• SAP Tables Details.pdf

    This covering SAP table details for MM, QM , PM, SD , ..... , etc.
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  • Prepare PPT from different QVW objects with Macro

    CTRL+M activate macro screen then write below code (Export_All_Chart_Images) in macro screen. Scripting Engine = VBScript selected. Requested Module Security = System Access Current Local Security = Allow System Acce...
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  • QlikView 12 Application: System Monitor

    A derivative of the QlikView System Monitor for versions 10/11, finally the QlikView 12-compatible version has arrived. The UI has undergone some changes and the structure/setup has been simplified. This application w...
    Michael Terenzi
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  • Automated Excel Export and Email Macro

    The intended purpose is to automate the exporting of an object to a predefined file location in Excel format unless the chart renders no data in which it would export a confirmation file in .txt format. For the Excel ...
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  • How to use - Dimensionality()

    Definition: Returns the number of dimension columns that have non-aggregation content. i.e. do not contain partial sums or collapsed aggregates. A typical use is in attribute expressions, when you want to apply di...
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  • Enable SSL - QlikView Webserver

    The attached archive contains instructions and per-requisite files to enable SSL on QlikView Webserver (11.2).   The core document was based upon an earlier document for QlikView 9/10,  I have made some mod...
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  • Organization Chart (Version 3)

    I updated the organizational chart from bmz to included a few additional features that were required from a customer. Allow for multiple organization charts to be render on one page Ability to filter the data in the...
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  • Store Qvd file with Timestamp value

    //Load Your Table here with proper name given TableName: Load * Inline [ Users,ID A,1 B,2 C,3 ]; //Create a variable for capture the Timestamp value of the QVW //with help of NOW() function and give proper Fo...
    Anand Chouhan
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  • Loading Excel file from Sharepoint into Qlikview.

    I was able to load data from excel sheet which was in share point but was not able to do that in server. I try to find solution in community but i did not see anyone had a good documentation on how to do this. So her...
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  • Dynamic intersection of sets (Set Analysis)

    I've seen quite some times, people asking for intersection for some sort of behaviour that would enable them to make selections and based on them, to see the values (a dimension example could be product type) that are...
    Felip Drechsler
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    Hi all, Often we miss a lot of time carefully selecting the colors you want to use. In the attached file you will see a wide range of colors grouped together to make it easier to search and selecting the right color...
    Enrique Colomer
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  • Converting 64 bit hexadecimal (PGO dates) to decimal

    Hi,   Dates (like the LastUsed date) in the CalData.pgo.xml file are saved as 64 bit hexadecimal numbers. Those numbers can be converted to decimals by using the double precision floating point format (IEEE-754...
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  • License_Analyser_K3FDS.qvw

    The QlikView Management Console is a great tool for configuring your QlikView environment, but one thing it is not great at, ironically, is analysing your usage of licenses. In particular analysing your use allocation...
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  • Using QlikView for (bulk) INSERT into SQL

    Hi everyone, Here is a file to write the content of a QVD into an MS SQL database with minimum amount of coding. The script uses bulk insert function in SQL and inserts 1,000 rows at a time. There are instruc...
    Cheenu Janakiram
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  • Qlikview Architecture - One Tier Solution

    Introduction Many things have been said about which architecture to follow when developing Qlikview Apps. The overall winner so far has been the 3-tier architecture. This is simple 3 apps that do different things. The...
    Thabang Petje
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  • Intervalmatch example – with dates

    I have two tables Table1,Table2. Table1 has DATE, Table2 has START_DT,END_DT. Want to join these two tables on DATE columns. Intervalmatch function will help us to make the join in Qlik. If we use left join, we can av...
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  • Calendar Heatmap Extension (D3CalendarView)

    I have recently published a free calendar heatmap extension to compare values on a day-per-day basis over a long period of time (several years). The extension is developed using D3 and an existing visualization called...
    Stefan Walther
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  • SQL Insert from QlikView.qvw

    In this app I showed how to insert data into SQL Table by LOAD Script or using macro. Data from variables insert into SQL Table by this script:   INSERT INTO [dbo].[Table1]       &nb...
    Stanislav Strogiy
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  • Calculating rolling n-period totals, averages or other aggregations

    A question that gets asked regularly is how to calculate a rolling measure over a period of N-months (or weeks or days). For example a 12-month rolling total or a 4-week rolling average. There are several ways to do t...
    Gysbert Wassenaar
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  • Previous YTQ, QTD, MTD and WTD

    In reference to YTQ, QTD, MTD and WTD   This is to a analysis of Sales up to the Selected day in Previous year. YTD - Year To Date A date should be selected and it will look for the Starting date of the Previous...
    Celambarasan Adhimulam
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