• Best Practices for Data Modelling

    Hi everyone i am posting a document which is very profitable to the one who is new to qlikview.
    sujeet singh
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  • Let's read Qlik

    !Greetings to all. I love Qlik, but lately I do not have enough time to keep track of everything that happens. I have to visit many resources for reading news, articles, tricks, videos. I set myself the goal of bei...
    Stanislav Chernov
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  • QlikView Maps

    Hi all!   As consultant  I´ve done several Dashboards using QlikView and in most of them I don´t have the need to incorporate maps, but if at least once you´ve tried to create a maps using...
    Juan Pedro
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  • Customizable Straight Table

    In many of the applications that I have done, there is usually a need for a straight table displaying detailed information.  Sometimes I handle this by giving the user the option to create their own customizable ...
    Marcel Hug
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  • Sending email from Qlikview

    Hi, Sometimes we need to send objects by email. Well, i solved this using Powershell and Qlikview, like this.   1. Script Powershell: (Save this script on email.ps1) $att = new-object Net.Mail.Attachment("C:\...
    Joao Gutheil
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  • QlikView automation by external VBScript scripts

    You can do all sorts of administrative tasks with QlikView applications through Automation API. Export charts to excel or csv files, export variables from application, set sheet level security parameters before depl...
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  • Free QlikView Templates

    Following a number of requests from Partners and New Joiners last year I've created a number of different QlikView templates which can get you started quickly. The focus has been on setting the framework to allow you ...
    Tony Philiip
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  • F1 Data of Formula 1

    Hello everyone, We attach a file with data QlikView history of Formula 1 from 1950 to today. Not particularly bright in terms of presentation, but if you have enough information that Formula 1 fans will surely appre...
    Enrique Colomer
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  • Qlikview Shortcut Keys

    Find the attached document helps to know shortcut keys in Qlikview. Regards. Siva   Note: Updated the versions as per the comments(additional shortcut keys)  by the community members below.
    sivasankar kanagasabai
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  • Business Working Hours Calculation

    Hi Qlikers,   Sometimes we can have requirement to calculate the business working hours between two Dates due to certain reasons. There are many solutions available on community but I thought let's create the do...
    kushal chawda
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  • Lineage / Dependency Analyzer for QlikView

    A free QV App that allows you to visualize your solution as a system of related elements. The application scans your QV environment and automatically discovers dependencies between QVW Apps, QVD Tables, Flat fil...
    Vasily Petrenko
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  • DAR Template - Selection Bar Fix

    Hello guys,   I'm working in DAR template and finded some problems, the biggest it's selection bar not work's correctly, the devs in Branch marked like "Know Errors". I do it this simple solution for case, takin...
  • How to become a QlikView Developer?

    I’ve been receiving lot of questions about how, what and where to start with QlikView. So, I’ve decided to create a infographic which covers the learning path to become a QlikView Developer. I’ve als...
    Deepak Vadithala
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  • QVD (QlikView Data File)

    What Is a QVD file?QVD is a QlikView format and can only be written to and read by QlikView. A single QVD file can store a single table and is created in the load script in a QVW file. QVD is a data file of qlikview. ...
    yogesh jamddhade
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  • Refresh data without user interaction on AJAX client

      This solution let update data without user interaction and without reload the page, it work with v11. Hope help.   Problem: There may be situations where one needs to maintain a session, without user...
    Corrado Lorefice
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  • Generate_Random.qvw

    Quick, easy way to generate random selection based on time seed.   G.
    gerry castellino
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  • White Paper - QlikView Migration Guidelines.pdf

    Hi,   Sharing a document on the Qlikview Migration guidelines. I found this to be very useful when planning to migrate the Qlikview to the latest version.   Regards,   SJ
    Sandeep Joglekar
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  • Functions Cheatsheet.pdf

    Hello Everyone,   I have attached the document for the important Qlikview functions used in script as well as in UI. Please have a look and also feel free to update the document or comment in the session for th...
    Ritesh Agarwal
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  • Loading Multiple Excel Sheets Dynamically along with file name and sheet name

    Hi All,   This document helps you in loading multiple excels and excel sheets with the name of the sheet and data.   //to read each file from the specified folder FOR EACH file in FileList('filepath\*.xlsx...
    Enrique Colomer
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  • Send mail and Export in Qlikview

    Hi All, Please find the threads for sending email in Qlikview. Hope this will help. Thank you.   sending mail from desktop qvw app CREATING AUTOMATED ALERTS AND EMAILS SENDING BASED ON DATA LOADED IN QLIKVIEW...
    arjun rao
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