any...
    Fabian Otte
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  • Qlikview Not Responding

    Qlikview stops responding whenever i try to change an expression or add a new one to the existing qvw.   I have recently updated my Windows version to 10.   Thanks in advance   Regards ,   Mahe...
    mahendra kumar
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  • CPU Performance issue in Qlikview 11.2

    Hi All,   I am facing CPU performance issue in qlikview 11.2 when more than 5 scripts are running simultaneously (These scripts are scheduled to run in every 5 mins). CPU usage reached to 100%, as a result of whi...
    Rahul Goel
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  • QlikView 12 Desktop : Memory Problem

    Hi ! We have a QVW which is bit big (+6 GB on disk) and we are currently trying to migrate it from QV11 to QV12 (both desktop versions) The load script works, we are able to save it. However, when trying to repon i...
    Denis Rampnoux
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  • QMC - ReloadEngine@[ServerName] is down

    Hi all   We upgraded from v11.2 to v12.10 SR6 over the weekend.  Everything is working normally, however on the QMC we are getting the message that ReloadEngine@Server1 is down.  But we run Publisher o...
    James Green
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  • Question about synthetic keys

    I have read that synthetic keys are created based on poor data modeling. And these keys can be resource intensive and sometimes return unexpected results. If synthetic keys are pretty much the same thing as a user gen...
    Andrew Moberg
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  • Background color expression not working correctly

    Hello   I have an expression that is supposed to color code values as green that are greater than 70% however it is color coding values green that are less than 70%. Below is a screen shot of the expression and ...
    Andrew Moberg
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  • Horizontal scroll bar in straight table

    I have seen many discussions about this and have tried multiple "solutions", none of which worked.  How can I display a horizontal scroll bar in a straight table with multiple dimensions. I have tried all the bel...
    Andrew Moberg
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  • Upgrade from 11.2 to 12.10 corrupted iis settings and certificates

    hi, after Upgrading QlikView Server from 11.2 sr2 to 12.10 sr8 the iis settings is missing and the certificates have being corrupte. We are using ssl ...has anyone come across similar issues...please share your soutio...
    poppy pearce
    created by poppy pearce