• Is this app design too overwhelming for QlikView?

    Hello All,   I have some questions regarding performance tuning. We have a QlikView application performing very sluggish.  It feels like our current environment handles design/expression complexity wi...
    Evan Kurowski
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  • Getting 'Loading Content' in QlikView Access Point

    Hi All,   I would like to seek advice and comments about our issue in QlikView Access Point. Our users are sporadically receiving Loading Content message when they open the Access Point link. Even after some tim...
    Arturo Alcanar
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  • Best Infrastructure configuration for QlikView Publisher and Server

    What is the best configuration of multiple bare metal servers to service QlikView Publisher and QlikView Server for large data sets for multiple concurrent users of varying dashboards?   Problem 1 * I need to ...
    Nick Drewitt Smith
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  • Qlikview Desktop 12 slow screen refresh hi-res screen

    Hello! I have an Dell XPS 9560 with 4k  (3840 x 2160) screen resolution and when I installed Qlikview 12 I noticed a lag on screen refresh from qvw files. When I make any selection in the dash...
    Victor Lelis
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  • Qlikview Server Utilisations

    Dear All,   We have three qlikview application in Qlikview server. Nowadays I am getting calls from client qlikview always taking some amount of memory in qlikview server even though when no user sessions and wi...
    Pandiarajan Radhakrishnan
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  • Does data sort order impact chart calc time?

    I've noticed that in some cases, the data order in a fact table can have significant impact on chart calc times.  This comes into play when the primary dimension of the chart has a lot of values and the order of ...
    Rob Wunderlich
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  • Qlikview performance issue in AccessPoint

    Hi All,   We have developed sales dashboard for our company but now facing performance issue. The dashboard is taking around 15-20 seconds to perform calculations. Expert opinion and suggestions are required. &n...
    Hasan Arif Khan
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  • Why Sum() is so slow in a load script?

    Hi!   I am currently creating aggregated data files (sales grouped by week, month). What I found is that function Sum (and, actually, any other aggregation function) works very slow in a load script.   I ...
    Victor Nepiypa
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  • Issues with RAM @ 100% use on the server hosting the Qlikview Service QVS

    We are experiencing issues where the server is becoming unresponsive after completely using all of it's RAM (96GB!).   According to the task manager the culprit in the QVS (i.e. no other process is using a signi...
    Richard Beeston
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  • QlikView file performance on VMware Virtual machine

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping that someone out there can assist us with a performance problem that we are having with our QlikView server that runs in a VMware environment.   Our .qvw file is 190MB. The issue is t...
    Damien Commons
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  • QV 12.20 - Looking for folks to share their CPU and RAM set up

    I'm hoping I can find some QlikView users out there who are willing to share their CPU and RAM specs.  If this thread is successful, I think it could help a lot of people.   We are running QV 12.20 on a VM ...
    Kris Markee
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  • Qlikview Server sizing and Capacity Estimation(CPU, RAM) for multiple Applications/Dashboards

    Hi ,   Looking for advise and calculations on Capacity estimations and calculations for the below mentioned situation. Basically for CPU and RAM , in case of 75 new applications / dashboards to be added to the ...
    Pranshul Srivastava
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  • How can I get calc time , Memory usage of User document ?

    How can I get calc time , Memory usage  of  User documents  ?  my implementer told me   can not  get  its .  but i want it for  performance anlysis Please Help me ...
    Iamaviamav Avamiavami
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  • always with all the collapsed dimensions

    Hi, Someone knows if there is an option to be able to configure that when opening a pivot table from the access point, this table is always with all the collapsed dimensions. Some trigger, in the properties of the o...
    Lourdes Fragoso
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  • Can an expression be too long?

    Hello QV-Community   Currently I am writing an expression which is (for me personally) very long, with 23 if-statements and about 25 variables and several calculations. So i wondered if an expression could b...
    Jakob Reiterer
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  • Qlik View Stopped working while reloading

    Hi All,           When i try to reload my data using batch file. I am getting "Qlik view stopped working" error. Then I closed that dialog box and reloaded the document using b...
    dineshraj ramesh
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  • Clearing Cache

    Good Morning Guys,   I am having a serious issue on my dashboard this morning,   Some fields were changed on my database and afterwards i reloaded my qlikview dashboard but the changes made on my database ...
    Omotayo Olokede
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  • Lots of RAM but Apps still slow....

    Hi, We have a dedicated Server for our clients to access our Accesspoint.   This server has over 600GB Ram and our Apps apps range from 2gb - 4gb.  Looking at the performance monitor it never gets maxed ou...
    Phil Rees
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  • Opening a report through QlikView Access Point -> Content lost?

    Hi,   I have discovered an interesting so called "feature" within QlikView. We have published one new QlikView Application to the QMC, run the task and it was distributed for few people to see. The report holds ...
    Niko Suomi
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  • Qlikview refresh Issue

    hi All,     We are facing a severe issue for multiple JOBs refresh whene we do QVD extractions for our Qlikview Reports. As we have mulitple reloads happening in Batches from different System Databases. Hen...
    Rakesh Rai
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