• Nprinting with external macro

    I have an Nprinting to export pivot table in to excel report. as i am not happy with the formatting so i can have some VBA written to change the format to what i want. will i be able to incorporate this macro into Npr...
    Ronald Wang
    created by Ronald Wang
  • NPrinting filter greater then, less then, not equal to

    Hi All,   Can anyone show me how to use the Evaluate value to do the condition like <> 0, >100, < 100 etc? Assume have a field named "Amount" in my report, and I want to filter accordingly.  th...
    Alvin Chien
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  • Nprint Pivot table formatting issue

    I have created a pivot table in QVW and then using Nprint to export the table (by keeping source format). but the format is not the same as shown in qvw. the main issue is that in the qvw i have made the grid line dis...
    Ronald Wang
    created by Ronald Wang
  • How to Cycle an NPrinting report made from 7 different QVW connections based on one field?

    Hello,   We have a NPrinting report using data from multiple QVWs. The users need the report to cycle through a Country field to produce 13 reports for 13 countries.   How is this possible for an NPrinting...
    Michael Wallman
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  • Nprinting february 2018 (18.0.3)

    Hi everyone. I got issues from my client. Does Nprinting february 2018 (18.0.3) support Qlikview 12.0 ? Thx.
    Febri Dwiandriani
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  • Error with new qlikview server connection

    Hi   I have a new issue when i make a new connection to a qlikview server.   I can connect to a local qlikview but when i try to use the qlikview server it's impossible. I read that could be firewall and...
    matthieu Bonnevalle
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  • NPrinting task and preview report delayed after upgrading to Feb 2018.

    Hello Qlik Experts, We have a problem with NPrinting 18.3 version Upgrade, Previously using 17.6 version. Created 12 tasks to run every Monday. In the old version, task execution takes less than 10 minutes. Where a...
    Venkat Choudary
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  • Alternative for Multiple Connections, Multiple PPT Reports, Multiple Tasks in .nsq

    Hi Team,   I have 1 qvw per Country eg, For 3 Countries, Sales_SPAIN.qvw, Sales_INDIA.qvw, Sales_KENYA.qvw are the 3 qvws. Countrywise Data is huge and hence I do not do Section Access or Loop or Reduce but inst...
    Kuldeep Rana
    last modified by Kuldeep Rana
  • Nprinting 17.5 not able view the server objects in the report template editor

    Hi,   I am new to Nprinting.   Recently we have upgraded to Nprinting 17.5 from Nprinting 16.   In older version users will be creating thier own objects and use the same objects in their Nprinting r...
    Jovie Mariasudhagar
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  • Can Cycling feature generally slow down report publishing process?

    Hi,   Recently I built a sales report that was not using cycling functionality.   Then the user requirements changed and they wanted seperate reports by Country in seperate documents.   The solution ...
    John Blomqvist
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  • NPrinting 16.3 compatible with QlikView 12.20

    Hello,   Is NPrinting 16.3 Compatible with Qlikview 12.20 Server & QlikView 12.20 Desktop?   Thank You,
    Michael Stoler
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  • Synchronize Active Directory to Qlik NPrinting

    This video shows you how to import users and groups from an active directory controller into Qlik NPrinting through the REST API. This will help you to keep your group and users in Active Directory and NPrinting in sy...
    Giuseppe Panella
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  • Ondemand report with nprinting17 at Qlikview Access Point

    Hi all,   Is ondemand report at qlikview access point with the help of nprinting 17 template possible?   I want to create template in nprinting 17 -> at qlikview access point i want to download that rep...
    Supriya Patil
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  • How to get the dynamic report name based on the filters in NPrinting

    Hi All,   I am new to NPrinting.i have a Qlik Sense app where it has the data for all the club names. Now in Nprinting i am using that App and i am giving a filter on individual Club names so that the graphs and...
    Lakshman S
    last modified by Lakshman S
  • reload metadata to refresh data from Qlik ?

    We are using Nprinting 17.6.0000   I noticed that when I want to run some tasks, to create multiple reports, I first have to reload the metadata to refresh the data from Qlikview.   I thougt reloading meta...
    Johan Kruize
    last modified by Johan Kruize
  • nprinting 17 task reload after QMC task

    Hi, Is there a way to trigger a Nprinting 17.3 task after completion of a QVW task in QMC like it was done in Nprinting 16.   Thanks, Rakul
    Rakul Alagu
    last modified by Rakul Alagu
  • Cant create a connection with qlikview server

    Hi guys, I have two qlikview servers (one for production and another for tests) and one N-Printing Server, all of them in september 2017 version.   I am successfull when I try to create a connection between n-pr...
    Thiago Trigo
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  • NPrinting replicate input email object

    Hi all, I have an input field where users can type in the email address which they would like to send the report. Can anyone guide me through a way of replicating that in NPrinting ? Thank you!
    Nelson Adao
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  • Nprinting preview fail

    Hello,   i'm trying to lunch the preview of an excel report in nprinting (17.6) but i'm receiving an internal server error:     Nprinting is installed in the same machine of qlikview server (dwh-ix-...
    Oreste Ciotoli
    last modified by Oreste Ciotoli
  • A few questions regarding Nprint

    Have a few questions regarding Nprint 1, can hidden object be used? or objects with variable as the object name? 2,in the qvw file, if a few actions (clicks which will select possible value from listbox) will be req...
    Ronald Wang
    last modified by Ronald Wang