• Qvw file opening

    Team,   I want to open project or license verison of qvw dashabord in my personal desktop/PC?   I tried to open in personal edition Qlikview but it is showing error and not opening.   what is work ar...
    Krishna K
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  • chr requires HTMLcode, not unicode

    It appears the the online docu is mistaken.   I hat to provide the HTML code instead of the Unicode
    Christoph Weber
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  • (A concatenate B) Join (C concatenate D)

    Dears, need your help.   Please let me know on how to script the following: (TableA concatenate TableB) Join (TableC concatenate TableD)   In Discussions found only (TableA concatenate TableB) Join Tabl...
    Yury Penkerton
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  • Dynamic Pick and Match

    Hi!   We have this code:   Pick(Match(IDArbol, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28) LOAD *,      Pick(Match(IDArbol, 1,...
    Leonardo Soto Treviño
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  • Formatting excel cells in Export

    Hello, I have a macro running to export a chart in my worksheet and I am trying to format 2 columns as text but it isn't working.  this is my macro: sub Export   set XLApp = CreateObject("Excel.Applicatio...
    Brandon Banks
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  • ConvertTimetoLocal help

    I have a table which displays different pick and pack times for individual operators for three different warehouses. All times are in CET time. I would like to convert the time to the local time depending on which wa...
    Mina Patel
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  • Load Pivot table

    Hi Folks,   Can you please suggest how to handle attached Pivot table data in QlikView.   I know cross table function, I can load the whole data in different parts , but is there any simpler way???   ...
    Amit Saini
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  • How to manage multiple same data file ?  Hi

    How to manage multiple same data file ?   Hi All   I have sales order raw data file for :- Company A Company B Company C Company D   My old approach is create 4 similar set of script. And I concatena...
    Yeo Poh sai
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  • SQL select with left join or where clause

    Hi   I'm trying to load data from SQL server to qlikview based on a list of IDs provided. The list of IDs, for example (1,2,3,4,5) is in an excel spreadsheet, I wanted to do a where clause  or left join in t...
    Yvonne Han
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  • How to get a table showing only rows that exist in both tables?

    Hi, if I have something like this:   Table1: Fld, Pd, Val A, 5-17, 1 B, 5-17, 1 C, 5-17, 2 D, 5-17, 3   Table 2: Fld, Pd, Val B, 5-18, 3 D, 5-18, 4 E, 5-18, 3 F, 5-18, 5   And I want to get...
    Nenad Vuković
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  • How to have development and production for SQL to QVW ?

    Hi All   in the past I have development file which read text file to decode the data by add syntax to make data able for Qlik View create chart and table.   Now I am no more read data using txt file . Inst...
    Yeo Poh sai
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  • Best approach for import SAP data into Qlik View.  Hi

    Best approach for import SAP data into Qlik View.   Hi All   Below is the my existing sales order table from syspro accounting software :-   @314:343T as [desc], @314:343T as [desc_key], @43:48T ...
    Yeo Poh sai
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  • How to Create a new Folder during qliksense script run

    Hi Guys. I am new to qliksense. My requirement is to create a new folder in my parent folder to store qvd files. I tried with EXECUTE cmd /C mkdir "$(DirectoryPath)" . But is giving error. EXECUTE statement not av...
    Gokulraj Subramanian
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  • Peek with group of two rows

    I am trying to use the peek function to sustract the previous value without success.   What I would like to do is obtain the value from the expected value column. However, for the third line I am getting a 1 (6-...
    Lan Liz
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  • I require an answer to locked discussion: macro dimension

    Macro that shows Dimension of a chart     How can I access the DimensionExpression Best Regards
    Christoph Weber
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  • 2 Fact Tables and can't get Link table to work

    I have a complex data model with 2 fact tables (AuditCalls and Exams) and both have ActiveDate for time selection.. How do I get the AgentName from the ExamsBookedDateTime to link to the AgentName in the AuditCallsA...
    Robyn Brooker
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  • Incremental Load

    Hello Everyone,   I have been trying to implement incremental load. I have the script written as below   LET vNow = NOW(); LET vExecTime = TIMESTAMP(vNow, 'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.fff'); LET vMaxDateTime = T...
    Praveen Kumar
    created by Praveen Kumar
  • Wildcard Lookup between two tables

       Hello, I have two sets of data, and looking to Wildcard match between the two tables based on three conditions. The first table has three fields that make up the column in the second table. These three f...
    Nic Ivey
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  • Joining customer data - problem - ideas?

    Hi,   I am working on compacting a datamodel - aggregating it on a specified level of granularity - and at the same time merging all the tables into one by JOINing or MAPping, whatever is possible. Until now, t...
    Friedrich Hofmann
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  • While exporting to CSV some values are convert into exponential

    Hi, While exporting to CSV some values are convert into exponential,but I want to show them as actual values instead of exponential when export to csv. Could you guys suggest me how can we achieve this. Example.214...
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