• Not able to ping web excel file of Share point folder using Qlik Sense.

    Trying to fetch data from Share point folder, but not able to ping web excel file of Share point folder using Qlik Sense, used the Web file process, REST connector creation and WEB Connectors - Office 365 share  ...
    Bala Bhaskar
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  • Qlik Web Connector

    Hi Friends,   Im Trying to connect to Qlik Google analytics webconnector.Got Authenticated.But im not able to get the data getting the below error   Could not start load. (status code = 500, Qlik Web Connect...
    Oscar García Vega
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  • Qlik connection with SugarCRM

    Hi Folks,   I am interesting to know or understand if any of you guys had any experience on connecting Qlik with SugarCRM. I've seen that there is one QVsource connector for it. But has anyone connected using i...
    Fernando Damas Wenzel
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  • Connect to Amazon Seller Central

    Hi,   Has anyone had any experience of connecting to Amazon Seller Central?   I'm looking at the documentation but I'm struggling to work out how to put that into Qlik Web Connectors to connect to the API....
    Adam Abwat-Johnson
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  • web connector and google dfp

    Good evening!   We are using the Web connector version June 2018 and connector API google DFP( Double Click for Publishers), but time zone option is not available on web connector Qlik Sense, we are looking for ...
    eduardo hahn
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  • Google sheets permission levels and Qlik Cloud

    I'm trying to build an application in Qlik cloud using data from google sheets. The sheets in question are only viewable by certain people within the organization - how can I grand view permission to a qlik cloud acco...
    Caleb Brooks
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  • Notification Connector Attach File - Access Denied

    Hi.  I was just trying to use the Notification connector.  In a simple test it works fine.  However, when attempting to attach a file, or use a file for the message, I get an error:  'Access to pat...
    Shane Michelon
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  • Unable to attache 2 mb file in Qlik Web Connector SMTP

    Hi Guys,   I am attaching 2 mb excel file in qlik web connector but when i am running the code it saying the file is greater than 10 mb. while the file is 2 mb only can anyone help me out to close this.
    Nasir Ali
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  • How to fetch Amazon Sales/Analytics Data?

    Hello Does anyone know what opportunities I have to fetch Amazon sales data / analysis? Is "Qlik Amazon S3 Connector" the way to go?     Example: Daily sales / Orders Customer data Sessions Conversion...
    Lars Sjögren
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  • Qlik General Web Connector URI character limit of 1000

    It appears Qlik Web Connectors now limits the URI string to 1000 characters.  I believe this change was made between versions 2.1 and 2.2 (November 2017).  We have been using version 2.01.  We have seve...
    Paul Nowicki
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  • Qlik Web Connector POST Request

    Hi,   I have connected to an API using Postman and can't seem to work out how to translate this into the Qlik Web Connector settings.   In Postman I have set the following: POST - https://api.somewebsite....
    Adam Abwat-Johnson
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  • How to read an attached excel with Qlik Mailbox Imap connector

    Hello:   I have to read an excel file attached to a mail in a QlikView document.   I have well configurated de connector, and I'm able to read all the tables included on the conector but when I try to use ...
    Joaquín Lázaro
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  • MongoDB connection to Qlik Sense Enterprise

    Hi all,   From some of our users we get the question whether it is possible to connect MongoDB to Qlik Sense. Now I know that there is a specific Premium Webconnector for this, but this needs an additional licen...
    Stijn Valkenburg
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  • how to integrate python with qlik sense?

    how to integrate Python with Qlik sense?
    Saranraj Kumar
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  • OData Connector Update Data

    The OData Connector can only fetch data from API as of now.   But I want to update the data via OData APIs. Is it possible via connector or any other solution?   Kindly suggest.
    Sandeep Roy
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  • Can you show nested data in Qlik coming from BigQuery?

    I have connected Qlik to BigQuery but where I have fields that contain nested data this does not get pulled through. Is this possible and any ideas on how to do it greatly appreciated!
    James Hand
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  • enable SSL authentication in the Qlik Web Connectors

    Hello,   Does the topic 'enable SSL authentication in the Qlik Web Connectors'  apply to accessing the web connectors interface only or does this also apply to using the Web Connectors to access a REST API....
    Michael Stoler
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  • QlikSense connecting to API.AI

    Hi Team,   We are trying to create a chat bot qliksense. But wanted to know if it possible to use just QlikSense Desktop with cloud or QlikSense Server is necessary.   But we already have a chat bot built u...
    Puratchi Vendan
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  • [Qlik Sense Cloud Business]: "Connection not found" issue after download / upload  or even duplicate app

    Hi,   since this week I observe very strange behaviour of the Qlik Sense Cloud. The app created in the cloud uses WEB file connectivity. Once it is downloaded / uploaded or even duplicated the definitions of c...
    Alex Skorokhod
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  • Read non-public files from S3 to Qliksense

    I referrerd to these threads already and did not find a solution: Qlik Webconnectors Amazon S3 How to connect s3 csv files to qlik sense through qlik web connector .   Basically i have few files saved in S3 (n...
    sumit sahu
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