• Guide to Dashboard Design.pdf

    A Guide to Creating Dashboards People Love to Use by juice   Thanks BKC
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  • Airports & Airlines QlikView App

    Hi everyone, I would like to share with you this information collection: Airports ... 43.212 in 21.696 City's (221 Country's) Airlines ... 164   A comprehensive list of cities and airports throughout the worl...
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  • Advanced search: a possible pitfall

    Some of you will think that I'm writing about a very trivial topic. However nearly every day I find examples at the community using advanced search (expression search) and sometimes I'm in doubt, if people will get re...
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  • Using the right chart based on the requirement///

    Using the right charts:   When to use a bar chart Comparisons for similar measurements Actual vs. Budget   money to money, qty to qty Amount over time   time to time Top N   category...
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  • Store and drop the table in QVD using a subroutine

    Hi Folks,   Hope this document wil help of beginner in order to avoid multiple store and drop statement while storing the information in QVD.   //Qvd Path Let vQvdPath = 'Qvd\';   //Sub Routine Star...
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  • How to use- Dual()

    Have you ever wonder how the examples from the Qlikview help may look like? Please see below and enjoy responsibly...   Dual()   Definition: Forced association of an arbitrary string representation s with a...
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  • Qlikview Parameterised Variables

    The Qlikview Variables are quite cool and they can be used as little functions too. For example, the below variable declaration gives the flexibility to use any simple aggregation functions on any fields in the model ...
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  • QvM - Qlikview Modules

    QlikView Modules Demo - YouTube   More info at QlikViewModules.com   Have fun Qlik'n, Koen
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  • QvM - Navigation & filters

    The navigation & filters module helps you in setting up a nice and sleek navigation menu design for the navigation between sheets. It includes a top bar, drop down panel for your filters, current selections and a ...
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  • QvM - Documentation

    When there is a handover of a Qlikview project from one developer to the next it is highly recommended to add some documentation about the project. The Documentation Module exists out of a check list with the question...
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  • QvM - AdHoc table

    The AdHoc table module provides an easy to setup AdHoc table (aka lego table). The dimensions and expressions are managed in the QVMeta_Dashboard excel which is part of the Documentation Module. The possibility to add...
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  • QvM - Dynamic Data Model

    "Can you test and predict the behaviour of your datamodel ?" Ever wondered how the data model looks like with the current selections? How selections in one table have an influence on another table in your datamodel...
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  • QvM - Key Check

    "How to check the links between your tables? Do the values of the key between the two tables match as predicted?"   When building a data model it is important that you have a good understanding of the links betwe...
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  • QvM - Color Management

    "How to reduce time to set up and manage the colors of your dashboard and start creating business value faster?"   Imagine there would be a module that could help set up and manage the colors for your dashboard ...
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  • QvM - Advanced Data Discovery

    "How to discover your data in a fast dynamic way?"   When starting a new project the first thing I want to do is get a feel for the data. Preferably in a fast and dynamic way. You can use the "Advanced Data Disco...
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  • QvM - Business User Help

    The Business User Help is a drop down panel with a universal search and a link to a video playlist with a general introduction to Qlikview for business users. The module integrates nicely with the Navigation module. I...
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  • QvM - QlikView for business users introduction videos

    These videos help you get started with QlikView apps available on the QlikView accesspoint. The videos are recommended for any business user.   QlikView Product Tour - YouTube     Video 1 Assoc...
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  • QlikView App: Advanced_Search_Syntax_Builder

    I have put together the attached QVW for ease of selecting any field within a QVW using the $Field, pasting a "list" of values (each must be in their own line) to an input object, then applying the values to the selec...
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  • Continuous Ranking (no missing Rank)

    First of all I want to thank few people here before I go over this document   Massimo Grossi - He is the brains behind this (Simple Rank() question) Thirumala Dandamudi - Shared the link for the post so that I ...
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  • Useful Qlikview Macros

    Hope the below macro scripts helps beginners Source : QlikView Macros – Useful collection | Lucian Cotea   1) Run external program: FUNCTION RunExe(cmd) CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Exec(cmd) END FUNCTION...
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