• How to do Custom User Authentication with QlikView?

    Hello,   A company I am working for is an agricultural organisation.   We want our users to be able to change their passwords and the easiest way to do this is through Custom Users Authentication. Can anyb...
    John Blomqvist
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  • Complex Section Access

    I have a requirement : When a User logs in he needs to be given access based on a Business Segment .This is true for all sheets except one. When he moves to say Sheet-Exception he needs to view all data. Is this possi...
    Anitha Lux
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  • security password  in script

         How to make a security between  script users ?
    rana mzoughi
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  • can anybody post the answers to the following quetions???

    Describe Section Access architecture? What is the difference between Authentication & Authorization in QlikView? And how to implement them? What is the difference between File System Security vs Section Access? ...
    Subbalaskshmi Peram
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  • Configurable ODBC in QMC

    Can someone help me with few gaps in my understanding of Configurable ODBC under Directory Service Connectors in the QlikView Management Console... 1. Configurable ODBC - gives one the ability to connect to an ODBC s...
    Greg Williams
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  • access to QMC

    Hi Friedns, Is it possible to give read only access to QMC?
    Nithi Raja
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  • data at rest encryption

    I know QlikView does not support encryption of QVDs and QVWs but I am wondering if anyone found a good solution / vendor.   One of our projects will require encryption of data at rest, meaning that QVDs and QVWs...
    Boris Tyukin
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  • Section access - ALL data Visibility

    LOAD * INLINE [ ACCESS, Userid, FIELD,Password ADMIN, USER1, ,user1 ADMIN, USER2,*,user2 USER, USER3,A,user3 USER, USER4,B,user4 ];   Linked_table: load * Inline[ FIELD,Fieldvalue A,10 B,20 C,30 D,40 ];   My...
    Pradeep S
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  • Section Access- Not working in Server, works on Local

    Hi All,   I have a DataExtraction.qvw file where I have extracted the data from Database and another Application.qvw file where I have created the dashboard. When I am trying to apply Section Access concept on ...
    Nikita Agrawal
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  • Section Access -ALL data visibility

    Section access;   LOAD * INLINE [ ACCESS, Userid, FIELD,Password ADMIN, USER1, ,user1 ADMIN, USER2,*,user2 USER, USER3,A,user3 USER, USER4,B,user4 ]; section application; Linked_table: load * Inline[ FIELD,Field...
    Pradeep S
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  • How to protect qvw without section access

    Hello Guys,   is there way to protect qvw with password without using section access and macros?   Thanks Hari
    Hari Prasath
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  • Section Access change of roles from ADMIN to USER

    Hello All -   I have a weird section access question, which I hope someone can share some light on. I am working on a dashboard where I wanted to test section access for a user. So, I decided that I will test it...
    Sunny Talwar
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  • Google Authorization / Authentication

    Good morning all. I'm a new user to Qlik and working on a project to implement the software in my organization. We are trying to configure Google Authorization at our satellite offices as they are not on our domain. T...
    Brian Scott
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  • Section access by bookmark in Qlikview web based app

    Hi,   We have a generalised data for the users (say 75 users) where we can do some selections and bookmark it for each user. My question here is can we give section access to each user by bookmark in web based Q...
    Madhu Latha Doddala
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  • Azure AD Web Application Proxy & Qlikview access

    Has anyone tried using AAD Web App Proxy to publish access to internal Qlikview server via a tile in the Office 365 App Launcher ?   We seem to be failing at the authentication stage presumably as Integrated Win...
    Ian Moran
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  • Section Access on Multiple dimensions

    Hi,   I have a section access requirement like this If ACCESS = Admin, then grant full access to NTNAME ( access to all Levels- Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4)   If ACCESS = USER, then grant acce...
    Divya Bharathi C T
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  • Section Access: Not allowing a reload to show all data

    Hey all,   I'm working on a QlikView dashboard in which I need to apply section access.  I know how to do this, and it's working fine.  The problem that I'm hitting is that anyone with a developer lice...
    Nicole Smith
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  • QV12 changes to section access?

    I believe I’ve noticed a subtle change to how section access “fails” between QV11 and QV12.   In QV11 if section access is used in the load script, but disabled in the document properties the a...
    Trevor Roth
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  • Section Access Lost once I reload

    Hi guys!!   I´ve a problem, I am implementing a Section Access via local, and it´s ok but once I reload de document all the section access doesn´t work, but after that if I save the document a...
    Juan Pedro
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  • Has anyone implement Qlikview 11.2 (11.20.12904.0) SAML SSO configuration using ADFS?

    Hi gurus,   We have implemented Qlikview 11.2 with Qlikview Web Server as a data analytics tool. We used the NTLM and Active Directory as the out-of-box authentication. Now we want to implement SSO using SAML ag...
    Alan Wan
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