• Bollinger Bands

    Hi Qlikers,   This document demonstrates the Bollinger Bands.   Many traders use Bollinger Bands to determine overbought and oversold levels, selling when price touches the upper Bollinger Band and buying ...
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  • Steps for beginners to implement Google Maps in Qlikview

    Find the attachement to implement google maaps in qlikview. Documents with screenshots are avail. Attached the QVW file also for your reference. Regards. Siva Sankar k I've re-edited the document  and fixed the&...
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  • Qlikview Parameterised Variables

    The Qlikview Variables are quite cool and they can be used as little functions too. For example, the below variable declaration gives the flexibility to use any simple aggregation functions on any fields in the model ...
    Sasidhar Parupudi
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  • Do you Qualify?- How to use QUALIFY statement

    What it is used for? The Qualify statement is used for switching on the qualification of field names, i.e. field names will get the table name as a prefix.’   In situation where we have two (or more) Ta...
    Robert Mika
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  • QvM - Color Management

    "How to reduce time to set up and manage the colors of your dashboard and start creating business value faster?"   Imagine there would be a module that could help set up and manage the colors for your dashboard ...
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  • QvM - AdHoc table

    The AdHoc table module provides an easy to setup AdHoc table (aka lego table). The dimensions and expressions are managed in the QVMeta_Dashboard excel which is part of the Documentation Module. The possibility to add...
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  • Display_by_Date_Slider_Alt_State.qvw

    A way of isolating the date dimension via a slider object and alternate state from other default selections. via this cool expression in the dimension for the bar chart:   aggr(only({<SaleDate=P({test})>}...
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  • Mini Bar Chart inside Straight Table and in List Box

    Hi,   Created a simple document with steps on creating a Mini Bar Chart inside Straight Table and in the Listbox. Hope it helps for the beginners. Your comments are welcome.   - Siva Sankar
    sivasankar kanagasabai
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  • Qlik Sense Waterfall Chart with Bar Chart (without extension)

    A simple approach to get a waterfall chart with a bar chart. Using an offset segment that is set to white and a little bit logic in the load script to be able to read a straight-forward data table.  
    Petter Skjolden
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  • Dynamic KPIs

    Sometimes, when you have less space in Dashboard and you have much information/KPIs to show OR If you want to let user to select what specific information he wants to look at rather than pouring all information in das...
    Kamal Kumar Sanguri
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  • Set Analysis for Rolling Periods

    Hi All,   Sometimes there may be requirements from users where they want to see the charts by rolling periods based on the selected periods, please check below for various scenarios.   Note: The format defi...
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  • Step-by-Step Google Map API v3 integration (deprecated by Google, does not work anymore)

    Google Map Integration API v3 This document describes a setp by step integration of Google Map API v3. This includes script and screenshots.   Advantages – Integration based on QV-Extensions or Scatter ...
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  • Control Chart

    What is Control Chart? The control chart is a statistical analysis used to study how a process changes over time. Data are plotted in time order. Control charts are used to routinely monitor quality or simply you can...
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  • Partial Sums in straight table | Custom Labels in Pivot SubTotals

    Hi   Recently I have seen some threads where people have been asking for Partial Sum's / Sub Totals in a straight table. Immediate first thought was Why Oh Why! we have a Pivot table to do just that! But there ...
    Vineeth Pujari
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  • QlikView Advanced UI Design and more...

    Hello, This example emphasize the extraordinary capabilities of representation of the "scatter analysis" which in my opinion is really great, especially when you analyze the single or both quadrant (see icon in the u...
    Valerio Fatatis
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  • Qlikview Learning: General topics with Examples and Help Material

    Attached the documentation , examples and learning material which i have collected over the years. It will help everyone in the community. Some of the files are from community itself. But re posting them so that every...
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  • Benford's law

    Hi Qlikers,   This document demonstrates the Benford's law.   To know more about Benford's law, please visit the below link   Benford's law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   Benford’s ...
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  • F1 Data of Formula 1

    Hello everyone, We attach a file with data QlikView history of Formula 1 from 1950 to today. Not particularly bright in terms of presentation, but if you have enough information that Formula 1 fans will surely appre...
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  • Human Body Parts Graph

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is even more true in BI. With this in mind, it came to me this solution for representing accidents in a plant in a QV document, as one of the most important issues for red...
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  • Fiscal Calendar with Non-Standard Days (Not 1-31)

    Hi All, Hope the below script helps for those who are looking for a Fiscal Calendar for non standard dates.  For example the month starts from 26 th of previous month to 25th of current month.   Jan-2015: ...
    jagan mohan rao appala
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