• NPrinting 17 - formatting percentage in pixel perfect

    I can't seem to figure this out nor find help on this in the Community, and it seems like it should be easy.  I want to be able to show a percentage in my pixel perfect report without the "%" symbol.  For ex...
    Kris Markee
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  • NPrinting - first impressions?

    So I've just started testing NPrinting and it's been a little underwhelming so far.   As a start, I tried to build reports with simple requirements: I just wanted to drag and drop objects from existing dashboard...
    William Fu
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  • Nprinting on deamnd not working with Qliksense june 2018 release

    I have downloaded the latets N printing on demand extension from branch but its not working as desired for Qliksense june 2018 release.     please suggest if is there any specific extension is there.
  • NPrinting 16 Pixel Perfect Formatting Rule for all negative value in the report

    Hello, I have a report with many tables and fields. Can I format any negative values (eg red color) without creating a single formatting rule for each cell in each table?
    Paolo Rena
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  • NPrinting Pixel Perfect Formatting rule colour by number not working

    I am using the NPrinting formatting rules of Pixel Perfect so I could have negative values painted in red and positive numbers in black. However, the feature of NPrinting is not working.   Please find below the ...
    Lan Liz
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  • Repeat headers Nprinting 17 reports

    Hello, I'm using Qlik NPrinting 17 (September 2017 version). I created an xls report and pdf output in the task with a very long table. The table occupies multiple pdf pages and I would like to repeat the table ...
    Federica Barbierato
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  • Pixel Perfect Formatting rules for subtotals and totals

    Hi,   I am developing in the designer a Pixel perfect report that looks like the image below. I would like to have a table with 9 expressions and 2 dimensions in the left with its sub total and total data by the...
    Lan Liz
    created by Lan Liz
  • Deleting NPrinting Shared Report from Qlik Sense HUB

    Hi All,   We have published Qlik NPrinting Reports in Qliksense HUB. But was not able to delete NPrinting Shared Reports from Qliksense HUB. Please let me know, how we can delete NPrinting shared reports which ...
    akshay jain
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  • How to use Qlik NPrinting APIs inside a Qlik Sense load script

    Hi all, attached you'll find a step by step tutorial explaining how to use Qlik Sense (and also QlikView) load script to interact with the Qlik NPrinting APIs. The examples include: Logging in into NPrinting Colle...
    Gianluca Perin
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  • NP Sept 2018 upgrade - Check Entities observation

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or is by design but wanted to share an observation I have made with the new Check Entities functionality in NP Sept 2018 version, which I just upgraded to.  If you have hidden column...
    Kris Markee
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  • Qlikview NPrinting 18 Trigger Qvw Refresh within On Demand

    Hi Guys,   We have recently upgraded from NPrinting 16 to the September 2018 release and I had a question about triggering QVW reloads using the On Demand extension.   We have a report which is currently ...
    Bob Jones
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  • How to trigger Nprinting job with command line/batch file as .nsq files are no longer created in Nprinting 18?

    Hi Community,   We have recently upgraded to Nprinting  June 18. Previously we were executing Nprinting jobs by triggering the .nsq files. But as .nsq files are no longer generated in Nprinting June 18, how ...
    shrijee bhattacharjee
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  • Nprinting 17, how to exclude a string in a filter

      Hello,   On Nprinting 17, how to exclude a string in a filter?   For example, I have a list of 50 products and I would like to remove the product 'ABC'   Thank you in advance for your ...
    Sylvain PICCARRETA
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  • file name

    Hello,   I would like to know how to define a specifi name for my files.   I need to put in my file name the number of last month and year. example : in september 2018, I need to put 2018-08   thank...
    Sylvain PICCARRETA
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  • Disable or customize the recieved email when report generation failed

    Hello, we have nprinting 17 reports sent by email, the reports are in html format embedded in email. when the generation task fails. an email is still sent to users.   Here an exemple of the received email: --...
    Abderahmane Sahli
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  • Nprinting Dynamic Naming of folders

    Hi All,   I am currently working on Nprinting April 2018 and I have report which has Cycle feature enabled with two fields. When I run the task it produces a total of 9 reports based on the combination of two fi...
    Jyothi Kantipudi
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  • NPrinting ERROR: Not a legal OleAut date

    I am experiencing a very strange error when trying to build an NPrinting Excel report. I am getting the attached error message (Not a legal OleAut date).   The absolutely strangest thing is that the error seems ...
    Magnus Olsson
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  • How to add newly added Recipients in the Nprinting Report task using import Recipients task??

    Hi All, I am generating Report using Qlikview NPrinting. In my Report generation I created one task for importing recipients from the Qlikview Object and then add those recipients manually in the Reports task. If any ...
    ishan Bhatt
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  • NPrinting Formula

    I am trying to create a formula to be used in the excel output, but the value being displaying is always 0.  The formula is this: =SUM(CPBH)   Here is the code for CPBH: Name: Num#(IF(Wip_Type='CPBH',Quan...
    Frank Cecconi
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  • Nprinting Connection Issue

    Hi,   I am using nprinting version 17.6.0 and my application size is 450 mb which has been developed in qlikview. When I try to make the connection between qlikview and nprinting it takes more than 2.5 hours to...
    Shashank R
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