• Source Metadata Won't Load

    Hi guys,   I'm trying to load in some source documents and for some reason they never get past the generating stage. This is a recent development and seems to affect a number of sources.   Below are the k...
  • Chart scroll and Table rows - NPrinting Powerpoint report

    Hi,   I need to avoid scroll and show the entire chart in the Powerpoint report. I tried all 5 stretch options, but still scroll is coming. Apart from maximizing the object in QlikSense app in a hidden tab and p...
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  • Nprinting 17 Task execution upon successful execution of another task

    Hello   I am new to Nprinting 17.   I have set up a trigger to reload the metadata at a particular time each day.   I have couple of tasks to run after the reload metadata is executed.   Is the...
    Aravind Chandrasekar
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  • HTML reports attached as .zip files

    Hi,   As far as I´m aware NPrinting 17 won't allow you to attach to embed a HTML report into an e-mail, but will attach the html report as a attachment to the e-mail.   These attachments is added a...
    David Edvardsson
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  • NPrinting 17 Condition for a particular value in chart

    Hello   I am implementing reports in Nprinting 17.4   I want to set a condition where I want to run the report only if there is a particular value in the chart.   The current setting allows me to set...
    Aravind Chandrasekar
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  • how the level procedure can divide field vertically instead of horizontally?

    how the level procedure can divide field vertically instead of horizontally?
    Mayank Singhania
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  • NPrinting 17 - is Designer required

    Quick question for anyone familiar with NP...if you upgrade your NP Server and Engine, do you also have to update your Designer ON THE SAME NP SERVER?  I updated my local Designer install as that is where I devel...
    Kris Markee
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  • How to avoid repeating headings in excel report with levels

    Hi I am trying to achieve the following excel report which has few sub-columns through NPrinting   and following format I used in NPrinting and used levels But I am not getting desired result. I did some p...
    Sikander Syed
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  • Nprinting: triggers are not sending email

    Hi,   Triggers set to run daily in Nprinting is not working. When I run manually it works fine. I have checked logs and don't see errors related to the task name. Could please someone advise what should I be c...
    purigali srinivas
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  • NPrinting - Un élément avec la même clé a déjà été ajouté

    Bonjour,   Je rencontre un problème sur NPrinting, dans mon éditeur de modèle, lorsque j'essaye d'ajouter un élément "Tableau", un message d'erreur s'affiche en me disant : "Un él&#...
    Pierre-Yves POTIER
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  • NPrinting 17.3 - Importing users with filters via excel

    Hi,   I am using an excel file to import users with filters for implementing "cycle" like feature.   After the import, I can see the new filters created. But the filters and users are not associated. Is it...
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  • White boxes instead of images in Nprinting

    Hello,   I want to overlay the Image of a table onto an Image of a bar Chart on a nprinting power Point Chart. But occassionally and without logic the Image of the overlaid table is only a White box in the previ...
    Lukas Gärtner
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  • Nprinting-Task execution will resume automatically when the system is back online?

    Hi, Would like to know if I have report Running, as seen in Task Executions. And then the engine goes offline. Does it resume running automatically when the system is back online or we have to manually “rerun&...
    Felix Phang
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  • NPrinting Chart by Year

    Hi,   i would like to create a  line stacked chart by Nprinting having two dimension  as: month(data_field) and year(data_field) As expression:  sum(Sales) I can display only one line and i woul...
    federico Lo Presti
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  • How to: Installation of SSL certificate into NPrinting June 2017

    Hi everyone,   I've been struggling away trying to get a CA-generated SSL certificate installed in my NPrinting server. The instructions didn't make much sense to me provided on the Qlik website so I have rewrit...
    Lachlan Wells
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  • Splitting Sheets Based on Top 5 Clients

    Dear Experts,   I am having a challenge to split sheets through nprinting filters based on Top 5 customers, let me explain I am interested to see only Top 5 customers as a summary in one sheet and based on those...
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  • Nprinting 16 - Page function on bookmarks

    Dear all,   is it possible to use the "Page" function of NPrinting 16 on bookmarks? I have one Excel report which should run for several qlikview bookmarks. Either one page per bookmark or one Excel report per ...
    Christiana Queffelec
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  • Will file size limit the document to be published into Sense hub?

    I have triggered a ppt document (around 5.3MB) in NPrinting to my recipients that have adminstrator, developer, users and newstand user roles in N-Printing. They have no issue in receiving the document through email ...
    Tee Xiang Run
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  • Qlikview Nprinting expert advise required

    Dear Nprinting Expert,   Can you help me to check on below thread and kindly share your valuable suggestion to resolve this report task,.highly appreciate your help. Thanks Qlikview nprinting expert required -...
    Devarasu R
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  • How to connect Qlik N printing 17.4 to Qlik View server

    Hi,   I am have two servers, one has Qlik view and one has Qlik N printing 17.4.   I have different service accounts, I am not selecting CONNECTION REQUIRE AUTHENTICATION, Engine is ON, services in running ...
    Rohit Kumar
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