• Not seeing all connections in NPrint report template

    Hi forum,   I have a report template that sees only one connection (coincidentaly it's the connection I wanted to use). This template was created some time back by another colleague.   I tested one of the ...
    Cristina Punga
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  • NPrinting

    Hello   I have a control report that I want to be sent out.  The data contains several days worth of data.  The data is separated by an ID.  I would like the job to be able to accept a user input ...
    Frank Cecconi
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  • Special Character NPrinting On Demand

    Hello guys,   I need to design an On Demand report with NPrintng. I have installed the Add On, but the icon are not displayed correctly . Do you have an idea of the solution?     Thank you,
    Benjamin Bueder
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  • Nprinting Cache Status Error

    I am having an issue setting up a connection to the Qlikview server.  I tried the following:   1.  I pinged the Qlikview server from the Nprinting server and it came back okay. 2.  I opened the a...
    mai cox
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  • Nprinting Report based on Input value from user

    We are using Nprinting 17.6 and am trying to run a report which filters data based on user input like From date and To Date. This is a very simple need and am not able to get it working. Please help.
    Raghu Rao
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  • Emails to external accounts fails in Npriniting June 2018

    Hello everyone, Looking for guidance from the NPrinting users . We recently upgraded to June 2018 and have been facing this weird issue of emails not being able to sent to an external account like( Gmail,yahoo etc)....
    Suman samal
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  • Refresh cache when adding User?

    Hi guys,   I am using QlikSense with section access and want to do reports in Nprinting. So what if I add a user to may access-list.   Do I have to regenerate the cache in NPrinting? Or is it a simple da...
    Bernd Jägle
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  • The preview request faild with message: One or more errors occured

    Hi experts,   I made QS application, just one sheet with one table. Then I made report, connection, and template for NPrinting report.   I inserted table. But I cannot preview it. I am getting message: &nb...
    Jasmina Karčić
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  • Multiple connections for single report i n Nprinting 17.3

    HI All, Presently I am using Qlik Nprinting version 17.3 and source for the Nprinting is Qlik Sense. Here I want to develop the Nprinting report using two applications from Qlik sense but unable to create the same.I...
    subash chandra
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  • On Demand Report getting aborted on Generating

    Hello Everyone,   One of my user is facing problem when generating ON Demand report. The report is generating but after some time it is giving back an error as "Aborted". But i am able to generate the ON Demand ...
    Satinder Gupta
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  • NPrint Output

    Hi,   I am working on an NPrint, and I would like the iterations sent to the output folder to have their filter name. Is there any way to do this?   Right now they all have the same name.
    Cole Taylor
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  • NPrinting 17: exclude filter values

    Hi,   In NPrinting 16 we can exclude certain values in a filter but I can't find this option in version 17.   Kind regards, Jan
    Jan Van der Sypt
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  • Nprinting April 2018 Text in Chart display issue

    Hello   I have an bar chart object which contains text in chart which is an expression.  The value displayed on the source QVW is different than the value being produced in Nprinting. I have refreshed the m...
    Andrew Moberg
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  • Connection problem (Nprinting issue)

      Hi experts, what can be here problem? Where can I check what is problem? Before it was working normally, but now got crazy....Take much time, and still didn't finish....     Thanks,   Jasmina
    Jasmina Karčić
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  • NPrinting-Copying Reports, tasks, connection to different environment

    Hi Experts,   We are about to setup a new environment for the NPrinting. We do currently have an environment but it was for temporary.   We want to move the reports, tasks and connections across to the ne...
    Shyam Sreeramula
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  • feature gap nprinting 16 and 17+

    Hello all,   I have a question regarding the features that were in Nprinting 16 but are not (yet) supported in Nprinting 17 and further: Is there any roadmap as to when this feature gap is gonna be bridged and in...
    Lennard de Koning
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  • NPrinting Web Consle Can not open Desinger

    Hi everyone,      Currently I meet a problem that NPrinting Web Consle Can not open Desinger.      When I click Edit template button it does not work ,like this :   &n...
    ji xiaoquan
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  • NPrinting - How to achieve same appearance for KPI objects

    Hi,   I am having hard time in making all KPI objects to look exactly same. I kept them 4*9 box size in the Sense App but they render differently even though Object size in Nprinting is same. Can anyone suggest ...
    Digvijay Singh
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  • NPrinting 18 - ERROR: All documents failed to generate: Exceeded maximum number of retries

    I just upgraded to NP April 2018 and am continuing to see inconsistent behavior with NP publish tasks. Half of the time tasks are launched per their schedule and run fine, and half of the time they fail but if continu...
    Kris Markee
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  • Refresh fields of a level - PixelPerfect ?

    Hi, I created a perfect pixel report with a table using levels. This work ok, but recently I add a new column in the table on the qvw origin file, but the new column (field) is not refresh in pixel perfect.  The...
    Gustavo Lacoste
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