• Macro Export multiple objects in single html file

    Hi All,       urgent Please. By using macro i need to export multiple objects into one single html file       Thanks & Regards,   Rajesh G
    rajesh Gurram
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  • Suggest a multiple stacked bar graph in qliksense.

    Hi All,   I have 5 measures i.e. categories <0 , 0-10, 10-20 , >=20 And I have Time Period Quarters.   In each Quarter, I need to show all categories in multiple stack bar graph with all different ...
    Divyanshi Bansal
    created by Divyanshi Bansal
  • Display data from Excel Files in a bar chart

    Hello everyone,   I have some cell in my excel files wich are stations, STATION is a field. The typical names for these stations are : S1350, S1355; S0950 or N/A when there is no indication. I tried to display...
    Yann Lessassy
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  • Field value calculation

    Hi All,   I want to add field values like my column consist of [ Column, Column2 A, IJKL B,IKNM C,IILLK D,OKLP ]; My current expression in calculated condition is : =IF(Column = 'A+B+C+D',Column2) Afte...
    Dhana vindhan
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  • Is there any extension for slideshow of images in dashboard of qlikview?

    Hi All,   Is there any extension in qlikview which can slideshow the images in the dashboard like we can make slideshow of images in html webpage.If there is any extension like that could you please say the name...
    Anuraj kokkeragadda
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  • moving the connection string

    For the demo purpose i have created application using demo database. Now the application looks good. So i need to change the connection string to live Database. Demo DB and Live DB structure is same. How can i do that?
    Venu gopal
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  • Bex Connector- Query extraction

    Hello Everyone,   I have few queries regarding the Bex Query extraction     Can i provide the WHERE Condition while we are extracting the Query in the select script generated.   I have new filte...
    created by SUPRIYA DORNALA
  • How to perform grouping on various fields in qliksense??

    Hi All,   My functionality of the dashboard is I want to divide cost as well as profit on the basis of sum of cost into following categories as <0% 0-10% 10-20% >=20%   And I want to show sum of ...
    Divyanshi Bansal
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  • Exclude multiple values from Dimension

    Hey Qlikers, I have a customer table from which i am trying to exclude some internal customers. I would like to return zero and supress so they are not included in my ranking here is my ranking aggr(Rank(sum({$<...
    David Nichols
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  • Projections Table

    Hi All,   I am building a projections table shown below.           I have projected Debits/Credits data and I want my Balance to reflect the prior weeks debits and credits, i.e. my 5/...
    Mark Perreault
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  • how to use input variable in qliksense?

    Hi All,   I have a Profit column and I want a range input box. I want to display the Customer Name whose profit is falling within the range that I enter. i.e. if I enter 1 in vFrom input box and 5 in vTo inpu...
    Divyanshi Bansal
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  • QVD/QVX utilization as data source to SAP Lumira

    Hi all, Can QVD/QVX be used as data sources for SAP Lumira 2.0? And what about other BI tools such as Power BI/ Tableau? Thank you.
    Coco Rehman
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  • calculate YTD for a previous month wrt current month

    Hi All,     I need to calculate YTD for the month of December as shown in the above graph which is 4th previous to selected month(say Apr-18)   I have only Date column.....not any year, month , Quar...
    Divyanshi Bansal
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  • I want to calculate top accounts and that should change with filter selection

    Hi All,   I have one filter named Customer Selection which has two values as Customer Group as well as Customer Name.   I am calculating top accounts by using this:   if(aggr(rank((sum(profit))),[Cust...
    Divyanshi Bansal
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  • Grouping by two fields within same table

    Hi,   I need to group my profit by Customer Group wise as well as Customer Name. If I group profit individually by both Customer Group & Customer Name...data comes out to be correct.   But if I group ...
    Divyanshi Bansal
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  • Applymap issue

    Team, Is it possible that applymap function works with out mapping load table     Here is code Applymap('MapRayonleiderText',topid,-1) as text   but mapping table MapRayonleiderText is not there i...
    Krishna K
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  • Removing dropdown menu from the rows

    Hi, can I remove the dropdown or filter from the pivot table without effecting its content.   I have attached the snapshot of my requirement.   kindly help.
    Pooja Goswami
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  • Restricted grouping on max fiscal year in qliksense

    Hi,   I need to categorize certain customers based on Profit% into: <0% 0-10% >=10% But these categorization must be based on latest Year i.e. FY18   Using below expression: Temp: Load (Max(Mi...
    Divyanshi Bansal
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  • How to connect mysql database installed on linux platform from qlikview which installed in windows?

    connect mysql database installed on linux platform from qlikview
    Silambarasan M
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  • QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: Fetch completed with mismatching number of rows.

    Hi All,   From past one month I am coming across an error (QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: Fetch completed with mismatching number of rows) and this error is on the tables which are loaded full on daily basis. The e...
    dhanpal manoj kumar
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