• Difference between ########_NprintingSvc.log and ########_nprinting.log?

    Can someone tell me the difference between these two logs?       ########_NprintingSvc.log       ########_nprinting.log
    Michael Granillo
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  • link for nprinting designer

    hi     can anyone share the link for nprinting designer.
    dy ag
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  • Does Nprinting Run scheduled job if server was off during scheduled time?

    Our Nprinting server is going down over the weekend.  When the server comes back up, will the scheduler pick up the missed jobs during the downtime?
    Michael Granillo
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  • nprinting 17.3.1 + how to distribute same report to multiple users

    i have a hierarchy of workers. L3 reports to L2 and L2 reports to L1. something like this. When I create the excel import file, is there a way that I can specify so that I can distribute L3 's report (with some relev...
    Sagar Addepalli
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  • NPrinting - Edit Template asks for Sign-In

    Hello Folks,   I'm using NPrinting  I'm attempting to create an Excel report that pulls off of a Qlik Sense 3.1 SR1 system.  When I click the "Edit Template" button, it asks me to sign in.&nb...
    Justin Dallas
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  • Qlik NPrinting Color Coding by Business Area to PowerPoint Native Chart

    Hello,   I have a PowerPoint report that is generating a list of different product lines under different business segments. In the qlik sense app, I have color codes based on segment, so the bar charts display d...
    Russell Glenn
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  • Task keeps failing

    Hi guys,   I have a report that hasn't changed and today the tasks have been failing with the below error. What could be causing it and can I do to fix it?   Thanks,   Chris.   Failed report ge...
    Chris Attewell-Hughes
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  • Excel conditional formatting lost when using nprinting 17 levels

    Am generating an excel file using nprinting 17. I conditionally format a couple of cells, within in a table(that i created using columns from a qliksense object in the excel template) such that if the value in one cel...
    Sagar Addepalli
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  • Multiple user filters NPrinting 17

    Hello people,   I have a problem with User Filtering in NPrinting 17.One user can have more than 1 filter on the same dimension. When i run the report in NPrinting i get a Empty set warning   I'm importing...
    Lauran van Hoek
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  • nprinting 17.3.1 + report naming convention in newsstand

    The friendly name for my report is LeadershipResults. I've enabled dynamic naming in the report definition to something like this %%user_name%%_YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss_%%Report_Name%%   I've run my publish task 3 ti...
    Sagar Addepalli
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  • Format of cell in excel template

    Hi I have set up an excel report using a simple table from Qlik Sense data.  I have a field in the template which results in multiple rows however the initial format of the comment cell does not get replicated in...
    Effie Theodorou
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  • Help needed on NPrinting 17 pixel perfect reports

    Hi All,   Hope all are doing good.   I need help on creating pixel perfect reports in NPrinitng version 17.2. In order to create the pixel perfect report I have established the connection with QVW and load...
    Nani Chow
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  • How to delete published Reports in nPrinting 17?

    Hi   beacuse of several test szenarios I have the same report several time appearing in nPrinting NewsStand. These reports are coming from different tasks. Some of these tasks are already deleted and I hoped ...
    Florian Spichal
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  • Embed report into email body

    Gents, Greetings,   I heard some rumors about impossibility to embed report in NPrinting 17 is that correct ?! If we can embed the report kindly share your knowledge about how to add it, because  i cou...
    mohammed alsoby
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  • multiply cell value without creating a formula nprinting

    In an excel template  I use some table cell values.   Is it possible to multiply these values in the same cell ? For example : from table cell :  <='Estimated  -'& (Monthname)> what I...
    Johan Kruize
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  • NPrinting 17 PixelPerfect chart date dimension

    Hello,   I am developing a report with PixelPerfect and I need to do PixelPerfect native chart where date is dimension field. When I am using MonthYear as dimension, it is showing dimension correctly but when I ...
    Riku Pilli
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  • NPrinting 17.5 Sep. 2017 - Wrong decimal / thousands separator with Excel report output to pdf

    Hi All, when creating Excel report I get number formatted as expected (',' as decimal separator, '.' as thousands separator)   If i chose PDF as output for the same report i get the opposite I'm using NPri...
    Giuseppe Uleri
    created by Giuseppe Uleri
  • How to stop a single task NPrinting

    Hello,   I want to know how I can stop a single publish task within NPrinting. Some tasks appear to keep running over a few days. I read in a separate thread that you can enter into the task manager and stop the...
    Russell Glenn
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  • NPrinting with configurable LDAP

    Hello all,   We have a QV server outsite our domain with a HTTP tunneling to our local domain. NPrinting is installed on the same server. Everything is working well execpt for the (SSO) Windows authentication ...
    Halmar Heijnen
    created by Halmar Heijnen
  • How is Nprinting November+Qlik Sense Performance?

    I have a client that is analyzing Nprinting to send more than 2.000 invoices, and we need to know how is the performance for that kind of work. Most of the Invoices are going to have at least 10 lines, but they have ...
    Maria Lopez
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