• Penetration tester identified one defect and requested to close it in QlikView

    Penetration tester identified one defect and requested to close it in QlikView(file attached with screenshot). We are using 11.2 SR13. Just came to know we can claose it through external script. Please suggest me the...
    Anutosh Dhar
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  • Section Access and different levels of data

    Hello to all,   I've been consulting this forum for quite some time now, thank you all for sharing your insights!    So far I've been able to overcome all issues with the help of this Forum, now I've...
    Norbert Rennhofer
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  • Exclude a group of users from Section Access

    Hello everybody,   is it possible to exclude a group of users from Section Access in one single application? We want to grant access by using the sales manager ID but there is some data in our application where...
    Uwe Selisko
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  • Section Access working fine on Local Machine and not on Access Point

    Hi All,   I came accross very wierd case, where my section access is working fine on my local system, but when i host it on Server and check on Access Point it dosnt allow to access showing message as - Failed ...
    Vanraj Bohra
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  • How can i maintain 1 year history in Monitoring Apps?

    Hi,   We have a monitoring app in Qliksense PROD, where user can see only 4 months data, but now we have user request to have 1 year data. Could any one please give me a suggestion how to achieve this?   T...
    Anitha Ramasamy
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  • Section Access limitation of 1M rows?

    Section Sccess has started truncating my data set now that my app has expanded beyond 1 million rows.   The "hierarchy" of my data looks like this   Client Group      Client  &nb...
    Philip Lima
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  • Qlikview Licensing

    Hi,   I am working in a project where we have a setup with Dev and QA in a single server and Pro in another server. I just wanted to know if there should be a separate license to be used for Qlikview QA and PRO...
    Pradeep S
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  • How can i get the list of Apps/Streams/Extensions from Qliksense QMC

    Hi ,   I need to get the application , stream and extension list from Qliksense QMC. IS there any way that we can get it ?
    Anitha Ramasamy
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  • How to get Qliksense stream/app usage statistics

    Hi ,   Could anyone help how to get a Qliksense stream/app usage statistics .
    Anitha Ramasamy
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  • Shibboleth And QV Server EE

    Hi, I need to know if Shibboleth can be used as SSO and Third Part Security System with QlikView Server Enterprise Edition. Anyone has experience about it?   Thanks a lot S.
    Simone Spanio
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  • Security setup using Active directory

    Hi, Could you please explain how can we setup security using AD groups in Qlikview, am not talking about section access or even if its section access, can we include the AD groups inline and achieve  it.
    sandheera mathew
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  • Qlik reload tasks fails when ODBC connection string is encrypted (by selecting Column encryption)

    Hi Sir/Madam, I have enabled the column encryption option available in the ODBC Data Source Administrator tool (See the option selected in the image below) to meet with the security compliance, later I observed some ...
    Kshitij Wahi
    created by Kshitij Wahi
  • Section Access with a custom userid (NOT OSUser)

    All,   A custom application has a button "my Dashboard" The button has a link http://localhost/QvAJAXZfc/opendoc.htm?document=ap_dev%5Cdpp_preprod.qvw&host=QVS%40svrocmdc   Here is the kicker - the li...
    Rick Arora
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  • Can I get a ruling on multiple alternations between SECTION ACCESS / SECTION APPLICATION?

    Hello Qlikers,     In trying to configure SECTION ACCESS which had two different sets of users merging, a routine was attempted which used our "standard" SECTION ACCESS, which upon completion will declare S...
    Evan Kurowski
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  • Change Password User on Access Point

    Hello Guys, Any Know if is there any way to change password user's on access point?   I have the server version 11.2 SR5 Authorization Server: NTFS Authentication Server Web type:  NTLM Login Adress ...
    Reynaldo Zuazo
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  • How to do Custom User Authentication with QlikView?

    Hello,   A company I am working for is an agricultural organisation.   We want our users to be able to change their passwords and the easiest way to do this is through Custom Users Authentication. Can anyb...
    John Blomqvist
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  • Complex Section Access

    I have a requirement : When a User logs in he needs to be given access based on a Business Segment .This is true for all sheets except one. When he moves to say Sheet-Exception he needs to view all data. Is this possi...
    Anitha Lux
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  • security password  in script

         How to make a security between  script users ?
    rana mzoughi
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  • can anybody post the answers to the following quetions???

    Describe Section Access architecture? What is the difference between Authentication & Authorization in QlikView? And how to implement them? What is the difference between File System Security vs Section Access? ...
    Subbalaskshmi Peram
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  • Configurable ODBC in QMC

    Can someone help me with few gaps in my understanding of Configurable ODBC under Directory Service Connectors in the QlikView Management Console... 1. Configurable ODBC - gives one the ability to connect to an ODBC s...
    Greg Williams
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