• Subfield doing a distinct automatically

    Hello Guys,   I think when I use subfield on a string, it automatically does a distinct.   For example in my database i have a user Tim. So lets say Tim is the key and the value for tim is stored in a fiel...
    Diwas Karki
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  • Not all timestamp dates recognized in Qlik Sense

    I have an excel data set in which when I go to edit the data in the data manager, Qlik does recognize the column as a time stamp. But, unfortunately leaves some rows blank despite the fact that my data set does have d...
    yesenia del real
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  • MS SQL 2016 Always Encrypted Qlik ETL

    Hi,   Does anyone have experience in reading data into Qlik that utilises the Microsoft SQL 2016 Always Encrypted functionalities?
    Jarno Loubser
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  • Multiple Sum if

    if(sum(if(DHVNHFProtocolCareStepPerfMeasures.DocDayAfterDischarge <= 2 and DHVNHFProtocolCareStepPerfMeasures.ApptConf = 'Y',1,0))>=1,'Y', sum(if(DHVNHFProtocolCareStepPerfMeasures.DocDayAfterDischarge > 2 an...
    Julia Weber
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  • Repeat last value for each null value

    Hi Community,   I have the below data set where i only have Value column. What i would like to create is DesiredValue_Column. In other words, i would like to scan the contents of Value column and repeat the same...
    Vishal Jada
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  • Multiple Criteria in Sum expression

    Hello everybody, Please support with the bellow issue: in Visualization I need to see percentage of data  with the condition Aging> than 89 days, and I have the formula, which is not correct working, it`s sh...
    Ivan Aksenov
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  • Aggregated column as Input in Next Formula

    Hi,   I have following problem:   I would like to use the accumulated Result in "Zert" (see picture) and subtract it from "Alle" . Unfortunately Qlikview doesn’t uses the aggregated value in each row...
    Markus Mainiero
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  • Qlikview Rest Connector oAuth 2.0 Pagination

    I've installed the Qlikview REST connector because i want to connect through oAuth 2.0 to Exact Online. In Qlikview when i select the RESTConnector and connect i can provide:   URL: https://start.exactonline.fr...
    Peter Cappelle
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  • Delivery date display in qlikview

    Hello,   I want to display delivery date as per last creation date  (13.07.18)  or last sequential number (2) or last confirm. catagory (Z1). we have sequential number till 9  and confirm. catagor...
    kazi geam
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  • Today between two dates !!

    I have this kpi, how to compare today date between start date and end date ???    
    Bayan Abdullah
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  • subfield function not bringing in anthing

    Hello,   I am using subfield function to delimit on comma.   My field stores data like this: This is my function : Subfield(Trim([New Removed Roles]), ',') As [Separate ASAR Roles]. But its not bringing i...
    Diwas Karki
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  • Rank Descending

    I need to do a descending rank, but I only get this result.     =Num(Rank(-([RK ACC.]+[RK AC iPhone]+[RK SWUP]+[RK Mac]+[RK iPad]+[RK iPhone]+[RK Watch]+[RK Apple TV]-([iPhone 6W]/1E10)),1))    ...
    Eldred Guevara
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  • Intervalmatch to correct values

    Hi all,   My database is a set of 2 Excel files. Some fields are the same (and used to link the 2 tables), some fields are different. In each table, I have a field with a date of events.   But some data ...
    Marc LOUESSE
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  • Return only specific dates from QVD?

    Hi,   Can someone look at my script below and advise me on how to significantly reduce the file size by only bringing home a selection of [BD Download Date]s. My normal script brings back every [BD Download] da...
    Chris McCafferty
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  • To show null values in pivot table

    Hi All,   I am new in qlikview ,I want to show the pivot table as in below format(to show all the values include no LRR planned and LRR Actual)     LRR_Planned   TBD RR TES NA ------...
    Vidhya Krishnan
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  • How to refer object in QlikView macro using javascript

    Hi,   We want to make a bar in QlikView macro by using Java script. But we are not able to get the reference of QlikView's chart or its object so that we can modify(style) the object. Please help us in this as...
    Nirul Agrawal
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  • Calculate the difference in seconds between two time stamps.

    I have used a resident load group by with in my code and I cannot calculate the correct duration in seconds between the start timestamp and end time stamp   Current_Data: Load datStart, datEnd, ""Lookin...
    Ryan Evans
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  • multiple null condition

    how can i write multiple null condition in this kpi ?       Employees nearing retirement age select  count(source_person_id) FROM DIM_PEOPLE where EMPLOYEE_NUMBER is not null and END_OF_SERVICE_...
    Bayan Abdullah
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  • Dúvida sobre Set Analysis

    Bom tarde.        Alguém saberia me dizer qual a diferença entre:   COUNT({1 <MES={'jan 2018','fev 2018'}>} CPF)  & COUNT({1 <MES={'jan 2018'}> + <ME...
    Matheus Colares
    created by Matheus Colares
  • If Condition

    Hello Folks,   How to use if condition around below expression, give me item where below expression value is equal to zero   sum((ACTUAL_COST)*SHIPPED_QUANTITY)
    Dinesh Reddy Seelam
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