• I need to make a web service call using SOAP XML

    Hello! I am so confused and lost. I have no knowledge on web services nor SOAP or XML. I also do not know the difference between REST vs. SOAP. I am trying to make a call to VeraCore. Does anyone have any experience o...
    Neena Bhattarai
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  • ¿Stata & QLIK?

    Hi,   I would like to know if you have any updates about the Stata - Qlik connection. is it possible?   Thanks,   Maura
    Maura Baltazar
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  • Username/Password encryption in a rest api request/connector

    Hello All,   I have a rest api web service and Qlick sense has to consume that using rest api connection. I would like to know how username and password are encrypted in http request from qlick sense connection ...
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  • Office 365 SharePoint connector SP Lists / Excel File queries

    Hi Experts,   I have few queries related to new connector release by Qlik: Office 365 SP   When I try to reference an excel file hosted on SP, there’s no option to provide Worksheet name.(if workboo...
    Saurabh Handa
    created by Saurabh Handa
  • Access denied error while pulling data through Web file

    I've developed one connector and it is pulling data from the web. While I am trying to pull data through Web file in QlikSense June 2018 version it gives an error like "Access denied". I face this issue while I am usi...
    Crunch Bot
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  • Connect Qlik Sense with SAP HANA?

    Hi all, I am new with Qlik products. Is it possible to connect Qlik Sense with SAP HANA? Just now, I read the following article. It seem like it is not possible yet Does anyone have any experience with HANA? ...
    Mingxi Si
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  • How to load json data in qliksense

    Hello everybody, i need to load data from json file in qlik sense, but i dont know how to do, i read in this forum maybe with rest connector but i dont achieve yet.
    jesus lopez
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  • Using SharePoint REST API with QlikView REST Connector

    Hello all,         I try to export data from SharePoint lists with the QlikView REST Connector and the SharePoint REST API (using OData). None of my attempts has worked so far.   I’ve...
    Jens Herhoffer
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  • Unable to extract complete dataset from Amazon Aurora

    Hi All,   Need your help.   I'm trying to extract data from Amazon Aurora DB using ProstgreSQL Unicode ODBC driver, able to extract 3M. But, when tried to extract 10M records, Qlikview loads only 0.5 M rec...
    Kitees Chakravarthy
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  • Document Chaining not working in IPad Mobile App

    Hi,   I'm document chaining the application and trying access it from IPad Mobile App but the action is not happening. Things are working fine when opening it from Access Point (Browser).   Anyone has idea...
    Vinod Kumar V
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  • Strava Connector - feature requests

    Hi,   I've been playing with the new Strava connector recently and have a couple of feature requests that would make it even better (for demos and also for use):   Firstly the ability to extract more than ...
    Alex Walker
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  • Getting IDs with sharepoint connector

    Hello everyone,   I'm using Qlik Office 365 Sharepoint Connector to consume sharepoint lists in QV. We used to consume the sharepoint lists directly and now we are migrating.   The issue is that in the old...
    Josefina Fasoli
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  • REST connection: set a path or fill down a value?

    Hello,   I'm using REST API + QlikView and I've got 4 endpoints (URLs) which contain the data I need. I know that there is a way how not to keep 4 custom connection statements - it is a "WITH CONNECTION" stateme...
    Evgeniy Sharahov
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  • How to connect s3 csv files to qlik sense through qlik web connector .

    HI , I was trying to connect s3 throught qlik web connector ... it got connected but it is not giving an option to select csv file ... how do i load my csv in qlik sense through qlik web connector from S3
    Nupur Gupta
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  • Qlik Webconnectors Amazon S3

    Hi,   I would like to try the Amazon S3 connector that has recently (June 2018) been converted to a free connector. I dont see the web connectors under my service portal. Is there a location where I can download...
    Pim Hertogs
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  • Where statement in Qlik Rest Connector , Incremental Load

    Hi, I have a Rest Connection to a Raven DB. Restconnector is using Nested  select statements How can I make a incremental load. Just loading new data? Where to put "where-statement"?   RestConnectorMaste...
    lars sjögren
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  • Qlik Adobe Analytics (Omniture) Connector Help documentation

    Hi Darren/Chris/ Qlik Web Connectors team,   Request you to kindly point to any How-To document for using Qlik Adobe Analytics (Omniture) Connector.   I do understand this is a beta connector and there is ...
    Karthik G
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  • How to create Geographical Map in Qlikview using KML file?

    I want to create a geographical map on Qlikview for UK. The data is at a region level (For e.g. - Belfast, Bristol, Cambridge etc.). I have Qlikmap and GeoQlik  extensions only. I don't have the KML file as well...
    Debarati Sarkar
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  • Qlik connection to Suite CRM

    Hi, I was wondering if the connector for sugar CRM works also with Suite CRM. Thanks for the attenction, Regards, Marco De Poli
    Marco De Poli
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  • Google Sheets Connector - Create/Update

    what filepath should I be using when trying to create or update a google sheet using the sheets connecotr?   everything I try keeps coming back with an access denied error, but the machine I’m running on a...
    Joe Easley
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