• Please help me to have an If condtion statement converted to set analysis expression

    Please convert the below statement into set anlaysis expression     if(SCV_LAST_INS_REPAIR_INDICATOR='Y' and (SCV_LATEST_INSURRANCE_DATE-SCV_LAST_INSURRANCE_DATE)<=90,'Pass'     Thanks AS
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  • Problem with icon-size on high-dpi Screen in QlikView Desktop.

    Hi everybody,   I am working on a new laptop for a week now which has a 2.560 x 1.440 Pixel resolution. I am using Qlik View Personal Edition 12.0.20100.0 SR2 on Windows 10 where display scaling is set to 200%. ...
    A B
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  • Help required in regular expression - Jmeter

    Hi All, Required your help in resloving below issue: Issue:Unable to capture the authenticate?code value which is generated while logging in to a webpage, authenticate?code value which is being generated is ...
    Vamsi Krishna
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  • QlikView server crash - User sessions multiplying

    Hi   Our QlikView server is hosted on a Windows server 2012, 64 Go RAM, 2.19 GHz, 4 Core, with all QV services installed on it. Approximately 180 users but generally 15 to 30 users connected simultaneously. ...
    Laure Denivelle
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  • Dashboard very slow when connecting to Qlikview Server (AWS)

    Hi,   I'm experiencing some weird latency issues with a client's QV dashboard. We've installed Qlikview Server on an AWS EC2 instance (region us-east-1). My client is in the Boston area and I'm in New York. I lo...
    Taylor McGrath
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  • Qlikview Compatibility with Windows 10

    Hi All,   Can anyone please tell me that is Qlikview Compatible with Windows 10.   - Is there any known issues? - Is there any bugs?   I tried raising the Ticket on QlikTech Portal but failed to do ...
    Aviral Nag
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  • Slow performance while reloading from ODBC/OLEDB

    Hi,   I need some advice. Please help.   I have two Qlikview servers install in two different windows server, say box1 and box2. Qlikview distribution service is installed in a third windows server, say box ...
    Anushree Mehra
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  • How to share bookmark to other users

    When I created a bookmark, the pop window has 'Share Bookmark with Other Users" option list. This option can't work.   Is there any other way to share bookmark? My QlikView version is 11.20 SR3 64-bit Edition ...
    Jim Hsieh
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  • Source data size VS QVD warehouse size

    Hi! Need your help! I have an SQL database ~1 TB per year. I have to forecast an required HDD volume to organize QVD DWH for this 1 TB of data. How much HDD can be required for this QVD DWH (need to store only 1 ye...
    Vadim Pozdnyakov
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  • Are disabled expressions calculated?

    Hi!   BACKGROUND: One client has a have a large straight table with around 500 000 rows and 51 columns.   It performs slow for both scrolling and when user clears all filters then that takes way too long...
    Anita Berg
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  • qvb.exe Lowering CPU Priority

    Hi   We have both QV Server & Publisher running on the same.  Yup I know that is not recommended, but unfortunately that is where we are.   Does anybody have any experience on lowering the qvb.exe...
    Bill Markham
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  • Performance Issue

    Hi All,   I am facing a issue w.r.t data loads through publisher.Till last week the Data loads use to happen very fastly i.e 1 million rows of data hardly takes  2-3 mins.All of a sudden i dont know what ha...
    Shivarama krishna K
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  • IE crashes after minutes with error module KERNELBASE.dll

    Internet Explorer crashes after a non specific time (sometimes 20, other 30 minutes) for users which work with one report, I personally reproduced the same situation on different PC and also on a new brand PC.. Here ...
    Emilio Frini
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  • Major Problem with Qlikview QVDistributionService.exe

    I am new to Qlikview and don't know much about memory leaks, but that is what I appear to have going on.   Our Management Console has been running the same jobs for over a year now with no problems.  In th...
    Joel Harmon
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  • Expression error with no ObjectId or Expr name

    I am attempting to resolve an error that keeps popping up on a few of my team's QlikView solutions.  It happens with multiple documents, but it always takes the same form: SE_LOG: Expression Error. Doc: Platf...
    Greg Anderson
    created by Greg Anderson
  • Load Multiple QVWs from one QVD

    Hi,   Short quick question. Is it possible to reload two front end QVWs from one QVD at the same time from the datamart? Does this conflict the reading process and will it create errors? For example. Orders.qvd...
    Robert Waterval
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  • Accesspoint slow in registering clicks

    Hi All,   I am facing performance issues on access point.   App on the desktop client refreshes within 1-2 seconds , but the same takes 5-6 seconds on the access point.   I observed that the access p...
    asif ali mir
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  • Qliksense Performance Tuning Techniques

    Hi,   We have a fully functional app developed in the qliksense server. I would like to know some performance tuning techniques that we can implement so that my charts are displayed faster. I have tried most of ...
    Soumik Sengupta
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  • Reconnection on a report

    Hello,   I have a few questions about a reconnection problem. Since few days, when we navigate on our reports, the message below is displayed: 'Lost connecting server, reconnecting'.   Do you know with th...
    Alexandre Depouez
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  • Urgent help on performance issue

    Need help from experts to get some pointers in resolving performance issue in big qlikview application(problem is specific to this application when accessed from php front end). Here is the issue details.   1. q...
    Digvijay Singh
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