• QlikView - Performance Dashboard

    Following on from my previous submissions, QlikView Performance Monitoring and How to set up Windows Performance Monitor For QlikView Servers I have created a new Performance Dashboard. Where this differs from the Sys...
    Shane Spencer
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  • Rollup hierarchy's Node Amount

    Hi Qlikers I prepare sample to show how can rollup node's amount in hierarchy to do this  we need two hierarchy: one of them hierarchy with CountryName:          ...
    Samane Ramezani
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  • Qlikview Parameterised Variables

    The Qlikview Variables are quite cool and they can be used as little functions too. For example, the below variable declaration gives the flexibility to use any simple aggregation functions on any fields in the model ...
    Sasidhar Parupudi
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  • License_Analyser_K3FDS.qvw

    The QlikView Management Console is a great tool for configuring your QlikView environment, but one thing it is not great at, ironically, is analysing your usage of licenses. In particular analysing your use allocation...
    David Foster
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  • QvM - Business User Help

    The Business User Help is a drop down panel with a universal search and a link to a video playlist with a general introduction to Qlikview for business users. The module integrates nicely with the Navigation module. I...
    Koen Bal
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  • Book: QlikView for Developers

    New Book published by Packt – “QlikView for Developers” in June 2017 authored by Miguel Ángel García and Barry Harmsen.   Whether you're new to QlikView or want to get up to speed w...
    Sherwin Silveira
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  • Sheet Level Security

    Hi,   This document helps in implementing Sheet level access based on the user using Section Access.  I configured four users A, B, C and D and no password is required to login.   If you login as A, the...
    jagan mohan rao appala
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  • Triggering an EDX Task from the Ajax Client

    I have created a sample application (using a QlikView Extension in combination with a web service) to trigger an EDX task from with the Ajax client.   Screenshot of the QlikView Extension:   Architectur...
    Stefan Walther
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  • How to integrate SAP-BW Process Chains with Publisher

    I have SAP-BW as data-warehouse and QV for reporting. After a couple of months spending too much time on trying to manage all the data loads in one place I came up with a full integration solution for data loads bet...
    Yaniv Feldman
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  • How to store and recover variables

    The example file shows how to fetch existing variables in a QVW file, and how to restore them back.   The storage of current variables can be done form a QlikView Project (PRJ) folder or directly from a QVW file...
    Toni Kautto
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  • Power Tools 1.2 for QlikView

    Power Tools for QlikView Version: 1.2   In this release:   QlikView Server Agent *updated* - 1.6.2 QlikView Server Super Agent *updated* - 1.7.2 QMS API Client - 1.0 Qvs Detector - 0.9 Qv User Manager...
    Stefan Bäckstrand
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  • Lineage / Dependency Analyzer for QlikView

    A free QV App that allows you to visualize your solution as a system of related elements. The application scans your QV environment and automatically discovers dependencies between QVW Apps, QVD Tables, Flat fil...
    Vasily Petrenko
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  • Do you Qualify?- How to use QUALIFY statement

    What it is used for? The Qualify statement is used for switching on the qualification of field names, i.e. field names will get the table name as a prefix.’   In situation where we have two (or more) Ta...
    Robert Mika
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  • Qlik NPrinting Services Stop Start batch files (17.0 onwards)

    I have attached a very simple set of batch files that I regularly use to manage Qlik NPrinting Server instances, I typically place these files on the desktop of my Server.   They are useful when you are required ...
    Richard Byard
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  • An introduction to QlikView Security using Web Tickets

    QlikView provides a range of features to allow users to login and view documents using Single Sign On with a range of different technologies. A high level document detailing all of the various security options in Qlik...
    John Trigg
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  • QlikView and Salesforce.com Single Sign On

    Introduction  SalesForce.com provides a cloud based solution for CRM and other systems. QlikView provides a connector to be able to extract data entered into Salesforce.com for analysis and discovery.  This...
    Joe Bickley
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  • My First Post in Resources:) : Load Multiple Excel Files With Different Sheet names

    Hi All,       Hope all are doing well . Few days back I have one requirement and do some R&D about that finally got the solution. So I want to share with you all. Hope this will helps you...
    Nirmal Raj
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  • Section Acces in QlikView

    Hi everybody,   I have seen a very interesting documentation about the Section Access part in QlikView applications. We all know the importance of the security in all applications.   I hope it's of interest.
    Jon Junguitu
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  • Data speaking to you

    NLG (Natural Language Generation) is a task of Natural language processing which helps in generating natural language from a machine representation system. It is a translator which converts a computer based representa...
    Sampada Bhumralkar
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  • PowerShell Script to test SMTP settings

    Unlike NPrinting 16, version 17.x does not have an option to test the entered SMTP settings. You could run the attached PowerShell script to test your SMTP settings before entering them into NPrinting. You will need t...
    Daniel Jenkins
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