• Optimize Group By Performance

    One of our Qlik Community Buddy (Rupinder Singh) shared an awesome way to optimize the performance of group by statement but I don't think this got enough lime light which it should have. In order to give it better ex...
    Sunny Talwar
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  • Barcode 39 with QlikView Standard Barchart (no font)

    QlikView can produce Barcodes (Encoding: 39)  itself. This little app uses the ability of a QlikView standard bar chart to draw the necessary black and white stripes to build a scanner-readable barcode   A ...
    Christof Schwarz
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  • Colors in Qlik

    I must admit that I never really thought about how Qlik handled colors internally and how they are stored. Inspired by the following discussion: https://community.qlik.com/thread/297454 I looked a bit more closely and...
    Marcus Sommer
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  • Batch file script to reload Qlikview Applications

    Hi Folks,   Recent days,I have seen some of them are asking on running Qlikview applications through windows scheduler in community. Generally we follows 3 tier architecture in our project. Assume we have 3 qv...
    arjun rao
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  • QlikView Date fields

    QlikView has an intelligent algorithm to recognize dates independently of which region you are in. In most cases, you will have no problems loading them. It just works and you do not need to think about it. However, i...
    Henric Cronström
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  • Close Document Session

    Hi,   I've built a document extension that allows you to close the ajax session when closing the browser or browser tab.   There's another document extension in the forum that never worked for me that's wh...
    Jeremy Latimer
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  • Introduction to Section Access

    A great primer to Section Access by Gustav Guldberg of QlikView Support.
    Community Administrator
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  • Easily managing global variables externally

    A really simple script I must_include at the beginning of all my scripts to load global variables, managed in a seperate place (an Excel file in the example below, could of course be just as well SQL.   Any comm...
    Ronald van der Does
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  • Store Qvd file with Timestamp value

    //Load Your Table here with proper name given TableName: Load * Inline [ Users,ID A,1 B,2 C,3 ]; //Create a variable for capture the Timestamp value of the QVW //with help of NOW() function and give proper Fo...
    Anand Chouhan
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  • License_Analyser_K3FDS.qvw

    The QlikView Management Console is a great tool for configuring your QlikView environment, but one thing it is not great at, ironically, is analysing your usage of licenses. In particular analysing your use allocation...
    David Foster
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  • Using QlikView for (bulk) INSERT into SQL

    Hi everyone, Here is a file to write the content of a QVD into an MS SQL database with minimum amount of coding. The script uses bulk insert function in SQL and inserts 1,000 rows at a time. There are instruc...
    Cheenu Janakiram
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  • Intervalmatch example – with dates

    I have two tables Table1,Table2. Table1 has DATE, Table2 has START_DT,END_DT. Want to join these two tables on DATE columns. Intervalmatch function will help us to make the join in Qlik. If we use left join, we can av...
    arjun rao
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  • SQL Insert from QlikView.qvw

    In this app I showed how to insert data into SQL Table by LOAD Script or using macro. Data from variables insert into SQL Table by this script:   INSERT INTO [dbo].[Table1]       &nb...
    Stanislav Strogiy
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  • Different Join Functions in Qlikview

    In join functionality we have four type of the joins as we know and at the place they differently used in the data model. I provide this document for under stand the functionality of the joins in the 4 ways.   T...
    Anand Chouhan
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  • Macro that combines two sheet objects and export as a single image.

    Hi Friends,   I have come across some questions posted by the community members asking if there is any way to combine 2 or more sheet objects and export them into a single image file.   While this is not p...
    Sasidhar Parupudi
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  • Load latest month Data from Quarter QVDs SalesYYYYQ0X format

    //Data load and store into QVD: Let vQVD='Sales'&Year(Today())&num(ceil(month(Today())/3),'00'); SalesData: LOAD InvoiceNumber, InvoiceLineNumber, InvoiceDate, CustomerID, SalesmanID, ProductID, Quantity, ...
    arjun rao
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  • A more comprehensive HELP on Maxstring() / Minstring() than the HELP file

    Hi all,   the HELP file and the old reference manual are my first places if I want to learn something about Qlik functions. But sometimes I think they are not giving 100% correct or complete answers. For example...
    Stefan Wühl
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  • ByteSizes from Values in QlikView

    ByteSizes from Values in QlikView   I think you know that QlikView had a very effective way to handle and store data. The general approach is described here: Symbol Tables and Bit-Stuffed Pointers and here: Symb...
    Marcus Sommer
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  • multi_header_pivot_import.qvw

    This example qlikview document can help you load excel files that contain a pivot table with multiple horizontal headers (dimensions) like in the image below: The instructions on how to use this documents can be fo...
    Gysbert Wassenaar
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  • Inter-Record Functions

    Inter-Record Functions: These functions are used when a value from previously loaded records of data is needed for the evaluation of the current record.     For Example  ,will Take Sample Table&nbs...
    Hirish V
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