• Difference between two dates

        I WANT TO SHOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO DATES (The FIRST Col - The SECOND Col) and plot their values on a bar chart. How can that be done ? Thanks
    Abhay Tripathi
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  • Problem with numbers with SQL select script

    Hello, I encounter a problem when I load data from an Oracle table with Qlikview. The source table contains a column with an ID and an other with a part of this ID (last four numbers or more).   Example:  ...
    Maxime Golinvaux
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  • How to trigger an error in the script?

    Hello, How can I elegantly trigger an error in the script when a condition is not met? I do not want to exit the script without an error because then I would not get a warning in the Publisher... ,KR Koen
    Koen Bal
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  • applymap

    REF_ENTITY: LOAD ID ,      AREA,         upper(Replace(NAME,'DIR. REGION.','DIRECTION REGIONALE')) AS Libellé,      DEPT_LEVEL, &nbs...
    souad ouertani
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  • load many xml files and save into QVD (incremental load)

    Hi, Could you please help me with the following task?   I have many XMLs  1 file represent 1 invoice There are many of the files now (60 k ) and I am trying to move all into QVD files and update on the dai...
    Marek Waszczak
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  • Color Expression

    Hi,   i want help in coloring expression in qlik sense timeline master KPI, my applied fx is-   =IF("Phase"= 'Project' or "Phase"= 'Opportunity' or "Phase"= 'Feasibility' or Commitment='On Schedule', ...
    Agrim Sharma
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  • I need help writing an else statement

    I am new to qlikview. How do I write a script for this:   if(status is complete and "completed on" doesn't exist) use string 4 else use "Completed On"   I would really appreciate the help. Thanks
    Diwas Karki
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  • Data being brought in as 0 or -1

    Hi,   I am doing a length comparison, and trying to bring different fields based on different conditions.   "String4" sometimes holds a date: "Wed,Feb 17 10:35:45 CST 2016" and sometimes a request ID: "DE...
    Diwas Karki
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  • How to create row number that for "sun" table. like 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2

    Hi, I want to create the "order line" field like at 2. table for each order id create  row number that group by his order id. How can i do that. thank's   1. order id 1 2 3   2. order id order l...
    adi mizrahi
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  • Pulling data from a table based on another table

    Hi,   I have been stuck trying out several different solutions for my issue, but can't seem to figure out where I am going wrong:   I have 3 table: Excel spreadsheet with 2 data points (Machines) Serial n...
    Johan R�sing
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  • Left join with different granularity of data

    I have a requirement to populate a new column in Alert table as ‘Alert Status ‘ by checking into Ticket tables which I have TicketwithL3Node and TicketwithL4Node both the tables have the same number (Name)...
    balkumar chandel
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  • How create table with all possible combination of fields?

    Hi all,   How can I dynamically generate field with all possible combination of fields. How can I do this in qlikview For example: In table below I have three field   Country City Currency USA New York U...
    Vitalii Chupryna
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  • Where IN with qlikview

    Region_Zone: LOAD Code as Code,     upper(Replace(Région,'Région','DIRECTION REGIONALE')) AS ENTITE,     'région' as type_entite FROM [C:\Users\90160\Desktop\Vison360...
    souad ouertani
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  • Largest unique value

    Hi,   I am trying to pull the largest value from one column based on a unique value in a different column. 1. Column A contains order numbers (need highest number) 2. Column B contains a serial number that I n...
    Johan R�sing
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  • Resident Load where a field is Not Null

    Hi all,   This should be a simple statement but i cannot get it to work for me...   I have a table loaded from my Database via ODBC...   I need to clean up a table by only loading rows where the fiel...
    Fabrizio Giorgio
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  • Calculated Dimension for YTD

    Good afternoon,   For the life of me I cannot figure this out, and due to my expressions being calculated fields for my list of KPI's, I am stuck using dimensions.  I'm having an issue, firstly, finding inf...
    Mikael Strahlem
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  • How do you calculate the sum of sales for rolling 12 months and rolling months 13-24

    Hi, Can someone help me with this syntax? Or suggest a better formula?   I need a rolling 12 months' sum of sales. This is my formula using today's date 11/14/2016 - 11/14/2017. sum{<Date={"$(='>=' & ...
    Susan McMillan
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  • Expand Date Range with Values

    Hi Qlikers,   I have a similar problem as discussed in How to expand dates with values. | Qlik Community, but slightly different. I also have tried to adjust the program code to my needs, but with no success. &n...
    Hannes Peiffer
    created by Hannes Peiffer
  • hmac sha1 Base64

    Hi   Anyone who knows how to do hmac sha1 in Qlik Sense? And mabye Base64 encoding
    Jakob Hansen
    created by Jakob Hansen
  • Variable as dimension

    Hey there,   I want to see some of my variables in combination with other fields in one dimension for an table (as shown in the example) Maybe somebody has an idea?   Thank you Tina
    Christina M�ller
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