• rank in script

    Hi   see my example file rank.qvw.   - it contains a sub providing flexible ranking mechanisms, such as ranking by autonumber or by row(). - ranks can be split into half ranks for identical values  (e...
    Marcel Hug
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  • Variables

    Variables are really useful for a lot of things because you could store many different things within them and this could be changed while runtime or on user-action. Therefore they will be called variables.   Qli...
    Marcus Sommer
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  • Using Macro functions in Script

    Please find attached file to access the Macro functions in Scripting.    Regards, Jagan.
    jagan mohan rao appala
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  • Creating a Data Model

    This videos shows how to create a data model (or join tables) in QlikView.  Attached is the resulting QVW and source data in an excel file.     Note the video shows data being loaded via an ODBC con...
    Jeremy Latimer
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  • Section Access

    How could I make sure that certain data are only for certain users available?   The answer is SECTION ACCESS. Section access is a connection between an authorization table (commonly placed in a hidden script and...
    Marcus Sommer
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  • QlikView Section Access Examples

    The  attached file SectionAccess.zip contains several example documents that show how Section Access can be used to restrict access to specific users and to specific data.   This is not a guide on how to us...
    Colin Albert
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  • Geographic Heat Map Visualization

    This is an example of a thematic (aka heat map) visualization using Google's Chart API.  
    Curt Daughtry
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  • How to connect Hadoop Hive

    This is an example to show how you can connect QlikView with Hadoop Hive by using the JDBC Connector:   http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-2438   First make all settings for the JDBC Connector as described...
    Ralf Becher
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  • Section Access: Strict Exclusion

    The strict exclusion feature often causes confusion and misunderstanding. The main purpose is to protect user access, due to  incorrectly setup section access reduction. A good start to understanding the feature ...
    Toni Kautto
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  • Sending email from Qlikview

    Hi, Sometimes we need to send objects by email. Well, i solved this using Powershell and Qlikview, like this.   1. Script Powershell: (Save this script on email.ps1) $att = new-object Net.Mail.Attachment("C:\...
    Joao Gutheil
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  • Business Working Hours Calculation

    Hi Qlikers,   Sometimes we can have requirement to calculate the business working hours between two Dates due to certain reasons. There are many solutions available on community but I thought let's create the do...
    kushal chawda
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  • Functions Cheatsheet.pdf

    Hello Everyone,   I have attached the document for the important Qlikview functions used in script as well as in UI. Please have a look and also feel free to update the document or comment in the session for th...
    Ritesh Agarwal
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  • Loading Multiple Excel Sheets Dynamically along with file name and sheet name

    Hi All,   This document helps you in loading multiple excels and excel sheets with the name of the sheet and data.   //to read each file from the specified folder FOR EACH file in FileList('filepath\*.xlsx...
    Enrique Colomer
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  • QlikTip#: Keep Optimized QVD Load

    Generally, QVD's are one of the most important in any Qlikview deployment.   A QVD (QlikView Data) file is a file containing a table of data exported from QlikView. QVD is a native QlikView format and can only b...
    Srikanth P
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  • Zero to D3 Extension in a few easy steps with an improved template

    Introduction Chapters Pre Reading- The Extension Template: See below or on the blog here: PreReading- Qlikview Extension in a few easy steps and with an improved template – Qlik and Dirty Step1- A bas...
    Adam Davies
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  • REST Connector & Pagination on Pipedrive

    This document explains some issues identified in testing the REST connector with Pipedrive data using the Start & Limit parameters for paging the output results from the Pipedrive API.   I have been using th...
    Colin Albert
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  • Useful Qlikview Macros

    Hope the below macro scripts helps beginners Source : QlikView Macros – Useful collection | Lucian Cotea   1) Run external program: FUNCTION RunExe(cmd) CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Exec(cmd) END FUNCTION...
    jagan mohan rao appala
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  • Master Calendar Generation Script

    Below script helps in generating the Master calendar.  In this script I am getting the Minimum and Maximum dates in my Invoice table and generating the entries for each date in CalendarMaster table between minimu...
    jagan mohan rao appala
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  • World Cup 2018 Competition

    (MENSAJE EN ESPAÑOL A CONTINUACIÓN) Last status - 15/07/2018 QVW apps and original files with player predictions attached (RAR file) ----------------------------------------------------------------...
    Muñoz Héctor
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  • How to do Forecasting In Qlikview( with Example)

    Hi All,  Here is another document with screenshot for beginners. This is all about how to perform 'Forecasting' in qlikview with manual input. Please find the document attached.  Your comments are welcome. R...
    sivasankar kanagasabai
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