• Nprinting version choise

    Hello,   I have to install and configure Nprinting for my client, I have some questions:   What is the best version to install Nprinting 17.1.2 or Nprinting 17.2 and why? Guide to install Designer, Server...
    Amira Zehani
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  • password protected reports

    Hi all in Nprinting version 16 you could create reports and assign password to the report either by task level or user level. is this capability  is supported in June version , or are there any plan to support...
    Liron Baram
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  • Is possible replace the report filter from On-Demand QlikView Selection?

    I have a report with certain filter (date=2018-05-22), this report is enabled for On-Demand from QlikView Access Point. In QlikView i select (year=2018,month=04) then I click in on-demand, but generation Fail and in N...
    Gustavo Lacoste
    created by Gustavo Lacoste
  • NPrinting April 2018 Designer Freezes on Save/Close

    Hi -   Question: What would cause the Nprinting Designer April 2018 to freeze? I push the 'Save and Close' button on the designer and everything freezes. I have to use task manager to kill the Nprinting and Exc...
    Robert Bond
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  • NPrinting: How to distribute cost centre reports

    Hello I have a cost centre report in N Printing.  I am using section access so that on the access point the user only sees the cost centres they are entitled to.  This works ok. But when I publish a task o...
    Paul Ripley
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  • Some errors occurred during report generation

    We have a daily scheduled nprinting task, which has a server connection to a Qlikview report. One day it is running fine, the other day we get the error "Some errors occurred during report generation" in our mailbox....
    Sander Haeck
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  • Nprinting and Conditional Formatting(Qlik Nprinting April 2018)

    Hi all,   Has anyone else had this issue with conditional formatting in Excel and Nprinting April  2018.   I have setup conditional formatting to highlight the top value  in each column of a pivo...
    Mark O'Donovan
    created by Mark O'Donovan
  • Pixel Perfect reporting using multiple reports

    Hi All,   I have two tables and two dimensions (Country and Region).   My requirement is to create a pixel perfect reporting using N-Printing, where I need to display two tables and show data by Country an...
    Varun Reddy
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  • Pixel Perfect reporting using multiple reports

    Hi All,   I have two tables and two dimensions (Country and Region).   My requirement is to create a pixel perfect reporting using N-Printing, where I need to display two tables and show data by Country an...
    Varun Reddy
    created by Varun Reddy
  • Dates confusion

    I have a page that has 2 frames.   Frame 1: Has buttons so you click on the button and it opens conditional charts and text objects on one sheet. Remember each button opens each conditional object using a calend...
    David Whelton
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  • Synchronize Active Directory to Qlik NPrinting

    This video shows you how to import users and groups from an active directory controller into Qlik NPrinting through the REST API. This will help you to keep your group and users in Active Directory and NPrinting in sy...
    Giusepp Panella
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  • Nprinting cycle pdfs in one pdf

    All, I have a graph for which I have kept a cycle filter for a division code and when I ran that task it is producing me 4 pds, the output seems to be correct as per the filters but I don't want 4 individual files ra...
    kiran ch
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  • To apply filter on number of rows when creating PPT via NPrinting17

    @Hello Everyone,   This is the first time that I am starting a discussion. So, here is my concern. I want to build a PPT report via NPrinting17 for every value in Field SBU(Business Unit). I am fetching table i...
    Manish Rawat
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  • Nprinting Questions

    I have following Question while implementing Nprinting App.   > When i change app ID  in connection string (Nprinting) and click on reload metadata it not getting updated with new field or Table. Like if ...
    Vinay Bangari
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  • NP17 Conditional Task: Don’t send email if no data?

    Hi,   So, I’m new to posting since this forum already has so much useful content! This time I'm comping up empty, though...   I'm using NPrinting to send simple email with Excel report to about 30 pe...
    Chris Wellington
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  • Enable cycle using Nprinting

    Hi All,   I am trying to convert Crystal Reporting format from SAP to Qlikview. For this I am using Nprinting and using "Enable Cycle" option. This is creating 'n' separate excel files. My requirement is to cons...
    Varun Reddy
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  • NPrinting 16.7 repeat headers.

    Hi,   I'm trying to repeat table headers in a Word template but no luck so far.   In NPrinting, I'm using tables. Other requirements enforce me to use Keep Source Formatting option. In Word, although I s...
    serhan celebi
    created by serhan celebi
  • NPrinting 17 Set Field Filter

    Hey Guys,   Im following on from some recent help regarding a filter value that needs to be set to TODAY-2 Days on the Date field. Is anyone perhaps able to assist with what this issue that I am current facing w...
    Justin Weldon
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  • NPRINTNG 17 (November) ON DEMAND : Applying current selections of QlikView document

    How can i apply current selections on demand ?it is visibly possible but I do not know how i found this : https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/November2017/Content/On-Demand/Create-Report-On-Demand.htm Before you be...
    hoda Foulon
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  • Error: The object invoked has disconnected from its clients

    Hi, Someone could please let me know when i perform n-printing task after some time process has been terminated with errors.   Error shows in detail box are The object invoked has disconnected from its clien...
    Shivam Dixit
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