• Execute Various Lines in same cmd sesion

    Hello everyone,   I want to use the Execute comand of QV in order to copy a file from one path to another but I have 2 problems:   1- My path contains spaces   2- My file has dinamical name such as N...
    Eric Vilarrasa
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  • Calculation of an Account Balance?

    LOAD * INLINE [     Acct, Balance, SalesPerson     1212, 100, David     1212, 100, Mike     1212, 100, Lucy     1525, 325, Jack  &n...
    david balmer
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  • using textbetween and replace to parse strings from an xml list

    Hello,   I have a field in a db2 table that stores an xml. It looks like this: In the past , I have used this script to parse strings when there was only one <String></String> tag:   &n...
    Diwas Karki
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  • m to n relationship mapping problem (only map first corresponding value)

    Hi everyone,   I have a problem on trying to calculate this:   So, I have three tables.   TABLE 1: id    CompanyID    Product       &...
    Ahmad Fahmi
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  • How to do an efficient join and union in Qlik

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to do the most efficient way possible in Qlik, the following query:   SELECT * FROM Table1 LEFT JOIN (SELECT *           &nbs...
    Julio Arriaga
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  • How does Avg() handle strings in script?

    Hello Qlik Community,   I am using an Avg() function in my script, trying to calculate the average value of some numeric values (e.g. sales amounts). However, some of my data contain text like 'N/A' which shoul...
    Stefan Marczinzik
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  • How to move to the left if there is an empty cell?

    Hi I would like some help to do this please: I have searched the files and I have found the function above and below: Re: use of Above() and Below() the function Below should help but I cannot get it to work and I...
    Josephinet Tedesco
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  • Does Qlik have the ability to create functions similar to TSQL functions?

    Sorry if this has been asked before but does Qlik enable you build functions? In SQL Server we would have build a procedure or function to achieved complex row by row analysis, is there something similar in Qlik? &nb...
    Steve Tucker
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  • Please help! How can i compare two tables and get the details that are not the same?

    How can i produce the result table that are not the same with  Master Data Table and Daily Data Table? I created a table with the key as StudentName i have this code but i get a null value if(Books <> ...
    Cherry B
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  • Minimum Set Analysis

    Hi All,   I've got the following Expression to calculate 'TotalTimeToPick':   =interval(Time((Max({$<FROM_LOC_ID={'Repack'}>}[Transaction DateTime])) - (Min({$<Transaction={'Pick'},[Transaction To...
    Christopher Latham
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  • How To Duplicate Rows Based On Cell Value?

    Hi I need to duplicate rows based on cell value
    Amihay Goldenberg
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  • Mapping

    hi, I have one question that I want to map data from one excel file to another excel file in QlikView but the problem is that columns are different like I have to map login_id in one excel file with anslogin and orgl...
    Puraskrit Singh
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  • set anlysiswith dimension

    Hello, I need to use the set analysis with one dimension,   if (total in 2017> total in2018, yes, no)
    souad ouertani
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  • Optimize Group By

    For below I am using QV version - 11.2 SR4   I have always had trouble with aggregating my data as "Group by" statements in scripts have always taken too long for my comfort. For example, to group by  23 mil...
    Rupinder Singh
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  • First Sorted Value - Repeat Rows / Rank Issue

    Dear all,   I have found most of the solution to the below problem from other community pages but am struggling with the final part, help would be much appreciated!   I am trying to create a table which s...
    Ben Roberts
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  • Formatting Data File Layouts with QV?

    Hello,   I am attempting to achieve a specified data format for a bill of material conversion file with many many bills. I thought that QV would be an excellent tool to get the load file formatted correctly sinc...
    Ron Payne
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  • ODBC / SQL Server connection.

    Morning.   Please bear with me, I'm not a DBA or developer and going through this quite blind! QV 12.20.20400.0 on Win 2012r2 QV 11.20.12129.0 on Win 2008r2 Trying to connect to  SQL Server 9.0.1399 -sa on ...
    Stu Kennedy
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  • Apply Qlikview Server License in Silent installation

    Hi, All,   I am creating CloudFormation template to silent install Qlikview Server on AWS EC2 instance. Most parts work except one which is to apply server license. Is there any code/script/command to apply serv...
    Bo Li
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  • Split fields from fields in a text line

    Hi,   I have the following Problem.   Normally, the field names an data in a file look like that:   ID:          1 Date:      20...
    Michael Kühn
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  • Macros

    I was able to create a Macro to export the Charts from a sheet to a PowerPoint presentation with some resources from community .   However I need to export another chart which is on the same sheet but hidden. T...
    Anitha Lux
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