• Using 'Like' in SQL 'Where' statement

    Hi, I am using the below script and the "LOB_ID" Like '7*' piece is returning no results when I know there should be. Can someone please let me know what I may be doing wrong?   SQL SELECT "EFF_DT", "PCP_ID" ...
    Linda Pembroke
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  • Quitar espacios de cadena /   remove spaces from a string

    Hola, buenos días. Existe una función similar a ESPACIOS() (de Excel) en Qlik Sense O como podría crear una en su defecto?.   Muchas gracias     Good Morning. There is a funct...
    Sebastian Vega
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  • How to ignore missing field?

    Colleagues, good day! Can you give an advice please, how we can ignore missing field in Table loading statement?   For example, i have this one: Test: Load * Inline [A, B, C];   Final: load A, B, C,...
    Андрей Шепель
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  • Load data from files in an array.

    I know its possible to load data from all files in a folder with a specific naming convention, ie *Data.qvd etc.  Is it possible to do something similar but use the file names from an array or table within QV? &n...
    Dermot mcgoldrick
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  • How to drill in missing value ?

    Hi All     I have a table it working fine when i click on list full segmentation list.     But when i click on Core segmentation list.     The table display one of the segment = missin...
    Yeo Poh sai
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  • How limit loading data in script

    Hi, i need to limit data loading only for current year on the previous month, for instance today I need only August data I've tried to set a where condition: where NUM(month(DATA)) <= NUM(month(today())-1); but t...
    Anna Perini
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  • convert year format in script

    Hi All,   I have date format as 3/15/0017 11:52:58 PM in my data set. I wanna see it as 3/15/2017 11:52:58 PM Can someone please help?  
    Mark Graham
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  • Copy same formula for different sheets in Qlikview Doc.

    How can use one formula for different 10 or 15 sheets, what is shortcuts?
    vinayak lakeshri
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  • QV 12 - failed to open document for unknown reasons

    Hello,   I have upgraded to qv 12 and the problem "failed to open document for unknown reason" started happening. The restart of qlikview server helps but the problem but it happens constantly. I noticed that i...
    Migle Purzelyte
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  • how to schedule jobs automatically in qlikview once the talend job is completed

    Hi ,   We have Talend as our ETL framework and once the job get completed in Talend ,the Qlikview job should get triggered automatically .   Is there any way to to accomplish this?If so, how do we create t...
    Rekha Harish
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  • unselected fields

    Hello everyone,   Here is my worries, I have to make a view with active selections. I select a first field, then if I want to refine I have the possibility of selecting another one. And those, out of 5 areas of...
    Antony Hoarau
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  • Rank() over partition by in QlikView

    Hi   How do we achieve the same functionality as Rank() over partition by in QV?
    qlik tech
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  • Last 12 months

    Hi,   I have extracted the data for the last 12 months and now need to do month on month analysis.   If a user selects lets say May 2017, I need to show the data for May and difference from April, ie May ...
    qlik tech
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  • meaning of ..\..\..\ in Qlikview path

    Hi all,   what is the meaning ..\..\..\ in the below path.   FROM [..\..\..\QlikviewApp\Retail\Data\Qvds\Raw_Qvds\Location.qvd] (qvd) If i understood properly, it means qlikview will go 3 steps back from...
    Viresh Kolagimath
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  • Canonical Calendar Challenges

    I'm using the Canonical Calendar posted by Henric Cronstrom. (or let's say trying to use/implement)   But i'm facing some challenges.   I'm loading my sales data from a qvd.   and I have 3 dates ...
    Mike Seisbye
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  • How To fill all the fields of a column with the same field (another value)?

    Hi Experts, How To fill all the fields of a column with the same field ? without using Load if , cause i have many fields to load Thanx   Example : Column: Data Fields: A B C D E Replace All the fields with...
    Ali Bouderbala
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  • Percentage of SubTotal

    Hi Guys,   I have recently been stumped trying to figure out how to create a % of a sub total.   For example I have a pivot table showing something like this:   County     City&nb...
    Jim Morrison
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  • Load 1 instance of a Field and Sum corresponding multiple values

    Hi all,   I have a table with  multiple Sales Order Lines for various sales orders.   so my table looks like this:   SOrder |    SO Line #     | SOrderLine Val...
    Fabrizio Giorgio
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  • How to add load script fields under a filter pane

    Hi Experts, In Load Script, there are three fields Current Week, Next Week and Following Week. Now i want to added all this field values under a filter pane (Week).
    Raama Kavady
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  • need to get the count of records based on sysdate-lastactivitydate>4 hours

    Hi All,   i have records in my qvd as follows   id                     activitydate ---   ...
    Sasikiran V
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