• Use Silent Legend with Cross Colors

    When I create a dashboard to mantain a good layout and to offer a good user experience always I need to set the same color for the same dimension value in each chart. Unfortunally there isnt' a easy way to do this, a...
    Luca Jonathan Panetta
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  • Batch file script to reload Qlikview Applications

    Hi Folks,   Recent days,I have seen some of them are asking on running Qlikview applications through windows scheduler in community. Generally we follows 3 tier architecture in our project. Assume we have 3 qv...
    arjun rao
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  • Close Document Session

    Hi,   I've built a document extension that allows you to close the ajax session when closing the browser or browser tab.   There's another document extension in the forum that never worked for me that's wh...
    Jeremy Latimer
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  • Customisable Straight (and Pivot) Tables - more food for thought

    EDIT 25th November 2014!! Guests to the inaugural #QlikDevGroup meeting tonight - the flexi-chart demo goes waaaayyy beyond this!! (updated doc and code will made available to everyone soon) Hello everyone,   ...
    Jason Michaelides
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  • How to use - Dimensionality()

    Definition: Returns the number of dimension columns that have non-aggregation content. i.e. do not contain partial sums or collapsed aggregates. A typical use is in attribute expressions, when you want to apply di...
    Robert Mika
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  • Loading Excel file from Sharepoint into Qlikview.

    I was able to load data from excel sheet which was in share point but was not able to do that in server. I try to find solution in community but i did not see anyone had a good documentation on how to do this. So her...
    everest226 KC
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    Hi all, Often we miss a lot of time carefully selecting the colors you want to use. In the attached file you will see a wide range of colors grouped together to make it easier to search and selecting the right color...
    Enrique Colomer
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  • Using QlikView for (bulk) INSERT into SQL

    Hi everyone, Here is a file to write the content of a QVD into an MS SQL database with minimum amount of coding. The script uses bulk insert function in SQL and inserts 1,000 rows at a time. There are instruc...
    Cheenu Janakiram
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  • How to resolve Qlikview Server Errors

    Error: “The Qlikview web server service on Local computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs.” Cause: When you are tr...
    Tharindu Ranathunge
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  • How to use - MaxString & MinString

    Bullet points: MaxString and MinString belongs to Qlikview String Aggregation function. They are equivalent to MAX and MIN for integers They return the highest and lowest string value   What actually a value o...
    Robert Mika
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  • dropdown menu extension

    When you are using many tab sheets within QlikView your application can easily become unclear and very full. Using standard tab sheets it is not possible to build a hierarchy in your menu. I have built a dropdown ...
    Petra Bloem
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  • Q-Eye version 6.5 is available for download

    Q-Eye is an easy to use QVD files editor that works with both QVD and QVX files It can export data as excel text and sql files   In this release we concentrated on making the life of end users easier.   Th...
    Mike Rewnick
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  • J'ever try ta loop a QlikView input load... and have this happen??

    I'm a huge fan of the placeholder table and forced concatenation by explicit naming.  I can speak a little to the evolution of this technique, as I'm a big iterator, and enjoy iteration, even in its most gratuito...
    Evan Kurowski
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  • Calculating net requirements: spread available stock until depletion

    Hi,   I just like to contribute a little demo that is quiet easy to understand. It could be used for calculating production demands for example. In other words: as long as there's available stock, nothing needs...
    Robin Hausdörfer
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  • QlikView: The Mirable Miracle Use of Pixel Perfect Developer Work Space...

    QlikView: A Wonderfull User Experience!! The Mirable Miracle of Pixel Perfect Developer Work Space... Some my personal "best practice" document to UI with mustache!: A User Experience with Big <U > ! The DashB...
    valerio fatatis
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  • How To /Missing Manual (25 articles)

              How To / Missing Manual                        ...
    Robert Mika
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  • Using FirstSortedValue in the Script

    Hi,   I have been looking into FirstSortedValue funtion within a script. Here is an example which uses the function within a loop transforming the original data to either one with flags or a new dimension feild....
    Richard Pearce
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  • Useful Qlikview Macros

    Hope the below macro scripts helps beginners Source : QlikView Macros – Useful collection | Lucian Cotea   1) Run external program: FUNCTION RunExe(cmd) CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Exec(cmd) END FUNCTION...
    jagan mohan rao appala
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  • Multicurrency

    Being able to display data in different currencies has become a must have feature for business intelligence and analytics apps. So far I was not able to find a solution that fits all purposes, but I have come up with...
    paolo Deregibus
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  • QvM - Documentation

    When there is a handover of a Qlikview project from one developer to the next it is highly recommended to add some documentation about the project. The Documentation Module exists out of a check list with the question...
    Koen Bal
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