• Functions Cheatsheet.pdf

    Hello Everyone,   I have attached the document for the important Qlikview functions used in script as well as in UI. Please have a look and also feel free to update the document or comment in the session for th...
    Ritesh Agarwal
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  • Sheets Security with Section Access

    Aside from filtering data records with Section Access, I'm usually requested to filter the objects and sheets to which users have access.  To be honest, I don't like to filter individual objects since this implie...
    Carlos Reyes
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  • Section Access: Strict Exclusion

    The strict exclusion feature often causes confusion and misunderstanding. The main purpose is to protect user access, due to  incorrectly setup section access reduction. A good start to understanding the feature ...
    Toni Kautto
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  • Close Document Session

    Hi,   I've built a document extension that allows you to close the ajax session when closing the browser or browser tab.   There's another document extension in the forum that never worked for me that's wh...
    Jeremy Latimer
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  • Introduction to Section Access

    A great primer to Section Access by Gustav Guldberg of QlikView Support.
    Community Administrator
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  • Intervalmatch example – with dates

    I have two tables Table1,Table2. Table1 has DATE, Table2 has START_DT,END_DT. Want to join these two tables on DATE columns. Intervalmatch function will help us to make the join in Qlik. If we use left join, we can av...
    arjun rao
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  • Type of Security

    Hi Folks,   Please find the type of security in one document with simple example for basic learning about Section Access. Hope it helps   For Chart Level Security, use "Conditional" in Layout Chart. For S...
    Mayil Vahanan Ramasamy
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  • An introduction to QlikView Security using Web Tickets

    QlikView provides a range of features to allow users to login and view documents using Single Sign On with a range of different technologies. A high level document detailing all of the various security options in Qlik...
    John Trigg
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  • Sheet level access

    Hi,   This document helps in implementing Sheet level access based on the user using Section Access.  I configured four users A, B, C and D and no password is required to login.   If you login as A, th...
    Koen Bal
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  • Section Access

    How could I make sure that certain data are only for certain users available?   The answer is SECTION ACCESS. Section access is a connection between an authorization table (commonly placed in a hidden script and...
    Marcus Sommer
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  • Qlikview Learning: General topics with Examples and Help Material

    Attached the documentation , examples and learning material which i have collected over the years. It will help everyone in the community. Some of the files are from community itself. But re posting them so that every...
    Vinay Bangari
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  • Hierarchies

    Hierarchies are an important part of all business intelligence solutions, used to describe dimensions that naturally contain different levels of granularity. Some are simple and intuitive whereas others are complex an...
    Henric Cronström
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  • QlikView 11 for Developers - QlikView Book

    It's with great pride that I announce a new book for both beginning and experienced QlikView developers:   QlikView 11 for Developers (available in English and Spanish) (Packt Publishing, ISBN: 978-1849686068) ...
    Barry Harmsen
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  • QlikView and Salesforce.com Single Sign On

    Introduction  SalesForce.com provides a cloud based solution for CRM and other systems. QlikView provides a connector to be able to extract data entered into Salesforce.com for analysis and discovery.  This...
    Joe Bickley
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  • More advanced topics of qlik datamodels

    Beyond the basics of data modelling and the advanced topics of qlik datamodels there are more things which you might need if the amounts of data are increasing or if your datamodel is more complex. This meant if you h...
    Marcus Sommer
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  • QlikView Security

    Security in any context is critically important. It becomes especially important when applied to the enterprise software solutions that organizations rely upon to make decisions based on sensitive information. Ensurin...
    balkumar chandel
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  • QlikView Section Access Examples

    The  attached file SectionAccess.zip contains several example documents that show how Section Access can be used to restrict access to specific users and to specific data.   This is not a guide on how to us...
    Colin Albert
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  • Chart Level Access by user

    Hi,   Please find attached Qlikview document for implementing chart level access by user.  You can open the Qlikview file by using users A, B, C and D.  There is no Password for this file.   When...
    jagan mohan rao appala
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  • Section Access from SQL with Automatic Wildcard and Also Mimic'ing Access

    This was based on a recent requirement to automate section access from a SQL database, but also allow some users to Mimic the access of others. I am not sure how helpful this is as I am sure it must have been covered ...
    Adam Davies
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  • QlikView Ports

    A useful document   Regards ASHFAQ
    Mohammed Ashfaq Ali
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