• When is it worth to join a dimension to the fact table?

    Hello everyone   I have a question that has been bugging my mind. What are the factors that decide if it is acceptable to join one or more dimension tables to the fact table? I think I know some, but I would ap...
    Pedro De La Cruz
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  • QV12.20 vs QV12.10 Performance

    Recently we upgraded from 12.10SR6 to 12.20SR6, and I notice that some of the apps took longer to load now.   For example, we have one script that aggregate the data from a 6GB qvd (6GB is before filtering. We f...
    Khim Hoe Tan
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  • How to De-code the binary format data in text format in qlik sense

    Hi All,   Please help me, How to decode the binary format data in text format in qlik sense and show in table.
    Sushant Bhaskar
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  • server uses only 1 thread

    Hello all,   I have a problem in the Qlikview server performance. it seems that although we have 32 cores, the server uses only 1 thread when processing. The CPU stands on about 3-4% in total, but we see 1 threa...
    Amber Alo
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  • _x000D_

    Good afternoon, I hope for your support I have a file in excel, but when doing the recharge in the table object the following code is transcribed at the end of the report text  : Code _x000D_ that I can, the fil...
    Carlos Banda
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  • QlikView CPU Core 100% utilization (few core)

    Hi, I have noticed on many occasions that there are random peaking of CORE's we have setup for our QlikView environment. There are 40 cores out of which at any given time 10 Core's are usually peaking at flat 100%. Th...
    Kashyap Dhar
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  • Qlikview & QlikSense &NPrinting Server

    Hello all,   Can we Install Qlikview Server & QlikSense Server and NPrinting Server in the same machine? Suppose if we install same server, what are the issues may arise? What is the best server configurat...
    Somasundaram Palanisamy
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  • IF calculation difference

    Hi Qlik Guru,   Please advise whether any difference between two scenarios of IF use?   1. $(=IF(ConditionField='True',sum,max))(Measure1) Expectation is only one calculation per chart   2. IF(Condi...
    Max Shevchenko
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  • Qlikview Server memory usage

    Hi all,   Just verified it here and I'm encountering a situation that even though few users are accessing the server and opening apps (even before the shift starts, so 2~3 users tops) the server memory usage is ...
    Felip Drechsler
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  • qvp protocol performance

    We are OEM partner of QlikView and sell our documents to hospitals and laboratories and are also responsible for the installation of the qlikview server at our customers. At one of our custumers we installed the qlikv...
    Moritz Reinhard
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  • RAM usage on Front End or Back End?

    Hi guys, i have a question: I want to install QlikView Server on two different machines:   - DSC and QMS, QlikView Server and Distribution Server on Server1 - Distribution Service and QVWS on Server 2 beca...
    Mike Spada
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  • Performance Best Practices?

    Is there an up-to-date resource on best practices to help with performance, specifically server performance? We have ~10 applications on our production access point, and lately our server has been struggling on CPU wi...
    Tyler Tollin
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  • function to use.?

    Good evening I wish to filter "Locomotives to batteries" and "Pneumatic Blades" which would be a function to use.?
    Carlos Banda
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  • QVS Memory Consumption Breakdown

    Greetings,   Is there any way to break down the total RAM consumption of QVS.exe to find out which apps/sessions are consuming most memory? I have been struggling with QVS consuming all available memory within...
    Wojciech Dobosz
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  • Post Upgrade 11.2 to 12.2 (Nov 2017) SR5 Result Blank Page

    We performed an upgrade from QV 11.2 to 12.2 (November 2017 SR5) and now our Users are reporting blank screens (white page) is only displaying when opening the apps.  I’m checking the Qlik Community for any...
    Mariel Aseron
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  • Qlikview application not working fine

    Hi      I am facing issue in QlikView that report data is showing is good in base report and end user is facing some issue for EX:- in base report data is showing till date(JULY) but end user is able t...
    seelapureddy kishanreddy
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  • QlikView opening multiple instances of a QlikView application

    We have a QlikView app. which uses an extension object to take parameters from URL and pass it to variables and list-boxes on opening.  The app. is running on AJAX.   When we open the app. first there is no...
    Sandeep Sarawgi
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  • Variables - frequency of calculation

    I am working on a dashboard that has ~30 sheets and 200+ variables. I'm in process of optimizing the dashboard by breaking it down using document chaining and by reducing the number of variables where I can.   W...
    Aashil Soni
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  • QVWS & DSC services drop intermittently

    Hi There   We have an issue where the QVWS and DSC services drop and come back up again intermittently/randomly on all the servers   There doesn't seem to be any spike in connection errors caused by this a...
    Rido Trader
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  • QMC - ReloadEngine@[ServerName] is down

    Hi all   We upgraded from v11.2 to v12.10 SR6 over the weekend.  Everything is working normally, however on the QMC we are getting the message that ReloadEngine@Server1 is down.  But we run Publisher o...
    James Green
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