• How to export jobs in QMC to Excel

    I am trying to have a summary of all jobs running in the console, esp runtime, status, start and finish time of each jobs. Is there a feature in QMC where I can export these info into an excel file. That would be wond...
    John Jackson
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  • Change "Reload Executed By" user in Publisher reload

    Good afternoon,   We have two dedicated servers for QlikView. The first server has all of services except Distribution Services, and the second server with Distribution Service. The first server is the QlikView ...
  • Does QVDS override NTFS inheritance?

    Can someone help clarify what I am observing? I'm running QV 12.10 SR6 (12.10.20400.0) and it appears that when QVDS writes a QVW to AccessPoint it explicitly sets the NTFS permissions to be exactly what was set in th...
    Trevor Roth
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  • Cannot delete file from the QMC. Wrong path in the .pgo file

    Hi,   We had deleted some files from the QV server but I can still see them on the QMC but cannot delete/access them.   Trying to apply some change to the document in User Document pane, I'm getting the er...
    Siddhesh Rane
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  • Publisher Setup

    I installed qlik 12, server and desktop, in Windows 2008r2, the server is running, because I can enter the manager quietly. but when I try to get into Publisher the 404 error. Does anyone have a configuration ma...
    Elis Bresciani
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  • Publisher Issue on QV 11 SR1

    Hello,   We recently upgraded our Publisher to version 11 SR1 (from 10 SR4).   Following the publisher we started to experience a strange problem - The publisher starts a task, the model is being refresh...
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  • importing Publisher tasks with copy QVPR causes cluster node creation

    Hello Experts,   My scenario is I have a test (sandbox) environment for testing the process of importing Publisher jobs by copying the QVPR folder and changing the machine name in the relevant xml files within ...
    richard lewis
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  • Distributed document fails section access

    We have set up a 2 server Publisher / QVS Architecture, and have migrated this from a simple working one server architecture.   Source Documents Folder REsides on Publisher, User Documetns  Folder resides o...
    Robert Insley
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  • QDS webservices api

    Hello everyone ! We are triying to use Qlikview webservices (via soap) to reload tasks (qvw) via EDX and we can't find the refrence documentation of the QDS API Any one can help us ?
    Sarra Bensaber
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  • Task Dependancies on QMC

    Hi, Wondering if anyone on the community could assist me with this issue. Please view image below:     As you can see I have two TP jobs dependant on their respective QSS load jobs. My intention is t...
    Tobi Abiona
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  • Unable to connect at localhost:4780

    I have installed Qlik Server 10 x64bit on Win 2008 R2 x64 and trying to connect to Qlikview management console but, am getting unable to connection to the server at localhost:4780 error. Do you have any suggestions. ...
    Purna Cheekati
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  • End of lease hardware refresh cannot find Publisher

    We have three servers in play: P2261 has our licensed copy of QlikView Distribution Service ONLY (no other QV services are even installed on this box) Z475 Production server with the full install but QlikView Distri...
    Carl Wagner
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  • Extranet Server - Pros / Cons / Best practices?

    Dear all,   I've  searched the forum for a while but couldn't really find much information about the extranet server. Does anybody have some experiences with this kind of QV server? At best, I would be inte...
    Stefan Wühl
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  • Import Server tasks

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to import a huge amount of tasks from one publisher to another. I know the Remote Management Service can do this but I have over a thousand tasks to import so this amount makes the manu...
    Jesus Pita Merino
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  • Import Server Tasks

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to import a huge amount of tasks from one publisher to another. I know the Remote Management Service can do this but I have over a thousand tasks to import so this amount makes the man...
    Jesus Pita Merino
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  • QV 11 – QVDS – Does a task *require* both reload and distribution (2 QV engines)?

    Environment:   QV11 SR2   Question:    In QV11 the Publisher FAQ states that task reload and distribution are handled in two different steps, each requiring its own QV engine. I have many (hundred...
    Trevor Roth
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  • High CPU load, publisher

    Hi!   Have a question about high cpu load and its behaviour which I don't understand clearly. Don't know how deep I should get, let's start pretty general and see where it takes us. I'm only hosting the server a...
    Anders Nilsson
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  • Copying the QMC task in a bulk

    Hello All,   There are 100 plus tasks created for some of qvws, and we are changing the source documents from one NAS drive to another, Is there any way to copy the task in a bulk, instead of creating all those1...
    Hemamalini P
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  • Publisher Email distribution limitations

    hi all,   I'm using a QV server and publisher (version 11 SR2). up untill now i used the distribution functionality to publish documents to folders (and with/without Email notifycation). now, I'm trying to dis...
    shay raber
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  • Need Help With VBA Script to Export Multiple Object on Single .jpg Page

    I have multiple Objects(Line Chart, Text Object etc) on Sheet "SH39" and I want to export specific objects on single page in .jpg format using vba script. I am able to export either single object or screen shot of wh...
    Rohit Bontalwar
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