• Supporting Tasks - Batch file is not running with UNC path

    Hello Community, we wrote a batch files to copy text files from one place to another place. All these scripts are created in Qlikview Source documents folder and folders are shared folders.   I am running the b...
    Srikanth P
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  • Strange 'Next Update' date in AccessPoint

    Hi,   Since the installation of QlikView 11 I've noticed that the AccessPoint is giving me a strange 'Next Update' date. See attached picture. ?? Next Update: 2367-09-20 02:00 ??   The QlikView file is ...
    Robbie Schouwenaars
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  • When I publish my work, it does not take the latest version to publish.

    Hello,   I have experienced problems saving my work and publishing it.   I have lost my work many times although I hit 'Done' very often. However, it seems that Qlik does not catch any new updates and save...
    Renaud Viot
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  • Multiple Trigger Combination

    Dear all,   I need to create a task that only run once a day (eg 11pm) but it should only run after the 2 other tasks are completed. The 2 other tasks run multiple times a day. Any idea how can I set up the trig...
    Khim Hoe Tan
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  • Error reloading with no reason

    hi, we have few documents and reload tasks. we have recently upgraded our server form QV 11.2 SR13 to QV 12 November 2017 SR2 all worked but all of a sudden, last night, some tasks (only some, not all) has started ...
    shay raber
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  • Easy LOAD only with manual data

    Hello!   I've fond out that I can't solve an esay issue   I need to add such calculation in my qlikview scrip code:      IF(WEEKDAY(Today()) = 0, Today()-3, Today())     Ca...
    Ruslans Klimovs
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  • QlikView Publisher Cluster Issue

    Dear Experts,   Recently we have added an additional Publisher node on different machine & have clustered it. Problem we are facing is as below:   1. As per observations, the tasks are routed to first ...
    Yuvraj Killedar
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  • Delete failed task in QMC automatically.

    Hi All,   Is there any way we can automate the deletion of any failed task in QMC.   Problem statement: Qlikview reload gets triggered as per ETL completion. In case the reload fails, on next successful ...
    akash pandey
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  • Print preview shows correct page orientation but the PDF file turns the page one click clockwise

    Print preview shows correct page orientation but the PDF file turns the page one click clockwise   Below steps are tried in the report editor.   - Created new page and added reports in the new page -&nbs...
    Arun N
    created by Arun N
  • Maximum lenght of the email address in the distribution of a QV report by email

    Hello Guys     I need to distribute a QV report via email but the user has a very long email address (42 characters). When I try to distribute the report from QV to his email address nothing is delivered, ...
    Felipe Gonçalves
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  • Can we replicate a set of tasks with triggers and dependencies into the same QlikView Publisher?

    Hi everyone:   I am trying to replicate a set of multiple QlikView Publisher tasks  that have different triggers and  different  dependencies into the same QlikView Publisher? Not to a different s...
    Miguel Mena
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  • Even after Preload, Document is taking longer Time for first User. Why?

    Hi Guys,   I have enabled Preload option for Apps but still It is taking very long time when first time i open the document after publishing it?   Setting performed under Documents-->Source Documents--&...
    Shivendoo Kumar
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  • DON'T notify on task fail

    Looking for some creative ideas on how to accomplish something I don't think is possible natively. Namely, I want Publisher to NOT notify me via administrative email on the failure of one particular task. And no, it's...
    Vlad Gutkovsky
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  • How to limit the number of open documents per user on the qvs server

    Hi. We have som problems with users opening the same big qvw document up to 10 times. Our server breaks down often. Is there a way to limit the permitted number of open distribued documents per user on the qvs server ?
    Troels Krohn
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  • Task Performance Summary interpretation

    Hi,   I have set up Task Performance Summary and now i can see on each task execution the following information but i don't fully understand it to get to the root reports that are consuming most CPU and memory. ...
    Cristina Chiriac
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  • Qlikview document chaining - Could not be opened

    At this moment we have some issues with document chaining in our environment. Recently we had a domain migration where a part of our users are migrated to the new domain, the other users will follow in the upcoming ye...
    Tijmen Groustra
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  • QMC message - Not found:SourceDocuments.TaskProperties.Reload.UserName

    I started getting the following message when I clicked "Documents" from QMC for our QA server. Does anyone have any idea what this message means and how to fix it?  
    Oh Won
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  • QlikView tasks failure in QMC

    Hello everyone,   When I am trying to run the tasks to reloads the QlikView applications through the QlikView management console, the tasks are failing. When looked at the application logs, all the logs show the...
    Vindhya Giri
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  • QlikView 11.2 SR12 - Access Point reflecting a different dashboard Name

    Hi All,   I am facing an issue with our Test\Dev QlikView server Access Point. There is a Dashboard named 'ABC-UI.qvw' , that was mounted via folder under QVS with the same name"ABC" . After a recent Server serv...
    Raja Dumpa
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  • Index was out of range

      Hi       I am working with install qlikiview november 2017 on new server. I have imported the jobs from our current version and now I try the jobs in the management control. Some of them ...
    Åsa Runström
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