• Load Multiple excel sheets using For loop

    Hi All, The script below loads the data into qlikview file for multiple sheets in a single load by using the Loop statements.    LET vStartSheetNumber = 1; LET vEndSheetNumber = 50; LET vExcelFileName ...
    jagan mohan rao appala
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  • How to Create a Profit and Loss Statement in QlikView

    Have you ever created a P&L statement in QlikView?  Well, this technical brief outlines how to create a P&L statement in QlikView 11 using IntervalMatch.   Also check out this blog post.   Tha...
    john pett
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  • Using Peek and Previous Functions Recursively to Help Transform Data

    Hey everyone, a large problem with unstructured data is that it's, well, unstructured. One of the most common problems we see here at Qualcomm, especially with testing or engineering data is when you have a table of r...
    John Trigg
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  • Peek() vs Previous() – When to Use Each

    This zip file contains a technical brief, a qvw and a small file. The technical brief walks the user through the steps of when to use peek() vs previous() functions. I published a blog about it as well. You can fiund ...
    Charles Bannon
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  • Inter-Record Functions

    Inter-Record Functions: These functions are used when a value from previously loaded records of data is needed for the evaluation of the current record.     For Example  ,will Take Sample Table&nbs...
    Hirish V
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  • Fiscal Calendar with Non-Standard Days (Not 1-31)

    Hi All, Hope the below script helps for those who are looking for a Fiscal Calendar for non standard dates.  For example the month starts from 26 th of previous month to 25th of current month.   Jan-2015: ...
    jagan mohan rao appala
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  • Selector Desde Hasta con Campos

    Para lograr filtros de fecha de tipo Desde Hasta usando Campos, y obtener un resultado como el siguiente:   Puede usarse la técnica con los siguientes pasos: 1. Cargar la Fact Table Ventas 2. Crear una ...
    Enmanuel Santana
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  • J'ever try ta loop a QlikView input load... and have this happen??

    I'm a huge fan of the placeholder table and forced concatenation by explicit naming.  I can speak a little to the evolution of this technique, as I'm a big iterator, and enjoy iteration, even in its most gratuito...
    Evan Kurowski
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  • Calculating net requirements: spread available stock until depletion

    Hi,   I just like to contribute a little demo that is quiet easy to understand. It could be used for calculating production demands for example. In other words: as long as there's available stock, nothing needs...
    Robin Hausdörfer
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  • QlikView JDBC Connector

    Hi everyone,   this is a demo version of our JDBC Connector for QlikView. It will enable a lot of non-ODBC/OLEDB sources for loading data into QlikView.   Also, it would give much more performance on QV 9 ...
    Ralf Becher
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  • Load all tables in database dynamically

    Below script helps in loading all the tables in the database and store that tables in QVDs.   ODBC CONNECT TO MyODBC; SQLTableList: LOAD "TABLE_NAME" as  TableNames;   SQL SELECT DISTINCT "TABLE_NAM...
    jagan mohan rao appala
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  • Section Access

    How could I make sure that certain data are only for certain users available?   The answer is SECTION ACCESS. Section access is a connection between an authorization table (commonly placed in a hidden script and...
    Marcus Sommer
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  • LOAD data into QlikView

    Dear Community,   Please find a new document explaining the LOAD command.   This document was first the content of personal notes. It has become bigger and bigger: I just hope it is not too big. it conta...
    Fabrice Aunez
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  • Ageing Stock Analysis in Qlik Sense

    I was recently set the task to create a table that looked at Ageing Stock for one of my clients. It required looking at the date, Qty and Location of stock ‘In and outs’ on and First in First Out (FIFO) ba...
    Jon Foote
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  • Apply Map Concept

    For new comers I am Uploading example of How Apply Map works.   Thanks   Vikas
    vikas mahajan
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  • Brief Explanation about Apply map

    Hi Friends          Hope all are doing good. The attached QVW refers Applymap breifly. It explain the functionalities about Apply map function. Hope this will helps you guys  ...
    Nirmal Raj
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  • Qlikview Learning: General topics with Examples and Help Material

    Attached the documentation , examples and learning material which i have collected over the years. It will help everyone in the community. Some of the files are from community itself. But re posting them so that every...
    Vinay kumar Bangari
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  • How to connect and extract data from T24 Oracle XML.docx

    Hi, I just want to use the opportunity to share some tips on my experience with working on T24 database source which was really challenging for me. The Qlik community has been a lot of help for me on Qlik projects and...
    Ayodele Makun
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  • Variables

    Variables are really useful for a lot of things because you could store many different things within them and this could be changed while runtime or on user-action. Therefore they will be called variables.   Qli...
    Marcus Sommer
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  • Joins and Lookups

    This document concerns data modelling and joins What is the difference between a join using the join prefix and a join using a SELECT statement? When should you join and when shouldn't you? Performance consideration...
    Henric Cronström
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