• QlikView - Performance Dashboard

    Following on from my previous submissions, QlikView Performance Monitoring and How to set up Windows Performance Monitor For QlikView Servers I have created a new Performance Dashboard. Where this differs from the Sys...
    Shane Spencer
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  • Qlikview Parameterised Variables

    The Qlikview Variables are quite cool and they can be used as little functions too. For example, the below variable declaration gives the flexibility to use any simple aggregation functions on any fields in the model ...
    Sasidhar Parupudi
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  • License_Analyser_K3FDS.qvw

    The QlikView Management Console is a great tool for configuring your QlikView environment, but one thing it is not great at, ironically, is analysing your usage of licenses. In particular analysing your use allocation...
    David Foster
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  • QvM - Color Management

    "How to reduce time to set up and manage the colors of your dashboard and start creating business value faster?"   Imagine there would be a module that could help set up and manage the colors for your dashboard ...
    Koen Bal
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  • NPrinting Log Viewer

    Attached is a QlikView app to analyse the log files generated by NPrinting v16.     Note -The attached App requires a QlikView desktop licence to open and is not compatible with Personal Edition. The ...
    Colin Albert
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  • Power Tools 1.2 for QlikView

    Power Tools for QlikView Version: 1.2   In this release:   QlikView Server Agent *updated* - 1.6.2 QlikView Server Super Agent *updated* - 1.7.2 QMS API Client - 1.0 Qvs Detector - 0.9 Qv User Manager...
    Stefan Bäckstrand
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  • Lineage / Dependency Analyzer for QlikView

    A free QV App that allows you to visualize your solution as a system of related elements. The application scans your QV environment and automatically discovers dependencies between QVW Apps, QVD Tables, Flat fil...
    Vasily Petrenko
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  • Qlik NPrinting Services Stop Start batch files (17.0 onwards)

    I have attached a very simple set of batch files that I regularly use to manage Qlik NPrinting Server instances, I typically place these files on the desktop of my Server.   They are useful when you are required ...
    Richard Byard
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  • Video: Learning QlikView® 12

    Packt published "Learning QlikView® 12" by B. Diane Blackwood in December last year.   If you are a data analysts, executives, managers, decision makers, or anyone who works with data and wants to make sense...
    Sherwin Silveira
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  • Dynamic KPIs

    Sometimes, when you have less space in Dashboard and you have much information/KPIs to show OR If you want to let user to select what specific information he wants to look at rather than pouring all information in das...
    Kamal Kumar Sanguri
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  • How to set up Windows Performance Monitor For QlikView Servers

    An in-depth document that explains how to configure Windows Performance Monitor (Perfmon) and specifically which metrics to collect for QlikView servers and what each metric means / why it should be collected.
    Shane Spencer
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  • Processing Windows Perfmon Logs using QlikView

    When I started working on Performance Management of a large number of Windows Servers I was a little surprised to find that there is not already an "off the shelf" solution out there to process and view the Windows Pe...
    Shane Spencer
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  • QlikView Performance Monitoring

    Built upon the application I developed and published under the title Processing Windows Perfmon Logs using QlikView  I've expanded on that to specifically monitor and analyse the performance of QlikView Servers (...
    Shane Spencer
    last modified by Shane Spencer
  • How to use - MaxString & MinString

    Bullet points: MaxString and MinString belongs to Qlikview String Aggregation function. They are equivalent to MAX and MIN for integers They return the highest and lowest string value   What actually a value o...
    Robert Mika
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  • Variables

    Variables are really useful for a lot of things because you could store many different things within them and this could be changed while runtime or on user-action. Therefore they will be called variables.   Qli...
    Marcus Sommer
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  • QlikView Application: System Monitor v5.1.23

    New - Version 5.1.23 (posted 9/25/2014)   ***added workaround for "UserAgent" bug where condition is not met but QV reads the Else field anyways ***Edited expressions for TotalMaxCalsInUse charts to reflect max...
    Michael Terenzi
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  • Skill set for a Qlikview Architect

    Hi All,   Please find the required skills to become a Qlikview Architect.   Thank You.   Experience on Various Qlikview installation methods,applying patches Ability to analysing the Log files and E...
    Vasily Petrenko
    last modified by Vasily Petrenko
  • Create NPrinting Reports from an NTNAME Secured Document

    Background This approach utilizes a single Source Document with two Publisher tasks.  Each task takes a parameter to define the authentication type.  The value passed will either be USERID or NTNAME.   ...
    Mike Reese
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  • Qlik NPrinting 17.x Repository Backup Batch File

    Users should be aware that the NPrinting 17.x repository may be removed in case of a failed upgrade: Upgrading NPrinting?  Read this. Taking regular backups of your files & data is always a good idea anyway a...
    Daniel Jenkins
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  • QVD Analyser: Automatically gather information on all QVDs under a root-drive or -folder (QVW)

    Hi everyone,   Please find attached a script that will loop through all folders and sub-folders (you can even point to a specific drive) which will loop through and file all information relating to the underlying...
    Cheenu Janakiram
    last modified by Cheenu Janakiram