• connection qlik sense to twitter

    Hi community I want to connect to my twitter account with qlik sense; I followed the steps to fill in all the identifiers; I created a connection with REST connector; I filled in all the fields but when I test the co...
    Mariam AIT HA
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  • Connecting Qlik Sense to Canvas data

    Hello all, I'm looking for a faster way to pull Canvas data down to connect into my Qlik sense reports.  Currently, we have a API (written with java) that downloads csv files from Canvas- we then make a connecti...
    Katie Almirall
    created by Katie Almirall
  • Using QlikView on Mac running Windows 10 VM -

    Everything is fine with QlikView itself.  I am trying to install Qlik Web Connectors.  I get the error "There is a new version available for download.  Please take this opportunity to use the most recen...
    Jonathan Love
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  • Error StreamingBufferSizeMB

    Good morning I have QlikSense Cloud Business, and I'm having an error that I do not know if it's due to the limit of the system itself, or it's due to the type of signature I have. I'm trying to load a 209mb QVD ...
    Christian Chagas
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  • Notification Connector SMTP Password

    Hi,   I am using the Notification connector in an app that creates email alerts when Reload tasks fail. We are deploying the sollution with customers. But having one problem with the username password for the SM...
    Bram Knuever
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  • Connecting QlikView to Project Online

    Hello, I m trying to connect  Qlikview to Project online with no success. Can the QlikView OData Connector connect to Microsoft Project Online? If yes, what credentials to use? Username and password are not wor...
    christelle Jerdy
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  • Bad connection Qlik Connector Sharepoint 365

    Hi community! I'm trying to do a connection with SharePoint but in the moment that I clicking in save button to send the Authentication Code the page return me the next error: An error occurred while trying to authe...
    Nestor Martiñon
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  • how to integrate python with qlik sense?

    how to integrate Python with Qlik sense?
    Saranraj Kumar
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  • what is the significance of xrfkey when a call is made to the server  in qlikview

    Hi All   When i launch a dashboard and the do 12 i see a URL which has xrfkey can anyone tell me the significance of xrfkey.   This xrfkey changes on every launch or when we switch from one sheet to anoth...
    Aniket Surve
    created by Aniket Surve
  • Connect ACE Project from Qlik Sense Cloud

    Hello All,   Currently we are exporting ace project data manually in  excel file and uploading that excel file in Qlik sesne cloud.   Is there any connector or API available to connect ACE project dir...
    Mehul Vaghela
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  • Qlik Sense Office 365 Sharepoint Connector; Authentication Issue

    Hi experts,   While trying to connect the SharePoint Office 365 Connector to our Qlik Sense Server we are experiencing Authentication issues even though we should have full access (see screenshots). As soon as ...
    Stijn Valkenburg
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  • Saving file from IMAP get attachments fails - Nov 2017

    Hi,   Just been through the upgrade to QWC November 2017, and had various configuration changes to make.   In case it is useful to anyone; Had to change MailboxConnector in ConnectorID to MailboxIMAPConne...
    Steve Dark
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  • How to install sharepoint office 365 connector

    Hi ,   I'm trying to install sharepoint office 365 connector to server but getting error as need admin approval.If someone has faced the same error before and have any resolution that will be helpful. Can anyon...
    Swati Bhat
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  • Qlik Google DoubleClick For Publishers

    hi,   Anybody can help me with Qlik Google DoubleClick For Publishers Connector of Qlik Web Connectors, I need to extract all Custom Criteria that start with pos=. in DFP pague i can do that applying filter in K...
    Diego Fernando Rueda
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  • Share Point Connector For Qlikview and Qlik Sense

    Hi All ,   Please guide me ,   It's Urgent !   Requirement is to get installed Share Point Connector Beta version and to fetch data from share point via Qlikview and Qlik Sense .   Share detail...
    sharath R
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  • QVXSDK Issues?  Has anyone gotten the examples to work?

    I'm trying to put together a POC for streaming data in QlikView or Sense, but i'm running into issues with the QVXSDK v2.1.5.  Do i have the most up-to-date version?  Has anyone gotten the examples to functi...
    scott cunningham
    created by scott cunningham
  • Has anyone connected to Adobe Analytics/Omniture using the REST API?  I'm having an impossible time authenticating

    Has anyone connected to Adobe Analytics/Omniture using the REST API?  I'm having an impossible time authenticating.   Have tried every combination of Username, password, shared secret i can think of and it ...
    David Alper
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  • JIRA Script - Limit Data

    Good day all   I managed to extract JIRA data using the Qlik Rest Connector in Qlik Sense. I now need to limit the amount of data being pulled with a "where". Ideally i only want to pull data from 2017 onward, ...
    Christopher Clayford
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  • Can not start Qlik Web Connectors even though the latest version is installed

    Hi,   Starting from today I am unable to start Qlik Web Connectors, I am getting error: "There is a new version available for download. Please take this opportunity to use the most recent version." ...
    Janis Juris
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  • Facebook insights page data in Cloud

    Hi, I'm trying to retrieve data from Facebook insights. When I ask for post information I have no problem, but when I try to get information from a page I have the error message: "There was an error retrieveng page_...
    Manel Guillen
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