• Qlik Google Drive & Spreadsheet connector Steps

    Hi Folks,   This document provide steps to fetch the google spreadsheet information and use in qlikview by using "Qlik Google drive & Spreadsheet connector".   Hope this will help the beginner to use it.
    Mayil Vahanan Ramasamy
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  • Power Tools 1.3.2 for QlikView

    Power Tools for QlikView Version: 1.3.2   ..again! A small update of one tool, and test of another.   For the absolute latest version, please see Power Tools for QlikView - One-stop-shop   QlikVi...
    Stefan Bäckstrand
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  • Creating a Custom Calendar

    Hi, Everyone!   Today we gonna make a custom calendar: So, let's get started! For instance we have a field with dates during 2017 year called "PostDate".   First of all we need to improve our data with...
    Sergey Shuklin
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  • Linking to two or more dates

    This tutorial presents a script pattern for assigning time dimensions to multiple fact dates in a data model. It answers the commonly asked Forum question "how do I link to two dates"?   The pattern will demonst...
    Rob Wunderlich
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  • Power Tools for QlikView - One-stop-shop

    This page will collect all relevant release information about Power Tools for QlikView, and will be continuously updated with each new release and with any patches that are issued. This way we hope for a more consolid...
    Stefan Bäckstrand
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  • Calendar with AsOf Flags, Compare Easter to Easter

    About 18 months ago I shared a calendar Calendar with flags making set analysis so very simple which was received well.   The basic principle was a calendar with all possible dates linking to the main fact table...
    Richard Pearce
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  • Geographic Heat Map Visualization

    This is an example of a thematic (aka heat map) visualization using Google's Chart API.  
    Curt Daughtry
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  • DAR Template - Selection Bar Fix

    Hello guys,   I'm working in DAR template and finded some problems, the biggest it's selection bar not work's correctly, the devs in Branch marked like "Know Errors". I do it this simple solution for case, takin...
  • Let's read Qlik

    !Greetings to all. I love Qlik, but lately I do not have enough time to keep track of everything that happens. I have to visit many resources for reading news, articles, tricks, videos. I set myself the goal of bei...
    Stanislav Chernov
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  • YTQ, QTD, MTD and WTD

    Year, Quarter, Month and Week To Date are the common analysis that I seen many applications. I will share the expression to do here First to do this your data model should have the DateField in number format by apply...
    Hirish V
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  • Designing a Self Report with Qlik View

    Enable your users to design their own reports!       Often it´s the case that your users would like to have the possibility to see many different reports with many different dimensions. You usual...
    Carolin Borchert
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  • My simple Dynamic Report Builder - use with any data source

    This is old news but I just realized I never gave the example someone asked for a year ago.   Load any data source(s) with unlimited tables unlimited fields. My example uses the attached data source to load som...
    Daniel Greenberg
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  • How to connect Hadoop Hive

    This is an example to show how you can connect QlikView with Hadoop Hive by using the JDBC Connector:   http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-2438   First make all settings for the JDBC Connector as described...
    Ralf Becher
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  • Section Access: Strict Exclusion

    The strict exclusion feature often causes confusion and misunderstanding. The main purpose is to protect user access, due to  incorrectly setup section access reduction. A good start to understanding the feature ...
    Toni Kautto
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  • Best Practices for Data Modelling

    Hi everyone i am posting a document which is very profitable to the one who is new to qlikview.
    sujeet singh
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  • QlikView Maps

    Hi all!   As consultant  I´ve done several Dashboards using QlikView and in most of them I don´t have the need to incorporate maps, but if at least once you´ve tried to create a maps using...
    Juan Pedro
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  • Customizable Straight Table

    In many of the applications that I have done, there is usually a need for a straight table displaying detailed information.  Sometimes I handle this by giving the user the option to create their own customizable ...
    Marcel Hug
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  • Sending email from Qlikview

    Hi, Sometimes we need to send objects by email. Well, i solved this using Powershell and Qlikview, like this.   1. Script Powershell: (Save this script on email.ps1) $att = new-object Net.Mail.Attachment("C:\...
    Joao Gutheil
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  • QlikView automation by external VBScript scripts

    You can do all sorts of administrative tasks with QlikView applications through Automation API. Export charts to excel or csv files, export variables from application, set sheet level security parameters before depl...
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  • Free QlikView Templates

    Following a number of requests from Partners and New Joiners last year I've created a number of different QlikView templates which can get you started quickly. The focus has been on setting the framework to allow you ...
    Tony Philiip
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