• Three Tier Architecture

    The Three-tier Architecture includes three layers in order to extract the data from the various database and store data in the qlikview data file, apply the business logic and develop the data model using QVD files an...
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  • How to use - MaxString & MinString

    Bullet points: MaxString and MinString belongs to Qlikview String Aggregation function. They are equivalent to MAX and MIN for integers They return the highest and lowest string value   What actually a value o...
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  • Inter-Record Functions

    Inter-Record Functions: These functions are used when a value from previously loaded records of data is needed for the evaluation of the current record.     For Example  ,will Take Sample Table&nbs...
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  • Fiscal Calendar with Non-Standard Days (Not 1-31)

    Hi All, Hope the below script helps for those who are looking for a Fiscal Calendar for non standard dates.  For example the month starts from 26 th of previous month to 25th of current month.   Jan-2015: ...
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  • QlikCentral Flat Design QVW template

    Hello,   Over the past few weeks I've been recording a number of vlogs detailing how I create a general layout in QlikView. This layout has evolved over a number of years and be combining my own ideas with other...
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  • Q-Eye version 6.5 is available for download

    Q-Eye is an easy to use QVD files editor that works with both QVD and QVX files It can export data as excel text and sql files   In this release we concentrated on making the life of end users easier.   Th...
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  • YTQ, QTD, MTD and WTD

    Year, Quarter, Month and Week To Date are the common analysis that I seen many applications. I will share the expression to do here First to do this your data model should have the DateField in number format by apply...
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  • Date Level Analysis - WTD, MTD, QTD & YTD (Current Year & Previous Year)

    Hello Friends, WTD (Week To Date), MTD(Month To Date), QTD (Quarter To Date) & YTD(Year To Date) are commonly used for any kind of analysis. Below are some expression which you can use while doing the same: &n...
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  • Section Access

    How could I make sure that certain data are only for certain users available?   The answer is SECTION ACCESS. Section access is a connection between an authorization table (commonly placed in a hidden script and...
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  • Set Analysis: syntaxes, examples

    For those that find this document in a search - you may also want to check out these videos to learn Set Analysis:   Introduction to Set Analysis (video) - Part 1   About the attached document:   The...
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  • Standard Deviation (Population vs. Sample)

    Inspired by swuehl's response here: Help with Standard deviation Full population No... | Qlik Community I thought it make sense to share a way to calculate population standard deviation as QlikView's Stdev() seems to ...
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  • Essbase Connector Demonstration

    This video shows you a demonstration on how to use the new Essbase connector with QlikView.   Note: It may be necessary to view this video from the YouTube site, in order to access the full screen and resolution...
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  • LOAD data into QlikView

    Dear Community,   Please find a new document explaining the LOAD command.   This document was first the content of personal notes. It has become bigger and bigger: I just hope it is not too big. it conta...
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  • Apply Map Concept

    For new comers I am Uploading example of How Apply Map works.   Thanks   Vikas
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  • Brief Explanation about Apply map

    Hi Friends          Hope all are doing good. The attached QVW refers Applymap breifly. It explain the functionalities about Apply map function. Hope this will helps you guys  ...
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  • Qlikview Learning: General topics with Examples and Help Material

    Attached the documentation , examples and learning material which i have collected over the years. It will help everyone in the community. Some of the files are from community itself. But re posting them so that every...
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  • QlikView Native Geomap ?? Yes. Almost.

    Do you know, that with QlikView 11 / 12, if you have Latitudes / Longitudes in your data model, you are always just two small steps away from a working native geomap object? QlikView Native Maps - YouTube   This ...
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  • How To /Missing Manual (25 articles)

              How To / Missing Manual                        ...
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  • Qlik Google Drive & Spreadsheet connector Steps

    Hi Folks,   This document provide steps to fetch the google spreadsheet information and use in qlikview by using "Qlik Google drive & Spreadsheet connector".   Hope this will help the beginner to use it.
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    Hi all, Often we miss a lot of time carefully selecting the colors you want to use. In the attached file you will see a wide range of colors grouped together to make it easier to search and selecting the right color...
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