• Problem with Section Access when distributing

    Hello, we have the following problem : an application is secured by use of section access. when reloading on a workstation, it works fine. when reloading and distributing on a server, the security doesn't work. It...
    Olivier Robin
    created by Olivier Robin
  • Moving task from QV Server (Without Publisher) to Publisher and  in the opposite direction

    Hi dear Qlik Community I am writing to tell you about a case that we have with a customer that currently has QlikView and that wants to test Publisher, due to some internal situation he can not have an additional ...
    Marcos Herrera
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  • Qlikview 12.10 Server + Publisher Setup

    Hi!   I'm currently on a Qlikview 12.10 single-machine server setup and have recently purchased Qlikview Publisher. We're planning to hold the Publisher on a separate VM instance. Are there any step-by-step li...
    Jeff de Leon
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  • Reloading without distribution

    Hello,   I'm quite new to using Publisher after years of Qlikview Server only.   I have transferred all refreshes to Publisher but sometimes I don't need any Distribute because I'm just creating QVD.  ...
    Frédéric Villemin
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  • Directory Service Connector is offline - Qlikview

    H,   I am facing an unusual error when trying to distribute Qvws, through publisher, to the access point folder.   I face the following error : Error The task "Reload and Distribute LM\Sharepoint\Applica...
    umar khan
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  • QVS Distribution failed to distribute to QVS

    My document is successfully reloaded, but occasionally will fail to distribute. When I run the task again in the QMC a second time after it fails, it will reload and distribute with no issues. I do have another docume...
    Scott Brown
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  • Failed to start the task due to the following error:NoEDXTriggerFound

    Hello! I looked through all the discussions on this topic, but could't find the answer. My triggers: Task_33d371df-ae20-45a6-8830-83951d1d74f4.xml: But EDX trigger don't work:   Help, please!
    Eugene Coton
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  • Error in reload of document

    Hi,   I am getting the following error in a scheduled daily reload: Error The sourcedocument failed to save.. Exception=System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004005): Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been re...
    Viral Mehta
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  • QlikView Reload | Trigger using QMS API

    Hi,   We are using QMS API to create on external event trigger. We are able to create and run the task successfully. But even though a task is created, and ran successfully, the timer icon on document is not v...
    Pavan Rampalli
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  • SSL connect to SMTP server from QlikView cluster

    Hello,   I am looking for a solution, how can send our QlikView cluster emails from Publisher with SMTP Server, which requires SSL authentication. I found in Internet a document in attachment. It works fine for ...
    Dimitri Obrant
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  • split qlikview application based on two attributes

    Hello Qlikview experts,   I have a question regarding document splitting and distribution property in Qlikview. In my QV model, i have two attributes like - sender_region and receiver_region. These two columns p...
    Milind Desai
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  • QlikView Server Failed (TimedOut)

    Hi,   I have an issue with my QlikView server. Users runs a dashborad on QMS - 1541d, after an hour the process fails with the following error.   2018-01-09 03:47:28) Error: QVClient.Execute failed: Syste...
    Michael Telada
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  • The communication with QlikView Server failed (TimedOut)!

    Hi,   I have the QMC, QVS, QDS and QVWS on different machines   In my QMC, when the reload part is done and it starts distribution, I see the below error   QVClient.ExecuteWithAttachments failed. Exc...
    Syed Shah
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  • Loa excelfil from intranet

    Hello I have a application that read from a excelfil on our intranet. It works if I run it on my desktop version but fails when I run it on publsiher. The loggfile says it is "Error: Bad Zip File".   Does anyo...
    Åsa Runström
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  • QDSMain.Exceptions.LogBucketErrorException: Distribution to resources failed with errors.

    Hello,      i am trying to reload my Task from QMC and it showing distribution error.      as per attached log document reloaded successfully but something went wrong at the t...
    Infosense_Developer Ltd
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    Hello, After renaming a qvw file it appaers again within the users documents as (AQF_SCORECARD.QVW). u can see the qvw file under USER DOCUMENTS, even the actual file ids in the User folder as (aqf_scorcard.qvw). ...
    Somaya Abidi
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  • error 300: ... ScanFile: ... error during open of <filename>

    In the event log of the QV server, we get many error 300 of the following form:   300    Error    QVGeneral: Server - ScanFile: An error (Die Syntax für den Dateinamen, Verzeic...
    Helmut Melcher
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  • QVW appears twice in AccessPoint

    Hello, We are running a QlikView Server, Version 11.20 SR17.   I've seen this question asked a number of times in the forum but the answers have not helped in my case.   See screenshot of AccessPoint b...
    John Anderson
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  • QV Publisher (QMC) - Auto-Triggered Issues

    After server migration (switched from one server to another), Jobs/Tasks are not auto triggered on its own schedule time. It triggered sometime and sometime it's not. It takes several click to run when perform manual ...
    created by BKN DNG
  • Distribute to folder removes some rights ?

    Hello,   I'm in charge of a big migration from Qlikview Server built-in distribution to a Publisher server.   We have around 150 tasks scheduled in Qlikview Server and as I have understood, we need to migr...
    Frédéric Villemin
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